Spencer Gets Cornered


iCarly/Victorious: Spencer Gets Cornered

Trina was wandering around Keenan Thompson’s house looking for Lane’s k*ds because she brought them to the party on leashes and never realized k*ds can undo Velcro and buckles. She wandered outside and saw Beck, Jade, Sikowitz and someone she recognize.

She made her way over, &#034Hey Beck.&#034

Beck looked over and was going to say something but was cut off by Jade, &#034Leave slut.&#034

Beck tried to calm Jade down while Sikowitz quietly left like he did when things got heated or awkward. The stranger spoke up, &#034Hey that isn’t nice. Do you need anything Miss?&#034

Trina then realized who was sitting in front of her Spencer Shay from iCarly, “Oh my god you’re Spencer from iCarly. You could put me on the show and make me famous, I’m Trina Vega and I can sing, act and I’m hot.&#034

This was a better plan then the one on the plane trying to get famous with that two-bit blogger. ‘Perez Hilton sucks and I wish I would have killed him,’ Trina thought to herself after that. ‘And he didn’t mention me by name.’

Spencer averted his eyes and quickly got out of the Jacuzzi and tried to run away, &#034No, I am not.&#034

Trina was not far behind his wet trail.

Jade just looked at Beck, &#034Never shush me again when I am talking to a desperate whore.&#034

Beck just shut his mouth, knowing that Jade would kill him if he defended anyone other than her… much less a Vega.

Spencer was now running through the massive house trying to find his s*ster, or any of her friends for that matter. He had been chased by a lot of people but this girl was actually scaring him she had a fire in her eyes a crazy fire. He ran into a random room as soon as he got around a corner hoping that she didn’t see him.

He was wrong because not a second later the door burst open with a very red faced and out of breathe Latina, &#034Found you.&#034

Spencer backed into a corner, &#034Please, it’s my s*ster’s show.&#034 He had his hands up in defence just in case she got angry like most women did and try to attack him, &#034Please don’t hurt me.&#034

Trina smiled evilly, &#034Why would I hurt you? I am just going to try to convince you,&#034 she strutted over to the corner where Spencer was cowering and put her hand on his crotch then whispered, &#034And I convince hard… Really hard.&#034

She shifted a bit, standing on her knees, to find most comfortable position and ran her finger from the base to the tip of his cock through his boxers. Spencer felt the bl**d pumping to his heart in fear pump to his growing cock in pleasure. The artist groaned as he felt Trina then pull down his soaking boxers releasing his already hard cock standing at an impressive nine and a half inches. Trina looked up and smiled when she saw him look down nearly cross eyed.

&#034Trina was it… You have to realize that I am 23 and you’re still in high school.&#034

Trina licked the head and watched him slam his head against the wall in protest, &#034So what if I am in high school? That only means that I am still tight and can go all night,&#034 she then licked the pre cum oozing out of the engorged tip. &#034Hmmmm… Tasty. Here I go Spencer.&#034

&#034Trina… fuuuck! This is so wrong you are the same age as my s*ster,&#034 Spencer moaned in pleasure as this girl was swirling her tongue around the head of his hard cock.

Trina stopped her ministration, her tongue hovering just above the tip, and looked up into his lust clouded eyes. &#034You like this, don’t you, Spencer?&#034 Trina asked, again knowing the answer. “I know your s*ster would if she liked girls. Does she like girls? I do, just ask Jade. I could really like Carly. Or Sam. Or both, if they would like that.”

She saw her artist lover nodding furiously and ran her tongue against the tip of his member once, before taking half of his nine and a half inches in her mouth. Trina squeezed her lips tightly and pulled back then, letting the dick leave her mouth with a wet pop, earning a groan of pleasure from Spencer. She took him in her mouth again, a little more this time she loved the hard cock throbbing in the back of her throat, and repeated the actions. She did like this several more times, each time taking in more of his hard cock in. Letting him go out of her mouth for now, she dragged her tongue along the downside of his length from the tip to his balls. Trina took one of his balls in and sucked on it, earning loud groan of pleasure from Spencer. She then kissed her way up his cock till her lips wrapped around the head of his member. Trina flicked her tongue over the tip several times and sucked on it gently.

&#034Ahh Trina your mouth is so warm and tight, it’s just like a pussy…&#034 Spencer moaned. Trina let him go out of her mouth looking up into his eyes; Trina licked her lips seductively before deep throating his monster as far as she could with her mouth.

