The bully part 1


A fantasy.

&#034WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED?&#034 Mrs Claire Davis screamed in horror after seeing her son. Her son John was beat up so badly all over and his shirt was wet. Claire was never aware of her son getting bullied in school until this day. John proceeded to tell her everything in detail. He told her how long the bullying had been going on and what all happened. And of course the most recent incident. John’s senior and bully a rich jock named Mick was harassing John as usual, until this time Mick passed extremely crude and demeaning comments about Claire to John, John pitifuly tried fighting his superior bully back but to no avail. His attempt just angered Mick who then gave John the beatdown of a lifetime. To top it all off, Mick dunked John’s head in the toilet bowl of one of the school toilets and gave him a swirlie. After which Mick just left John there until he was able to make it back home.
Claire was shocked, horrified and enraged. She never knew someone would reach this extent. What was worse her son told her that the bullying would be getting worse from Monday and that Mick aimed to put John in the intensive care ward one way or the other. From all Claire had heard she knew this was no joke as Mick came from a rich and influential f****y, he’s been known to get into serious trouble and his father would either pay or influence his way out without a mark. Mick was a legend in school for leaking out a video where he was fucking a popular guys girlfriend at a party, and when confronted by the chicks boyfriend Mick broke his jaw and a few ribs as well. Even though the boys parents went to the school authorities and the police no action was taken against Mick. Mick was physically strong and dominating and also extremely persuasive. He would always have his way. Mick was also known for getting his dick sucked by girls who were already in relationships. No guy would mess with him as it would mean the hospital. Claire decided she would go over to Mick’s f****y house and try to reason with the bully and his parents. This was the only way she could keep her son safe she thought. She told John she’d be back to join him and her husband before supper time, just before she left.
She drove fast and with a vengeance. She was most certainly going to give Mick’s rich parents a piece of her mind. Hopefully scold and berate the brat too. Claire reached her destination. &#034They’re home all of them.&#034 noticing the black BMW as she parked her car outside their house. She walked right upto the door and rang the bell twice. In a minute the door was opened by none other than Mick who was wearing nothing but his boxers. &#034Yes, how may I help ya?&#034 Mick asked his visitor, eyeing her body intently. &#034John Davis. I’m here for John Davis, I’m his mother and I want you to stop this bullying of yours. You will stop?&#034 said Claire. She couldn’t help but notice Mick’s muscled body. &#034Oh that loser!! Well what makes you think I’m gonna stop picking on him?&#034 asked Mick with a cocky smile. &#034OHMYGOD You really are so arrogant, where are your parents? I’d like to know what they feel about you almost beating to death a boy much smaller and weaker than yourself?&#034 retorted Claire. &#034Uh well they wouldn’t be too happy about it, but that doesn’t bother me what bothers me is that your son is such a pathetic loser. Ugh i just wanna piss and spit on him every time I see him.&#034 Said Mick. &#034Thats my son!&#034 gasped Claire as she slapped Mick across the face. &#034You’re disgusting now WHERE THE HECK ARE YOUR PARENTS?&#034 snapped Claire. &#034Theyre out. They’ll be back soon, please do come in and sit and wait.&#034 Said Mick with a change of tone. Claire stepped in &#034I thought they were home isn’t that their car? she asked &#034No, that car is mine. Sit they’ll be back soon. They’re not gonna be too happy when I tell them you slapped me.&#034 said Mick calmly. &#034That slap is nothing compared to what you do to my son. Why are you doing this to him? What do you seek to gain from it?&#034 said Claire. She eyed the muscular boy in boxers that stood before her. She knew her son stood no chance against him.
&#034Look Mrs Davis, if you want me to lay off your son and by lay off I mean not put him into the intensive care ward first thing come Monday, you and I need to come to an arrangement.&#034 said Mick staring at his victims mother. &#034If you touch him, if you so much as try&#034 &#034You’ll do what Mrs Davis, complain? your cunt of a son knows that nothing works against me, he knows everything works for me he knows everything goes my way. I will put him in the intensive care unit and he himself will tell you ‘i told you so’ the only reason I’m even talking right now is because the turds mom came, I’d beat the fuck out of your husband if he showed up here, thank goodness its just you.&#034 interjected Mick. &#034So don’t think I’m playing Mrs Davis, I will hospitalize both your husband and your son if you want to fuck with my happiness. I mean it. Your son is gonna go through hell on Monday. You can prevent that if you wanna?&#034 announced Mick. &#034What the hell do you want?&#034 asked Claire frustrated and irritated now. It was starting to sink in, she was powerless in front of her sons bully. The look in his eyes told her that he was not lying when he threatened her f****y. She also knew he could hospitalize both her husband and son with ease and he would get away with it as well without a problem. Mick eyed the woman he had on his couch now. Mrs Claire Davis a married mother, mother of the k** he bullies everyday, Mick eyed her past her clothes. In his mind Mick had stripped Claire naked a hundred times over. He looked at her thick legs, he wanted to be in between them. The sight of Claire’s thick thighs gradually made Mick’s dick rise slowly. Claire noticed this as well. Mick got closer to her now. He was standing she was seated. Mick got closer as his erection slowly grew. Standing in front of Claire now, &#034You’re gonna be my bitch right now Mrs Davis, there’s no way out.