Totally Unexpected Lucy Part 3


The night continued with both Linda and Lucy trying to see who could embarrass who the most. I decided to start giving Lucy single shots again, although I never told Linda. I didn’t want Lucy so out of it that she went to bed early. Plus, she was amazing to look at.I managed a sneaky look down her top every time she reached for her drink or snacks from the table. Her nipples were very erect with all this naughty chat, as were Linda’s.Linda explained that after Lucy spat the cum into her mouth, Lucy told her to swallow and she did. I asked her what it tasted of. &#034Salty, yet sweet, but I remembered the taste of Lucy from when I fingered her.&#034 Lucy smiled over the top of her glass. &#034Linda got me out of a lot of trouble with my folks that night.&#034
I turned my head to Lucy despite Linda still talking. Linda realised and went quiet. &#034You’re not….you’re not going to tell him that are you?&#034 Lucy twisted in her chair and directed her head towards me. &#034Have you not wondered what happened after we left the guys back at the hut?&#034 I took a sip from my glass. &#034Well, come to think of it….you must have spent quite a while up at the hut and I did kinda wonder where Linda went during your….er.&#034 I paused, I didn’t want to call it a gang bang. &#034Threesome!&#034 I managed to find the word just in time. &#034I’ll tell you.&#034 Lucy got comfortable.
&#034It turns out that giving her first blow job was one thing, having to swallow his cum was another, Linda got a little uncomfortable with the situation and apparently this guy wouldn’t take no for an answer.&#034 Linda stared into her glass for a few seconds and took another sip. &#034Seems she decided to crouch down in front of him and bit his ball sack, he thought she was going to blow him.&#034 Lucy sniggered into her glass and it misted up for a few seconds. &#034Seems she was away before he had chance to get his jeans up. Still it made for a good night, she did me a favour did our Linda.&#034 Lucy stroked Linda’s thigh as she smiled widely.
&#034Linda went down to the dock and sat watching the darkened movements on my side of the hut but came closer when she realised that there was now three shadows up on the balcony, and her guy hadn’t gone looking for her.&#034 Lucy’s hand was now just resting on Linda’s thigh. &#034Linda watched the action from the other side of the hut and when she realised I’d seen her she…..&#034 She paused. &#034Go on honey, you tell him.&#034 Linda straightened up slightly. &#034I went underneath the balcony, I could see through the gaps in the boards, I could here everything.&#034 Lucy’s smile had faded, she held her breath. Linda looked at Lucy. &#034Tell him.&#034 ordered Lucy. &#034Okay, okay….I finger fucked myself while she was getting double teamed above me.&#034 I laughed out loud. &#034Fantastic!&#034 I shouted. Linda looked at me with a puzzled look, almost startled. &#034There were crates on the floor climbed up onto one and pressed my face against the boards, at one point Lucy moved her foot and her panties blocked my view. I could see his cock popping in and out of her and she dripped cum juice onto my nose when she was finger fucking herself.&#034 Lucy giggled. &#034And then the two guys took turns dipping their fingers into her ass hole.&#034 She turned to Lucy, &#034I don’t know how you managed to get that wide from that fucking hairbrush!&#034 Lucy shrugged. &#034When they all went to the rocking chair my view was blocked so I had to come out again, there’s strips of wood that run horizontally across the support posts, so I used them like a ladder and climbed up. I had to keep bobbing my head up and down every time I thought pussy guy was going to turn round.&#034 The room was silent as the story was being told. &#034My dress was filthy, and when Lucy sat up I thought someone was coming and so I climbed down quickly and ran back underneath the hut.&#034 &#034That’s when I saw Lucy walking in the opposite direction to the guys, she was heading to the lodge.&#034 Lucy got up from her chair and poured more drinks and handed them round. &#034That’s when madam here gave me the load she was saving in her mouth.&#034 Lucy smiled. &#034You loved it!&#034 &#034No, no….but what I did love was your eagerness to back to the lodge.&#034 Linda looked at me intently and with a rather compressed smile said &#034that’s when she told me that her ass was leaking cum down her legs, that her butt crack felt sloppy and was oozing cum as she walked.