Evil Souls Have No Limits (Chapter 2)


This is chapter 2. I am sorry it took me so long but I have been very busy. Secondly I went more mild on the death part in this chapter. Also, there will be some more info added in chapter 3 about the charaters from another story series on here that me and the other arthur are going to connect our stories with. There is a tidbit of info in this chapteron that subject. Second to last point, please give me some feedback on who you would like to see become the next target for amanda’s first job and idea’s you would like to see. I think some fan interaction and ideas could help spruce it up a bit here. Lastly, please comment good or bad with your thoughts, all I ask is speak intelligently.
The first morning I wake up in this new place. It is quiet. I look around observing the surroundings of the room. Everything is modern, advanced, and very technological. The man that brought me here and gave me a new life is not in the room. The adrenaline rush from the previous night’s events caused me to crash shortly after we landed. I was unable to really get a good take on what this man had built on his island.

Suddenly, I hear his voice, which is much stronger and deeper than I thought I remember.

&#034Good morning&#034 he says.

I smile taking in a deep breath, &#034good morning to you too.&#034

The bathroom door opens and he walks out with nothing but a towel around his waist. His head was shaved and had a full beard and goatee. My eyes roll down his 6ft 4in body. His body was well defined and muscular. His body was proportionately sculpted and ripped. He had several tattoos mostly consisting of various tribal tattoos and depicting a violent nature. However, I did note one tattoo that stood out, different from the rest. Upon a closer look, it’s a U.S. Navy Seal logo attributing to Seal Team Six.

I ask, &#034Did you start doing this kind of thing in the military?&#034

&#034No&#034 he replied. He paused briefly before saying &#034I was selected to a special unit of Seal Team Six. After one tour, I decided to go solo. During my tour I made a lot of contacts worldwide while the government erased every trace of my existence. That is why it is so easy for me to do what I do.&#034

I look surprised but, I’m not really surprised. I can’t help myself from admiring his absolute perfect body. Then, I remember I never got his name.

&#034You know mister; I never got your name.&#034

&#034That’s because I didn’t give it.&#034

&#034Touché mister, touché. So what is your name?&#034

&#034Axel Freeman&#034 he replies.

I stand up getting out of bed. I am still naked. I do not have any clothes. I notice that I have been cleaned but I do not remember taking a shower.

Axel puts a pair of shorts and a t-shirt on then says, &#034You will need to order yourself clothes online. You have a tablet on the kitchen table beside your breakfast. There is a shipping post office box number and credit card number saved that will auto load at any check out you use.&#034

“Do I have a limit?&#034

&#034No, get whatever you want but, mix it up between classy, sporty, sexy, slutty, and so forth.&#034

“Yes Sir.&#034

“Once you have eaten breakfast and ordered your clothing, come down the stairs through the silver door next to the fridge.&#034

&#034Yes Sir.&#034

Then, Axel leaves the room.

Down in the basement, I am in the process of removing every trace of existence Amanda has. While checking further into her background, I discover her athletic side; she has participated in high school cheerleading, gymnastics, softball, track, volleyball, and basketball. It appears she has excelled at everything she has done. Thinking to myself, this will be very helpful in her training since I can focus more on skills, knowledge, and strategy on the go. I will still train her physically to develop a little better and on taking punishment and pain without fear or giving in.

While I wait for Amanda, I start doing my initial recon on my next target. About the time I am finished, I hear the door open. Amanda starts walking down the stairs and yells &#034Axel, is this the right door?&#034

&#034Yes, come on down.&#034

As she gets to the bottom, I motion her closer.

“I know you are very athletic. However, you have a lot of needed training left. Most notably is my knowledge.&#034

I look over her still naked body. Her perky firm tits standing out with nipples erect. Her pussy is still cleanly shaven and body very fit.

&#034One more thing, you will be my piece of shit fuck whore.&#034 &#034UNDERSTOOD!&#034

&#034Yes Sir.&#034

&#034Good, otherwise you are of no use to me and would be disposed of.&#034 &#034Now follow me.&#034

I lead her to another humongous room that is obviously a sex dungeon. I clap once turning on the accent lights that are specifically located in certain places throughout the large room. Amanda’s attention is quickly drawn to a girl tied tightly and securely hanging by her hands from the ceiling.

Amanda asks &#034Is she dead?&#034

The girl raises her head slightly saying &#034no, I’m not dead.&#034

Amanda is startled as she wasn’t expecting a response or movement.

I tell Amanda &#034She is enduring torture as part of her training and my satisfaction and you will be receiving the same treatment.&#034

Amanda looks closer noticing her body has been well used and abused.

&#034Is she a killer too?&#034 Amanda asks.

&#034No, she is my techy. She does my programming, hacking, and so forth. She also enjoys pain and abuse.&#034

&#034Can I watch you with her?&#034 Amanda asks.