&#034 said Mick looking down at his still growing erection. &#034What the hell do you think you’re doing you pervert I’m a married mother, you’re my sons bully!!!&#034 snapped Claire as she quickly stood up, Mick grabbed her arms and held her firmly, &#034And me being your sons bully makes it even hotter doesn’t it, don’t you want your sons bully’s dick down your throat?&#034 Asked Mick, his cock almost busting out of his boxers now. Claire looked down and was stunned. This must have been the biggest cock she’s ever seen. Numerous thoughts ran through Claire’s mind right now, her son, her husband, them waiting on her back home for supper but the biggest thought in her mind was Mick’s muscular body and giant cock. &#034Please you can’t do this, my f****y is waiting for me back home.&#034 Claire stammered still staring at Mick’s dick. Mick pushed Claire back onto the couch, &#034I don’t care if they’re waiting those two losers are going to be blessed if they even get to see you again tonight. You’re mine now bitch!&#034 said Mick as he dropped his boxers exposing a massive thick dick.
His dick almost popped into Claire’s face. It was just inches away from her face. &#034I can’t, I won’t cheat and certainly not with you my sons bully and tormentor.&#034 sighed Claire her eyes fixated on the huge dong. &#034You are going to get my dick one way or the other bitch. If you say no and fight me, I’m only gonna f***efully take you and f***efully impregnate you, if you give into me, that won’t happen and you won’t be visiting your son and husband in the intensive care ward.&#034 Mick said coolly grabbing his huge dick. Claire knew she was defeated. If she resisted Mick would f***efully make her pregnant and hospitalize her husband and son, she thought about this fact before visually feasting on her sons naked bully. She found his body attractive but she was most turned on by his dick. She thought about her son and husband waiting for her at this very moment while she was just inches away from her sons bully’s massive dick. She thought about how much pain Mick put her son through, she thought about how her son would feel if he found out about this. She thought about all this before moving her face closer. Her breath was on Mick’s cock right now. Her face was just a few centimetres away from his dick. She finally took his big dick in her hand and got closer to Mick. His dick was in her hand now and its tip was touching her face, she felt guilty at the same time she felt hotter than she’d ever felt before. &#034Ha ha ha Yeah you’re my cum bucket now bitch. What the fuck are you waiting for? Get to work!&#034 smirked Mick as he looked down on his victims mother holding his dick against her face. The sight of her wedding ring on the same hand holding his cock made Mick feel even more proud. Claire slowly stuck out her tongue and licked the tip of his dick. This was the first time she was cheating. She licked the tip of his dick again. She kept giving quick licks to the tip of his dick until she slowly swallowed the head. &#034AAAAHHHH&#034 groaned Mick as she put his cock head into her mouth. He held her head from behind and slowly pressed his cock deeper into her mouth. Mick started bobbing her head up and down his cock. He made her deep throat the whole thing. This made Claire choke and gag. Mick was now throat fucking her. Claire slobbered all over his cock and kept sucking giving her fullest. Thirty minutes had almost passed, Claire was still sucking and licking her sons bully’s cock. She licked his cock from under his balls right to the tip just one lick and then she would deepthroat the whole thing again. She even sucked his balls. Mick clicked a few pictures of this on his phone. Claire was too occupied with sucking his dick and balls to care. Claire didn’t care about anything right now, not her son, not her husband just for Mick’s cock which she was now in love with. Sucking and slobbering Claire continued with very little use of her hands. &#034Work it cunt, I’m gonna cum…&#034 grunted Mick as Claire ferociously sucked on his dick. On hearing this Claire immediately started sucking his balls as his dick beat against her face. She started to suck his dick again this time jerking him off simultaneously. Claire wanted his cum. She wanted to taste her sons bully’s sperm. Mick finally ejaculated a massive load of sperm, all over Claire. He shot thick huge loads of cum on her face, her forehead, her hair, her neck too. He even shot a massive load in her mouth which she swallowed. Mick’s sperm was even on her shirt, the cum on her neck dripped down into her shirt, she wiped some of the cum off her face and put it in her mouth and swallowed it too. Mick put his cock into her mouth again feeding her a few more drops of cum that oozed right into her mouth. Claire was drenched in her son’s bully’s cum, she even swallowed it. Claire had never felt this hot before. She wanted more, more of Mick more of his massive cock. She looked at her watch, it was past the usual supper time now, she remembered her son and husband waiting on her back home, before licking Mick’s penis again. She didn’t care if Mick bullied her son or not, she wanted him, she wanted his cock, her sons bully’s massive cock.

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