Watching My Wife’sBiker Initiation Pt. 2


I was dumbfounded watching a film of my suburban wife’s initiation into a biker club. I put in the second Disc and the camera panned back to the RV where my wife was fucking her brains out and giving blow jobs. My wife went in with her boyfriend Butch and another guy. I remembered she still had two more guys to fuck that night. This second guy was Kevin he commented to my wife about the cool lesbian dance she had done earlier. Kevin said Butch asked him to help you earn your “brown” wings. She crudely replied “well stupid, you can start by fucking me in the ass dipshit” that’s why Butch invited you here”. Kevin laughed, “whose a dipshit, you’re the one getting fucked by five guys, now turn around so I can see that ass”. Apparently, Butch had taught my wife to love anal sex. My wife obliged Kevin by spreading her ass cheeks so he could see her brown eye. Then he grabbed her whole body and flung it around so she was on all fours on the bed. He commanded “Debbie, I’m gonna fuck you so hard you’ll be sore for a week”.

Now Kevin may be a little rough, but he is not an asshole, he lubed my wife’s ass good with his finger and then put the head of his cock against her sphincter. He asked “are you ready?” and she said “be careful I’m sore, you’re the fourth guy whose fucked me tonight, plus I just ate out a lesbian”. Then Kevin slowly and gently pushed the head of his cock into my wife’s asshole passing her anal muscles and entering her anal canal. He gave her about three inches and just held it there so she could get used to it. My wife squirmed under him on the bed saying “go ahead, fuck my ass, and fuck it till I scream”. Kevin slowly slid the remainder of his six inches deep into her rectum. The camera man asked them to move so he could get a close-up shot of Kevin’s cock entering her ass. I watched the film of my wife on all fours with a cock in her ass.

Keven said hey baby “ I saw you eat a dyke today, you are one crazy bitch, I’m going to fuck your small ass, all afternoon” and he sure did. For a half an hour the camera recorded my wife squirming underneath Kevin as he fucked her remorselessly. He would pull his cock out of her ass as far as it would go without it popping out, and then slam his whole cock all the way into her. My wife must have grown to love anal sex. She squealed in delight as he continued to work her ass over again and again. Nobody could fuck an ass like he did, he knew just how to manipulate a women’s ass so it did not hurt. My wife screamed out loud from the sensations of his cock entering and leaving her ass. You could tell the sensations he was giving her ass were like nothing like she got from Butch, she was loving what this skilled ass man was doing to her.

My wife moaned softly she just couldn’t take anymore and Kevin knew it. Kevin grabbed her hips to hold her still as he buried his whole cock balls deep into her ass and just held it there. Finally, Kevin asked “you’ve been fucked enough baby? Debbie said yes, yes, please cum in me now!!! With that Kevin groaned as he dumped his sperm deep into my wife’s small ass. She just stood still as the camera zoomed in. Kevin pulled his cock out of her and her spincter closed as ounces of white sticky cum flowed out of her hole.

Then it was Butch’s turn, my wife said “cum right away I’m really getting sore”. She got on the edge of the bed. Butch stood behind her and lined up his cock with my wife’s ass crack and asked “you OK baby?” She answered “yes, fuck me nice and even, not to fast”. With that her whole body flinched as Butch slowly ran his dick right into her ass that was full of Kevin’s sperm. She let out a load groan as he eased his cock into her. But soon her love of anal sex was rekindled, she began to grunt like an ani****l every time his cock thrust into her. They both began to move together with Butch’s cock entering her ass over and over. Butch’s cock was deep in her ass as his hand went under her and he massaged her clitois. It must have drove her wild as she screamed at the top of her voice “cum in me, cum in me now” as she writhed in pleasure.

Then Butch began a series of rapid fire thrusts into her as he came in her ass. Again, the cameraman took a good shot of her ass as her sphincter was closing and gobs of sperm were running out of her as Butch withdrew his cock. The camera man said “Butch, she’s in the gang now, she earned her gang colors, and her brown, blue and grey patches, no one but a real whore would do that all in one day.

Just then three more guys entered the room and said Carol’s done and we didn’t get anything, there were too many other guys. Butch turned to my wife and said “can you handle three more blow jobs honey, do it as a favor to me”. Now that you have been initiated you got to do favors for the guys in the club. She smiled and said “anything for you baby, you know I love you”. The three bikers dropped their pants, whipped out their dicks and got into bed with her. She immediately grabbed one guys cock and began sucking on it. It was soon replaced by another cock. The camera shut off just as the first one shot his load into my wife’s mouth.

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