The Landlord’s Daughter – Chapter 2


To fully appreciate this story you need to read chapter 1 first, but if you don’t it doesn’t matter too much. This story is marked as BDSM because it is about male domination and female submission, but there is a lot more to it than that. There is i****t and fetish involved as well. If you don’t like these things don’t read any further. Thank you. I hope you enjoy it.


Still speechless, Mark was led across to Hetty by his wife. &#034Please fuck my mouth Daddy&#034

The shock of the situation caused Mark’s dick to soften. Rose took it in her hand and fed it into Hetty’s waiting mouth. She got to work immediately with her expert tongue and sucked the growing cockhead in. Before he knew what was happening Mark had his hand on the back of her head and built up a steady rhythm. Hetty slurped and drooled enthusiastically on the prick which was now a stiff as a ramrod again. Mark stopped his rhythm and pressed into Hetty’s young throat. To his surprise she took it without gagging. He placed one hand on the front of her throat and felt his prick inside it.

&#034Good isn’t she.&#034 Said Rose. &#034Hetty told me how popular she used to be for her blow jobs, but the guys have all pissed off since the incident in the car park. They are scared of being associated with her and word getting back to their families and girlfriends.&#034

Rose dropped to her knees behind Mark and started rimming him. It didn’t take long before that tipped him over the edge He looked down at his daughter’s pretty face, grasped her head with both hands and shot a massive load into her mouth. Hetty opened her eyes wide, looking up to her Dad. She gulped a couple of times to swallow the creamy goo before running her tongue around the shrinking dick to clean it.

&#034Thank you Daddy.&#034

&#034Oh God. I don’t know what to say. That was fucking amazing, but this isn’t right is it?&#034

Before Hetty could answer Rose chipped in.

&#034Your daughter loves you just as I do. When I told her about this place she said how much she felt that she owed you and she couldn’t wait to make a contribution. In fact the main contribution.&#034

&#034Daddy, what Mum says is true, but much more than that. I have fantasised about having you for years. My love is bigger than just a daughter.&#034

She blushed and cast her eyes down, but carried on.

&#034Do you remember when I was fifteen. You caught me with make up I stole from the local shop. You made me bend over a chair in the kitchen and you spanked my bottom with your hand. When I thought you were going to stop I was about to get up feeling very cocky. You put me back, took out a cane, pulled my knickers down and gave me six hard strokes. I cried a lot, but I have never stolen again and ….errh….. when I pulled up my panties and slunk away I saw a big bulge in your trousers. Ever since then I have dreamed of having that prick inside me. I masturbate to images in my mind of you fucking me in every way imaginable. Now I have tasted you and it was even better than I imagined.&#034

She flushed even redder.

&#034Jeeeeessus.&#034 Mark sank into an armchair in mute amazement.

Rose released Hetty from the pillory then went over to Mark and kissed him.

&#034We are both going to be your staff here. We promise to leave all our customers happy and determined to come back. Now, do you remember that you said you were going to give the builders a couple of hundred quid as a bonus for the great job they have done?&#034

&#034Err well yes, but what…&#034

&#034I know you haven’t told them yet, so don’t give them the money. Just go and tell them now that they can finish work for today. You have got a special treat for them in here.&#034 She grinned and winked.

&#034You really want to do that?&#034

&#034We sure do.&#034 Said Hetty.

Finally Mark laughed. He left the room and called over the foreman.

&#034Bill. The job’s almost done. You can finish it off tomorrow and get your final payment. You can tell the lads to finish for today. I’ve got something very special for you in the entertainment room.&#034

&#034What do you mean? There’s another two hours to do today.&#034

&#034You can all have that off. You will still be able to finish tomorrow. There’s something better you can do with those two hours.&#034

&#034I hope you’re right. Hey lads, you’re finished for today. Come over here the boss wants to talk to you.&#034

Bill and his four workmen gathered round.

&#034Remember you guys asking me what I was going to do with the weird gear in this room?&#034 Mark pointed at the door.

&#034Yeah mate. You wouldn’t tell us. Torture chamber I reckoned.&#034

Mark chuckled. &#034Pleasure chamber really. Now it’s yours to try out.&#034

There were a few whistles and grins.

&#034Go in lads. Grab yourself a shower and enjoy what’s on offer.&#034

Mark opened the door. The five men walked in to the smiling faces of Rose and Hetty standing naked either side of the door waving them in and welcoming them.