After waiting for few second to get absolutely comfortable with Spencer’s rather large cock filling her mouth, she started bobbing her head. Slowly at first, but going faster and faster with time, goaded by Spencer’s moans and groans of pleasure. &#034Trina I’m… going to… cum…&#034

She only pulled back half of his length out of her mouth and doubled her efforts on orally giving pleasure to the rest, bobbing her head rapidly and caressing the head of his member with her tongue.

&#034I’m… going… to cum…&#034 Spencer warned her again only this time he was going to fill her stomach.

This time Trina took his cock out, but kept it right in front of her wide-opened mouth. She wrapped her hand around his dick and started stroking it rapidly, feeling that he was very close to his limit. Soon she felt Spencer’s cock twitching in her hands, signalling that he was going to cum really quickly. Trina ran her tongue across her lips in anticipation of his hot cum drap*ng her face and filling her mouth. Spencer didn’t have time to warn her before he released into girl’s face and mouth.

Trina loved it as thick strands of Spencer’s cum were falling on her face and in her mouth. When his white baby batter fountain ceased, Trina played with her ‘prize’ in her mouth for several seconds sucking what was left before swallowing it. Then she used her tongue and fingers to clean her face from the rest of cum. At last she sucked on her fingers, savouring final bits of his cum.

Trina licked her lips once again before cooing seductively, &#034I feel so dirty Spencer, but it tastes soooo good.&#034

Trina walked over to the bed and got naked. She felt Spencer ogle her naked ass and, truth to be told, she knew he was about to act on instincts and taking her right there and right then. She wasn’t disappointed when she felt his hand snake between her slightly spread legs and gently touch her pussy lips and slowly work her clit. She wanted him to fuck her like no tomorrow, like an anim*l.

&#034Spencer I’m waiting…&#034 she moaned as his fingers continued working on her privates.

She tried to keep herself from being drowned in pleasure, but soon Spencer’s ministration was too much for her and she gave in. For a moment he stopped pleasuring her, but before she could express her disappointment, she was f***ed to moan louder than before with two of his fingers moving in and out of her pussy. Suddenly Spencer stopped and removed his fingers from her hot tight cunt. He took them in his mouth then and sucked them clean from her juices.

Trina understood what was going through his head right now. She stepped back from the bed and put her right foot on the bedside table, spreading her legs wider and allowing him much better access to her cunt.

Without waiting Spencer kneeled in front of her and gave her outer lips long teasing lick before sending his tongue where his fingers were not a minute ago.

&#034Yes oh god right there. Oh god, don’t stop!&#034 Trina cried as Spencer was savouring her pussy, enjoying hot wet tightness that surrounded his tongue and the way her sweet juices were flowing against his tongue and into his waiting mouth… &#034Yes! Yes!&#034

His tongue fucking quickly brought her to climax and with a scream of pleasure she came. He gladly drank her juices, then licked her pussy lips clean.

She was just magnificent.

&#034You are the best tasting pussy I have ever had,&#034 Spencer said as he stood up and kissed his little school girl, who was still coming down from her orgasmic height, forcing his tongue in her mouth.

Trina responded to his kiss, their tongues battling for dominance. She didn’t mind that she was tasting her own pussy juice off his lips, this wasn’t the first time she had done it. But what she planned next was her first time for.

They were done making out, she returned her right foot on the floor and slid down against his body, and she quickly removed her top and bra and then pressed their now naked bodies together. She rubbed her body against his as they were kissing each other deeply once more. Her hand went south and took his member and started stroking it.

She guided her lover to the bed and made him sit down on the bed.

&#034You better fuck me hard, Spencer,&#034 Trina said as she smiled and then sat in his lap moaning in delight as his cock filled her pussy, pressing against her innocence for the smallest of moments before breaking through and making Trina Vega a woman.

Spencer didn’t know that he had just taken Trina’s virginity as all thoughts went out of his head when he placed his hands around her mid-back and she leaned back; slowly moving her hips in order to provide some pleasure for them and keep him hard inside her.

&#034Come on is that the best you can do?&#034 she cooed, trying to sounds as though she had had sex before, while raising herself on his dick and then going back down, moaning in pleasure. &#034Oh, yeah, there!&#034 she raised herself again and this time Spencer helped, thrusting as hard as he could into her as she was going down. &#034Yes more, harder… oh god harder!&#034

They continued in this way Trina bouncing on his hard cock and he thrusting into her every time she was going down on him, for some time. Then, at one moment, his body began moving on its own like he was possessed, and he pounded the Latina as hard as he could enjoying the view of her bouncing tits.

