Toilet Slave Training


Training a toilet slave is in fact extremely difficult. It takes months and sometimes years to perfect for several reasons: 1st and most obvious is taste and smell. It may take practice for your slave to adequately deal with the taste and smell of human excrement without gagging or throwing up. Your colon can serve your slave much more than his mouth can comfortably hold. In order for things to remain sanitary, you’re slave will need to be able to swallow faster than it comes out of you. This is more difficult than it sounds. In fact, in order for this to even be possible, your slave will need to get used to swallowing your excrement without chewing. Depending on the consistency of your stool, your slave may need to soften it slightly with his tongue, but he will need to do this incredibly fast. A toilet slave compliments a healthy diet – you may need to moderate your protein intake and supplement fiber in order to maintain a soft enough stool for it.

Your bladder can hold FAR more than your slave’s mouth can hold as well. Also, if you use your slave for number 2, you should never have it touch its lips to your vaginal area because of risk of infection. For sanitation, be sure to always have your slave rinse his mouth out well and use mouth wash to kill bacteria before the final cleaning.

The following is a guide that a mistress could follow roughly for training a full-time toilet slave. If you are only interested in training your husband/boy friend/whatever to be used on occasion in this way, you may follow this guide loosely:

Training a full-time toilet slave:

First, let me dispel your thoughts about how horrible this would be to do to someone. Believe it or not, there are thousands of men out there who fantasize almost exclusively about servicing a woman in this way. To take someone in and train them to become what they desire to be is not horrible–you are allowing a man to fulfill his deepest and darkest wishes. Don’t believe me? Just do a Google search for “toilet slave” and count how many personal adds you run across from guys wishing to become one.

Alright, so there are guys out there who want to become a toilet, but why would I want to use a man as a toilet? The most common knee-jerk reaction of most women reading about the idea of keeping a full-time toilet slave is usually along the lines of “That’s preposterous. Why would anyone want that???” My advice to those women that ask this question is to relax and give the idea some time to sink in. The first time I heard of a man wanting to become a full-time toilet, I thought the idea was preposterous too. Eventually, once I got over my initial disgusted reaction, I slowly began to realize beauty in the idea. There is such a Marquis de Sade appeal to reducing a man to such a pathetic device… There is no fate which is more pathetic than this. To take away all of a mans dignity by transforming him into my full-time personal toilet… it’s a pleasure that can’t adequately be articulated in words. It’s a combination of dark fascination and possibly the most intensely erotic sensation I have ever experienced. In the world of BDSM, a toilet slave represents maximum contrast between inferiority and superiority–just imagine being able to experience this ultimate realization of superiority every day.

Training an effective toilet slave is unfortunately quite a challenge. Even though there are many men out there who fantasize about becoming a woman’s toilet, few turn out to become effective at it when given the opportunity. Few can tolerate the taste and even fewer can ingest quickly enough not to make a horrible mess and smell. Training a man to become your toilet is almost always more of an undertaking than initially realized.

Over the years, I’ve come up with a regime that has proved extremely effective. If followed on a slave, I promise wonderful results. Slave is a keyword here. This guide is for those wishing to create a full-time toilet slave with no other purpose in life other than serving you during your most personal moments. A true slave is a wonderful and difficult thing to find these days. Many who claim to be them either do not truly know what they are claiming to be or quickly change their mind when they realize how much different it is then the fantasy. This guide assumes that you already are lucky enough to have a slave and intend to train him for this role. If you want to train your husband or some other man who is not a slave to become your toilet on a part-time basis, this guide can be followed loosely.

Before you begin, it’s very important to make sure you don’t allow your slave to masturbate for at least a month. The most effective way to do this is through chastity. I’ve used several variations from plight://unchastity’s../ in the past-these are somewhat pricey, but extremely well built. Most quality chastity devices require a chastity piercing: something every slave should have. I recommend a PA. Another great thing about a Chastity piercing is the fact that they double as excellent end to a restraint or leash.

Second, it’s important that your slave be broken in. Use whatever you need to break him. A man’s will is broken through an overwhelming sense of helplessness combined with constant stress over a period of time that varies from slave to slave. Detailing the possibilities and techniques for breaking a slave down psychologically is beyond the scope of this document, but here are a few hallmarks: sl**p deprivation, repetition, extended pain sessions, dehydration, and degradation. Be creative! As your slave slowly begins to loose his old sense of self, you will begin to see a profound personality change. The symptoms are different for everyone, but it should be very clear when it begins to happen. Be sure to restrain your slave well enough to both facilitate his sense of helplessness and to keep him from harming you or himself during this process. When your slave is broken, he will become soft enough for the training phases outlined in this document to have dramatic effects on him. Breaking a slave can take anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple of months depending on the effectiveness of the techniques you choose and the strength of your slave’s will.

Third, make sure you have a toilet suitable for your slave before you begin. Most mistresses prefer siting in a chair designed for a toilet slave rather than squatting directly on his face. While squatting certainly works, it is much less comfortable than a chair especially if you like to take your time. If you’d rather not buy your own, why not have your slave make you one before you commit him to his fate? It should be comfortable enough to sit on for long periods of time. Even if your slave lacks carpentry skills, a wooden box, couple of holes and a toilet seat on top isn’t rocket science. If you want your slave to create a toilet chair, there are many possibilities… I used the following to have mine create a very solid toilet. The total cost was about $60.

16×16 solid wood planters box wood glue (to fill cracks) Metal & wood enamel (for waterproofing) Sand paper (grain depends on wood type of planter box) Toilet seat Screws and screwdriver 1 small coping saw for cutting out the neck 1 larger crosscut or rip saw for cutting the planter’s box in half Hinges A couple of boards to use as the lid

The 16×16 planter’s box is the only item that may be difficult to find at any local hardware store. You should be able to find one online. Keep in mind that if your goal is to reduce stench via and air tight seal between your slave’s mouth and your butt, the hight of the box will need to be reduced accordingly. If contact with your slave’s face is undesirable, you may consider looking into rubber open mouth gags available at most websites that sell bondage supplies; however, in my experience slaves have a much harder time when jaw movement is restricted.

Try to resist the urge to laugh at your slave. While the temporary flush of embarrassment that a laugh can bring is lovely to watch, over the long-term it is counterproductive. You should generally avoid showing your slave any emotion accept anger when he disobeys and perhaps an occasional smile when he performs his function exceptionally well. Your slave should never think of itself or the acts he is doing as amusing–your goal is for it to get to the point of feeling completely normal while performing them. Laugh as much as you want when you leave the room, but be sure to bite your lip when he is watching.

This lack of emotion is also an effective tool for you to avoid forming any sort of emotional connection with your toilet. Remember that he gave up his right to be a human when he agreed to become your toilet. This was indeed a choice that he made. Now, as he wished, he has become your utility and should be thought of as such… Talking to him should be as absurd to you as engaging in a conversation with a normal toilet. With my first toilet slave I made the mistake of occasionally speaking to him. This was a horrible mistake

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