Roadtrip fun


I was recently taking a business related road trip between two cities in the US. It was about a 6 hour drive so I asked my girlfriend to come with me, knowing that we sometimes fool around on the road which makes things much funner.
About an hour into the drive, my girlfriend and I started talking about a specific topic that we usually disagree on and things took a turn for the worse and we fought for about an hour. This disappointed me very much because with that fight any chance of me getting roadhead went out the window.
Thirty minutes after that I felt that I needed to take a dump and it wasn’t for another hour that I could find a truck stop and by the time I reached the bathroom I was about to explode. After I took care of business, I noticed that there was a hole in the side of the stall marked &#034taste of heaven&#034. I had never seen a gloryhole before but it was unmistakable. I chuckled, whopped out my phone to take a pic to post to FB and Instagram later. but as I was taking the picture I saw dick slide through the hole. I laughed out loud a little because I had realized that I entered the stall designated for the receiving end of things.
&#034Come on, don’t be shy&#034 I heard the voice from behind the stall wall say.
&#034No, thank you&#034 I said back.
&#034Come on, it doesn’t bite&#034 it was quite large and intimidating. The stall wall was at least an inch thick and the man’s penis went through the hole and drooped (as it wasn’t fully hard yet) a full 3 inches below the rim.
&#034Nah, I am good&#034 I said, standing up and whipping in a hurry so I can leave.
&#034What are you in here for then?&#034 said the man from behind the wall impatiently. &#034I promise to return the favor&#034.
As he said these last words he moved, shaking the whole wall and flopping around his hardening cock. It was getting bigger and a large vein was bulging out of its side. I remembered my angry girlfriend waiting in the car and how there was no chance of her blowing me on this trip and without knowing it, my hand started reaching for his cock.
I had been standing at this point and I could see the top of the man’s head over the stall wall, I couldn’t stand up all the way or else he would have seen my face (because I myself am very tall). I chose to sit back down on the toilet and started to give the man a handjob.
Admittedly, this wasn’t my first time touching another man’s dick, and this wasn’t the biggest cock I had seen but being a &#034predominantly&#034 straight man, I had only been involved in any sexual act with another man alone once before. As if this wasn’t erotic enough, the anonymity of the whole thing drove me insane. I had no idea who this man on the other side of the wall was and he didn’t know me. He was who I wanted him to be. He was no one, an unattached dick that was offering itself to me, no strings attached.
As the thought of this erotic adventure was going through my head and his cock, now hard, was going through my hand, I heard the voice once again say &#034You can put your mouth on it, you know?&#034
At this point, I did not hesitate. My shorts were already pulled down and my cock was hard as a rock. I spit in my hand to lubricate it, squatted down and put his dick in my mouth and started beating my own cock. It had been a while since I had a cock in my mouth, and I quickly realized that my gag reflex was not forgiving of this long cock. I coughed, which made the man laugh out loud.
&#034You gotta tell me when you are about to nut&#034
&#034No problema&#034 said the man
I am not experienced in sucking cock but I am a seasoned vetran of getting my cock sucked and I knew how I liked it. I grabbed the bottom of the shaft with my left hand and put the head in my mouth and started licking it and popping it in and out. With my right hand, I played with my own cock. In a few seconds, I heard &#034 I am gonna cum&#034. I pulled the cock out of my mouth and let him finish himself. As he cam, he stuck his cock back in the hole so I can watch the cum drip out of it and onto the floor of the empty truck stop bathroom.

&#034Now its ur turn&#034 the voice said. My cock was already hard and I had been playing with it for a while. I did not hesitate a second and I put it right through the hole and the very eager man on the other side of the wall knew what to do. Within seconds I said &#034I am gonna come&#034.
Nothing stopped, he kept sucking my suck and tugging on it harder. Thinking he hasn’t heard me, I said louder &#034I am comming&#034 and again nothing happened. I couldn’t hold on much longer. I felt the cum shoot out of me and into the man’s mouth. He licked the cum off and then pulled my dick out of his mouth, slapped his own face with it a few times and let it go.
Satisfied and now in awe of what had just happened, I got dressed and walked out of the stall to wash my hands. I walked over to the sink and squirted the soap in my palm. As I started to was, I heard the stall behind me unlock and a chubby, avg height black man walk out of it. We made eye contact for a second until I timidly broke it and kept washing my hands.
He walked up and used the sink right next to me to was his hands. I looked up at him again and he was watching me. This wasn’t his first time in a truck stop glory hole and he could tell that it was my first time. He had a smirk on his face.
&#034You have something right there&#034 I said as I pointed to his cheek with had a drop of what could only be my jizz hanging on to his 2 day old stubbly beard. He looked at it in the mirror, laughed, wiped it of with his finger and put it in his mouth. He then turned to walk past me out of the bathroom, smacked my ass and left.

&#034What took you so long?&#034 Said my girlfriend in a bitchy whining voice &#034there are a lot of creeps out here&#034
&#034Must have been something in the waffles we had this morning&#034

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