As the girl was approaching her second orgasm for the day she screamed, &#034Oh, yes, Yes, Yes!&#034 Her cries then became something incoherent, caring only pure white-hot pleasure with them.

Trina came and Spencer could feel her first cum leaking against his cock and out of her wonderful hot cunt, yet she continued riding him, determined to have his hot cum fill up her womb before she stopped riding him. A minute later one flushed, screaming in pleasure and wildly trashing in Spencer’s arms she accomplished her ‘task’.

Several strands of his thick hot cum were shot up her womb making her feel bloated with warmth.

Trina limply fell onto Spencer and they stayed like this for a time, she lying with her eyes closed, hugging him lightly, as she was regaining her breath after one of the strongest orgasms in her young life. And he was embracing her back with one hand around her sweaty back while playing with her long hair with another hand.

&#034You’re the best, Trina,&#034 Spencer whispered into her ear.

“Yeah, I know,” Trina murmured indistinctly and snuggled closer into him.

Sometime later, when their breathing returned to normal and they were comfortable with their naked bodies like that, Trina was back in her normal mind and shifted in Spencer’s lap. Feeling his again stiff cock in her cunt made her moan. She rose a bit and captured his lips in a long hot kiss.

Trina rose from his lap. She pressed her body to Spencer’s, and began rubbing them together, purring from the feeling of the contact of their hot bare skin. Spencer looked into her brown eyes.

&#034You want more sex, my little slut, don’t you?&#034 he asked, placing his hands on her firm ass and squeezed it had.

&#034Oh god yes,&#034 nodding, he removed his right hand from her hips he lifted Trina and bent her over the bed. His hands returned to massaging her ass along with a spank… &#034Spencer please,&#034 Trina moaned, feeling Spencer rub the head of his cock against her pussy lips, covering it with her juices.

Then she felt his member move to her ass hole and press to the entrance with its tip… Spencer leaned forward and nibbled her ear before whispering, &#034Ready for me to tear your tight ass in two?&#034

Trina nodded, she liked all kinds of sex, anal not being the exception. Even if she knew that she hadn’t done it before, she wasn’t going to let that fact spoil a man like Spencer Shay spoil her chances of being famous. She knew from her own exploration that her ass’ was tighter than she thought it was.

She took a deep breath and tried to ease the anticipation.

&#034A- a- a- a- a- h!&#034 She cried in pain and pleasure as Spencer’s cock entered her hot and very tight asshole, stretching it, what it seemed, past all limits.

Spencer heard her cry and stopped his progress halfway into her. But before he could ask if she was okay, Trina gave him the answer.

&#034Don’t mind this slow shit, fuck me! Fuck me long and hard!&#034

He nodded and backed a bit before slamming back into her. She cried again in both pain and pleasure, but Spencer, remembering her words, paid no attention to it and slid out of her almost completely before ramming back with a lot of power. &#034Your ass is so tight Trina, it feels wonderful!&#034 He grabbed her hips to help himself with fucking her ass hard.

Trina agreed with him in her mind as with her pain subsiding it really felt wonderful. She had to fist the sheets and her right breast to keep her body in one place as Spencer was applying more and more power progressively as he was pounding her anally. And with all the pain gone now, she was screaming in pleasure, enjoying every moment of pleasure from Spencer’s cock moving rapidly in her ass.

&#034Yes… more… I need it… don’t stop!&#034 She screamed.

He complied and began applying even more fore f*rce every thrust. Trina could feel herself coming to her limit, but wanted to get him to pound her even harder.

&#034Yes! That is perfect. Now cum in me. Fill my ass up with your cum,&#034 she screamed, feeling her release approaching…

“Okay,” was all Spencer could say as he continued to fuck her tight hole.

&#034AAHHHH&#034! Trina screamed as she reached her climax.

She could feel her juices leaking out of her cunt and slowly flow down her inner thighs. And through her constricted muscles she could feel Spencer’s cock vibrating inside her, signalling that he was close to his release too. Spencer, feeling this too, accelerated even more and soon shot his hot seed up her tight ass.

He collapsed on her, panting from their heated lovemaking, &#034I don’t know if I can get you on iCarly but I do want to do this again and again.&#034

“Cool,” Trina said with a smile on her face, snuggling up to her first lover as they lay there together no noticing that there was a redhead who had managed to spy on them the whole time while sucking on a lollipop.

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