Watching My Asian Mother Get Bred by a White Man


My name is Trevor Li and I’m a Chinese American man who was born and raised in Dover Deleware. Both of my parents are in their late 40s and of Chinese descent. Both born in China and came to the U.S. in their early teens. My f****y also has some things we often don’t speak of regarding my mothers infidelity to my father. At 19 years old,I am the oldest of 3 siblings. I am full bl**ded Chinese with black hair and brown eyes. At the same time my two younger s****rs look very different.

One s****r has blue eyes and light brown hair. The other has red hair and green eyes. So they were quite obviously the product of my mothers womb and two different white men. Something my father tried his best not to admit over the years.

My father would often be away for work in different states leaving us all behind for weeks at a time. It was during this time that my mother would always have over her white male friends who she would always be a bit too friendly with. She was quite obviously a slut but I had never seen her in the act.
It would often be a different white friend every time my father left. All of her Asian friends obsessed over white men. Both of her s****rs were bred by white men and I would say almost 80% of her Asian female friends had half white offspring.

The month is June, and My father had just left two nights ago for his job. Both of my s****rs had left for summer camp, and the only ones left in the house were me and my mother. It was 7:00 pm on a Friday and I was sitting in the living room playing video games with nothing to do tonight when I heard my mom’s soothing voice behind me. &#034 Going anywhere tonight hun? &#034 she asked.

I turned around and saw my mother with red lipstick and her hair sitting atop her shoulders while she wore a shoulder-less scarlet red tight night club dress that was from the top of her thigh to the top of her D cup breasts, which barely hid her protruding nipples.

I froze and knew right there she was gonna have a white man over to fuck her. Even though I had nothing to do, I wanted to see what she was gonna do. &#034I’m going to Kyle’s house in a bit&#034 I said, making up something on the spot.

&#034Okay sweetie&#034 she said &#034 I’m having a friend come over tonight, so be good until then&#034 she said as she fiddled with her small ear piercing.

It felt like I had a frog in my throat, because I knew exactly what was gonna happen when she said it. I was gonna wait for him to come over before leaving the house.

One hour later, I was in my room preparing my pretend leave, when a knock came at the door downstairs. My heart started to race as I snuck downstairs and peaked my head around the stairwell towards the entrance where my mom was at the front door. I barely peaked in as she opened the door to a man who was around six feet tall. Well over my mom’s petite 5’3 stature. He was a tall white guy in a blazer and slicked back blonde hair. I couldn’t exactly hear what they said, but I saw him lean in and put his hand on my mom’s waist as they hugged amorously.

She looked around the room as if to see if I was here. I was well enough hidden for her to miss me. When the coast was clear, she pulled him down to give a 5 second sloppy kiss. I could feel my dick getting hard at the sight and I ran upstairs. 30 seconds later, I heard her call my name downstairs. I recuperated myself and headed downstairs to meet him. Upon seeing him up close, I was shocked. This man was only 1 year older than me at 20 years old. I recognized him since he graduated high school only one year before me, but I didn’t dare say anything.

&#034Trevor, this is my friend James.&#034 she said

I was shocked that my late 40s mother would be having sex with someone my age. No, maybe I was just making things up, and they were just good friends. After I did my greeting, I headed upstairs where I finished my leaving preparations for the night. As I headed towards the front door I heard the sound of alcohol bottles dinging and flirtatious laughter from my mother and James. I wanted to know for sure. &#034I’m leaving!&#034 I shouted as I opened the front door. No response, she didn’t even care at this point.

My gut told me to stay and see what really happens. I shut the door loudly while still staying inside the house to signal that I left. I then quietly snuck upstairs into my parent’s room and entered the old unused closet hoping no one would open the door tonight. There was a crack at the hinge of the door allowing me to get a good view of the room while staying hidden.

