Watching Wife With Her Biker


It had been two weeks since I had caught my typical suburban housewife Debbie getting ass fucked by Butch her biker boyfriend in our basement. A few days later I searched our basement and found a large trunk. I opened it and wow!!!. It was full of clothing a “Goth” or biker chick would wear. There were tight cut off shorts for summer, black leather bras, black nylons, leather vests and leather pants. I found a pair of black combat boots and a denim vest with the words “Butch’s Old Lady” embroidered on the back, above it in large letters was Butch’s clubs name “Hell’s Lovers Wisconsin”. In large embroidered letters on the back were the words “Debbie – Butch’s Bitch”. On the front pocket was her name and underneath it three small wing patches: one brown, one red and one grey.

A few days later I asked a cop buddy of mine what the blue, brown and grey wings meant on a biker’s vest. He said biker’s use “patches” on their girls as a sign of their sexual prowess and her submission to him. Each patch has a meaning. The blue wings meant she gives good blowjobs, the brown wing means she likes to take it in the ass. I later learned she got her grey wings for being over 35 and fucking some young biker in front of the whole club. The fact that she has the gangs name on her jacket means she went through an initiation where at least five guys gangbanged her while the whole club watched. He laughed and said “any girl wearing that vest is a real biker’s whore”.
Again, I went out of town on a business trip but I decided to come back two days early. As I planned I drove past the biker bar, it was packed. Sure enough, her car was parked outside. I drove home changed and came back wearing dark glasses and a hoodie as a disguise. I sat in a dark corner of the bar and that’s when I saw her. There was my lovely house-mouse wife swallowing down a beer with her new biker lover, Butch. She looked like a biker’s slutty whore with her black “Goth” makeup. She wore a thick black collar around her neck which showed she was “owned” by someone and you needed his permission to do anything with her.

She was dressed like most of the biker chicks in the bar who stood out by their dress. She had on a pair of cutoff shorts that exposed half of her ass, and was wearing thigh high fishnet stockings and a pair of black biker boots. As I looked further she had on a low cut black top with a push up bra that lifted up her small tits showing half of her nipples. She was wearing her “Hells Lover’s Wisconsin” jacket. She was standing at the bar drinking cheap beer with her boyfriend “Butch”. Then I saw another guy walk right up to them and said “Hi Baby” and French kissed her as he put his hand right down her shorts and felt up her bare ass. He asked “Hey Debbie have you been giving Butch that ass lately?” She laughed and said “anytime he wants it” and turned to Butch commenting “typical Tom always copping a feel any chance he gets”.

I watched as her and Butch found a booth in the corner of the room. The lights were dimmed but you could still see anything going on in that corner. I looked hard and there were several couples back there, some were getting fucked by their girlfriends. One skinny gay k** was getting his ass wrecked by two beefy bikers.

Butch sat down in the booth and even with straight women in the bar she took her vest off, pulled of her black T-Shirt and unsnapped her bra. There she stood topless in public for anyone passing by to see. Then she reached down to Butch’s crotch and undid his belt, pulled down his jeans and out came his rock hard cock. This guy was such a diehard biker he didn’t even wear underwear!!! As I expected Debbie dropped down to her knees, grabbed his cock and put it right in her mouth. Every now and then Butch would take his cock in his hand and slap her across the face with it. She just smiled.

I could see through the shadows that she was furiously going down on her thug biker. He just sat back in the booth guzzling down a beer as my wife lustfully sucked his cock. Sometimes she stopped and raised herself up to give her lover a long passionate kiss. Then she went right back to work pleasuring her man. Debbie was never a good cocksucker but apparently Butch had changed that. She deep throated him until she gagged on his dick, sliva dripped from her mouth as she tried to swallow his whole organ. Then she did what I never thought I would see her do, she licked his shaft down to his balls and started flicking her tonque all over his balls. She drew each ball into her mouth gently sucking on it until she had all of his golf ball size ball in her mouth. Butch obviously loved this, he let out a loud Ahhhh. Several people turned to look at my wife servicing his dick. Then someone yelled out “shut up Butch, cum in her will you”. Butch just laughed as my wife continued making love to his dick. This must have gone on for five minutes, and she just kept sucking. I could tell he was holding back so he could enjoy my wife pleasuring him with her mouth.

Another biker obviously his friend walked by and said “Butch” let’s see your bitch, he signaled her to get up and turn around. Debbie obliged and smiled as she stood up and displayed her tight small body to this stranger. Butch said “go ahead feel her up” and with that he put his hands on my wife’s small breasts and rubbed her nipples which became fully erect. Butch then said to his friend “watch this”, he grabbed my wife’s shoulders and pushed her down on her knees. He stood up and put his cock head right over her mouth as he vigorously stroked it.

I knew what he was going to do, he was going to cum all over her face. Sure enough, he let out a loud groan, as my wife’s mouth instinctively opened. Butch began to shoot his sperm all over her face and down her throat. He let his friend just stand there and watch the whole thing. Then my wife took his whole cock in her mouth and sucked him as he grunted and groaned like the primitive a****l that he was. I could tell by her look what she was experiencing the unchecked lust of a biker whore. Soon Butch was spent. I was amazed and revolted by what happened next. Butch took his finger and scooped the globs of cum of her face up with his fingers and poured them into my wife’s mouth. When her mouth was full she opened it wide to show him his cum and then gulped it down. She reopened it to show him that she had swallowed every drop. Then she took his beer to wash down any cum still in her mouth.

Debbie got dressed and Butch took her back to a friend’s table. You could tell by the way she acted that they all knew each other and were “regulars” who frequent this bar often. She sat next to Butch, her hands were all over his body as she purred like a kitten and kissed him. You could tell this women was infatuated with him. It was then that I decided if she wants to be a whore, I’ll oblige her.

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