&#034You built us an excellent shower guys so would you like to hang your clothes on the pegs and get freshened up. Then we can move on to business.&#034

The men wasted no time stripping off as the women took their clothes and hung them up. The shower was large, without doors. Hetty turned it on and started rubbing shower gel over the first guy to come forward. Soon both women were lathering all the men as they crowded in, circling around to get the spray and the sensual touch. All five had strong erections very quickly. They rinsed off the gel and walked out. Rose threw them large, soft towels.

As soon as she was dried off, Mark secured Hetty in the pillory again.

&#034Bill. Being in charge of works I think you get first place. Hetty wants to taste your cock.&#034

&#034Fuck me Mark. She’s not much older than my granddaughter. Are you sure this is legal?&#034

&#034Very sure. Hetty is a willing lady with a mind of her own and old enough to make it up for herself. She wants your prick Bill. Don’t disappoint her.&#034

He didn’t need anymore invitation. Hetty’s lovely warm lips sucked him in and he groaned with pleasure.

Rose was on her knees with four men round her. She was wanking two cocks while a third filled her mouth. Every few moments she turned to take a different prick to lavish her attention on. The little group was close to the rimming bench so Mark took the opportunity to tell the guys how it worked and when customers got to use it. When he had finished talking Rose stood up.

&#034Now you know what it is for I guess you need to try it out don’t you?&#034 She laid down and Mark secured her.

&#034Richard, I think you have the hairiest ass, you should be the first to test this equipment.&#034

Everybody laughed including Bill who had just emptied his load into Hetty’s willing mouth and was marvelling as she opened wide to show him the good product of his sixty year old dick before she swallowed it.

Mark gestured another guy over to Hetty. He looked every inch a builder. Huge calloused hands and a big, eager prick. Hetty tingled at the feeling of the rough, scr****g hands on her cheeks. She realised that she had never felt the touch of a manual worker. It thrilled her and spurred her on to suck him with even more enthusiasm than she had before. She felt that those hands could crush her head if he chose, but he was gentle. He cradled her head and allowed her to work on his dick with her mouth and tongue. It was not long before she was fed with a further spurt of hot cum. She looked up and opened her mouth to display it as she had done before. A broadly smiling face looked down at her and she swallowed. He tilted her head a little further upwards, bent down and kissed her on the lips. Hetty responded and then felt his tongue enter her mouth where it glided over her own cum coated tongue. She could feel her cunt juices trickling down her thigh.

Courtney took his turn and gave Hetty her first black cock. Today was full of so many new experiences. She was going to love this job.

Across by the rimming bench Bill stood by Mark. He led Mark aside a bit and said quietly in his ear &#034that’s your missus licking ass isn’t it? I remember seeing you showing her how it was coming on a few days ago.&#034

&#034Yes it is. I’m very proud of her.&#034

&#034Ha. Well I suppose you should be in a strange sort of way. But tell me this. That girl who’s sucking cocks looks a lot like her mother doesn’t she?&#034

&#034Well yes, you’re right. That is my daughter. Isn’t she amazing?&#034

&#034Too fucking right she is, but how could you make her do this?&#034

&#034Make her! I couldn’t stop her. She and her mother insisted and it was my wife’s suggestion to give you guys a special session as a bonus for your good work.&#034

&#034Fuck me. You’ve got some f****y mate. If it’s OK with you and them who am I to complain. So do I get to have the bosses tongue up my ass?&#034

&#034Definitely Bill, but I am the boss not her and that’s the way she wants it.&#034

The buzzer rang just then and Mark showed Bill to his position sitting over Rose’s face.

Mark took the three unoccupied builders across to the whipping frame and explained how it was used. He pointed out the flogger, a riding crop and a collection of paddles and canes which he had hanging on the wall.

&#034We haven’t decided yet who will get to give a girl a whipping here. It will be customers who are spending well in the bar, but we don’t know how we will choose them or how often it will be used. It can’t be too often so it will be a special piece of gear. Take a look at Rose. She still has fading marks on her ass, tits and pussy from when I tried it out on her.&#034

The guys whistled and murmered as they took in this information. They all drifted back to the rimming bench where they peered closely at Rose’s tits while she continued licking their foreman’s ass.

When the buzzer went for the end of Bill’s rimming session there was groaning from the pillory. Courtney pumped shot after shot of thick, white cum into Hetty’s mouth. Mark decided it was time for everybody to have a break. While he was releasing the women from their equipment the men sat themelves down.

&#034Is it OK to smoke in here?&#034 Said Bill.

