The first in cum consumption


It had been a long standing turn on, the thought of eating my own cum. I had watched many CEI videos in the hope that one day the turn on would be so great that I could not help myself. What follows is the true account of the first time I actually feasted on my own cum.

The day had dragged on, I had finished my work and chores for the day and was heavily engaged in my masturbatory joy. For over an hour I edged with delight at a cacophony of jerk off instruction and ruined orgasm videos. My playlist was filled with femdom delight. I edged and edged seeking out new videos until I hit the peak horniness that always results in me getting on Omegle seeking to find some woman to dominate me on webcam. I inputted my particular preferences seeking a woman a domme to take control of my orgasm. All the while my porn playlist ran on only increasing my horniness. Of course searching Omegle in the hopes of finding a domme is like hunting a unicorn. Eventually I found a willing participant in my act of submission.

The chat began by a simple statement; &#034M dom.&#034 It was clear in intention and at first assumption it only seemed to be like the other people on omegle, seeking a pair of tits they can boss around hoping for a finger to end up in some woman’s ass.

I responded simply by saying that I was a &#034M sub.&#034

To my surprise the chat began to come alive. I was commanded to turn on my cam and after it was on I was told to strip. Being a good little sub I stripped down to my flesh and exposed myself before my commander.

&#034Stroke&#034 he said.

I began to play with my cock, nervous as I listened to the encouragement of the CEI video playing in the background.

&#034Do you know how to edge?&#034 he asked.

&#034yes,&#034 i told him.

&#034Good,&#034 he said. &#034Stroke until you are on the edge and then put your hands on your stomach&#034

I did as I was told for three edges until pre-cum glistened on the head of my cock.

&#034Use a finger to gather up that pre-cum and taste it&#034 he told me.

I did as I was told, my excitement growing ever more.

&#034Good boy,&#034 he encouraged. &#034Do you know how to ruin an orgasm?&#034

I knew the response and knew what it was. I had never actually ruined one though. &#034Yes,&#034 I said hoping that I could fulfill his request.

&#034I want you to stroke to the edge and I want to see one drop, ONE DROP, of cum.&#034 He commanded me with a stern tone.

I confessed to my lack of practice but assured him I would try. I began to stroke, following the commands of the video that was playing in the background. After a short time he told me to pick up pace and I could feel the cum beginning to boil over. My balls tensed and my cock ached to find release. I stroked to the edge and encouraged it on just a bit. It was the point of no return I was going to cum whether I wanted to or not. As a dutiful sub I freed my cock from the pleasure of embrace and watched as it twitched in futility. Cum began to ooze from my cock and it was more than a drop.

&#034A reasonable attempt for someone new to being ruined but it was more than a drop. I saw it flow. Clean it up now!&#034 He commanded

My cock was at full attention. Where I had so often felt a fulfilled orgasm, now I only felt the desire to cum. shaking I reached down and scooped up some of my own cum. I felt the sticky, quickly cooling fluid and brought it too my mouth.

My screen lit up again, &#034EAT IT&#034 he said.

I shoved my fingers in my mouth and grasped my cock. I stroke with a fury turned on by what I had just done. It took moments before I began to shoot my cum feet from the place that I had been kneeling. My master laughed with delight at my reaction to eating my own cum. All I could think of how great it felt to shoot such a big load from being so turned on.

As I sit here writing this I find myself turned on that it is all I can do to keep from cumming. I hope that it happens again. It would seem that the encouragement offered by someone is far more effective for me than just a video. Hopefully it will happen again next week. Let me know if you liked the story!

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