One of Tess’s Friends


Tess fell in love with Kat’s 11&#034 strap-on and the pounding that Kat gave her. At work with her friends she hide nothing telling them the blow by blow action when Kat picks her up for lunch. The four of them are all married all over 35 and all mothers of two or more k**s. The stories seem to let them all share in the action even thou it was Tess on her knees ass in the air and 11&#034 long and very thick strap-on spreading her wide open and making her cum so much more then hubby ever did. Over the last two weeks Tess has seen Jody shake and tremble as Tess explains the fucking she just gotten. Jody a four year co-worker was 36 tall great body to anyone looking but her. Jody had let it slip that her husband wasn’t the best lover and left her wanting.

Friday morning Kat calls and Jody answers the phone HELLO TST MAY I HELP YOU? Kat: YES IS TESS BUSY HONEY? Jody: AH YES SHE IS ON ANOTHER LINE CAN I HAVE HER CALL YOU BACK? Kat: WITCH ONE ARE YOU? I KNOW THE VOICE WAIT YOU ARE THE TALL ONE WITH THOSE GREAT TITS Jody’s face turns red and a slight giggle excapes her Kat hears this and presses harder. JODY RIGHT THAT’S IT SORRY HONEY WHEN ARE YOU GOING TO COME TO LUNCH WITH US? Jody: AH AH HEY HERE IS TESS. So a lunch date was set for 11:30 and things got back to normal. Jody watched the clock and at 11:25 she went down the hall to the restroom as she was going in Kat came up the steps seeing her Kat also goes in sitting on the counter as Jody comes out of the stalk seeing Kat and she turned white and stopped in her tracks. Kat just laughed stepped up and gave her a slight kiss on her check. Tess and Kat had another whirlwind lunch and Tess came back still smelling like hot cunt and as she told the details to her devoted followers Jody paid close attention Then as Tess twisted in her chair Jody got a look at her naked just fucked cunt wet and redden and shaved.

That night Jody left before the rest Tess needed a paper from Jody’s desk and found out the following weekend was her birthday and a plan started to from in Tess’s head. So Monday morning Tess told her plan to the others and everything was set up they call Peter Jody’s husband and said she would be out all night. So Friday after work they k**naped her buying her a new dress and shoes plus plenty of drinks and dancing they went from bar to bar the other two woman left and Tess told Jody just one more PLEASE so they went. Walking in it seemed like all the others but then all women and just as she figured that out Kat grab her HAPPY BRITHDAY HONEY and laid a huge kiss on her lips with all she had d***k and the night in general Jody just let it happen. As they sat down Kat on her right and Tess her left the waitress brings shots and as Jody downs hers she feels Kat’s hand on her leg and as she turns to Kat a passion filled kiss is there soon she is tongue wrestling Kat as Kat’s hands are roaming all over her body. Not wanting to lose the mood Kat pulls her into the back and out in the alley Tess knows first hand what is about to happen and goes with them. Poor Jody never had a chance in seconds she was naked bent over a car as Kat’s fingers are drilling her cunt Tess pulling on her tits and that strap-on inches from her mouth Kat: SUCK THE COCK THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR EVER. Jody the woman who has only giving her ex-boy friend a blow-job one time never her husband, open her mouth wide and sucked the best she could do. That night Kat fucked both women long and hard over and over till they passed out.

In the morning Jody woke naked between two women her pussy and ass both sore but in a good way her nipples rock hard unable to stop herself her fingers found her juicy cunt as she tasted Tess’s cunt a little then moved to Kat’s waking them begging for more. About two hours and countless cum later Kat told Tess that it was time for her to go telling Jody I’ve got places for you to go. The next three hours Kat treated Jody then took her home.

Jody walked into the office Monday morning to waiting ears Tess: WELL WHAT HAPPEN AFTER I LEFT? Jody looked at them all then lifted her dress no bra no panties her cunt was shaved bear and a nipple ring too. Then she turned around and bent over on her ass was the letters P. O. K. they looked WHAT IS THAT? Jody looked at them PROPERTY OF KAT she owns my ass and I love it…….

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