iSummer, chapter 13


iCarly – iSummer, chapter 13

Sam Puckett woke up around 3am that morning and elbowed Freddie in the stomach waking him up.

&#034What? What? What is it?&#034 He asked.

&#034Do you think I will ever be able to have k**s?&#034 She asked softly.

&#034Sure. Someday.&#034 He told her, still half asl*ep.

&#034Remember what the doctors said?&#034 She asked.

Freddie knew that Sam had another nightmare. Since the miscarriage, she had this recurring dream about not being able to ever have k**s and it bothered her. Plus with the doctors saying that there was a good chance she would never conceive just made the whole thing worse.

&#034I remember Sam.&#034 He said as he sat up in his bean bag.

She rubbed her eyes and stood up. &#034I need a snack.&#034 She said and made her way downstairs to the kitchen. Freddie followed shortly afterward.

When he got downstairs, Sam already had a ham sandwich in her hands and chewing on it slowly, still lost in her thoughts.

&#034Do you want to talk about it?&#034 Freddie asked as he took a seat at the counter next to her.

&#034It’s the same dream that I’ve had before, that’s all.&#034 Sam replied with her mouth full of ham sandwich.

There were a few moments of silence, interrupted by a scream from a groggy and startled Carly, surprised to see people in her kitchen at 3 in the morning.

&#034Jeez, k*d you almost gave me a heart attack.&#034 Sam said after swallowing her latest bite of ham sandwich.

&#034Gave you heart attack?&#034 Carly whisper yelled.

&#034I got a feather duster and I’m not afraid to use it!&#034 Spencer yelled as he came rushing in from his room, holding of course, and a feather duster. He sl*epily looked at Carly, then Sam, then Freddie. All were staring at him with weird looks on their faces. &#034Oh. I’m going back to bed.&#034 He said as he turned and made his way back to his room.

&#034When did Spencer start sl*eping in a Speedo?&#034 Freddie asked.

&#034I don’t know. That is new.&#034 Carly responded.

&#034Carly? Are you alright? I heard a scream.&#034 Melanie asked as she came running down the stairs, not bothering to put some clothes on. &#034Oh.&#034 She said, noticing Sam and Freddie. &#034Hi guys.&#034

&#034I see you two are figuring things out.&#034 Sam said.

Melanie put her arm around Carly. &#034Yeah, we’re getting there.&#034

&#034That’s great.&#034 Freddie said.

The four of them spoke until dawn starting breaking and Sam suggested that she and Freddie go across the hall to his old room and go back to sl*ep for a few more hours. They both had sore necks and shoulders from sl*eping in the bean bags.

&#034I’ll make you a deal Benson, you massage my shoulders and I’ll massage yours.&#034 Sam said as they made their way into the apartment. &#034Is your mom at work?&#034


Carly and Melanie watched and listen to the Freddie and Sam banter as they left and giggled. &#034Those two really are good for each other, aren’t they?&#034 Melanie asked.

&#034Yeah. I do believe they are.&#034

&#034I could use some more sl*ep myself.&#034 Melanie said as she stretched and yawn.

&#034Let’s go back upstairs then.&#034

With that Carly and Melanie went back to bed. But they didn’t get any sle*p right away. They made love for three hours before the fell asle*p in one another’s arms, promising to love one another as long as they could possibly love one another.

* * *

Across the hall, Sam was laying on Freddie’s bed, now just wearing her underwear getting her massage from Freddie.

&#034You have magic fingers, Fredaroni.&#034 She moaned.


&#034I can’t believe we slept most of the night in beanbags. I could never sl*ep in one of those things.&#034

Freddie laughed. &#034You could go to sl*ep anywhere.&#034

&#034That’s not true.&#034 Sam said, sounding like she was falling asl*ep.

&#034Yes it is. Remember falling asl*ep in gym class. How about that time you fell asl*ep on a park bench, while it was raining? Or about…&#034

&#034Okay, alright.&#034

Freddie continued to massage Sam until he heard her snoring. He moved her into the bed and put the covers over her before getting in next to her. He laughed to himself at how Sam fell asl*ep before it was her turn to give him a massage. He had expected as much and didn’t care. Sam had been through a lot with her miscarriage, a lot more than she let anyone know. He didn’t care about a massage right now. There was time for that when they woke up.

He kissed her cheek before quietly asking, “Will you marry me Samantha Puckett?”

What Freddie didn’t know, however, was that the kiss rose her slightly from her sl*ep, enough so that she heard his question.

In the morning she planned on accepting his proposal.

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