My Japanese friends f****y


I have a very nice Japanese f****y living not too far from me, Jimmy, his wife and three k**s. His wife is a glamour I can’t stop looking at her whenever they visit usually in a tight top and shorts she wears. I get so hard I often have to wank myself that day after they leave, thinking how lucking my friend is. I invited them in to my place for dinner one night, between you and me, just so I could perv on his missus, she wore an almost see through top I could see her breasts clearly through it, she wore no Bra so whenever she moved they would wobble almost teasing me. We all ate dinner and I sat opposite her, with them not knowing I was rubbing my cock as we spoke. I actually cum in my undies don’t know how she never noticed. I think that her daughter did she gave me a little smile as I was Cumming, her name was Alana and almost as beautiful as her mum with a great body too I always thought she was about 12 but they said she is 16 yrs old that made me look closer at her after that, she too was beautiful, big come and get me Japanese almost teasing eyes and her tits were as good as her mothers..
Two or three weeks later my mate told me he had to go to Japan for a couple of weeks for business, he was taking his wife but worried about leaving the k**s. I told him they could stay with me if he wants. Well they were happy with that and so it happened three weeks later they went and the k**s moved in with me. I thought at the time I wonder if he would have left them in my care had he known I had wanked myself off many times over his wife.
Things worked out okay they were no trouble the two boys had a room and young Alana had a room to herself, my room was well away from them at the other end of the house, so their music did not annoy me but Alana running around the house half undressed started to get to me then one day I walked into the bathroom and she was standing there almost naked with a towel around her waist. I got to see her magnificent breast. “Oh Fuck! Sorry Alana. Didn’t know you were in here” I said embarrassed as I backed out of the room. “It’s okay Mr Richards, Don’t worry” she yelled. Well I went straight to bed and Yes…I grabbed my cock and wacked it until it burst out its load, this time thinking about my mate’s daughter and not his wife all I could think of was Alana’s lovely tits with those nipples standing out almost staring at me.
The very next night there was some dark clouds overhead, a storm was coming. “Oh god I hate storms My Richards” Alana said. “Well don’t worry dear you are safe here in this house” Later we had all gone to bed, I had just dosed off when a load clap of thunder and lightning shook the windows and woke me, then another clap and again, it was a huge storm.
My bedroom door burst open and I felt someone climb across the bed and dive under the blankets next to me in the dark, it was Alana “Oh Mr Richards!! I am so scared, please let me stay here please” she cried. Then she came closer and closer to me under the blanket until she was tight against my body. Then I realized, I was stark naked. “Alana!! You can’t be here dear” I yelled. “I sl**p naked, I have no clothes on” “I don’t care please don’t send me away, please cuddle me please” she pleaded. I reached out and put my arm around her, she had her back to me so my hand was now around her and resting on her tits and my penis was hard against her arse. “Oh Mr Richards thank you I feel so much safer now” the thunder continued and each time she would push back against me. I knew I was in trouble now my cock was getting erect and was now hard against the crack of her arse.
What the hell am I going to do now?
Tighter and tighter she squeezed against me as my penis got bigger and bigger. “Hmmm Mr Richards, that feels so good hold me tight please” she whispered. I pulled her back against me more and my hand now had her left breast fully cupped and I gently caressed it. “Oh dear Alana I should not be doing this, we have to stop before we go too far” I said as I tried to pull my hand away. “No please leave it there I love that really” she grabbed my hand and put it back on her breast and worked my had so it carried on caressing her. “Shuuush” she whispered No one will find out the boys are asl**p and they sl**p all night and half the next day so they will not know and Mummy and Daddy are overseas, so who’s to know Mr Richards also I am on the pill we have it all is Oh and in case you are worried I am 16 and a half yrs old. All that means I am legal so why don’t you make love to me like I know you want to?” I was stunned for a while suddenly one of my fantasies had come to life and was wrapped naked in my arms in my warm bed. If this is a dream I thought I better get on with it in case I wake up and it’s all gone.

“I don’t feel right about this Alana, your Mum and Dad are friends of mine, if they ever found out I couldn’t face them again” I said.
“Look Mr Richards, it will be okay I promise’ she assured me again. Then she turned around facing me, it was still dark but each time the lightning flashed I could see her gorgeous face and lovely eyes close to me. I leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek, “Hmmm that’s nice” she whispered then her mouth was on mine and we were full on kissing her tongue shot out into my mouth and I sucked on it as she did mine. My hands were caressing her all over especially those lovely tits, I slipped down from her lips and took her right nipple into my lips and tongued it. “Hmmm. My god Alana you taste delicious” I panted “I want to taste your whole body top to bottom, May I?”
“Oh YES please… everywhere. Will you suck my pussy too Mr Richards?” she asked.
“I certainly can’t wait to do that my darling and please call me Jonny not Mr Richards okay” I asked. I then through all the bedclothes off of us turned on my little bed light and looked at her magnificent Japanese body laid out in front of me waiting for me to pay homage to it.
I rolled her on her back and straddled her, “Oh Jonny are you going to fuck me now?” she asked “No not yet baby there is much to do first. I slipped my body down so I was almost lying on her belly and I kissed her on the mouth hard , she put her arms around me as my tongue shot in and out of her mouth. I moved slowly down to her tits an licked and sucked them as I caressed them hard now. I looked up at her face
“Do you like that Alana” I asked “Oh FUCK YES she yelled I want more! More! More! “she pleaded.
After a while I moved down further kissing and licking her body as I went, she tasted lovely I couldn’t get enough then as I got close to my next stop I felt he whole body tremble with expectation as my mouth arrived at the entrance to heaven’s gate and I got the first taste on her wetness, my tongue flicked out at her clitty which was erect and waiting. “OMG!! She yelled as I began to suck and nibble that clit, she was almost mental now as she held my head so I would not stop. “Oh Jonny, Jonny don’t stop please don’t stop”
I sucked and sucked, she pulled my head in so hard I knew she was going to cum, and then she wrapped her legs around my head as she yelled FUUUUCK!! she then cum the biggest load I have ever seen a woman cum before as I sucked it up into my mouth. “Oh Jonny take it all baby take it all. OMG…I have never cum like that before.” She almost screamed “Oh baby swallow it all for me please, I promise to do the same for you darling” She pleaded. I didn’t disappoint she did taste delicious I drank the lot until there was no more.
She pulled me up to her face to face and kissed me hard sucking whatever was left in my mouth from her pussy. “Oh darling that’s what I call a head job” she smiled.
Now it’s my turn to taste she said moving down in the bed gabbing my cock and sliding her mouth down over it, she stopped for a second and said. “Have you cum already it’s so wet here” “I think I cum twice but don’t worry there is still enough for you to eat baby” I replied. “Just suck it like there is no tomorrow baby, I still have a prick full of cum for you k**do” Alana did not let me down she sucked so hard I thought she swallowed my cock for a while, she takes it right down into her throat I could feel her muscles in there squeezing the head of my prick. I knew this wasn’t going to take long I was almost ready as I grabbed her head and pumped it hard as I could, she gurgled a couple of times but I couldn’t stop, then it happened just like a volcano spurt after spurt of hot fluid…my love juice filling her mouth and throat as she tried desperately not to swallow it all so we could share as we did her juices. When a finished almost exhausted I pulled her up to me and we kissed, once again sharing our love juice. My god it was wonderful. What a not it was so powerful even the thunder went away.
“Oh Jonny I love you so much at this moment” she said. “And I do you to baby, we had fun but reality states I am way too old for you darling. “I don’t care I love you like I do my Father and he fucks me” That took me by surprise so this story will have to continue to another chapter.

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