&#034Of course. This is the pleasure palace. You relax and enjoy yourself while you are here.&#034 Mark collected ashtrays from the bar and distributed them.

&#034Pleasure Palace. Yeah, that’s the name for it. We will make you a door sign tomorrow.&#034 Bill chuckled as he lit up.

A couple of the guys went over for a piss where they were joined by Hetty. When they were finished she sat down to pee and they hung around to watch. Rose went and got everybody a drink.

After a chat among themselves Bill said &#034we know how you should pick somebody for the the whipping frame.&#034

&#034Really. Go on then tell us.&#034

&#034Well, Our company runs a weekly lottery. It uses the bonus ball from the national Lotto which has numbers from 1 to 49. We have less than 49 people so sometimes nobody wins and we have a rollover week. The winner gets fifty quid or a hundred if it’s a rollover.&#034

&#034How would that work for us?&#034

&#034Well, you could give a number to everybody who spends a certain amount in a week and then on Saturday night the holder of the Lotto bonus ball number wins the chance to give one of your girls a flogging. Let’s say they could give her three strokes on the ass for every 25 quid they’ve spent. If they prefer they could give her two strokes on the tits or one on her pussy instead.&#034

&#034Great idea Bill. I am going to have to think about that and discuss it with Rose and Hetty.&#034

&#034Hang on a minute.&#034 Said Courtney. &#034My girlfriend likes me to spank her real hard and she is a hell of an exhibitionist. Our flat is above a shop next to a busy road. Only the other day she was parading around naked in front of the window. When I told her to pack it in she ignored me until I took hold of her and gave her ass a good whacking with her slipper. She cried, but she was so wet and loving after. She loved it. She’s the girl for that whipping frame.&#034

&#034Wow, brilliant. This gets better all the time. We are going to get this set up. Anyway guys, let’s get on. You haven’t finished with Rose and Hetty yet and I don’t want to be responsible for you being home late.&#034

They all laughed. The women had a quick discussion. Hetty said she had never had her tongue up a man’s ass. She thought she should learn how to do it, but Rose said that for today she should stick to what she was good at and carry on cock sucking. There were still a couple of guys who were dying to get their dick in her pretty young mouth. She could learn some rimming skills on Daddy when Rose would guide her. Mark heard the last part of the conversation. He was quick to put Hetty back in the pillory ready for her next builder.

Rose laid on her rimming bench and Bill went to fix her in position. It was Courtney’s turn for Rose to give a tongue fucking. Like her daughter she had never had a black man and it really turned her on. As he lowered himself she admired his big dick. While she probed his sphincter, Rose pictured that prick thrusting in and out of Hetty’s mouth and pumping cum into her. She wanted that cock herself. When she imagined Courtney spanking his girlfriend she got even more excited. Rose wanted to be disciplined by him. Before she knew what was happening Rose was pushing her tongue right into Courtney’s ass and she shuddered with a massive orgasm as she did it. The buzzer went and he reluctantly stood up.&#034

&#034Fucking hell Mark. You have got some woman there. Thank you Rose that was amazing.&#034

Rose murmured thank you back. She was lost in her dreams.

Hetty swallowed the final two cum loads with enthusiasm. Cock sucking really was her passion and she had so missed it since her arrest. Much more than that though, the new eperience of being restrained while she sucked cock and feeling strong, experienced and mature men in her mouth was a thrill way beyond anything she had felt before. She had grown out of lusting after schoolboys now. She wanted real men.

When the buzzer announced the end of Rose’s last rimming, Mark finshed removing Hetty from the pillory, hugged her and gave her a big kiss which was very different from any kisses he had ever given her before. Hetty’s hand went to her clit and her thoughts were all about what her mother had said. In her mind she already had her tongue in her Daddy’s ass. A few seconds later her knees buckled with the orgasm coursing through her body. Mark dragged himself away to release his wife and kiss her even more passionately. The tongue that he sucked into his mouth had been in the asses of five builders and yet it was the sweetest thing he had ever tasted.

Everybody dressed and they parted with many kisses, cuddles and fond wishes for the future. The lads rushed home with their heads full of how they would finish the work tomorrow and go on to drink in the bar on its opening night.

Mark took the girls home and dashed immediately into the shower. He had never washed his ass so thoroughly in his life. He could still not take in what his wife had said, but sure as hell he saw his daughter in a different way now and if there was any chance of having that gorgeous tongue rimming him he was going to take it.