About thirty minutes passed and I began to doubt my gut instincts, but then I heard the sound of my mother’s and James’ voice getting louder as they ascended the stairs together. I knew it was about to happen as their voices and laughter were a bit more boozed up. I began to peak out of the crevice to get a look at what was going on. James had his hand on my mom’s ass while they walked into the bedroom with a wine glass being carried by my mom

&#034I’m so glad my son left.&#034 she said smiling and taking a sip. They now were both standing by my parent’s bed as I noticed my mom’s dress was lopsided over one breast almost exposing her left nipple.
I wondered if James had been trying to take it off earlier.

&#034Yeah, glad he won’t get in the way&#034 he said. &#034 You’re just so damn sexy Lily.&#034

&#034Whenever I have men over I kinda just push him out&#034 she said with a smug smile. &#034 Usually Asian boys know to stay out of the way of white men when it comes to Asian women&#034.

&#034Definitely&#034. James said as he rubbed her waist, tickling my Chinese mom. When tickling her, she burst out in horny laughter, spilling her wine glass on her shoulder and dress.

&#034Oh shit!&#034 she said laughing.

&#034I can clean it up for you.&#034 James said as he started to lick and suck on my mothers shoulder.

She started to close her eyes and let out a soft moan as he moved his mouth around her shoulder. He sat her down on the bed as he stood next to her giving her a hickey. As I looked up her short dress, I saw her long black trimmed pubic hair. She wasn’t wearing any panties. Probably just for James.
Immediately after seeing this, James rubbed his hand on her upper thigh, and slowly moved it into her dress and onto her pussy while kissing her.

As they were kissing passionately James started to rub and finger my mom’s Asian pussy. I noticed that I was rock hard from seeing this. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, but I loved it. I also noticed juice from her pussy was already wetting the bed from his fingering.

&#034We’re gonna need to take it all off to clean it.&#034 James said with a smile.

&#034Mmmm okay baby&#034 my mother said to him as if she already missed his love making. He grabbed her hand and stood her up gently by the bed as he stood behind her with their bodies touching.
My mom pulled her hair to the side as she smiled while James slowly pulled down the back of her small dress. Halfway through pulling down the back James started kissing her tender back and neck. He then pulled down the dress enough to exposed her ample breasts.

&#034Fuck.&#034 James said as he looked over her and started to feel her big milky breasts, squeezing a little bit of milk out. I hadn’t seen her breasts in year, but they were beautiful. Especially with this white man groping them. As he continued pulling the dress down behind her, I noticed her stroking his cock in his pants. Biting her lips I knew what she wanted. He finally finished pulling down the dress exposing her full pale naked, curvy body. She turned around as he slid his hand up and down her ass while she kissed him and stroked his crotch area.

&#034I want to suck your big white juicy cock.&#034 she said devilishly lowering her naked body to her knees as he took off his shirt to reveal his big muscular body. As she started unzipping his pants, I knew this was it. She pulled out his big white semi hard dick with the hands that raised me and she started to tongue the tip of his giant hairless 9 inch penis. This sight drove me into madness as I too started stroking my tiny Asian dick at the sight of her sucking his dick with the same mouth that kissed me growing up.

The sucking technique she had was amazing switching between sucking and licking. She knew how to handle a big white dick and it clearly wasn’t her first. An innate skill that every Asian female has. After 5 minutes of sucking she took her head off of his dick and smiled up at him with a huge string of pre-cum and spit connecting her mouth to his dick. She started to grope his huge veiny hairy balls and proceeded to lick them like a big lollipop. I could see his genitals twitching in reaction to the action she was doing. I had no idea what it felt like since I was a virgin and probably would stay that way since I was an Asian surrounded by white men.

Then he stood her up while he got down to lick her pussy. My mother let out a whimper of joy as he tongued her pussy. &#034White cock only.&#034 she said to herself with a smile.

&#034Damn, that really is your obsession&#034 James said while licking her slutty cunt.

&#034 Both my s****rs had babies with white men. Both my daughters are from 2 different white men, but my husband is too much of a pussy to say anything about it she said.

I almost felt anger, but then I just kept stroking my little yellow penis.

&#034 I also want one more before I can’t have anymore&#034 she said looking down at him with a smile.

James looked up and then stood towering over her. Seeing their naked bodies facing eachother was so amazing. &#034 Thats why I’m here huh&#034 he said with a smile.

