The Neighbour’s Son Part 1


This has been a strange year as you will know if you have read my earlier tales. Having fun with my Neighbour’s daughter Mandy started it all and then phone sex with her mother Sarah after she asked my advice about her son Peter using her panties.
Anyway, that all sounds quite extreme and I am hoping that experiences with Mandy and Sarah will continue. Not sure about Mandy as that’s gone very quiet, but I am sure I can get Sarah to continue given her obvious sexual frustration with her husband.
But this new story is something I would never have imagined possible and happened right out of the blue.
I’ve introduced Peter before. He is the son of the neighbour and Mandy’s younger b*****r, by about 1 year. He is nice lad and very polite and helpful. I had absolutely no problem with him even though I now knew he was taking his mum’s and his s****r’s panties and wanking off with them.
This episode started about 10 days ago. I had asked Peter if he could come round one evening and help me move some stuff around in my garage. When we finished I offered him a beer and we sat in the kitchen talking about football and other normal stuff. Peter was sat near the door that opened onto the long hall way that led through the rest of the house. At the far end was the main bedroom. I noticed that Peter kept staring down the hall way through the open door and was getting quite distracted. After a few minutes I got up quickly and walked round to see what he was looking at. At the far end of the hallway, through the open bedroom door was my wife Jane, dressed only in bra and panties bent forward over the bed sorting out some laundry, obviously with no idea she was being watched as she is usually extremely shy. Peter had a great view of her big round arse with black panties pulled tight across it as she bent forward. It was quite a sight.
Now as soon as Peter realised I had caught him, he went bright red. I went and closed the kitchen door. My wife would have freaked out if she knew we were watching her.
I sat back down, looked at Peter and asked if he had enjoyed the view.
“I’m really, really sorry” he managed to stammer. He was terrified of what I was going to do.
“I am assuming you enjoyed looking at Jane as you were staring for ages. Well, did you?”
“I couldn’t help it, I just looked and she was there and I couldn’t help it”
I decided to tease him a bit “She has got a great arse, don’t you think Peter? Especially in those sexy black panties. I bet you’d like to get your hands on them, wouldn’t you?”
“No, of course not. Why would I want to have her underwear” he replied. “I think I should be going now”.
“Stay where you are Peter. Look it’s no big deal really. I’m only teasing, and anyway it’s perfectly normal for lads of your age to play with women’s underwear.”
“But, I don’t” Peter insisted, still bright red in the face.
“Okay, but anyway. You clearly liked looking at Jane in her underwear, didn’t you? It’s okay, I don’t mind. In fact I like the fact that you enjoyed looking at my Jane’s semi naked body. It’s nice to know a young lad like you finds her attractive and I know she would like it to”.
“You can’t tell her Simon. God that would be so embarrassing”
“We’ll see, but I bet you’d like to see more, wouldn’t you? Be honest” I teased again.
“Well yes, I suppose so. Yes I would like to see more” Peter finally replied.
“Would you like to see Jane’s tits and her pussy?”
Peter nodded.
I could hear my Jane approaching down the hall, so I quickly asked Peter to leave. I said nothing to my wife until later, when we were in bed.
I was a bit worried about mentioning it in case she just got very embarrassed that he had seen her, but I had found the whole thing quite a turn on and wanted to see where it would go.
In any case, I told her about Peter staring at her from the kitchen and she was indeed very embarrassed, but then I told her that he found her very attractive and wanted to see more. She simply did not believe me.
“Why would a young lad like Peter find an old woman like me attractive?”
“Because a lot of young lads like Peter fantasise about mature ladies and you are attractive, not just to me but others as well.” I said.
“I still don’t believe you” was her response.
“Okay, I’ll prove it”
“How on earth are you going to do that?”
“Leave it with me” I said.
So the next day, I arranged for Peter to come round again to help me with something or other. Instead, I sat him down in the kitchen, same seat as before, but this time the door to the hall was closed. Peter kept looking at it as if expecting something.
“Is Jane here?” he asked
“Yes, but she will not be flashing her sexy arse at you today” I replied.
He looked very disappointed.
“She is in the shower at the moment, totally naked, soaping herself down”.
Now, this was a lie. I knew she was actually just behind the closed door listening to our conversation.
“Does that excite you, Peter. The thought of my wife totally naked soaping her big breasts and hairy pussy? I want you to be honest with me.”
He nodded.
“I want you to tell me”
“Yes, he said it turns me on”
“That’s better. When you were watching her in her panties and bra the other day were you turned on”
“Yes, I was”
“Did you go home and have a wank, thinking about it? Be honest”
“Yes, he whispered”, obviously embarrassed.
“Tell me what you thought about”
“Her arse, and her panties. I thought about taking them off and touching her.”
“And did you cum, thinking about her?”
“Yes, I did”.
“That’s good Peter. Are you turned on now?”
“Yes I am”
“Stand up and let me see”
“What, you want me to get it out?”
“No, no, just stand up”, which he did and the bulge in his jeans was very obvious. Looked to be quite large.
