Scent of Brasil


(True story)

To save some readers time and others frustration, please know that this story is about ass worship. It is a true story but it may not interest you. If you are into ass worship themes such as ass kissing, facesitting, analingus, buttsniffing, etc., then you might enjoy reading this.
For an ass adorer, Brasil is a great destination?


Brasilians invented &#034dental floss&#034 (thongs) and their girls have the most amazing asses. While some appear Caucasian because of Portugal’s earlier settlements, most Brasilian girls are just what you see in travelogues. Those &#034native&#034 ones are generally about five-foot-two or five-foot-three with beautiful brown skin, big brown eyes, smiling faces, and those incomparably round rear-ends! They are truly a visual feast for an ass man.

The girls of Brasil generally love Americans and there are many reasons why although time doesn’t permit that discussion here. They have never asked me for money even before spending much time with me although I always volunteered a good amount because I understand how difficult life can be in emerging nations and because they shared themselves with me.

In my last trip to Brasil, it was just after midnight in Fortaleza when I decided to leave the warm and tropical beach area. Ordinarily, I would have found some sweet Brasilieras with some cute round bundas but it had been a slow evening. The girls along the beach walk had been friendly but things just hadn’t clicked with them although there had been one girl who seemed approachable and had a cute face and a butt that was so round and perfect that I nearly wet myself the first time I saw it.

You might ask, if she appealed to me that much, why then was there a problem?

Well, the problem was that she looked to be 12 years old. Since the age of consent was 14 and young girls lie, I wasn’t about to take chances. Maybe local guys were getting away with such things, but I was not about to be locked up in a foreign country. I had been approached many times by very young girls, and in some cases, very, very young girls, but I had not responded with anything more than politeness. Like many men, I was tempted, but I didn’t.

When I left the beach area just after midnight, I took a taxi toward town and through the central district. I saw little that interested me and I asked the taxi driver to take me back to the beach area and drop me off although in a little different location than before. I wanted to walk back to my hotel on streets I had not before seen.

It was about 1 a.m. and the lights of the beach had gone dark as the various vendors and kiosk owners shut down. I walked eastward about two blocks and knew it would be a couple more to my hotel. But, the night was scented with a warm equatorial breeze so I was not in a hurry.

As I passed an intersection, I noticed a taxi pulled to the curb about a block up the side street and a very (very!) shapely silhouette was standing on the street and leaning into the passenger side window. All I could see of her were legs and ass but when you are a butt freak, those are often the only things you need to see. I had been watching girls on the beachwalk for hours and I had taxi’d downtown hoping to find some &#034bunda&#034 and yet there it was, just a couple of blocks from my hotel.

Of course, I detoured my path and walked up the inclined street and as I neared her intersection, her head withdrew from the car and she saw me and her head tilted somewhat. As I neared, she stood straight and, under a simple lamppost, I could see her with a small smile.

She was not like typical native Brasilian girls. She was more European with a Caucasian complexion and a face that reminded me of the actress Mila Kunis, except with much darker eyes. She was five-foot-six and she appeared to be about 25 years old. She had shiny black hair that was cut with the same slant as her jawline. Her build was slender and with very shapely hips. If you want to know her bra size, well, you would have to ask someone else because I am too much of an ass man to notice a girl’s bust. Hell, it’s all I can do to get my eyes from a girl’s ass to her face.

What got me worked up was that this shapely, slender girl with the nice butt was wearing a black spandex body suit. It was magnificent the way it clung to her body and showed off every curve. I have seen girls in black spandex bodysuits, but that one made it so I could scarcely breathe.

Her smile was seemed friendly. I told her &#034meu nome e Bryan&#034 and she told me her name was Naomi. I don’t speak Portuguese well and she didn’t speak English at all but it wasn’t hard for either of us to determine that the topic of the moment was of a sexual nature. My concern was that she would rebuff my interest in worshipping her round ass.

The taxi driver drove up the hill and out of sight.

After some awkward Portuguese and a few hand gestures, I managed to communicate that I was completely in awe of her butt. She smiled and turned half away to give me a better look. It was even more amazing than I had imagined. I nodded and told her it was beautiful and exciting.

She said something that I didn’t understand. She rephrased it but I still didn’t comprehend. She put her right hand in front of her face and formed an &#034O&#034 with her index finger and thumb. Then, she raised her left hand and put her index finger into the &#034O&#034 and moved it in a fucking motion. Then, she pointed to her ass. Instantly, I shook my head and she smiled. She put her finger through the &#034O&#034 again and sneered and waved her finger in a &#034no-no&#034 manner and I shook my head and said, &#034Nao, nao. Nada.&#034

Her head tilted and her shoulders raised in a shrug and she said, &#034Que?&#034 and I pointed to my nose and then to my tongue then to her ass. She smiled and pointed at her nose and mouth, then to me, then to her ass and she made a sound like &#034Eh?&#034 and I nodded with excitement. When she smiled and returned my nod, my knees felt weak. Unless I was terribly mistaken, she had just accepted my wish to put my face in her round and beautiful bunda.

