The pastor’s wife has needs..


My name is Cheryl. Rex and I have been married 30 years. I am 50 and Rex is 60. Rex has been a pastor most of that time in a small southern town. About 6 months ago his church was gutted by fire along with the home we lived in next door. We lost everything; there was no money in the church to help them so we decided to move north. We moved in a large town but had to stay in a lower income part to afford the rent. Rex got a pastoring job while I searched for a job and as such was left at home alone for most of the day and even nights as Rex try to build up his church. There was an elderly man next door and we slowly became friends, his name is Carl, he was about 50 years old and in great shape. He was very friendly and He even promised Rex he would come to church.

With Rex being gone so much Carl came over a lot for coffee and small talk. He would always say how good I looked which it made me feel good as I hardly got compliments from Rex. I had lost some weight and went from 170 down to my natural weight of 129. My breast was still firm and a nice 40d-29-36 with nice firm and big nipples.

Here’s the strange part, Carl is black. I had never been around black people, was never a friend with any, but I found I liked Carl a lot. As time went on, he came over more often and I felt some times as he looked at me he was undressing me. I felt uncomfortable but I also loved the attention. I sometimes would be siting in church and be thinking about how he looked at me and a warm feeling would come over me.

Then one day Rex had left earlier, I had just got out of shower and had the towel wrapped around me and there was a knock on the door. It was Carl he said he needed to use the phone as his was out and he had a leaking pipe and needed a plumber right away.

I started to ask him to wait until I dressed but I didn’t, I just let him in. Now this towel I had on, didn’t hide much not even half way down the tops of my legs and barley covered my breast. I had never been so exposed in front of anyone but Rex, but I thought Carl was in such a hurry he wouldn’t notice. I think sometimes people get comfortable with other’s and don’t think about what they are doing. Carl got a plumber and they said they’d be there in about 2 hours, so I offered Carl a cup of coffee. I wasn’t thinking, for as I gave it to him at the table my butt and vagina were exposed. He had a full view. When I realized it I acted like it did not happen but I heard him say kind of under his breath dam that looks so good. I thought, here I a preacher wife showing another man all I have and I felt a little ashamed but I also felt good.

Rex being so busy hadn’t touched me in months, so this attention felt good. Carl didn’t do anything more (I don’t know if I would have stop him or not) and he left to meet his plumber. All that day and even in church I was having fantasies of him looking at me and what it might be like to feel his touch, to see and feel his cock… I have heard in conversations with other women about black men having very large penises. Rex was about 5 inches at best and small in circumference. Over the next week I couldn’t get it off my mind, so the next time Carl came over I had a very open top, short dress and for the first time in my life no bra or panties. This time as I put his coffee down, Carl ran his hand up my leg to my naked butt, his hand slipped between my butt cheeks and he said every man will want some of this. I was so turned on and then he touched my anus, which caused me to bend more over the table and then his finger’s found my now very wet pussy. He said girl you wanted this a while and now I am going to give you a fucking like you have dreamed of.

With that, he guided my hand down to his lap along his now rock hard cock, it was so big and as he stood up, he slipped my dress off and then dropped his pants to reveal the biggest cock I have ever seen. It was so big, at least 9&#034 or more and so thick. He placed his hands on my shoulder and said get it ready for your pussy as he had me go to my knees. I had never sucked a man’s cock not even Rex but I knew what to do.

It wasn’t long until he grabbed the back of my head giving me all and more than I could handle and he filled my mouth with cum as I swallowed every last drop. I felt like this is it and I wanted more. With Rex when he had cum he when to sl**p, with Carl thankfully it was different. He said keep sucking and I soon felt him getting hard again. Carl picked me up and carried me to bedroom kissing my cum soaked mouth, he didn’t mind. He laid me on the bed, opened my legs, got on his knee’s and started licking and sucking my very wet pussy (something Rex’s had never done). I was having one organism after another, and once he felt I was ready the best was about to happen. He pushed his huge cock in me slowly and was soon kissing me with our cum soaked mouths. Once in me he gave me the fucking I could have only dreamed of, I must have had 20 organism or more. He filled me to overflowing with his super cock and then he gave me his cum soaked cock back to my mouth which I gladly took. Then he took it a step further, he got down and licked me clean, it felt so good. When we finished he stood there with me still laying on the bed completely naked drained and satisfied. He got dressed after cleaning up and left with the parting words…from now on your pussy belong to me to use as I want whenever I want… all I could say was yes. He had me do things and did things to me like I never dreamed of, and the best part is, I loved it….

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