A Bi~good time


I had met John and Jane previously for a drink, we all got on well and had decided to meet up the following week in a hotel for some, well lets just say ‘FUN’.

John was in his mid 40’s, about 5’10&#034, with a regular guys body and I wondered what he held in his trouser department! Jane, was also in her mid 40’s, standing 5’6&#034 in her stocking feet, although Jane always wore quite high heels (which I do love immensely).

The day had come and I was full of anticipation, the hotel was booked (a Village Hotel), I arrived at around 2 pm, John and Jane were to arrive at around 6 pm, so I knew that I had a couple of hours to kill, ones that I could use to relax, have a meal and a few glasses of wine to relax with. This clocks hands soon swung to the magical 6 pm and without even the reverberation of the hands click as they stuck the points of the clock, a gentle, ‘tap, tap, tap’ at the door. As I stood there in a hotel dressing gown following a hot shower, my night was about to start!

Jane strutted in wearing a tight long dress, wonderful black high heels and a smile on her face that not only lite up the room, but also radiated her full sexuality and confidence. John strolled in following, with his hand out stretched to shake mine as Jane was planing a huge raunchy kiss on my lips, lingering an leaving her bright red lipstick mark on mine.

As I poured two additional glasses of wine, John and Jane sat on the sofa beside the bed, Jane had such a ravenous look in her eyes and John looked like the cat that had got the cream, he simply loves to watch Jane being fucked by other guys, his ‘guilty pleasure’ he called it.

I handed John and Jane their wine, Jane took a sip and placed her glass on the table to her side, as she stood up and began to walk towards me her dress was slowly unzipped and she began to slowly pull her dress up to reveal her gorgeous legs in her black stockings, suspenders, lacy see through knickers that showed a wonderful strip of pubic hair, then uncovering her matching see through lace bra, as she then dropped it to the floor.I could feel my cock stiffening as she did so.

John started to undo his trousers and slipped his shoes off, his jeans and pants slid down his legs and were removed along with his socks. As I stood there Jane moved closer to me and opened my dressing gown her tongue licked her lips as she grabbed my cock and yes she grabbed my cock, squeezing hard as she did so.

Looking over as Jane began stroking my cock, I watched John starting to wank his cock, my god I though, wow what a nice cock John has, about 8&#034 uncut and hard as a iron girder, his hand slowly moving up and down his shaft as he stood up and moved to the bed and lay down. I though to myself, I am such a lucky guy and in the works of Barney Stinson, ‘this is going to be, leg~en~dery’.

Jane pulled me by my erect cock towards the bed, saying lets give John a show, a show that John was to enjoy as I lay on the bed with Jane and John, I slid between Jane’s leg and gently moved her panties to one side, licking and sucking her pussy, only stopping for Jane to pull her panties off and put them towards her face as she licked, sucked and smelled her own pussy juice and aroma.

Licking, sucking and fingering Jane’s very wet pussy, Mmmmm I was in heaven, I simply adore giving oral and Jane’s willing pussy was very appreciative as she grinded her pussy into my mouth, fucking her I though this pussy is fucking hot, as I lifted her arse and licked her tight anus, she moaned loudly as I did so, pulling her arse cheeks apart for my tongue to dart deeper into her.

John had been watching and wanking from the head of the bed and leaned down the bed, slipping my cock into his mouth, deep throating my hard cock, gagging as I continued to lick, suck and finger Jane’s anus and pussy. Fucking hell, my cock was being taken care of, Jane was writhing about as she started to have her first of many orgasms in my face, her squirting is in my face I thought, my cock down John’s throat, with his fingers probing my arse, fucking hell!!!!!! I was the luckiest guy alive I though.

Jane pulled my hair and pulled me up towards he, her cum dripping from my mouth, we start passionate, deep kissing, John had progressed to rimming my anus and reaching around wanking my cock, my balls were full and heavy with cum and I wanted to fuck Jane, it was as if she knew as she grabbed the back of my hair again and said ‘fuck me’! I didn’t need to be told twice I thought as I took my cock and slide into Jane’s hot wet cunt, sliding in and out of her, light then deep strokes, ‘fuck me. fuck me’ she kept saying as she arched her back. My god I am fucking you Jane, fucking your wet cunt, fucking you till I cum deeply inside of you.

It was time for John to fully join the action as he slid his cock into me in the same movement that I slid my cock into Jane’s cunt, Wow ow fucking wow, a cock in my arse and my cock in a cunt that was insatiable for cock and cum.

It did not take long from my vigorous, hard fucking and having John’s cock in my anus to cum, the orgasm was mind blowing, euphoric, even trippy, with my whole body shaking from head to toe, John’s cock also shooting his load into my anus, to feel cum shoot into you is an experience that most women enjoy and most men are to afraid to experience.

The night continued with further fucking, sucking, cream pie eating and even a little water sports in the bathroom.

What an evening to remember and maybe I might even tell of more meet ups with John and Jane.

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