&#034 &#034She walked a little faster than me and as she got ahead I noticed that her tight summer dress had dark stains round the back.&#034 Lucy’s face reddened. &#034Well I didn’t know that would happen, I’d never heard of douching back then!&#034 Lucy proclaimed her innocence. Linda continued. &#034When we got back to the lodge, Lucy took off her dress, she wasn’t wearing her panties and she didn’t know where they were. There was still a little leakage from her ass and I told her to squat to see if that would help.&#034 Linda was holding back, I could tell. &#034Lucy’s ass was tightening so…..&#034 I was holding my breath now. &#034So I slid a couple of fingers into her to help get rid of any remaining goo.&#034 &#034And did it?&#034 I asked. &#034No, but she started to really enjoy it, I couldn’t believe what we were doing.&#034 Linda explained that Lucy’s ass was very well lubricated from the load her guy delivered, her sphincter was still quite loose and still very sensitive. She explained that as she placed two fingers into her ass, Lucy stated to rub her clit…hard. She could feel her ass tighten as her pussy was nearing orgasm. Linda’s shock turned to pleasure as her friend arched her back in delight. She was moaning as the folds of her labia were being frantically pushed one way then the other. She separated her inner folds and gave Linda a view of her gaping fuck hole and urethra. Her clit was out of its hood and stood hard to attention. Linda worked her fingers in and out of her ass, parting them at times to stretch her dark walls. She slipped a third finger into her ass and Lucy stated to convulse.
Her breathing was very heavy and her breasts heaved under her dress. And then it happened, a strong steady stream of hot clear fluid shot into the air, soaking Linda. Linda had read about this in one of the magazines and was now witnessing it first hand. Lucy’s orgasm slowed and the fluid ceased. Linda’s fingers slipped from this well used butt hole. When reality kicked in, they realised the whole room was in a sorry state. Both girls dresses were soaking and filthy. The floor was wet and their make up was all over their faces. They had to get back to the party!!
Lucy rushed around the room tidying up and Linda was pulling out fresh dresses from the robe. Within fifteen minutes they were making there way back to the party and every so often Linda would take a peak behind to make sure any staining hadn’t returned. &#034I owe you one.&#034 Lucy said. &#034What for?&#034 asked Linda. &#034You made me squirt, it’s your turn next time.&#034 Linda scrunched her face. &#034There’s no way you’re stretching my ass like you did, it was more loose than your pussy, you’ll be real sore tomorrow.&#034
When they got back, Lucy’s mother gave her a stern look and beckoned them both with a curling finger.
Linda started in hushed tones….&#034Don’t be cross, Lucy’s period was very heavy and she got some marks on her dress and as I was trying to wash it I got some marks on mine too, we’re really sorry but Lucy was so embarrassed, she didn’t want to come back!&#034 Lucy’s mothers face changed and she put one arm around her daughter. Lucy hadn’t heard what was said but all seemed well.
The party seemed to be in full swing and Lucy went to the stall to get a couple of lemonades when she felt like she was being sandwiched by two guys. Immediately she thought that her two fuck buddies had come to taunt her but she was wrong. These were two fresh studs and one of them was very forward with his comments.
&#034I hear you like it up the ass,&#034 he sniggered.
&#034I hear you like tropical birds&#034 said his friend. Lucy turned her head.
&#034A cockatoo !!&#034 They both laughed out loud.
Linda could see that Lucy was being hassled and she scanned the room to find her parents. There within the crowd, staring at the stall were Lucy’s earlier encounters. Grins as wide as a barn door.
Linda walked over to Lucy….
&#034You must be the one that got the sack.&#034 And the laughing started again.
&#034Go away,&#034 said Linda &#034or I’ll call Lucy’s father.&#034
&#034Go right ahead little lady and I’ll show him these.&#034 With that he pulled a white piece of material from his jeans pocket. Not fully exposing them but the girls knew exactly what they were. Lucy’s panties.
&#034Now I reckon you’ll still be quite loosey Lucy, so if you give me and my buddy here the same treatment as you gave the other guys, you can have them back.&#034