“You can go in a minute. What are you going to do when you get home?”
“I’m going to have another wank thinking about Jane”.
“That’s good” I said “Now you are being honest with me.”
“Wait a minute.” I got up and went out into the hall way. Jane was behind the door looking very flushed in the face. I took her hand and led her to the bedroom.
“Take you panties off” I said.
To my surprise she didn’t even argue, but lifted her skirt and slipped her panties of. They were a cute pink pair, lacy across the front, but full in the rear and very, very wet in the gusset.
“Get on your hands and knees on the bed. Leave your clothes on. I’ll be back in a minute.”
I went back to the kitchen with Jane’s wet panties and handed them to Peter.
“She took these off before her shower. They are fresh and nice and wet. Smell them”
He did and mumbled “Oh my god, wow!”
“Take them with you and wank off with them. I’ll be in touch about how you can return them” And with that he left.
I went straight to the bedroom. Jane was on the bed on her hands and knees. I lifted her skirt, got my cock out and plunged it straight into her. I went all the way in with the first push. She was so wet. As I fucked her, her juices were splashing out over my thighs. This had never happened before. She came within a couple of minutes and so did I. We were so turned on.
We collapsed on the bed, and talked about what had happened and the thing with Peter.
Jane told me how excited she had gotten listening behind the door and had been rubbing her pussy almost from the start.
I said, “you know what he’s doing now, don’t you? What he said he was going to do when he gets home. He’s wanking his stiff young cock, thinking about you and smelling your aroma on your panties”.
“My god, I suppose he is, that’s crazy, but such a turn on” She reached between her legs and touched her pussy. “I’m tingling all over”.
“You know, he’d love to watch you do that. That would really give him something to wank over”
“Well that ain’t happening. I would die of embarrassment”
“What if you couldn’t see him” I suggested.
“But how would that work? I don’t know if that’s right. After all he’s our friends’ son”
“Yes and old enough to be wanking into your panties and fantasising about your body”
“I’ll think about it” she said and that was all that was discussed on the subject for a couple of days.
After a couple of days, Jane told me she couldn’t stop thinking about Peter wanking with her panties and she was happy to try whatever I wanted. So I called Peter and asked him if he’d like to see Jane naked and if he’d like to wank off while looking at her. Of course he said yes, so I told him to come round to the back of our house at 7.00 pm that evening. Our bedroom has French windows opening out onto the decking at the rear of the house. This is where Peter would arrive.
It was all set up and I was horny all day. When 7.00 came, Jane was laying on our bed, in bra and panties, sexy red matching set. She was also wearing a blindfold. Her hands were up above her head.
“Are you ready?” I asked
“I think so, but I’m shaking with nerves and excitement” Jane answered.
I went and opened the door to the deck. Peter was there. I put my finger to my lips to remind him to remain silent throughout. Then I let him come into our bedroom. When he saw Jane on the bed, his mouth fell open and he reached down to rub his growing bulge in the front of his jeans. He stayed where he was just inside the door and looked at me. I nodded towards his crotch as if to say go ahead. He undid his jeans and pulled them down along with his boxers. His cock sprang straight up. It was a beauty. Not particularly thick, but nice and long. He took a hold of it with his right hand and started to stroke it. I was concerned he would cum straight away so I gestured for him to slow down a bit.
I went over to the bed beside my wife. Her breathing was heavy, her chest heaving up and down. I reached behind her back and unclipped her bra. She moved her hands so I could take it off and now Peter had an unrestricted view of her large tits. I beckoned him closer. He kicked off his shoes, jeans and boxers and walked closer. He bent forward and stared at Jane’s breasts. I caressed them and tweaked her nipples while he watched. Then I moved him back to the end of the bed. He was very close to Jane’s feet. I reached over and slowly pulled her panties down her legs. As her pussy was revealed, Peter’s eyes bulged. This was a dream come true.
With her panties off, I spread her legs as wide as I could so Jane was totally exposed to this young horny lad from next door. I reached over to her pussy and eased her labia aside to give Peter a good look at her slippery pink cunt, then teased her clit till it started to poke out. This was clearly too much for Peter. He gave me the pre-arranged thumbs up sign and I got him to kneel on the end of the bed between Jane’s legs. A couple more strokes of his rock hard cock and he shot spurt after spurt all the way up her body. The first shot just reached her chin, then loads on her breasts and tummy and then a few final drops landed on her exposed pussy which I was still playing with. As the cum landed on her, Jane groaned. I knew she was close to an orgasm, so I stuffed 2 fingers in her pussy and quickly finished her off. She was shaking as Peter squeezed the last of his cum out.
After that, as arranged Peter picked up his things and walked back out the door. I closed the door and turned back to Jane. She was rubbing cum into her breasts and over her tummy and even into her pussy. I quickly stripped off climbed on top of her. My cock plunged straight into her cunt, balls deep. I lay down against her and felt Peter’s cum between our bodies. I licked it off her chin and gave her a deep French kiss as I shot deep inside her and she had a second orgasm.
Life was great!!

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