&#034You will be watching, participating, and receiving very shortly.&#034

I grab some rope off of a table and some locking clamps. I walk over to the girl.

Amanda asks &#034What is her name?&#034

I walk Amanda around in front of her. The girl looks at Amanda and says &#034My name is Kara, codename Dragon.&#034

Amanda sees a petite dark haired Asian, probably Japanese. Her firm perky C cup tits are on full display and completely red. I grab Amanda’s hands pulling them behind her back. I wrap the rope tightly around her wrists and up her arms to make it tight and her chest stick out. Amanda lets out a short grunt as I tighten the rope. I then take a long metal device and attach it to Amanda’s neck. A long bar goes down her back right into her ass crack. I take the end of the metal rod which is hooked and slide it into Amanda’s asshole. Then, I crank the tension rod making Amanda bends slightly backwards. Any movement by Amanda will pull the metal rod deeper in her ass.

Next, I pull a cable down from the ceiling that was locked on a pulley. I clamp the cable to the metal bar on Amanda. Then, hit a button and watch Amanda get yanked into the air and suspended.

Amanda screens &#034oooooooowwwwwwww…. fuckkkkkkkkk. God damn it mother fuckerrrrrrrrrr that fucking hurt.&#034

Ignoring the outburst, I walk over to a table picking up a small whip. Walking back over to the 2 girls; I rare the whip back, slinging it down against Kara’s ass.

&#034Thank you sir, can I have another.&#034 I walk back in front of Kara and crack the whip against both tits. I can see the grunt in her face holding back an outburst of pain and all she says is &#034Thank you.&#034

I turn to Amanda and say “There are rules here.”

“One, you accept everything done to you. Two, what I say is law. Three, you are my property. If you break my rules, I will break you and dispose of you if necessary. Do I make myself clear?”

“Yes Sir” Amanda replies.


I walk around behind Amanda. I rub my hand slowly across her ass and then strike it hard with the whip. She lets out a quick squeal. I move back to get more momentum and begin whipping her ass thoroughly. Strike after strike hitting her ass; I cover from one side to the other. After 50 hard whips, her ass was swollen and beet red all over.

I walk around in front to see her as she was being extremely good only whimpering and squealing slightly.

She mutters “Thank you sir.” Her tears are dripping on the floor.

I hit a button on the table allowing Kara to drop. I untie and unbind her and give her the whip instructing her to whip Amanda’s entire body so that she understands pain all over.

Kara commences whipping Amanda. She starts at her feet moving up to her calves and thighs. Then, she whips her pussy and stomach while skipping over to her arms and back from behind. She whips every inch of her skin until her entire body has turned red except for her tits.

Kara steps back in front of Amanda and began to kiss her very deeply and passionately. Their lips lock together. Their tongues are swirling around each other. I move in behind Kara and rub my cock into her ass. Tired of just watching, I grab her hips and thrust my cock into her ass hard.

Kara moans out “MMMMMMMMMMM YESSS!” into Amanda’s mouth as she continues kissing her. I thrust my cock in her ass hard and deep. Kara takes the bottom end of the whip and sticks it inside Amanda’s pussy. She uses her other hand to rub her clit while pressing a button that makes the handle of the whip vibrate.

Amanda’s tears soon stop flowing and pussy already dripping, she starts moaning back into Kara’s mouth. Kara pulls the handle out of Amanda’s pussy and presses it against her clit. Amanda starts to orgasm already. Her body spasms hard causing her pain and pleasure; with each movement due to being hung by a metal rod around her neck and up her ass.

Once Amanda’s orgasm subsides, Kara moves the vibrating whip handle down to her own clit. She begins moaning loud as I pick up more speed and thrust with more power slamming my cock up her ass. I am fucking her so hard she is standing up on her tip toes leaning on Amanda pulling her down and which causes the metal rod to hurt more. Kara’s body tenses up.

“Please Axel, Please fuck me harder. Make me cum. OOHHH Yesss FUCKKKK!” Kara moans out. Suddenly she jerks and I feel her ass contract and release my cock as she is in the middle of an orgasm.

I slowly slide my throbbing hard 10 inch cock out from Kara’s asshole. She immediately drops to her knees sucking my cock straight from her ass. I take the whip from Kara and whip her ass and back while she throats my cock.

“Ohh yes that’s it. Keep sucking bitch.” I moan out.

Amanda is looks down with lust filled eyes. I swing the whip striking Amanda’s tits. Her eyes squint and tears well up. She fights off a loud outburst of screaming. I pull back striking again and again. Her big tits are bouncing and flopping with each strike. I even flick the whip across her nipples until they are erect and numb.

