Young girlfriend fucks old geezer, part 1


Right after I finished college, I couldn’t wait to get my own apartment. I ended up renting a half a house from a guy named Bill. He was about 60 and was a real nice guy. He looked and acted younger than he was and we got along well. We had a lot of common interests and he was cool for a guy almost 40 years older. He was fit and active, always outside doing something, and we had a lot of interaction. He wasn’t a father figure, he was more like a hipster uncle, but he was all right.
After I had lived there a few months, I started dating this sweet girl named Katie. Katie had just turned 18 and was trying to figure out what she wanted to do with her life. I knew it was going to be a short term thing, I was all ready looking at law school and she was just in a different place but I figured we could have fun for a while. She practically moved in with me after dating a few weeks. I asked Bill first and he said it was fine by him.
Katie was a very sexy girl, half Italian, half irish, and very pretty. Her body was amazing. She had these perfect sized perky tits and the most amazing little pussy. She was all of 5 foot tall and 100 lbs and just looked very cute and well put together. Her pussy really was a work of art, she was very small and tight and had perfect little lips, but she also was meaty enough that it enveloped your cock in velvet smoothness. She had very little hair, but enough that it looked so sexy. She also got very wet very easily, she really tasted and felt wonderful. It wasn’t just her body that made her sexy, it was how she acted and most of all how much she enjoyed fucking. She was just a complete natural at every aspect of the game, so in summary, she was good at it and enjoyed all of it.
One day she put on a bikini and went out to get some sun. After about an hour she came back in the house and took a shower. I asked her how the sunbathing went. She told me she wanted to lay out topless but Bill had been outside so she didn’t. She told me he had ogled her the whole time so she didn’t dare take off her bikini top. I told her she should have let him see her perfect tits. She laughed and said it had gotten her horny thinking about him watching her. The next day I saw Bill and he said, “Wow Jim, your girlfriend is really hot, hope you don’t mind me saying but when she was out in her bikini yesterday she gave me a hard on!” I laughed and told him maybe next time she would be topless and really drive him crazy. We spent quite a bit of time talking about her and I think it was making us both horny.
Sometime later, Katie and I decided to make a sex tape after watching some porn one night and deciding we were both better looking and better at sex than the people we were watching. It was pretty standard, I set a video camera on a chair and we just got on the bed and ran through a bunch of different positions. When it was done I got some close up video of a nice creampie and Katie dipping her finger in her pussy and tasting it. It was all pretty hot. While we were watching the playback, Katie stated matter of fact tone “I could definitely be a porn star.” We debated this for a while. I told her she certainly had the ability and the looks but I didn’t think she had the right mindset. I asked her if she could handle being that sexy if it was for real and knowing others would watch. She pointed out how well we fucked and it would be even hotter if she knew it was for an audience. I told her she genuinely liked me, how would she be able to have sex with someone she didn’t know or didn’t like. She assured me she could do it.
I don’t know why but a few days later I was talking to Bill and I decided to get a second opinion on our tape. I told Bill I had something to show him and handed him the tape. When I saw him the next day he handed the tape back to me with a big smile and said, “This was fantastic!” I laughed and he went on. “You have a great cock and really fuck well, but Katie is like a goddess.” He asked me if she was performing or if she always fucked like that. I told him that was just how she was. We talked about it forever, I asked him if he wanted to keep the tape for a few days. He laughed and said, “Well I hope you don’t mind I made a copy!” I told him that was cool, since he liked it so much I’d show him the next one. He then surprised me by bluntly asking, “Do you think I could catch a live taping, or better yet, have a go at her?” This shocked me, but at the same time thrilled me instantly at the thought of young hot Katie fucking an old coot. “Do you have a big dick Bill?” I asked just as bluntly. He smiled, “now we’re talking…it’s about the same size as yours maybe a bit bigger.” “Do you think you could handle her, she’s only 18 you know?” “I’d sure like to try,” he said with a wink. “Let me see what I can talk her into, I’ll do my best.” “Either way, thanks for the tape, it really is great!” With that we shook hands and went about our business.
A few days later Katie and I were fooling around in bed and I brought up our tape again. “I guess you were right about being sexy enough to be in porn.” She looked at me with a sly smile, “and what makes you think that now?” “Don’t get mad but I showed it to someone for a second opinion.” She sucked in a deep breath and exclaimed, “No you didn’t.” Then before I could reply she asked “who did you show?” “The landlord Bill” I said. She sucked in a deep breath again, “You mean the old guy who is always checking me out?” Again before I could answer she asked, “Well what did he think about it?” As she asked me she started stroking my cock, and I could tell she was far from mad about it. “He thought it was really hot and he thought you were so sexy that you were acting.” I said. She cooed a little and sighed “I told you so, what else did he say?” “Well, next time he wants to watch…oh and he wants to fuck you.” She moaned a little and said “I’m bet he does.”
My cock was fully hard and she started to blow me. I didn’t say anything for a few minutes as I watched her suck my cock. She came off it suddenly and said, “I don’t care if he watches us, it would be hot.” Then she crawled on top of me and slowly eased her pussy down on my cock. She was very wet and I slid into her slowly but easily. As always she felt amazing. As we started fucking I asked her, “would you let him put his dirty old cock inside this sweet pussy?” She stopped and sat on top of me. “You don’t want me to actually fuck him do you?” Even though she had stopped I keep grinding into her. “Told you so, I didn’t think you had the right mindset to be in porn.” She laughed a little, “You don’t think I would do it do you?” Before I could answer she started moving up and down on my cock again. “As long as you don’t care, I’ll fuck that old geezer. Do you want me to do it?” We were fucking now in earnest, both of us turned on by the thoughts and conversations. “I think it would be hot watching you fuck him, if you think you could do it.” “You want to watch me do it?” she asked breathlessly as she neared orgasm. “You are so good baby, I’d love watching you.” She threw her head back and came hard, which in turn made me cum hard. She crumpled in a heap on top of me, out of breath and sweating.
As she came down off her sex high she rolled off of me and laid there catching her breath. “You really wouldn’t get jealous watching an old guy fuck you hot little girlfriend?” She asked seriously. “Jealous of Bill? Really? Nah baby, I wouldn’t worry about that. It’s up to you. I think it would be hot if you could do it.” “Yeah, I can do it.” She said softly. “Do you want to do it? I don’t want you doing it if you don’t really want to.” “Yeah, I want to, let’s do it.” She said even more softly but with a hint of excitement in her voice.
End part 1

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