Summer Work With Benefits Pt 4


Summer Work with Benefits Part 4

Jill had worn a pair of very baggy shorts and a boat neck halter top. She was wearing a pair of lacy panties and a black pushup bra. Mary was wearing her tennis skirt and a white blouse tied just under her black bra.

“So I hope you have a lot of time, what about the k**s?”

“Oh they are fine I have a babysitter for the night. So this is going to take that long?”

“Oh you never know how long things will take. So I think I am going to talk to John about your situation next time he is here but we have to be clear he is at my place on Thursday and yours on Tuesday cause we don’t want to exhaust him.” She chuckled.

“Well I sure would like to try and I think I will next Tuesday if I can. It has been so long I am so ready.”

“Well now I have something for you that might take the edge off of you desire.” She lifted up a big gym bag and opened it taking out a big rubber dildo. “This will do you nicely but I also have this.” She pulled out a hand massage machine. It fits on a person’s hand and vibrates when giving a massage. “Here let me show you how it works. Lay down on the sofa, but oh take off you top and bra.”

“Oh kinky you want me naked?” She took off her top then bra the large breasts burst forth.

Mary looked at Jill’s magnificent tits and just wanted to reach out and caress them fondly, but that would come later.

Mary started to run her hand up and down Jill’s back starting at the back of neck then shoulder and the down spine. She ran her hand down to the shorts and let her finger tips slip under the edge and pressed her middle finger into the crack. Not to push it to fast she then ran hand up a down back and side to side letting the finger tips very lightly caress the side of Jill’s breasts.
“Oh god Mary that feels so good, especially when you run up and down spine.” Jill’s body wiggled as she arched her back a little and then moved side to side.

Mary very slowly ran hand down spine and the pushed hand under the shorts and covered one butt cheek. Pulling back she pushed down onto the other cheek then let her hand cover the butt crack and her middle finger squeeze between the firm round cheeks. She felt Jill flex the muscles of her butt squeezing against the finger.

“MMMM that feels so good it almost makes me wish John was here doing it, MMM to feel his hands on my bare skin.”

“Well just pretend that it is his hands and not mine. I bet he would do more like this.” Sliding her hands up along Jill’s side she grazed the side of both breasts and then pushed under to actually cup both tits.

The vibrator was going full f***e sending very stimulating sensations through her body. Jill was picturing John cupping her breasts and the she was turned on. “Oh yes oh god that feels so good and oh shit I am so horny. Oh squeeze my tits Mary squeeze them hard.”

Mary was also getting turned on feeling Jill’s tits and then hearing her moans and comments. “Oh god Jill you have such nice big tits and oh your nipples are so hard. MMM roll over so I can get at them better.”

Jill rolled over as Mary now backed off and held the vibrating hand on Jill’s belly and then moved down to the shorts and pushed into them over her pubic mound. Keeping her hand hard on the pubic mound Mary teased a nipple with the other hand and bend down to teased the other nipple with her tongue.

Jill was hot and turned on so much she grabbed Mary’s head and pulled it down hard on to her nipple. “Oh god suck my nipple suck it hard.” She then put her hand down over the vibrator and pushed. As the vibrator was too high to go under the shorts, Jill unbuttoned her shorts and then pushed them down. “AHHHHHHHHH.” Arching her back she slid her shorts and panties down to her knees.

Mary stopped and then helped to pull the shorts and panties down and off. Placing a hand on Jill’s leg Mary slowly moved it up the inside past the knee and then the tips of her finger were touching the wet lips.

“Oh god Mary oh please give me the dildo fuck me with it now push that big cock into my cunt do it.”

“Oh you sweet sexy little bitch, mmm you want me to fuck you do you?” Mary held the dildo in her hand and waved it in front of Jill. She moved her vibrator hand to Jill’s pubic mound and pushed down hard.

“Oh god yes now, now fuck me now.” Jill bucked her hips up and down and grabbed her own tits and pinched the nipples. “Oh please.”

Mary rubbed the head of the cock up and down the wet lips and then slowly pushed it in. Deeper and deeper she pushed until she felt it had hit the back.