I feel myself nearing an orgasm. I take the whip and turn the vibrator on and shove it in Amanda’s pussy and grab the back of Kara’s head.

I begin fucking Kara’s throat hard. My balls bounce off her chin. Her eyes watering and spit drooling out. I thrust my cock deep down her throat as it expands cutting off her airflow. Each time I pull back she heaves in deep just as I plunge into her throat again. Just as I feel my orgasm peak, Amanda cums again her juices dripping down on Kara’s back and I release my massive load straight down Kara’s throat. She chokes hard at first, swallowing it as there was no other option. String after string of cum coating her throat, I slowly pull back filling her mouth full as well. She looks up and I feel her tongue slide over the head of my cock sucking the last drops out.

She immediately gets up and kisses Amanda again. Their lips locking just as before only this time Kara is spitting half of my load into her mouth. Amanda gladly receives it kissing Kara back.

I remove the whip from Amanda’s pussy and turn the vibration off returning it to the table.

“Good girls, now Amanda, I know already that you are very athletic. Therefore, most of your training will be endurance, fighting, shooting, and ability to accept pain.”

“Yes Sir.”

Kara breaks her kiss and as she pulls away, a long string of cum still connects their lips. As it breaks, it runs down their chins.

I hit the button dropping Amanda back to the floor on her feet. She breathes a sigh of relief. I release the tension rod and remove the metal frame brace around her neck and up her ass. I place the metal device down on the ground. I bend Amanda over and begin tying her hands, arms, and head to her ankles and legs. Once complete, I take Kara by the hair and pull her behind Amanda. I shove her face into Amanda’s ass. I tie rope around Amanda’s ass and Kara’s head and wind it down her body all the way to the ground. Kara is locked into Amanda and neither can move while Kara’s mouth is directly on Amanda’s asshole.

“I have some recon I need to go do. When I return, we shall continue.”

“Yes Sir.” Amanda replies.

I leave the basement headed back up stairs to the main level. I go into my office and check my security cameras ensuring no tourists have shown up on my island. Then I sit down and contact some sources about my next target. My next target is a man that has scammed thousands of people in a Ponzi scheme. His mistake was scamming a mob boss. He seems to be skipping around different locations trying to hide and not be found every couple weeks. He always uses cash and a different alias. He is good at leaving no trace of himself which is why I received the job. I can locate what others can’t.

After conducting a few hours of recon on Mr. Brawn, I am satisfied with my information. He has just arrived in Miami, Florida. He is going by the alias Eric Graceland. I will remove his existence from society and recover what money is left tomorrow evening.

I walk back down into the basement. Just as I get to the bottom step I hear Amanda moaning in ecstasy.

“ohh fuckkk…. Kara….. Yessss. Baby….. Tongue my ass .mmmmmmmmmm….. I’m CUMMMMINNGGGG…….”

“Well done Ladies”

Amanda hears me and says “Kara has been making me cum nonstop since you left. I don’t even know how or why I still keep cumming.”

“Amanda, Kara is very talented little whore.”

I begin to untie Kara. Then, I untie Amanda.

“Tomorrow, I will be completing another job. Kara will continue your training tomorrow.”

“Yes Sir!” Amanda replies

“Kara, lend Amanda some of your clothes until hers arrive.”

She nods and leads Amanda upstairs to her room giving her a couple outfits as they both get dressed. They both dress in a sports bra and tight spandex gym shorts and return to the main level living room of the mansion where I am waiting. I walk up to them both.

I bitch slap Kara first. Her head snaps to the side and then looks back not making a peep. Then, I rare back bitch slapping Amanda across both sides of her face. Her head snapping to the left and then back to the right before she could even process it. I hear her let out a grunt but, she lifts her head back up fighting back the tears and pain.

“Do not give in to pain. Do not let your opponent or target see your pain or fear. Pain is weakness leaving the body. Pain is fear and fear ensures defeat.”

I lead them both outside into the back yard. I start by teaching her hand to hand combat. Once I notice a bit of improvement as she starts to grasp the concepts I am teaching her; I move them both over to my firing range. I teach her how to hold a gun, aim, shoot, and adjust for wind and other factors affecting the trajectory of the bullet. I leave both girls at the range to fire a pistol, shotgun, and rifle for a couple hours.

I return to the house where I strip down and swim laps in the pool until the girls come walking back up after running out of ammo. I get out of the pool and bend them both over the patio table. I pull their shorts down just under their asses.

I give them each a couple good hard firm slaps. Then walk in front of them.

“Go ahead suck my cock and get it hard.”

Both girls grab hold of my cock rubbing and massaging. Amanda slides her mouth over the head and then down the side of my cock. Kara follows her and does the same. Kara grabs hold of my balls rubbing them while Amanda holds the base of my cock. They both wrap their lips around my cock on both sides kissing each other with my cock in between.