She asked if I had a place and I pointed eastward and said &#034Hoteis&#034 along with the name of the hotel which I don’t remember right now. She nodded and, with no discussion of money, we made our way through the darkness of the early morning and arrived at my hotel.

The hotel was gated and an attendant was on duty. Although the hotel approved of tourists finding local girls for entertainment, when Naomi appeared at 1:30 in the morning with a black jump suit and perhaps a bit of a reputation, the attendant seemed cautious and reluctant. He required Naomi’s i.d. and he wrote some of her information on paper and he shook his head as he let us in. I felt some concern with his actions but dammmmmmit, I was within minutes of getting my face in that Brasilian girl’s butt and to fucking-hell with common sense! If she was dangerous, then I would just have to die with my nose wedged in her ass. The nature of my demise might be hard to put on a tombstone, but that would be my relatives’ problem, not mine.

Was she worth the risk?

I’m sure you’ve concluded that I wouldn’t be writing this if she wasn’t.

We made our way up the stairs to my second floor room of the three story courtyard hotel. Being the gentleman that I am, I permitted Naomi to ascend the stairs ahead of me. Talk about stares . . . Right now, I can see her in front of me with that gorgeous ass and her perfect hips and that damned black spandex jump suit. I can still see it just inches from my face and among the greatest of visions ever.

She went from step to step slower than a normal pace and she knew I was looking at her butt and that excited me. It was as if she was enjoying making a show of her ass and driving me crazy. That spandex hugged every curve and I could see that glorious cavern that led to the promised land.

At the top of the stairs, she stopped and she held her place and with my face just inches from her rear-end, she looked back me with a smile while I stared and ogled and admired and craved. Then, she arched her back just slightly and very slowly and she pooched her butt backwards, bending at the waist and showing the dynamic dimensions of her hips and the spread of her cheeks and the strain of that spandex over that beautiful &#034canyon&#034. That is one sight that I will see forever.

I unlocked my room and once inside I turned on a small light. I opened the shudders of the room’s glassless window and the room filled with the warm scented breezes of the Atlantic Ocean less than two blocks away.

I didn’t have a plan for getting things started and I felt a bit awkward. Should I just get down and dive in face first? Should we talk more? It didn’t seem I should say, “Can I put my face in your ass now?&#034 or – &#034You know, the night smells great but I know your butt smells even better.&#034

Naomi made it easy. I suspect many girls might peel off that jump suit but she didn’t. It was as if she knew the jump suit was a part of the appeal. Instead, she began to tease as she had on the stairs. She slowly turned her back and pushed her butt out a little and she looked over her left shoulder with a playful expression.

I didn’t need a common language to know what to do. I dropped to my knees behind her and while this might sound absurd, I nearly orgasmed when my eager hands softly cupped her butt cheeks. I have never, ever felt spandex so soft and thin. I doubt I have described things well enough here, but just to place my hands on her butt cheeks and fondle her butt with that spandex was utopic. Literally, I was breathless for a few seconds.



I just cannot describe it enough to you. Those cheeks were so soft yet somehow slightly firm and they just meshed into my fingers and palms like they were born to be united just that way. I pulled my hands away and I put my face right down square with her ass and my eyes imbibed her extraordinary beauty. I stared. I admired. I noticed that crevice in the middle and how perfectly it separated at the bottom and how that black spandex showed every bit of it. I continually spoke words of adoration and how beautiful it was and I somehow had a sense that she liked being adored that way.

I didn’t know if they were the right words but I said, &#034Quero beija sua bunda&#034 which I thought meant, &#034I want to kiss your ass.&#034 I don’t think it meant, “I want to **** your goat” because she didn’t leave, so I must have been close. She gave a little smile and she arched ever so slightly when my face touched her left butt cheek and depressed it just slightly and my lips pursed and I kissed and kissed and kissed both butt cheeks.

I do love kissing girls’ asses, but a primary motive was to get my face close to her ass so I could do what I wanted more than anything: I wanted to sniff Naomi’s butt. It is one thing I love so much with girls and I just had to smell her even if just one sniff before anything could interrupt us. After one sniff I would know what she smelled like and the world could end and my life experience would be complete because I would know what Naomi’s ass smelled like, a knowledge that would never leave me.

I was nearly shaking from two things: 1) The anticipation of sniffing such a fabulous rear-end, and 2) Naomi had come to that room KNOWING I wanted to sniff her butt! That drove me crazy!!!! I had pointed to my nose and her ass so she knew.