“AHHHHHH oh yes ahhh ohhhhh ouch ohhhhhhhhh yes yes” Jill felt the big rubber cock spread her lips wide and then slid deeper and deeper. The surface of the cock was rough and so stimulated the inside of her pussy. There were sensations running through her body she had not felt in a very long time.

Jill reached up and pulled Mary’s head to her tits and soon her nipples were getting more stimulation.

Jill’s body was ecstatic. She was bucking her hips and pulling Mary’s hair. Then a sensation she had not felt or experienced in a very long time ran through her body. First she went ridged and then relaxed and tensed again and again. She bucked her hips driving the dildo as deep as it would go and squeezed her legs together so hard Mary was afraid she would break her hand.

“AHHHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSSSSSS.” Jill had a massive orgasm.

Mary was pumping the cock in and out as fast as she could and sucking the nipple as hard. Then she felt Jill go ridged and crush her hand as she moaned and hollered out.

Jill relaxed as the sex juices of her pussy leaked out into Mary’s hand.

“MMMM nice orgasm.” Lifting her hand to her lips and licking them. “Your sexy juices sure flowed and they taste very good”, as she very suggestively licked her fingers. “MMMM maybe you could return the favor and use the vibrator on me.”

Jill was still turned on and the idea of doing another woman did not seem to matter. Hell sex is sex and she had just had a great orgasm with another woman.

MMM I wonder if I can turn Mary on and make her have an orgasm. “MMM well all I can do is try. Come here you sexy slut. MMM any woman that can do that to me has got to be some sort of a slut.” Reaching out she pulled Mary to her and untied the blouse and then unhooked the bra. “MMM nice little tits and oh such hard nipples. MM you are already hot and horny.”

“Hell woman after sucking your nipples and playing with your pussy and tasting your sex what do you think. Now you suck my nipples.” She pulled Jill to her tit and arched her back. “ Oh yes suck them good.”

Jill got turned on again as her mouth closed over Mary’s nipple and then she reached down and cupped her butt cheeks and squeezed.

Oh god her tits taste so good mmm I wonder what the rest of her tastes like. Jill ran her hand down over the butt and up under the short skirt. She then found that Mary had no panties on.

Oh yes you are one sexy dirty slut, no panties, you had this planned all along. Well we are going to have more. Jill unbuttoned the skirt and it fell to the floor. Pushing Mary back onto the sofa then down onto the floor.

“Oh yes you taste good. “
Jill’s lips moved off nipple down over belly, down to pubic mound and then down top of thigh, while her hand was pinching the nipple. Her lips moved up the inside of thigh and soon she was licking the wet lips of Mary.

Oh god this is too good she is licking my pussy and straddling my head.

Soon Jill was sucking Mary’s clit and probing her pussy with fingers and in turn Mary was able to do the same.

They were in 69 position and getting very excited.

Bodies were in full contact, hip to tit and mouth to cunt. Each was sucking and tongue whipping the other.

Mary was ready to orgasm but wanted the pussy to pussy contact and so switched positions and scissored Jill. Now the two were in a tribbing positons and two very wet pussies were rubbing each other with such vigor, if it had not been for all the wetness of their cunts they would have had friction burns.

Soon both of them began to shake, bodies tensing and flexing, with the pending orgasm. Then both of them hollered, “ahhhhhhhhhh yes yes oh fuck m fuck me hard.”

The sex juices flowed and the pussies were wet and abused. Then both of them collapsed on the floor.

It was a site, two naked spent women and not a care.

“Oh god Mary I needed that and I never would have thought I could get that much satisfaction from another woman but you sure know your sex. Still I sure would like to have John’s cock in me instead of some rubber thing.”

“Oh I think that can be taken care of, but I think you will have to just be a little more aggressive. Be sure you wear the smallest bikini you have next Tuesday and I will try to put the thought into his mind. Hell he is a young man and they are all Horny.”

Thursday came and so did John. Given the relationship with Mary John hurried through the yard work and then knocked at the door. Mary came to answer wearing a very little sun dress that came to mid-thigh and the top was just a sting tie around the neck.

“Oh come in you hunk, you look all hot as sweaty.”

“Ya and horny for you.” He grabbed her by the back of neck and roughly pulled her to him kissing her hard and deep. He f***ed his tongue into her mouth and then pulled the string at back of neck. As the top fell down exposing her little tits his lips followed and sucked a nipple hard. His other hand was cupping an ass cheek and squeezing it hard.

