This is part 2 of how my wife became a Hotwife.


This is part 2 of how my wife became a Hotwife.

As I left off my wife had come to grips with her friend and husband having a cuckold marriage. Bonnie certainly did not approve but did not want to loose a good friend. Some weeks past before they talked. Sharon asked if my wife was freaked out about everything. Bonnie told her that what she and her husband did was between them and she was not going to pass judgement. They continued with their friendship as normal. A month had passed and Sharon called up Bonnie and told her she was closing the office early and wanted to know if she wanted to grab a drink. Bonnie agreed and they met up at a local watering hole. They talked about shopping, work, f****y and everyday things. After a couple of hours a neighbor of Sharon’s happened by. The man hugged Sharon and she introduced him as Hank. Hank lived in the same subdivision as Sharon and Jake. He was a few years older with salt and pepper hair and rugged good looks. My wife described him as delicious. Hank just said hello and was leaving. Bonnie remarked to Sharon that Hank was really attractive. Sharon said he was a pilot and that he lives with his two teenage k**s a couple of houses down from theirs. They talked for a little while longer and then called it a night. Before Bonnie got home Sharon called her to invite us over to their house in two weeks for a bar-b-que. Bonnie accepted and asked if we needed to bring anything. Sharon replied just your bathing suits and some wine.

The bar-b-que was the perfect excuse for my wife to go buy herself a new swim suit. She really didn’t like the ones she had because they never supported her boobs enough. Unlike Sharon, the god lord blessed my wife with natural 40D breasts, and they would tend to fall out with her other swim suits. One day after work I come home to see a couple of packages left on the front porch from some place called Pinup Girl I bring them in and hand them to my wife. She gets very excited and tells me it’s her new swimsuit and hat. I ask her to try them on and she says no and that I will have to wait until the bbq. Fine…I can wait.

Well the day of the bbq comes and we drive over to Jake and Sharon’s house. They live in an upscale neighborhood with manicured yards and high 6 to 7 figure homes. We have been their before and once there we go in and I see Jake and Sharon. Sharon’s tits do look good in her tight white two piece. Jake hands me a beer and we head over to the their bar. Jake introduces me to his neighbors, Including Hank…I had no idea who Hank was because Bonnie did not mention to me how she met him from before. Friendly guy…said he had already met my wife from a couple of weeks ago. Hmm thought that was unusual that Bonnie forgot to mention Hank. I put the though aside and met the rest of their guests. Bonnie asked Sharon to borrow their bedroom to change into her new swimsuit. I had only seen her big black hat and nothing of the suit. Bonnie and Sharon leave and the rest of us are just hanging out enjoying the pool and the food. They had catered the food and had a massive spread…more food than we could eat.The girls were gone for awhile and I was wondering what was taking so long. Then in an instant the reason was revealed…Bonnie comes walking out in her new swimsuit and everyone…men and women turned their heads to see my stunning wife. Bonnie was wearing this black one piece swimsuit that had the pinup girl looked to it. Wow it really showed her curves off. She had also curled up her red hair wore her big black hat. She added a little more make-up and finished the look with black stiletto sandals. With her sunglasses on she looked like a red headed Marilyn Monroe. Every dick there was hard including mine. She walked up to the bar as if she owned the place and ordered a gin and tonic, and instantly had four bartending neighbors fixing her a drink. I have to tell you I was beaming with pride while most of the women there were suddenly not as friendly as before.

So we are sitting at one of the half dozen of tables eating our lunch. Bonnie and I, Jake and Sharon, two male neighbors minus their wives and Hank. The conversation all seems to focus around the two beautiful women. In fact it looks as if Jake and I are suddenly invisible. I am fine with this…like I said I was feeling really good about how my wife had attracted all this attention. She was soaking it all up and she deserved it….and Jake…well I guess he was used to being the odd man out. He asks if I want to see his new wave runner. I said sure and he and I left for his garage. We were gone maybe 15 minutes and as we emerge from the garage I see that Hank has taken my seat next to my wife. Jake taps me on the shoulder and says let’s get another cold beer and let the girls enjoy their fun. We walk over to the bar and grab our beers and people watch. Now the table with our wives is having a good time. From the activity it seems that Hank is dominating the conversation and is focused on the females…more in particular my wife. They are all laughing and having a good time. At the other table, where the wives of the two husbands who are paying attention to Bonnie and Sharon are seated…I can easily tell they are not having a good time. Jake jokes about it and we both laugh with a touch of pride.

As I watch my wife I can tell that Hank is really flirting with her, and to somewhat of my surprise she is flirting back. She is quiet good at it actually. The flick of her red tresses, the sexy laugh, the light touching of Hank’s arm and hand. She then leans towards him and places her hand on his shoulder. I can tell he is getting an eyefull of Bonnie’s 40D tits. She says something to Hank and then points over to me. She smiles at me and raises her glass for her to bring me another, I smile and fix her another gin and tonic. I walk over to the table with her drink…she knows I am standing there and for just a few seconds doesn’t acknowledge me. Hank doesn’t even offer my seat back. Sharon grins at me and tells me to have Jake bring her a refill. I walk back to the bar and sit down feeling slightly jealous Jake makes Sharon her drink and walks it over to her. He leans in to her and she is whispering something in his ear. This goes on for a minute or so and then he walks back to the bar. Jake asks if I want to go play some 9-ball on their pool table. So he and I go inside. A few of the guests leave and Jake and Sharon thank them for coming over.

Jake and I have been playing pool for about 30 minutes or so when the girls walk in. Sharon tells us that a few other guests are leaving, but that there are a few still hanging out and swimming. Bonnie walks over to me and kisses me. I ask her if she is having fun and she says she is having a wonderful time. She apologizes for not paying much attention to me. I tell her don’t worry about it and to have fun. I tell her she looks like a million dollars and she grins and says I know I do. I tell her that I instantly got hard when I saw her. She smiles and says yes and that she noticed some of the other guys &#034adjusting&#034 themselves. She said that it was getting hot out there and that her and Sharon were going to the bar downstairs to have another drink and cool off a bit.Sharon tells Jake something and turns to go downstairs. She says to Jake &#034 about an hour or so&#034 and reply’s that’s fine. Now this is the point at which I am no longer an observer to the story. The next part of this story was told to me by my wife a two weeks after the bbq.

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