“MMM yesss… that’s it suck my fucking cock, sluts.”

Precum starts oozing out of the head of my cock. Amanda quickly laps it up. My cock is raging hard and I pull away. Walking back behind the girls I slide my cock in Amanda’s wet pussy. I can feel her being extremely tight.

She moans loudly “OHHH Yessss…. Your cock is sooo big…… it feels so fucking good…. Fuck my pussy.”

I grab a hold of her hips and thrust hard slamming my cock in her pussy hard. My balls are slapping against her clit making a spanking noise. Kara reaches over with one hand pinching Amanda’s nipples while rubbing her own clit. I pull my cock out and slam it back in hard and deep making Amanda jump. Then, I pull out and slip my cock in Amanda’s already stretched asshole.

“uuhhhhh ohhhh yeeaasss……” I moan out.

Amanda shutters in orgasm the moment I go balls deeps in her asshole. Her pussy is gushing down her legs soaking the spandex shorts. Once her orgasm subsides, I pull out and step in front of her making her lick and suck my cock straight from her ass. She can taste her pussy and ass all over my dick. She sucks and bobs her head like a mad woman absolutely loving it.

I slap her across the face knocking her off my cock and then I go get behind Kara. I shove my cock in her sloppy wet pussy. As I pick up the pace, the spanking noise soon becomes a sloppy squishy noise. I’m pounding her pussy grabbing her hips and thrusting hard. I pull out and ram my cock up her asshole hard and deep all the way in one thrust. She moans loud loving it.

“mmm yesss fuck me… AXEL.. FUCK ME….. FUCK YOUR PIECE OF SHIT WHORE.”

I slam in her ass harder my balls smacking her sloppy wet pussy. I pull out driving my cock back in her pussy. I continue to pump her pussy and asshole alternately. I grab a handful of her hair yanking her head back. Yanking her hair back and thrusting in one motion as if I was galloping on a horse.

Kara explodes in an orgasm. “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH FUCCKKKKKKK……. IM CUMMMMINNNGGGGGG. FUCCCKKKK MEEEE… FUCKKKK MEEE….. FUCKK MEEEE…. God Damn it.” Her pussy squirts all over my dick, legs, her shorts, her legs, and the concrete.

I pull my cock out walking in front of Kara and she immediately begins sucking my cock. Her slimy cum is all over my cock and balls as she cleans my cock off good. I go back around behind them thrusting my dick back in Amanda’s asshole. The pleasure and sensation of something in her ass fascinates her. She nearly cums again just as I inserted my cock in her asshole.

It doesn’t take her long before she is tensed and jerking in orgasm. This time my cock is expanded wider and harder deep up her asshole. I explode blowing my cum up her ass. My balls tighten and cock tenses as it pulses each shot up in her. Just as I finish cumming, I pull out and Kara immediately sucks my cock clean. She takes the entire length down her throat using her tongue and lips clean my cock of all juices and nastiness.

Once Kara is finished, she moves directly to Amanda’s ass licking and sucking it again. She tastes my sweet load in her ass. Kara sucks on her ass, sucking my cum out. Amanda does her best to push my cum out into her mouth as well. Kara holds every drop of cum she can in her mouth and Amanda rolls over on her back opening her mouth. Kara spits the nasty cumwad in her mouth and the both starting kissing each other. They snowball my cum back and forth until they have both swallowed it.

I tell Kara, “You need to take Amanda over to the gym building and do some endurance training with her. You know the routine.”

“Yes sir.” Kara replies. “Are you not joining us?’

“No, I have an old friend that I need check on and make sure he is still doing alright. I periodically check in on him after his wife and k**s died.”

They both nod and walk down the steps to my gym building and walk in. I return to inside the house. I use my computer to check up on my old friend, scoping out his new place and making sure he is not having any obvious problems even though he is completely unaware that I keep such a close eye on him. This also includes some blueprint modifications to the house he just built. We actually have been somewhat out of direct contact since the tragic event. Once everything checks out to being normal I go to my supply closet.

The supply closet is where I keep all my weapons and equipment. Since I plan on this being a quick assassination, I pack light. I grab a backpack picking up one my U.S. passports and two silenced 9mm PP7 pistols. I grab a THOR M408 sniper rifle and break it down placing it in the backpack just in case. I always tell myself “Better to be over prepared than underprepared.” I collect a few other little odds and end things and place them in the backpack.

I bring the backpack out and walk it down to my covered boat dock and place my backpack in my speed boat. I fill the gas up and then fire it up to make sure everything works and then shut it down.

I proceed from the boat dock to the gym building. I walk inside seeing Amanda about to fall over and pass out as she has not stopped running on the treadmill for the last 3 hours straight. Kara is still running well as I have gotten her to easily be capable of running for 8 straight hours without slowing. Amanda still had a ways to go.

