”What’s a man to do” Pt


We reached the fun chamber and I unlocked the door and told the lady’s to go in and get to know each other while I went and fetched some glasses and a two bottles of red and a bottle of bubbly.
I returned to find the girls siting on the edge of the bed chatting and giggling like two school girls. It surprised me that Elke hadn’t this hot little thing between her legs licking her pussy out. Usually my wife doesn’t waste time chatting when she has an itch that needs scratching.
I locked the door, not really because I didn’t anyone walking in on us, after all it was a sex party, but because as it was Helen’s first time there I wanted her to feel safe and relaxed.
I knew that if Katja wanted to join us later she had another key, well three or four spares.

I opened a bottle of red and poured three glasses taking two over to the lady’s while I sat in the big arm chair and sipped mine.
Elke asked, ” What are you doing way over there all alone”.
”Oh I thought I might just sit here and see what happen between you two for a while”.
”Well if you’re going to sit and watch you’ve to much clothes on Husband”.
Helen giggled saying, ”Yeah way to much”.
I stood and striped for the two lady’s, my cock was rock hard from the thoughts of deflowering the pretty little Helen later.
Elke said ”My my we are rather excited tonight aren’t we”.
” With two such beautiful lady in my presence what do you expect??”. Elke said, ” Sorry Helen his cock is no monster but he has a way with it that can really get you going, well it works for me anyway”.

”Oh Elke I think he has a beautiful cock, how long is it”.
”He makes a good seven inches. I slipped him some Viagra one night and it grew out to nearly nine inches, and thicker than normal too. The poor thing he was in agony it was so hard. He fucked me three times and it was still rock hard. My poor pussy was red raw and sore. The bastard got his own back on me. He put me over his knee and spanked my ass till it glowed red, then he fucked it. I could sit for two days after”.
Helen blushed and asked, ” Have you any Viagra with you tonight”.
We all laughed.
Elke turned to Helen pulling her face in close and their tongues darted out as their mouths met in a long very passionate kiss. Helen hands found Elke’s tits and she played with her hard nipples making her moan in pleasure.

Elke slipped Helen’s dress off her shoulders and let it fall round her waist.
Elke has wonderful tits and nipples for a woman of her age, but Helen’s dark brown nipples pert tits were mind blowing. My eyes were out on stalks.
Elke saw my jaw drop at the sight of Helen’s breasts, but didn’t mind because they were similar in size.

Elke’s problem is she thinks her tits are too small. I love them just the way they are.
She always talks about wanting to have implants to make them bigger.
I tell her I have no desire to titie fuck a pair of rubber ducks.
Her answer is you have no problem getting your cock between Katja’s huge tits and shooting cum up over her face.

Elke turned back to Helen and dipped her head sucking one on her pert nipples into her mouth.
Helen cooed in pleasure as Elke sucked and nibbled her nipple.
Helen reached for Elke’s breasts and fondled them, pinching one of her nipples making her yelp.

I stroked my cock as I watched them play. Helen’s milky white skin was a wonderful contrast with Elke’s all over deep golden tan.
Elke pushed Helen down between her legs and Helen didn’t resist she undid the leather patch over her pussy and tongue shoot out. Helen had a lovely long pointy tongue and I thought I cant wait to feel that teasing my cock and balls.
Elke lay back moaning and groaning in pleasure as Helen’s tongue split her wet wanton pussy lips.

Helen licked her to orgasm in no time her tongue performing a beautiful dance over her swollen clit. Elke’s whole body tightened her hips pushed up to the willing tongue pleasuring her pussy, as she came in Helen’s mouth.
My cock was dripping pre cum as the two rolled around on the bed.
Elke’s was sweating and panting as she came down from a wonderful high her body jerking from the waves of pleasure washing over her.
”Oh fuck oh fuck that was so fucking good. I want more”.
My wife tends to get a bit vulgar when she cums.
Helen smiled saying ”I’m glad you enjoyed it Elke”.
” Oh fuck did I ever, you have a wonderful tongue on you and you know how to use it, fuck oh fuck”.

Helen blushed. She was still with her dress around her waist even though by now Elke was totally naked, covered in sweat her pussy buzzing and her nipples rock hard. Elke said,
”Ok little one after that I just have to return the favour, now you’re the one with too many clothes on. Stand up and strip for us I want to see your pussy”.
Helen blushed bright red once more.
”What are you shy”, asked Elke.
”No not really it’s just I’m a little different”.
”What do you mean different??”.