He could feel she was not wearing any panties and he liked the fact she was being such a slut. He then reached his hand down and up under the dress. His hands covered her bare ass and squeezed then his fingers were probing her pussy and anus. He was so turned on he simply picked her up and laid her on the floor with her leg up on his shoulders. Pulling his shorts down to his ankles he took his massive hard cock and rubbed the end against her pussy. Both her pussy and his cock were wet with sex juices and so the head slipped in with little effort. He was so horny he drove in hard and fast and DEEEEP. “AHHHHHHHHHH oh god woman I need your pussy I need your naked body I need ahhhhhhhh.”

“Oh you nasty man fuck me fuck me harder. OHHHHHHHHHH ahhhh.”
John exploded into Mary’s wet hot tight cunt with a big load of warm sticky cum. Mary bucked up to meet his thrusts and squeezed his cock hard. Both bodies shuddered and then collapsed.

“Oh god Mary that is what I really needed. It has been a whole week and man I was sure looking forward to fucking you. God you have such a hot body.”

Mary caressed his face and his chest. “Well you know Jill thinks you have a great body and she actually mentioned how she well sort of well she is without a man at the present time you know.”

“What are you saying? I should do Jill like I do you? But what would you think if I was doing Jill?”

“Hey its not like we are engaged or lovers. We do it because we like sex period. If you fucked Jill it would not matter to me as long as on Thursday you fuck me.”

John was blown away at the statement. MMMM Jill, that sexy woman with the really big tits. Damn and she wants it from me. MMM can not wait till Tuesday.

John and Mary fucked a couple of more times but John’s mind began to think more of Jill.

Tuesday came and John showed up at Jill’s to find her at the pool in a different bikini that was well nothing at all. He could see her nipples and the pussy lips.

“Hi Jill I will do the yard and then anything else you want me to do. “ He looked at her with a devilish smile, I know what you want me to do. “So where are the c***dren, not in the pool I see.”

“Okay, they are with a friend at the park till evening, in fact they will be going to get burgers for supper.”

MMM so she is all alone. Get this yard work done fast. And fast he did. In a couple of hours he had it done but he was covered in sweat and soaking wet.

“Well I finished.” She was walking up to him with a pair of short or oh a swimsuit.
“Here you can put this on and jump in the pool. You look like you could use it.”
“Ok where can I change.”
“Well I can just turn my back as you don’t have much to take off.”

She turned around and John just thought what the hell and stripped and put on the trunks. “Well thank you and that pool sure looks good.” He ran and plunged into the deep end.

He came up and swam around cooling off. Then he notice Jill dive into the pool and she came up alongside of him. “Well feel better now?”

“I sure do it was a hot day for sure but this is great.” Reaching with his toes he touched the bottom of the pool and so was able to stand with just his head above water. Jill was a good head shorter and she was having trouble treading water.

“OH man it is too deep for me here. You can hold me up.” With that she reached out and put her arms around his neck and held tight.

The feel of her body now pressing against him made his cock spring to life. He was hard and horny and put an arm around her waist and held her close. Looking into her eyes he took her head and pulled her lips to his. The kiss was wild with the release of pent up passion. There was not a question as to what each wanted and soon her top was off floating in the pool and then his hand was untying the bottom and it too floated to the top.

His one arm held her to him while the other hand stroked her side then cupped one of the glorious tits and pinched the nipple.
She was hanging on to John and the thrill of passion was loose in her. Reaching down with one hand she was able to get inside the trunks and felt the young hard cock, which jumped when her hand touched it.

John slowly moved to the shallow end and to the side. Once where he was only waist deep and at the edge of the pool, he broke the kiss and lifted her to the edge. Getting between her legs he covered a nipple with his mouth and sucked in hard. Then tease it with his tongue.
Jill’s body tensed as the tingle of passion ran through her body, “OH god yes oh John I want you so badddddddddddddd.” Grabbing his head she pulled it hard to her tit.