He was a bit disappointed when he came out of the shower to find the women in the kitchen preparing an evening meal. It was a long time since he had eaten, but his mind was really not on food. Thinking about what the girls had done today he didn’t want to push things too far so he went to the bedroom and got dressed.

Mark poured himself a gin and tonic and sat in his favourite armchair. He put on the television, but he was completely unaware of the programme. All he could think about was his newly discovered daughter. In her belly was his cum mixed with the cum of five builders. She had done an amazing job of sucking his cock and he could not help re-living the experience again and again in his mind.

Rose called out that dinner was served. Mark’s first thought as he got up was whether Hetty could really be hungry after what she had eaten already. Over their meal, the conversation was animated about the prospects for the new bar. Rose was especially interested in whether Courtney would persuade his girlfriend to take part in their proceedings and what she might be like. They speculated on a pretty, black lady with a lush, round ass that wuld be ripe for the flogger. Mark said that Courtney told him he gave her a regular caning and that she could take twenty five strokes. He had only ever beaten her ass, but after seeing Rose’s tits marked with the flogger he was thinking of trying that.

After dinner they all relaxed with a couple of drinks before Rose said that she and Hetty were going to have a shower. They were thinking of an early night.

&#034Great idea.&#034 Said Mark giving Rose a peck on the cheek. &#034It’s been an amazing day and tomorrow is going to be a big one. I’ll see you in the bedroom Darling&#034

&#034We will see you in the bedroom.&#034 Said Rose as they left.

A shiver of anticipation shot through Mark. So they hadn’t had enough for the day. They were both coming to him. Going to the bedroom, Mark’s thoughts returned to the prospect of his daughter putting her tongue in his ass. Before he could get all his clothes off his prick was rock hard. He laid on his back, closed his eyes and allowed his fantasies to run. The two women in his life were pleasuring him in every imaginable way.

He was shocked back to reality by the sensation of a warm mouth closing over his rigid cock. There was no doubting the difference between dreams and reality and he recognised that mouth. He opened his eyes to find Rose’s face above him. She kissed him deeply as he felt his dick going deep into his daughter’s throat.

&#034Turn over Darling.&#034 Said Rose. She was folding the duvet into a large cushion which she placed under Mark’s stomach.

Rose spread his ass cheeks and flipped her moist tongue across his asshole. &#034Start with that sweetie.&#034

Mark could feel the gentle, warm breath of both women close to his freshly wet ass. The first lick was followed by delicious lapping from Hetty’s tongue.

&#034That’s right Het. Now run your tongue round and round the sphincter where all the sensitive nerve ends are. That’s nice isn’t it Daddy?&#034 Mark groaned his agreement.

&#034While you are licking, cradle his balls in your hand. From time to time run your tongue down to the perineum and then slip one or both balls in your mouth.&#034 When Hetty followed the guidance by sucking one of Mark’s balls into her mouth Rose formed her tongue into a stiff point and probed Mark’s asshole.

&#034Watch me Baby. This is a tongue fuck. You may not be ready for it yet, butDaddy wil love it.&#034 Rose’s head bobbed up and down with her rigid tongue entering and leaving the increasingly relaxed sphincter.

&#034Oh yes! Oh god. Fucking hell. That’s so good.&#034

Hetty returned to ball sucking whille her mother tongue fucked her man until Rose stopped and leant over to the bedside cabinet. She took out a tube of lube.

&#034Fuck me please Darling.&#034

Hetty drew back. Wow! She was going to see her parents fucking and she was part of it. This was unreal. Mark rolled onto his back and took the lube. She obviously didn’t just want a fucking. She didn’t need lube for that. His thoughts were confirmed when Rose placed herself face down over the folded duvet with her ass high.

Mark lubed his dick while Hetty watched closely. He handed her the tube and spread Rose’s ass.

&#034Put a little of this in Mummy’s ass baby. It will be more comfortable for her.&#034

Hetty leapt to her task, spreading lube on her fingers then smearing her entrance before gently probing her with two slippery fingers. Mark positioned himself and pressed his engorged prick into his wife’s willing ass. Hetty knew what she should do. As he built up a gentle rhythm, she got behind. After a few licks around his asshole she pointed her tongue and pressed it in. They synchronised perfectly. As Mark drew back from Rose’s Ass Hetty’s tongue penetrated his asshole. When Mark’s speed increased, Hetty kept pace and managed to get her tongue ever further in. Mark moved his hand round to Rose’s clit, working it while he buggered her. Within a few minutes Mark was loudly shooting a load into Rose’s ass and she screamed a massive climax at the same moment.

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