Amanda displayed some good beginners aiming on the firing range as I looked at her shots on my way to the gym. Her athleticism and flexibility helped her a lot in the combat training. She is picking it up rather quickly. However, she still has a ways to go.

“Amanda, you better not stop until your legs give out.”

“Yess… Sssir..” she is barely able to mumble out.

I stand watching and waiting. It doesn’t take much longer when Amanda falls over in the floor collapsing. I walk over turning her to her side

“Get on your knees whore.”

She struggles to get up on her knees. She gets half way up and then falls back down. It takes her 10 min and numerous tries before mustering the strength to stay on her knees.

“Kara, get your ass on the fucking ground.”

She does as she is told quickly. She lies down on her back breathing a little heavily. Amanda’s chest looks like it’s going to crack open she is breathing so deep and hard. I grab Amanda by the hair pulling her over on top of Kara. She sits down on her face. Kara’s mouth and nose are all in Amanda’s pussy. As exhausted and spent Amanda is, she is still turned on feeling Kara’s tongue and mouth in and on her pussy.

Kara wraps her hand and arms around Amanda’s thighs and eats her pussy. Amanda’s nasty sweat covered body has given out and I am holding her head up by her hair. She lets out a faint moan. Her eyes are rolled back in her head. I slap her across the face.

“Don’t you pass out whore! You fucking hear me you piece of shit cunt.”

She moans and grumbles “Yes sir.” Her body so wasted she has no control or movement. She can’t even raise her arms.

I pull my semi erect cock out and stuff it in her mouth. Of course, she can’s breath and I have to pull my cock out so she can get air. I can tell she is having an orgasm but, her body isn’t showing it due to the exhaustion. Kara is eating her to an orgasm even though her body doesn’t have the energy.

I hold the back of her head pushing my cock down her throat as it has gotten fully erect now. I start face fucking her hard and fast not giving her a shred of mercy. Kara continues eating her out and swallowing the juices flowing from her pussy. Amanda’s mouth is hanging open; spit and drool freely flowing down her chin covering her tits and down her heaving stomach.

Kara pushes 4 fingers in her ass while continuing to eat her pussy. Amanda tries to get my attention to tell me she has to piss but can’t hold it. The problem is, she doesn’t have any strength in her body left not even in her vocal cords. Kara realizes this as she notices a warm steady flow in her mouth. Instantly she realizes what is happening and remembers herself in training laying in the floor unable to move and pissing herself. Kara swallows all that she can. Only some leaks out and runs down the side of her face along with the excess of pussy juice to the floor. My cock down Amanda’s throat is choking and gagging her. Her body’s exhaustion naturally wants to throw up. With the aid of my cock down her slut throat only intensifies her body’s knee jerk reaction. I look down at her and suddenly her eyes open wide and her cheeks puff out. Her lips tighten around my cock as she starts to puke. She manages to keep it in her mouth mostly swallowing it down only to puke it back up. Showing her no mercy repeating the gesture over and over. Some does eventually escape her mouth dripping down on her tits and on Kara’s tits.

I pull my cock out to the edge of her mouth. Her lips still wrapped tightly and securely around my cock head as I allow her to swallow everything once more. Then, I pull my cock out rubbing it. Kara continues eating her pussy not slacking off since she is well experienced and well trained. Just as I’m about to cum, Amanda suddenly jerks and spasms in another orgasm involuntarily moving. I blow my huge hot load on her face. The first rope lands in her mouth and goes up her nose and between her eyes. The second rope hits her in the eye and goes up her forehead. The third splatters her cheek. I hold my cock over her as I continue shooting my load covering her face. I finish and shake off the last few drops on her face and she collapses again falling over on Kara. Kara lays there her face a mess from all the pussy juice. She still has her fingers in Amanda’s asshole. I tell her to get her entire fist in.

I watch Kara slide her fist in Amanda’s asshole and begin fist fucking her ass. I grab Amanda’s cum covered face and rub it hard into Kara’s pussy and then slap Amanda’s ass so hard she can’t help but pop up. Her face never leaves Kara’s pussy smearing my cum all in her pussy I tell Amanda to make her cum and return the favor she gave you. Amanda starts to slowly lick Kara’s pussy. She is putting forth al the effort she can but, it just simply isn’t much. Her body has never been this physically strained. I stand up putting my foot on the back of Amanda’s head and hold her down.

“Eat the fucking slut’s pussy or suffocate whore.” I yell out.

Amanda begins to lick and suck slightly on Kara’s pussy. She manages to find Kara’s clit and sucks it in her mouth. I keep my foot on the back of her head. Kara continues to fist fuck her asshole.