Lucy thought for a moment. &#034Meet me out front in ten minutes.&#034 Linda grabbed Lucy’s arm. &#034You can’t Lucy, they’ll all want to do you.&#034 Lucy smiled and told her to calm down. The two jokers headed towards the other guys and amongst the high fives and jeering, Lucy took Linda off to the side.
&#034Just follow my lead.&#034 Lucy wasted a little time and then went out front.
&#034Where shall we go?&#034 asked one of the guys. Lucy held out her hand.
&#034Panties first.&#034
&#034Not a chance!&#034 came the reply. &#034Now if you don’t want me to get these out and show all the guys and girls here, tell them all what a dirty little slut you’ve been, I suggest you follow us to the boat hut, I hear there’s an old rocking chair up there with a couple of notches cut into it.&#034
&#034I don’t know what you’re talking about,&#034 said Lucy. Linda stood rigid, petrified this was going to kick off.
&#034Well, I’m not going to ask again, I’ll give you to the count of three.&#034
Lucy turned to go back into the party. &#034Three.&#034 And with that he whipped out the panties into full view of the other people out front.
&#034Do you want these back Lucy?&#034 he mocked. And spun the panties around his finger like some kind of stripper.
&#034They’re not mine, are you deaf?&#034 Linda looked to one side and there near the door smoking a cigarette was Lucy’s father, her mother by his side. He stared, oblivious to anyone else, his cigarette being his only movement.
Lucy walked up to him and now everyone was watching the commotion. Thinking that Lucy was going to snatch the panties from him he caught them in his hand with a firm grip. He leaned forward, inhaled her scent and then lifted the panties to his nostrils. &#034Oh they’re definitely yours.&#034 he grinned.
Lucy smiled…&#034No they’re not, they’re mothers!&#034
He stood upright and his brain was trying to work out her words, put them into some kind of order, put them in an order that he could comprehend….then in a flash.
He sniggered and started unravelling the soft white garment in front of the crowd. They weren’t the type of panties that any eighteen year old would wear, they were bigger than that. Not a thong, they were full at the back. Not stringy at the sides, much thicker and much higher at the front, elasticated like the ones mother would normally wear.
His face twisted in horror. Lucy was walking back towards her parents, her father met her half way. The small crowd that gathered were laughing at this idiot who was now studying the panties in his hands.
&#034What’s going on here sweetheart?&#034 asked pop.
&#034This guy has mothers underwear, I think he’s been stealing off the washing line, he thought they were mine!&#034
Lucy’s father flicked the butt of his cigarette to the floor and continued his walk toward the guy holding the panties. Lucy winked at Linda and pantie guy got the sudden urge to run….so did Lucy’s dad.

It turns out that Lucy had worn her mothers underwear because they didn’t show the panty line under her tight summer dress. They were elasticated and designed to give you a better shape. She hadn’t informed her mother that she was wearing them and it seems it’s just as well.

I was giggling like crazy at the story that had just been told. It seems that her father caught up with him the next day when he went to the young lads workplace. He couldn’t tell her father the truth so he admitted to stealing them off the washing line as Lucy had claimed. Apparently rumour has it that her father punched him once and told him that if he was bit older he would have got more, and from I gather he did get more…from his own father!!

It had been a great night and we were all shattered. Lucy made the venture to bed first and leant over to Linda and gave her a full kiss on the lips, Linda responded, &#034night babe.&#034 Then she came over to me and bent forward slowly, giving me a good view down her nightie. Her breasts hugged each other as they swung freely, her nipples were long and seemed hard. She kissed me full on the lips too, her tongue darted into my mouth and I felt a hand on my crotch. She squeezed my cock and pulled her lips from mine. &#034See you soon.&#034
And with that she turned and left the room. I was unsure about Linda’s response to her friends way of saying goodnight. &#034You want to see how she says good morning!&#034 Linda sighed.

Bedtime !

More to follow…

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