Trip to Edmonton


When I was 18 I went to visit my cousins, in Edmonton Alberta both cousins were female 18 and 19. They lived with both my uncle and aunt, Lisa was the youngest, long blonde hair greenish blue eyes about 4ft 5 medium breast nice round ass. She was a big flirt; we had always got a long great. Toni was the older cousin almost 6 ft long blond hair, blue eyes larger breast then her s****r and a little bit heavier, with a big butt. They both looked great in a two piece bathing suite.
My aunt who as my mother’s older s****r was a looker as well she was a heavier set lady, with big breast light brown hair green eyes, about 5.5 feet tall. She was 45 at the time
My uncle worked on the rigs in fort Mac, he wasn’t home much.
It was a Saturday when I arrived, was one of those rare hot Alberta days, I think it hit 35 degrees that day and the rest of the week was just as hot. I got off the bus and my aunt waiting for me in a pair of short shorts and a white t-shirt with those huge tits tucked inside of a red bra. My cock got hard when I saw her, and I think she notice because I was wearing loose shorts with no underwear.
We chatted on our way to her house asking how my parents were what I had planned for the summer. All my 16 year old brain could think of was if her underwear was red to match her bra and nothing else. Not sure if I was answering her question. When we got the house Lisa and Toni where sun tanning in the back yard. They lived in a quiet neighborhood at the end of the block with only one other house on the west side of theirs and the busy street with a tall fence on the east side. The west side had tall trees so the neighbors couldn’t see in the yard.
The girls got up and walked over to me to give me a hug and say hi wed hadn’t seen each other since last summer. Toni was the first to hug me with those hug tits squeezing up against me, and again my uncontrollable member got rock hard really fast. Lisa came running jumping onto me wrapped her legs around my waist and said hey Couse hope you brought your bathing suite cause daddy bought us a pool. Right about than I think she realized my rock hard cock was between her ass cheeks, she looked me smiled and slid down feeling by cock between her ass cheeks than her pussy. By no Toni and my Aunt where back in the house Lisa‘s feet where on the ground her belly touching by bonner throw my shorts. Looked and me and whispered, that was fun.
I ran to the bathroom to jerk off and get rid of the hard-on but got stopped by my aunt as soon as I ran into the Kitchen. Toni and I are going to the grocery store you two want anything? I placed the duffle bag in front of my shorts and said nope and continued to wards the wash room. As I got in to the bathroom a shut the door behind me as I pulled my shorts down my cock sprung 6.5 inches. I started to stroke it as I heard the car doors close and the car leaving the driveway. I had my eyes closed stroking my cock thinking of my aunt when I heard the door open, my eyes opened and I saw my 14 year cousin starting at me stroking my cock. I froze cock in hand. She looked and me and said can I help. I was like, what? No you can’t; but I want to she said. As she walked closer to me and moved my hand away and replaced it with hers, I’m really good at it you’ll see she said as she started to stroke my cock with on hand and play with my balls with the other.
It felt so good having someone play with my balls and stroke my dick, by now u had my eyes closed and when I felt a hot wet feeling. I open my eyes and looked down to see Lisa with my cock in her mouth. Bobbing up and down really fast and cradling my balls. It only took a few seconds and I blew my load in her mouth and to my surprise she swallowed all. She pulled my cock out if her mouth and said see I told you I could help and left the bath room.
It took me awhile to get over what had just happened and my cock stayed hard for least 10 minutes after she left the room. When I final snapped out of it, I got into my swim shorts and headed to the back yard to find Lisa in the pool, it was those above ground pools big enough to swim in but nowhere to sit your either in or out. She looked over the edge and said come in it really nice and cool, I climbed over the and in she swam to me wrapped her legs around be and her arms, mmmmmm that was good . You tasted great as she grinded her pussy against my crotch. She looked up with a smile and said looks like, he want to come out and play again, I took hold of her ass in my hands and pushed her tight to my growing cock and asked her why, she looked at me said I love sex and can’t get enough. And when I felt you cock in between my ass I got wet really fast, and when my mom said she was leaving I knew I had a small window of time to taste your cum. Now I want more, as she was about to lean in to kiss me we here hey you to get out of there and come and eat we brought back burgers. She smiled gave me a peck on the cheek and got out of the pool. After my member went down which seemed to take forever I went on to the deck to eat

After we had our burgers we sat around and talked for a bit the 3 of us went back into the water, Lisa acted like nothing had happened .

Later that night after supper we sat in the living room watching a movie, don’t remember which one but it had some nudity in it. Once seen had the mother totally naked, Toni commented that the lady in the movie look like her mom tits, my Aunt laughed and said “mine are bigger and firmer, the supersized look on my face must have been transparent cause all three of them looked at me and laughed.

The movie was over around 11 my aunt mentioned she was hot and uncomfortable and wanted to go for a swim the s****rs said they were tired and when to bed, I had a long day myself and headed to my room. I was lying in bed when I heard splashing coming from the back yard. I went to the window and realized I had the a full view of the pool, my aunt was swimming around the pool when I noticed she wasn’t wearing a top, she turned over on her back her tits were exposed out of the water like to balloons. That was hot I took my growing cock out of my shorts into my hand started stroking as I watched my aunt lie on her back floating in the pool. her hand started to message one of her tits and pinched her nipple, that got me rock hard and I squeezed my cock hard around the shaft. After a few seconds she moved her hand into the water under her bottoms, I could slightly see her hand rubbing her pussy. I couldn’t hold it in anymore and blew my load on the window. After I cleaned up looked outside and noticed my aunt was in the pool. I quickly jumped in to bed and feel a sl**p fast.

I woke up around 10 am the next day, my cousins and aunt were at the table having breakfast. My aunt and cousin Toni were in their robes, while Lisa was wearing shorts and a small white top the was transparent. You could see her bathing suite top through it.

I sat down at the table and my aunt place a plate of pancakes In front of me. When she bent over the top part of her robe opened and I got an eye if full of tit. The same tit I jerked off to from a distance the night before.

As she walked away I noticed that her robe would part and I could see her leg all the way up to almost her pussy. It must of been obvious that I was staring as both girls started laughing Toni looked at me and in a soft voice says, u like my moms legs as she giggled. I felt my face turn red, my aunt turned around with a smile on her face like she head the comment.

After breakfast me a the girls went out to the mall for awhile. When we returned Lisa was dropped off at a friends house and Toni dropped me off at the house And left to meet some friends this was around 2pm.
I walked Into the house called out for my aunt Rose but no answer. I went to my room and stripped naked to get Into my swim shorts I want to get Into the cool water as it was plus 38 out side.

I Couldn’t find my swim shorts in my room. After a few minutes I realized I had left the,downstairs in the laundry room to dry from my swim yesterday.

I thought since no one was home I could run down stairs and put them on. As I left my room walked the hall about to pass the bathroom, the bathroom door opens and out walked my naked Aunt Rose staring at each other. I already had a hard on cause of the excitement of me walking around a house naked. But when I say my aunt it grew an extra few inches .

Oh dear said my aunt as she started at my cock, and with out trying to cover up with the towel she had in her hands she walked past me, her leg touching my cock and walk to her room. I watched as her ass moved up and down with each step those fleshy cheeks moving up and down side to side my mouth wide open Cock rock hard and starting to ache. She left the door open and I had to walk by it to go down stairs. Do I go back to my room and get dress or continue forward.

To be continued

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