“Yes, that’s it.” I say as I hear Kara moan.

Her clit being very sensitive from the action previously, it wasn’t taking much to get Kara going. Amanda sucked her clit in flicking her tongue over and around Kara’s clit. She uses her lips and teeth to hold Kara’s clit. Amanda can’t help but to moan with a fist fucking her ass.
The vibrating noises mixed with her teeth and tongue flicking is sending Kara over the edge. Kara thrust her hips up into Amanda’s face. Suddenly, Kara draws back and start spanking Amanda’s ass with her free hand. The spanks come crashing down so hard and loud that its making Amanda jump, moan, squeal, and grunt on her clit. They both keep this up for a 3 minutes with their bodies tensed and holding back orgasms. Then, they both let out a relieving moaning sigh “OOOAAAAAHHHHHHHAAAHHH!” as they both squirt on each other faces and in each other’s mouths.

“That’s it sluts, I am very proud of you both. Amanda you have done very well in your first day.”

Kara pushes Amanda off of her to the side.

“Now, both of you go shower and clean up, I will have dinner ready shortly. Kara you will have to help Amanda to the shower and help her clean herself.”

She nods saying “Yes Sir.”

I walk out and leave going back to the house to cook dinner while they get cleaned up. Kara waits a few minutes for Amanda to regain some strength. Then, she helps her up and walks her up to the house and inside. They make their way to the shower on the first floor. Kara helps Amanda get in and turns the hot water on. Amanda can feel herself relaxing already. Kara gets the soap, shampoo and washrags out and by the tub as she climbs in with Amanda.

After the water gets up chest high, Kara cuts it off. She lathers herself up first giving herself a good cleansing all over. Amanda just sits, relaxes and watches. Kara starts to rub herself. She starts with two fingers over her clit rubbing it hard and slow. She inserts 3 fingers in her pussy as she masturbates.

“ohh yesss mmmmmm… fuck…. Mmmmmm.” She moans out loud.

Amanda watches enjoying the show Kara is giving. Kara knows just how to get herself off quickly and takes the removable showerhead turning it on and rubs her clit with it. She takes her free hand and fingers her ass and pussy with it. Water is sloshing around as Kara smiles big moaning out having another quickie orgasm.

Amanda says “You better not leave me out bitch.”

“No, of course I wasn’t.” Kara answers.

Kara moves over spreading Amanda’s legs. She reaches up grabbing her throat and rubs her fingers over Amanda’s clit, pussy, and ass.

Kara tells her “hold the shower head on your clit, slut.”

Amanda grabs the shower head doing as she was instructed. Kara kisses Amanda and squeezes her hand around her throat choking her while slipping her fingers up her ass. Kara locks eyes with Amanda fingering her ass and choking her. Amanda’s eyes bulging as she gasps for air and Kara not breaking their kiss. She fingers faster and deeper, squeezing her throat harder. Then she licks Amanda’s lips tasting her cum and my cum. Just as Amanda’s eyes roll back, she jerks and orgasms hard. She loses control of her body again. Kara’s hand on her throat the only thing keeping her from sliding under the water.

Then, Kara washes Amanda, cleaning her good all over except for her face. My cum and Kara’s cum is still drying on her face.

Kara says “we are not allowed to wash his cum off of our face or hair without permission.”

Amanda nods and they both get out. Kara leans down releasing the drain. They both get dried off and put a sports bra and spandex shorts on again.

They both walk in the kitchen for dinner.

“Sit and eat. Then, get to bed. Amanda you will be very sore in the morning and you will need a lot of rest. Kara, continue her training tomorrow and do not take it easy on her. I will be back tomorrow night.”

I walk out and leave heading down to the boat dock to take off on the job. I am going at this solo since Amanda is not field ready.


I wake up the next morning. I can barely move. It hurts to move. My body aches, my throat is sore, ass destroyed, and pussy is raging with pain. My body is stiff. I try to sit up with difficulty. Kara walks in to my room.

“Good morning Amanda. I brought you some muscle relaxers and coffee to help ease you after your first day.”

“Thank you. I had so much fun with all the training and orgasms.”

Kara smiles. “Yes, Axel knows how to have fun at all times.”

“What are we gonna start on today in training.”
“First, you will go to the shooting range again. Second, we will spend a few hours going over and working on your hand to hand combat/defensive training. Then, we will have a little fun downstairs. And finish the day off with endurance running.”

“Awesome, so just more of yesterday then.”

“Yes but, a little lighter then yesterday.”

I get up and get dressed and walk with Kara. We spend a couple hours at the range and a few more on hand to hand combat. We only took a break for lunch after the combat training.

After lunch we both head down stairs.

