Vanilla Date?


Having my profile at a vanilla dating site I was curiously running through profiles of 55+ ladies.

The next day a message arrived from a 56 year old lady asking if I was shy to aks her out. Out of boredom I decided to respond if she was in for dinner at friday nigth.

Before I knew I was having dinner with her the next friday. She was good looking for her age, slightly overweigth and did know how to dress wearing high heel boots and a nice dress.

Actually I had a wonderful evening and she asked for a next date. I said yes and the next weekend we were meeting again. She was very calm and enjoying herself and she half joking aksed if I would have sex with her.. I responded with a joke will you dominate me. I always dreamt of having a mature mistress..

I didn’t think much about it although her perfume, dress and high heels did attract me.

A few weeks later she called asking if I would have dinner at her place if I was free. I said yes and went over.

She opened the door of her appartment dressed a bit more spicy than last time. High heeled black boots, a black skirt and some half see through top made of fine lace showing hints of her bra. Her perfume seemed more intoxicating than before

She offered some snacks and we took some champagne.
What is to celebrate I asked?

My birthday!! She smiled, I am sure you brought a present her voice strong. I hadn’t any idea.. I am sorry I said I didn’t know..

Well she said calm and demanding.. I will have my present.. Her hand grabbbing my crouch firmly.

I.. Before I could say something she was unbuttoning my trousers.. She pulled it down together with my underwear so that she could take a look at my erect penis.
I like it she said. I am not your mother so undress yourself and present yourself naked to me. From this date on I will be your Mistress and you my sub.

Before I could think.. She said again calm and demanding: undress will be fine with me. She now caressed my face.. And sat herself down on the sofa.

i undressed standing in front of her naked..looking down i saw her grabbing a whip from between the sofa pillows..She must have planned this i thought.

On your knees! Her voice still calm, the whip sliding across my chest..

i nodded and did as requested..

She now stood up taking of her blouse of and elegantly stepping out of her skirt with her high heeled boots. Revealing a fine lingerie.

I looked up at her, completely bedazzled.. i hadn’t said anything..

She said on the sofa again, her legs really close to me..

Well she said,.. this is what you dreamt of right..she smiled. Or am i not good enough to be your Mistress..

You are..i would love to be Yours..i am just..

Great she said, now pulling out a some cuffs from between the pillows.. Lets put these on!

She pulled a chair from the table and i had to sit on it hands behind my back. She quickly put on the cuffs..High heeled she walked around the chair.. enjoying her power..Sometimes teasing me with her whip.

Well she said calm and strict again lets talk and set the rules..

Rule 1: You will be always naked in my house. And you need to shave..

Yes Madam

Rule 2: You are not allowed to touch yourself ever.. I control that.. I am not interested in your pleasure.. only in mine.

Yes Madam

Rule 3: I decide when we meet.

Yes Madam

Rule 4: You must please me whenever I want how I want it.. I turned 57 today and decided it is time for me only. Do you understand I have had enough bad sex in my life and am too old to waste my time on it again..Do i make myself clear? I will punish you if I am not satisfied..!

Yes Madam..

Now what do you really want?

To please You be Yours..

Do you want to be my sub?

I looked at her.. the perfume, the boots..the lingerie..her long nails running over my chest..

Do you want to be my sub!

yes.. i mumbled..

She took my face in her hands.. Beg to be my sub

may i please please be your sub?

She stood up again.. What are the rules?

i repeated the rules..

Come she said..taking the cuffs off.. on your knees..

I was sitting kneeled in front of her again..

She pushed my head against her thighs.. i felt her warmth and noticed her lingerie turned moist..She was very excited..

Look at me.. she said.. I looked up..

I would like you to lick my pussy..

i nodded..

She walked back to the sofa. I wanted to follow.. but her calm voice said. stay where you are..

She light some candles and dimmed the light.. As some striptease act half in the dark i saw here taking her panties off.

Now crawl to me!

I crawled to her..she spread her legs wide..candle lit..

Come boy she said..

When i reached the sofa she ordered me to lay on my back..

She now towered above me facing my toes.. I was so excited and so was she..

She took one of the candles close to her pussy..the candle light revealed her grey mouth turned dry..

She walked over me lowering her butt at my chest.. However as she was holding the candle I couldn’t see much..

She took my penis in one hand and started masturbating me slightly.. Do you like this?

yes mistress..

Suddenly she dropped some candle wax on my penis..

Now she stood up and turned putting her boots next to my head and the candle at the floor. We are not here for Your pleasure are we?

No Mistress only Yours..

The candle light was showing her grey pussy again.. I saw her own hand playing with it..and now spreading her pussy lips.

Now she lowered onto my face.. pushing her wet pussy against my face..

I started licking..

ooo..she said.. my young slave boy we will have so much fun..

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