Slowly, I pressed my nose to that perfect spandex &#034pocket&#034 but not deep because I didn’t want my nostrils to be closed by being in too far. When I had it perfectly set, I sniffed. It was a small sniff, Her butt scent spread through me like a rushing virus and I nearly passed out from its divine richness. She didn’t move. I dared more. I sniffed twice as long and I KNEW she knew that I had just sniffed her butt. It was a blatant sniff and very obvious and I was excited from the fact that she knew I had just sniffed her butt. There was no doubt.

And, she didn’t move away! She stayed right there knowing I would sniff her butt again. I was so turned on! I told her with genuine sincerity that she was beautiful and her ass was &#034bella&#034 and &#034deliciousa&#034 (I think pertaining to smell as well as taste).

You may not be as much into buttsniffing so I apologize if I have spoken too much of it. I promise to move on to other things in a minute. I could easily write 50,000 words just about sniffing Naomi’s rear-end, but I will spare you that agony. However, I do want to say that I have sniffed a lot of girls and can attest that they all smell a bit different. So, when I say that Naomi’s butt is among the best I’ve ever smelled, it comes from being somewhat of a connoisseur of the matter.

I thanked her over and over for that initial experience and told her that she had the most amazing smell and also an absolutely perfect bottom!

I asked if she would sit on my face and there was no delay in her response. I am routinely amazed with how fast girls can dress and undress given all that they have to go through to be beautiful and the same was the case with Naomi who peeled off that skin-tight spandex in less than a minute.

She was wearing a bright pink thong which became even more exciting when she backed it up into my face. I was laying on my back with my head against a pillow and when she got on all fours over me while facing my feet, her hips were so spread and beautiful and that ass . . . how can I even describe it? It spread so wide, like a cobra about to consume its pray, and I loved how it consumed my face.

My hands went to her hips and I caressed her hips and thighs and I moaned while she slowly rubbed her butt in my face. Just magnificent! And then she did something on her own that surprised me, the first many such surprises. She pulled the zipper of my shorts down and started sucking on my cock! That was not something we had even talked about because, although I LOVE bjs they distract me for the ass in my face and when I have that, I don’t want to be distracted. Nonetheless, how do you tell a girl to stop sucking? Wouldn’t that be a complete betrayal of all things male?

By sheer estimation, I think it was about 15 minutes that her butt was in my face and my cock in her mouth before she stopped and did something else on her own. I would have been happy with her grinding in my face and me sniffing her butt and her sucking, but I wasn’t about to complain with what she did next.

She raised herself so that she was sitting upright on my face, an absolutely gorgeous sight, looking up and barely seeing her round globes then up her beautiful back to the back of her head. Then, she leaned forward about halfway and pulled her thong down to her thighs. She lowered her mouth to my cock and backed her ass into my face again.

I started by kissing her bare buttcheeks before kissing further in. She was the one who put her raw butt hole in front of my face and she must have known I would sniff it then follow with my mouth and tongue. So, I sniffed her anus many times and then pressed my nose to it and rubbed my nose in the tacky, sticky peach pit that surrounded her rosebud. It was so warm and smelled so sexy and sensual and I made sure I got some of that tackiness on my nose with the hope I would still smell her ass even after she left.

Then I put my mouth right on her hot tight &#034rosebud&#034 and kissed it with one long, extended and passionate kiss. She actually moaned on my cock! I kissed it again and again — kissing her ass hole and falling in love with it. She pushed into my face with many of those kisses.

I pushed my tongue out and she squirmed. I licked every single part of her ass crack except her anus and she moved like a sensual vixen. I flattened my tongue and pressed it to her butt hole and she yelped and wiggled. So many girls are squeamish about someone’s mouth &#034back there&#034 but she seemed into it. I licked her butt hole and passionately swabbed my tongue over it and I kissed it passionately and spoke words of love and adoration. I wasn’t as concerned with her thinking such overindulgence was strange and reason she might leave because my words were in English and for all she knew, I was quoting Shakespeare.

I speared my tongue and rimmed her and she squirmed even more and she pushed back into my face and even a slow-thinker like me knew what to do. I pushed the point of my tongue forward and buried my tongue as deep up into her butt as I could. She squealed again and rocked against my face and I held her hips and tongued fucked her and her breathing became inconsistent and her mouth pulled off of my cock. I didn’t mind those things whatsoever because she was face-dancing me with her ass while my tongue was buried deep in her rectal canal and working hard to go in and out with vigor and passion.

I suspect we were locked &#034tongue-in-cheek&#034 for about a half hour but it might have been forty-five minutes. I just know my face was wet from my own saliva and it smelled like girl-ass and I was just soooooo incredibly turned on. It was past 2 a.m. and the city was sl**ping except for one hotel room where an American traveler had his tongue buried deep in the butt of a native daughter. It was so hot I cannot find adequate words.