Kara tells me to go over to the wall. I do as she tells me. She cuffs my wrists and ankles to the wall and tightens the chains I am attached too. Then, suddenly I hear the crack of a whip and then a striking pain across my back follows the crack. I grit my teeth fighting back screaming. Then again and again, Kara cracks the whip across my back and ass leaving big red welts. Tears are rolling down my face. I try hard not to cry but, I can’t stop myself. I just want to scream. After 8 I lost count of how many times Kara whipped me. My back and ass are on fire with pain.

There is silence. I am a little scared as I am not able to see what she is doing with my face against the wall.
I feel something around my pussy and then at my ass. Kara is sticking a double penetrating dildo in me.

“MMmmmmm. Ohh that feels good.” I say

Kara slaps my burning ass telling me to shut the fuck up.

She turns the vibration on and her pussy starts dripping. She has it all the way up my pussy and ass at the same time. My nipples rock hard pressed against the cold hard steel wall. She works it slow at first building up speed until I orgasm. My body shakes and pussy dripping out a big mess. Kara leaves the vibrator in me while attaching it to my leg so it can’t fall out.

She disappears then I feel her attaching small clamps to each of my nipples. I love my nipples being pinched and pulled I think to myself.

Out of nowhere I squeal loud”EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAHHHHHHHHHH…….. What the fuck is this I ask?”

“Shock Clamps.” Kara Says.

I have never been shocked mush less through the nipples. I feel my bl**d pulsing and my body getting a jolt of adrenalin. She continues to periodically shock my nipples. Each time my body convulses wildly with what little movement I was allowed. Kara disappears again. The vibrations in my pussy and ass are getting stronger as if someone was gradually turning the power up on them. I can feel the electricity flowing through me. It stings and burns. My heart won’t stop racing. The vibrator in my ass and pussy keeps sending me into orgasm after orgasm. The feeling of electricity during my orgasm is only intensifying it. My body feels numb.

I hear a whirling noise and then I feel the crack across my back.

“AAWWWWOHHHHH FUCK.” I scream out unable to hold it back.

The intensity of the vibrator, electric nipple clamps, and the whips is more than can I can handle.

I hear the whirling noise again.










My body is shaking and quivering. I feel my fingers twitching. My body is in so much pain.
Kara steps up behind me. Whispers in my ear. “Have you had enough?”

“No Ma’am. Thank You. Can I have another.” I groan out through my quivering lips. I know it’s the acceptable response. It is the response I want to give. However, my body is telling me something different. Even through the pain I can’t stop myself from cumming even if I wanted too. The vibrator stuck up my ass and pussy is still making me cum. I close my eyes and moan softly as I have another orgasm.

Then, I hear the whirling noise followed by the strike.

“MMMMMMM…..MMMMHHHHHH.” My orgasm moan cut short by the whip. I muffle my outburst by managing to keep my lips shut.

Kara says “That was the last one for today.”

She takes the electric nipple clamps off. Then, pulls the vibrator from my pussy and ass out. She unhooks my wrists and ankles. I turn around slowly still shaking and she leans forward kissing me.

Once she breaks the kiss she says “Now, you have to get me off.”

I nod my head and she leads me over to the other side of the room. To a table with a box and arm at one end.

Kara says “Get on the table on your hands and knees.”

I do as instructed. I look back at Kara while down on my hands and knees. I watch her walk behind me holding a double penetrating dildo. She attaches it to the arm coming from the box. She backs me up against it. Then, she climbs on the table lies down on her back with her legs spread out on either side of me. She pulls my head down to her pussy. I slide my tongue up and down her wet pussy. She moans at every lick. My tongue slides in her pussy finding her clit.

Just as I suck her clit in my mouth, she hits a button on the side of the table. I feel the dildo punch in me. The f***e and speed to witch this machine is fucking me is unmatched to any man. I cum instantly squirting on the table. My moans are muffled as I moan and scream into Kara’s pussy. She holds my head down even though I am not trying to pull away. The machine is beating my ass and pussy up. Making me cum so quickly over and over its ridiculous. I know my frequent orgasms are slowing Kara from coming.

I keep licking and sucking pressing my nose into her clit while punching my tongue as deep in her pussy as I can. I reach under her legs for leverage and pull my face into her pussy more. My moans and screams are driving her wild because of the constant vibrations. I slide my tongue down out of her pussy and over her asshole. I press my lips hard against her asshole sucking at it while sliding my tongue up her ass. I use one hand to rub her clit while giving her a good rim job. Her body is constantly moving and squirming as her orgasm is getting drawn out.

I start sliding my tongue in and out of her ass as fast as possible while still sucking. My fingers rubbing her clit hard and fast. My mouth vibrating more as my moans and screams from my own orgasms are getting stronger and louder. I slide my tongue up through her pussy and back to her ass. Then, I slide it up again finding her clit and pull it with my teeth while moaning. I whirl my tongue around her clit while pulling it with my teeth and I shove 2 fingers in her ass.