Helen stood and slowly pushed down her dress, leaving her only in her silk panties.
I could see a little bulge there and was thinking that must be the biggest clit I’ve ever seen.
Then she slowly pushed down her panties and a little cock popped out.
It was rock hard but only about two inches long.
Helen stood there with tears running down her cheeks, beginning to sob.
”I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to trick you both, it’s just I was born like this. I’m a girl, I know I am, but this little cock says I’m a boy. I don’t want to be a boy and never have. I’m so sorry. I’ll go now”.
Elke’s a hard woman when she wants to be, but now her eyes were teary too.
”You’ll do no such thing, you came her tonight to have fun and we’re all going to have fun together”.
Helen looked over at me my cock was till hard and she smiled.
”Please believe me I’ve never had the guts to do anything like this before. Yes I dress like this this whole time but I’ve never had sex in my life, not with a man or woman till now”.
Elke grabbed her by the hand and pulled her down on to the bed beside her, she held her tight.
”It’s ok honey you’re her with us, we’ll look after you, and anyway after what you did to me with your tongue, I cant believe that was your fist time”.
”It was, I swear”.
” Well then you’re a natural born slut”.
Helen looked up into Elke’s eyes and they both burst out laughing.
It broke the tension.
I was stunned by all this, yeah my cock was still hard.
Helen was stunningly beautiful, a woman in every way, except for that little cock between her legs.
The two girls were hugging and cuddling like best friends
Elke reached between Helen’s legs and took hold of the little cock and fondled it.
Helen moaned in pleasure then blurted out,” I’ve never showed it to anyone before tonight”.
”Oh well now that you’ve exposed it”. Elke pushed Helen back on the bed and dived between her legs sucking the mini cock into her mouth.
Helen’s head was rolling form side to side as she mouthed the words, ”Oh god yes”, over and over.
Elke had the whole little cock in her mouth her tongue lapping on Helens balls.

Helen’s body bucked and she pushed up her hips her orgasm exploded into Elke’s mouth, Elke held the little cock between her lips as Helen emptied her load into her mouth.
Elke slurped and licked up all her cum and swallowed every drop.

My cock was throbbing looking at all of this I thought I was going to cum on the spot.
Elke slithered up along Helen’s naked body and they both locked lips, Elke letting Helen drink her own cum from her mouth. When they broke off their kiss Helen began to cry again.
Elke held her close saying, ”Don’t cry little one it’s ok”.
”There not tears of sadness, it’s happiness. I never had such a wonderful orgasm before in my whole life. Thank you so much”.
”You’re welcome my dear, it was my pleasure”.
Elke looked over at me, seeing my still hard cock she asked,
”Are you going to sit there like a fool or are you going to join us”.
I stood and walked over to the big bed and sat between the two of them, seconds later I had two hands playing with my cock.

Elke asked, ”Helen have you ever sucked cock before”.
”Sucked cock, I’ve never even touched a cock before”.
”Well now’s your chance. I’m sure Peter wont mind if you want to suck his cock, will you dear”.
I blurted out, ” No not at all”.
Except for the little cock Helen was a beautiful young woman in every way, all the rest of her body was feminine in every way.

Helen looked into my eyes and smiled, sucker that I am, my heat melted and my cock twitched.

I lay back on the bed and Helen wriggled round till her lips were inches from my cock, then she parted her lips and they closed round my cock, her warm wet mouth felt so good as she explored my cock with it. Helen seemed very good for one that never sucked a cock before, she soon had me close to the edge. Then she stopped. I let out a little moan of regret as she stopped sucking me. She held my cock firmly looking over to Elke she asked, ”Will he shoot much and what should I do”.
”Oh my man can shoot a good load and it’s a complement to him if you try and swallow all he has to give”.
”I’ll do my best”.
With that Helen sucked my cock back into her mouth and in no time I was cumming in her mouth.
I was so turned on I think I came harder and longer than I had in a very long time.
Helen gagged as her filled and she couldn’t gulp and swallow quick enough.
Elke said, ”It’s ok my dear, just hold it in your mouth, when he’s finished cumming we’ll share it”. Helen nodded and let me drain my balls into her mouth.
With her mouth full of cum she clamped her lips together and knelt on the bed Elke moved in and they kissed sharing my cum between them. I just lay there looking up at them both locked in a beautiful embrace.

They kissed and licked each other lapping up cum rolling down their chins till all of it was swallowed. I reached over and took hold of Helen’s little cock, she let out a little squeal of pleasure as I fondled it in my hand, my other hand found Elke’s sopping wet pussy and I pushed two fingers inside it making her moan as she kissed Helen.

Helen’s little cock was rock hard again and I just couldn’t help but turn my head to one side and suck it into my mouth. She went wild as I sucked her. Elke’s hand found my cock and began to pump me hard again. She looked down at me sucking Helen and smiled and winked at me.
Helen was grinding her cock into my face moaning and groaning in total pleasure as I sucked her.
Then she pulled away from me grasping her little cock with both hands she fell over on the bed and I watched as sperm shoot out between her fingers. She flopped down on the bed beside me hair matted and wet, her face flushed and covered in sweat as she came again.
Helen lay there beside me panting and moaning in ecstasy coming down from her high.
Elke was kneeling on my other side fingering her pussy like mad till she too came and feel down beside me too.
We all lay there still for a while. Then Elke got up on one elbow and looked at me and asked,
”Where the fuck did you learn to suck cock like that??”.
I patted her arm and said,” Years and years of looking down at you my dear”.
We all burst out laughing.
Helen sat up yoga style and looked at us both Elke laying in with her head on my chest and asked,
”Can we stay here all night just the three of us, oh please I would love that so much. There’s so much I want to learn and I want your guys to teach me please, Elke, Peter can we”.
I reached for her and pulled her down onto my chest beside Elke. They kissed and Elke said ”Of course we can my dear, but Katja might want to join us later, she has a thing for my husband. I hope you don’t mind sharing him with her”.
”I can live with that”, came the answer……

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