Girls can sometimes orgasm and you don’t know that they did. I cannot say if Naomi orgasmed from my tongue up her ass but she did have moments of shuddering moans.

And, the night wasn’t over.

We took a break and talked for awhile. She drank some water and used the bathroom. She returned with a smile and seemed to have enjoyed things She was likeable and easy to talk to despite the language difference and I truly liked her as a person.

Then, it was time for another of her surprises.

She stood slowly from the bed upon which we were sitting and she looked at me with another of her playful expressions. Rather than position herself on the bed, she moved away from me toward a single bed that was about three feet away. She lay on her tummy with her body angled toward me and she pushed her hips up and with very subtle hip movement, it was clear she was inviting my face back into her ass.


I was helpless. I moved to her and kissed her butt cheeks and I pressed my nose into her ass and I sniffed it and rubbed my nose in her scent. My lips began kissing her ass hole and I virtually made out with it. My tongue circled it and approximately five minutes after she lay on her tummy, my tongue began crawling up into her butt. Her hips rotated and she ground her ass in my face while my tongue burrowed deeper into her innards. I wanted to get in deeper still and I wished like hell my tongue could suddenly grow six inches. I wanted to get so deep into her and just drive it in and out and taste her and hold her hips and tongue fuck her until one of us or both of us vaulted into the wonderland of euphoria.

Then I had this sudden and disturbing thought.

What if she was faking it?

It bothered me enough that I eventually withdrew my tongue from her sphincter and my face from her ass, just to see what she would do. Almost nothing changed! Her hips remained elevated and they continued to slowly gyrate and her soft moans continued, which at first made me think she was indeed faking because my face wasn’t even in her ass.

Then came another surprise.

While moaning and slowly grinding, she brought two fingers of her right hand back to her butt and she slowly caressed her ass crack! Lust instantly ignited within me. She had every reason to stop and ask if I wanted to do something else but instead, she replaced my face with her hand and my tongue with her finger! She wanted ass attention, even if she had to do it herself!

I was so hot and so convinced that I pushed my face back into her gorgeous butt and my tongue up her ass hole and for as long as I could I tongue fucked her like a madman.

As 3 a.m. approached, my tongue began to wear down and her writhing and soft moans began to subside. I am not sure if she orgasmed, but I preferred to believe so rather than ask and perhaps be disappointed.

I pulled my tongue from her butt hole and my face from her ass and I sat back. She lay flat on the bed on her tummy. I caressed her beautiful legs. After a while she started to push herself up and when her hips rose, her cheeks spread and a supercharge of lust pushed my nose between her cheeks and I held her hips in place and I sniffed her butt and sniffed her butt and—oh yes—I sniffed her butt. I mean, if we were indeed at the end, I wanted at least a little more of smelling her ass before never seeing her again.

I seldom have girls stay the night. I need to know them quite well and they really do need to be at least mildly into ass worship and that eliminates most of the girls on this planet. I don’t think Naomi planned to stay over. She expressed genuine appreciation of our time together which I responded to with even greater appreciation.

She put on that damned sexy black spandex jumpsuit while I sat nearby on the bed admiring her. I told her she was beautiful and hot as hell and I loved her ass. I couldn’t say enough nice things about her. I gave her quite a sum of money and told her I would remember her forever, which, you can tell, I have.


Naomi wasn’t finished with her surprises. In fact, she still had two left.

Her first surprise was asking me if we could get together the next night! Wow! I about passed out just hearing that! She WANTED me to sniff her butt again? To lick it? To sit on my face? To have my tongue buried deep in her butt? Okay, maybe she just wanted more money but I’m quite sure she could have gotten that elsewhere. She was the one who wanted to be with me again and she knew it was all about my face and her ass. Unfortunately, my plane flight was the next morning.

Her second surprise came after she had her jumpsuit on and I stood up to e****t her to the door. She didn’t move. She delayed. She stood. I didn’t understand. She turned her back to me. She bent over just slightly and gave me another of her playful looks. I was as crazed as I was amazed and I fell to my knees and I put my nose right in the very center of that spandexed bottom and I sniffed her butt. I sniffed her butt again and again and I kissed and kissed it and she rewarded me by pooching her ass into my face. Her butt cheeks were so soft yet somehow a bit firm against my face and she smelled so good that I felt like I could sniff her butt forever.

I repeated how fabulous she was. We hugged. It was warm and endearing. Two people with hours of intimate experience were saying goodbye–forever. It was sad because I truly valued Naomi as a human being.

She disappeared down the stairs and I went to my window and watched her leave through the iron gates and disappear into the Brasilian morning amid the brush of scented wind from the Atlantic Ocean.

There are so many stories I could tell of the butts of Brasil but those will have to be for another time. If this story or the topic of ass worship appeals to you, I would love to know. bryanLL at hushmail

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