I feel her body jerk and her hips lift up. She starts to orgasm and squirts all in my mouth and on my face. I release her clit lapping at her pussy and sliding my tongue back to her ass and back up to her pussy back and forth while she sprays my face and mouth with her cum. Finally, when her orgasm subsides. She gets off the table and sees the massive pool of my own cum on the table.

She hits the button again and the machine slowly comes to a halt. She removes the dildo from me and the machine.

Kara says “Lick this table clean and then go clean yourself up. Axel will be home soon.”

I nod my head “Thank you.”

Kara leaves going back upstairs. I slide down off the table and start licking up my cum on the table. There is so much of my cum and Kara’s cum. I keep licking and sucking it up. It must have taken me 15 minutes to get the table clean. The taste of our juices was so good. I was a little disappointed when I finished.

I make my way upstairs. My body is physically spent but not as much as yesterday. At least today I can still manage to walk by myself even though it is at a slow pace. I draw a bath and clean myself up. And head to bed. I wonder if Axel will wake us up when he gets home.


I have been following Mr. Brawn around all day. He has been going to different places frequently. He knows people are after him and doesn’t stay in one place too long. I follow him back to his roach motel. He goes inside and I turn on the audio bug I planted on him. He calls for an e****t. I decide this would be my point of entry. I wait 10 minutes.

I walk up to door and knock. Mr. Brawn comes to the door quickly expecting a hooker. When he opens the door, I shove the door open pulling one pistol and holding it to his head and kick the door closed behind me. It takes him a minute to process but, he knows why I am here.

I look around the room. “Where is the money?”

“Duffle bag, please just take it. Don’t kill me please.”

I open the duffle bag it is filled with cash but, I know this isn’t all of it.

“Where is the rest?’

“If I tell you, will you let me walk away.”

I see him glance at the closet while talking.

“No I won’t.”

I go to the closet opening the mirror door and finding a small safe.

I crack the face off the digital lock and connect it to my phone which runs a program automatically unlocking the safe. Inside there are several account numbers to offshore accounts all registered under random bogus names. His eyes close and head lowers. He knows he has no leverage. I grab the bag and the account numbers. I peak out of the window. I see the e****t coming down the motel sidewalk to the room.

“At least you will die lucky.”

He gives me a strange look.

“You will let the hooker in and fuck her however you want before I kill you.”

The hooker knocks on the door. I conceal my pistol and open the door. She realizes there are 2 people here.

She says “My donation is double for 2.”

“That is not a problem bitch. Now get your cock sucker in here.”

She was not happy about the insult and I could tell she wanted to walk away. However, she is a hooker and she wants the money, we all know she has no respectable standards.

She walks in and I close and lock the door behind her.

“Mr. Brawn, you get first dibs.”

The hooker steps to him and drops to her knees and pulls his cock out. She sucks him good and long. The anxiety of what is to come makes it very difficult to get hard. The hooker keeps sucking hard and long finally getting him hard. He lies down on the bed with her. She climbs on top of him sliding down on his cock. Her hips start to rock back and forth. Her ass starts bouncing up and down. She pulls her tits out as they bounce and flop.

I notice that he trying to mouth something to her. He is trying to mouth that I am going to kill him. Little does he know she will die with him. She doesn’t pay him much attention since she is used to getting a lot of weird people. She just thought he was another weird guy.

She continues riding his cock rocking back and forth and bouncing up and down. She realizes that he is having difficulty cumming. She contracts her pussy tight around his cock and grinds hard into him.

She moans “Cum on baby….. Cum for me.”

He can feel the sensation and temporarily forgets his pending death for just long enough to orgasm, ejaculating in the hooker.

“UUUHHHH UHHHHH OHHH UHHHH.” He grunts and moans out as he cums.

I proceed to take a step closer to the bed.

The hooker turns her head still sitting on his cock.

“Your turn big boy.”

“No it’s not.” I reply walking closer.

When she says this, Mr. Brawn realizes what is next. I pull my pistol out just as he opens his eyes and jerks trying to get her off him. I pop both of them in the head and then double tap them both. I pick up the bag of cash, account numbers, and my back pack then walk out.

I put my helmet on and get on the motorcycle I had left there this morning. I ride back down to the dock where I had the boat docked at. Once I get my backpack and the duffle bag in the boat I toss the helmet in the bay and send the motorcycle behind it.

I crank the boat and leave heading back to my island which is a 2 hour ride in my speed boat.

I arrive back at my island at 1am. I bring the duffle bag and my back pack up into the house. I walk to Kara’s room and then to Amanda’s room. They were both asl**p. I decide I will take a hot both and relax before I wake them up.

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