She looked up at him with a smile and nodded yes. &#034 I want one more baby from a white man before I can’t have anymore.&#034 she said with a loving look.&#034 I want you to put that baby inside me.”

My heart dropped hearing that. She was gonna give me another sibling with this white man who was barely a year older than myself. ‘Should I stop them?’ I thought, but this was too hot.

He shoved arm his between her legs as he threw my naked Asian mother over his shoulders making her let out a squeal. He walked over to the bed and threw her onto the bed. As she recuperated on her back, she spread her legs for him as he stood at the end of the bed. She then wagged her finger calling her white hunk over to her. He stroked his dick as he pulled her close and slowly shoved his massive veiny cock into her pink vagina and black haired bush.

She thrust her head back and let out a loud moan as he started to increase his thrusting speed into my mother. As he did, I started stroking my dick faster. He then layed on the bed as she got on top and rode cowboy style unknowingly facing me. As I watched I looked at her stomach and imagined it being filled with his half white offspring.

After a few minutes they both were on the bed doggy style. Seeing my mom getting plowed with her hanging breast flopping with each smack in rhythm while moaning so loudly was truly amazing. Finally after 10 minutes of doggystyle my mom’s juices were everywhere on the bed. I could tell that James would have even more, by the size and pulsations of his balls and dick.

&#034Make me pregnant James.&#034 she said.

She laid on her back as he crawled on top of her. He started kissing her neck as he layed on top of her, inserting his cock into her for one last round. All I could see from my vantage point was his ass and my moms ass as he plowed down into her shaking the bed at a ferocious rate causing the picture frame on the bedside desk to fall to the ground. She wrapped her legs around his waist and dug her nails into his back as he started to plow faster.

&#034Oh baby I’m gonna cum!&#034 James said as he plowed my Asian mother.

&#034Cum inside me James. GIVE ME A WHITE BABY&#034 she moaned between breathes as his dick shoved to the back of her cervix.

&#034Gaaaaaaaahhhh&#034 he grunted as he stopped thrusting and focused all of his energy into his balls and dick as they pulsated inside my mothers pussy. She clawed tighter and her legs shot straight up as his cock pulsated deep inside her and he opened up the floodgate of his sperm inside her.

&#034Its so hot&#034 she said as he fell on top of her. Their bodies in the ultimate connection as his penis was still inside her vagina as his huuge amount of cum started leaking out of her while he was still inside her. They laid there for a good 5 minutes breathing on eachother, giving small kisses in between. He finally softened inside of her and slowly pulled out his cum drenched cock. They looked down as they saw a waterfall of semen flowing out of her pussy. She then lifted her legs up to keep what seemed like a gallon of pearly white cum inside of her.

&#034White men cum so much more than Asian men.&#034 she said with a smile as she felt his warm liquid fermenting inside of her.&#034I’m definitely pregnant. At that moment I ended up releasing my own yellow sperm all over myself at the sight of my mother laying next to a strong white man with a bred pussy full of cum.

James got up and asked &#034Which is your husbands pillow?&#034. She grabbed it for him and he rubbed the remaining cum from the top of his dick on my fathers pillow. A complete humiliation and domination.

That morning, James left around 4:00 am, never to be seen or heard from again.

The next month my dad returned from work. Shortly after, my mother announced she was pregnant. She said that my dad was the father, but I knew it was James. I knew she was carrying around a white man’s baby. Over the next 9 months I loved seeing her belly swell up from his European seed inside of her Asian womb. She always would boast to her friends and f****y about it as well. She loved secretly telling Asian men and women that it was a white man’s baby growing inside of her.

I ended up having another s****r. This one ended up with blue eyes and dark blond hair. She looked just like James and nothing like my father. Hell, she barely looked like my mother, which showed how strong the white guys genes were in breeding my mother. My father would pathetically end up raising her as well. As I progressed through life, all the Asian women I would meet rejected me for white men,
Leaving me to just enjoy the idea.

I eventually had a wife who was full bl**ded Chinese, but I enjoyed watching her get bred by white men. So all of our 4 offspring were half-white.

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