Johns hands ran up and down her bare back and then cupped her bare butt and squeezed as he pull her hips tight to him. I could feel her warm pussy against his belly as she wrapped her legs around his waist and squeeze him.
John was losing all control as he now walked out of the pool with his lip tight to her tit and her legs tight around his waist. Both were naked and John’s cock was hard and bouncing up and down against Jill’s J

Jill felt the head of John’s cock f***e her pussy wide and then slide deep into her cunt. The large mushroom head spread the unused channel wide as it went deeper and deeper until she felt it hit her cervix. She gave a somewhat painful moan but then as John pulled back she wrapped her legs around his thighs and pull him back.

The feel of Jill’s tight little used pussy gave John an extra thrill and so he drove deep and hard. The feel of her legs and arms and body against him drove him to climax. He could not believe he went so fast.

Jell bucked her hips up to John and pull with her legs as she felt the warm thick sticky cum shoot from his cock against the back of her pussy. She flexed her kegel muscles and milked him dry. She shook with the orgasm that followed his ejaculation. The feel of cum, filling her up and oozing out of her pussy with each stroke, make her shiver with excitement.

Soon John stopped fucking her and is cock got a little soft. He lay on her but on knees and elbow so as to not put all his weight on her, but enough for full tantalizing contact.

“Oh god John I wanted that so much oh god you felt so good.” She kissed his face all over.

“MMM well you are one sexy woman and oh god do you have a nice body.” Raising up John looked down at the naked body beneath him. Rolling to his side he ran and hand down over her breast, nipple and then down over the belly, very lightly. His hand lingered at the pubic mound and pressed a little then moved down over the thigh and up the other leg. He looked her in the eye and bent and kissed each nipple then sucked each. Kissing her belly and moving down.

Jill was feeling all warm fuzzy and very good, but as he approached her pussy she did not want him licking all that cum. “I want to rinse off, all sticky com on you can wash my back.”

Jumping up Jill took John by the hand and pulled him to the show by the pool. I was just a pool shower and so just a shower head with not curtain or stall. Meant to rinse off the chlorine not actually shower.

Jill found some soap and lathered up and washed her legs and pussy and then took Johns cock in hand

His cock instantly responded to the touch and was hard as ever. The feel of her hand moving up and down the shaft, the feel of her palm against the head of his cock, then sensation of her finger against his balls drove John wild.

“You little slut you got me all hot again and so.” Pushing her around and bending her over he spread her ass and rubbed his cock against her pussy. With no hesitation he pushed into her and was now fucking her from behind. Reaching around he grabbed both tits and squeezed them hard then pulled on them as he rammed his cock deep into the wet tight pussy.

“Oh god John oh fuck me fuck me harder harder, ahhhh yes yes.” She placed both hands against the wall as John drove into her with all the f***e he could. Mmmmmmm ohhhhh she loved the pain and the pleasure of the cock driving in and out of her like so sort of pile driving machine. I took both hands on the wall to steady her but no matter her pussy was getting fucked and fucked good and hard.

As John had already climaxed once and pumped a good load he did not cum as quick and so he fucked her pussy for a lonnnnnnnnnnnnng time this time. When he came it was still a good load but nothing like the first.

Jill’s pussy was not use to this much activity and so it was getting a little sore so when John did cum she was a little relived but still she had a very enjoyable orgasm.

Standing up again with the cum running down her leg. “Well you sure know how to treat a woman, twice in an hour and a good load of cum in both. But then you are a young stud.”

“Well with a body like yours’s you could turn on the dead.” Looking her up and down, yes the dead, what a body and I get to fuck it. “Oh god man what about Mary, you two are friend, and you can’t tell her.”

Jill put a hand on his lips.” Don’t worry John, Mary understands, mmm in fact she know we might.”

“What so you two actually set me up she wanted me to fuck you?”

“Well mostly I wanted you to fuck me and when I talked to Mary she said it was fine with her. In fact Mary and I, well just say we are very close good friends and we both like sex. So we are going to USE you if you don’t mind.”

“Mind, hell its every man’s dream. Having two beautiful, sexy, mmm horny, women to fuck every week. Man I hope I can keep up. Hehehehe sure will be a fun ,summer.”

“Oh you have no idea what Mary and I have planned for the rest of the summer.”

End of 4, not sure where 5 should go so give me some idea in comments. No comment no story.
Remember one of them has daughters and John has other clients.

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