BtVS: The Key’s Shaft


Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Key’s Shaft

Dawn stood surrounded by bedrolls in the attic of the Summers’ house with her jeans around her knees. With so many of Buffy’s small army living there she rarely had the opportunity to closely examine the changes to her body since ch*ldhood. Not the attractively firm breasts, widened hips or thickening dark pubic hair that declared her a woman rather than a k*d. Her elder s*ster’s friends all had long fake memories of her arriving in Sunnydale alongside Buffy. Dawn had been created from an ancient dimensional energy key, and inserted into space and mind.

Like a key, Dawn now had a shaft.

After the initial shocks of awaking one day with something inarguably masculine dangling where her slit had been, Dawn’s problem had been prioritised as minor, and ignored. Giles’s brief research suggested it was a side effect of her mystical energy settling and could be reversed at a quieter time, when the magic could be spared. Even reliable Xander hadn’t been much help with Dawn’s confusion and angst; it took her a few days, and finally a typically blunt comment from Anya, to realise he was jealous because her cock was bigger than his by more than three inches.

Initially she would only bring herself to touch her cock when she had to pee, and found it uncomfortable pressed into her panties. She visibly squirmed as she walked in the first days. Slowly, though, Dawn overcame her distaste.

Alone before the mirror, she manipulated the soft flesh in her slim fingers. She slowly pulled back her foreskin to examine the crown and then moved the entire shaft to one side to look at her hairless scrotum nestling amid brunette curls. It began to harden under her touch, growing longer and thicker than she’d imagined. Dawn’s cock throbbed beneath her tentative stroking as bl**d pumped quickly up the raising shaft.

Looking towards the mirror again Dawn saw her face was flushed with arousal. Untouched, her nipples hardened within their soft cups. She unbuttoned her blouse, stopping as the slightest movement in the mirror caught her eye. Dawn turned round, embarrassment overtaking arousal. Her protest died as the returned slayer, Faith, kissed her hard.

Faith’s tongue in Dawn’s mouth was accompanied by a confident hand upon the swollen head of Dawn’s cock.

Faith pressed aggressively into the kiss, forcing Dawn backwards towards the mirror. She supported the younger girl with one hand on the back of her head, but kept the other firmly masturbating Dawn. The pleasure was utterly new to the teenage girl, and she wanted more of it. Having been side-lined for weeks Dawn was happy to be wanted. By anyone. She guessed Faith had been filled in about her cock, and so wanted to be filled in with her cock. Her balls tightening, her knees trembling, Dawn Summers had the first hand job of her life from her s*ster’s frenemy.

Faith’s slayer reactions certainly counted as Dawn climaxed. Her wet kiss echoed on Dawn’s tongue as she dropped to her knees and sealed her lips about the suddenly extra sensitive crown. Dawn’s balls sent potent spurts against the back of Faith’s mouth. The slayer’s throat moved as she swallowed, not pausing until she lightly licked the last dribble from the small slit. Dawn’s cock had wilted, but not completely softened.

&#034F… Faith, thank you. That was… amazing…&#034

Faith licked her lips before replying,

&#034Hell, I thought it was a wicked cruel story ‘til I saw it. Then I just wanted to take the edge off you so you’d last longer when I rode it. That’s a nice cock, Dawnie. I bet Buffy’s pissed about me making use, but she’ll get over it.&#034

&#034Um… You want to have sex? Not with Buffy? Not Buffy’s business anyway. She’s still treating me like I’m dumb.&#034

Faith’s answer was to strip.

As her leather pants came down, Dawn saw Faith’s shaven snatch was literally dripping wet. In many respects Dawn’s magically created upbringing had been quite sheltered. She knew about the tattoo on Faith’s arm, but the slayer’s nipple bars were new to her, and the captive bead ring that pierced Faith’s hood and rested on her engorged clitoris were beyond anything in her experience. Dawn completed her own disrobing, hardly able to keep her eyes from the glinting metal.

&#034We’ll get you some piercings too. Buffy will hate it more. Lie down on the bed, and hold your cock up. That’s right.&#034

&#034Will it fit?&#034

A slayer’s determination will accomplish much, but Faith was experienced and wet enough that her weight sank down upon Dawn’s raging erection easily. Dawn felt like she was watching a magician’s illusion as her length disappeared slowly between Faith’s swollen lips. If the Slayer’s hand had felt good, her pussy was beyond great.

Dawn’s appreciative moans were in danger of being overheard as Faith moved her hips in an energetic rhythm.

Her juices drenched Dawn’s balls and guaranteed some poor potential slayer a damp bedroll that night.

Faith pressed Dawn’s arms back over her head, dipping her pale breasts towards the girl’s face. Dawn sucked on Faith’s nipples, biting harder at Faith’s urging, leaving teeth marks around the metal. Some part of Dawn thought it crazy that she had reacted to growing a cock by letting the not entirely balanced Faith screw her brains out, but it was washed away in the pleasurable hot wet squeezing.

Nobody can control their kegel muscles like a slayer.

&#034You can come in me,&#034 Faith whispered, moving faster on the girl’s cock, determined to enjoy Dawn to the fullest. “I want to make me a mommy.”

She could hear the strain in Faith’s voice. It had been a very long time since the Slayer had been fucked or fucked someone, and the consequences be damned, and the size of Dawn’s cock stretching and filling her meant she peaked even more quickly than usual. Faith swallowed her cries as she climaxed, but Dawn’s groans were loud enough for both of them. She exploded upwards deeply into the orgasmic slayer.

Minutes later, as Faith slowly raised herself off Dawn, a lone string of sperm stretched from her to Dawn’s slick shaft, a symbol of their new connection and mutual satisfaction.

“Amazing,” Faith said before they passionately kissed.

“Totally,” Dawn agreed before the door opened up and Buffy raced through.

“Dawn, what’s happ…” she cut herself off by the sight of her younger s*ster having just fucked, and lost her innocence, to none other than Faith Lehane.

“Oh, hey B,” Faith said, unashamed of what she did.

“Wanna join,” Dawn joked, hoping this would make Buffy run away.

But it didn’t…

Instead Buffy started to take her clothes off.

Faith smiled.

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