THE BOAT (A Lesbian Tale)


THE BOAT (A Lesbian tale)
This story takes place a few years following World War II on one of the regular shipping routes between Penang and Singapore in Malaysia. All characters are fictitious.

Once every month Evelyn went shopping in Singapore and took one of her female servants with her. The trip lasted a few days depending on the weather and usually two nights were spent on the large wooden motorboat which also carried a lot of supplies and from 50 to 100 passengers. Evelyn was British and had joined her b*****r, who had been in the army there, to help in maintaining rice fields. Unfortunately soon after her arrival, her b*****r had died of a snake bite, and, at age 30, she was left with operating a huge rice plantation using mainly female workers.
Nelly was a school teacher who had come to Malaysia after the war for some adventure. She had been a teacher in a private school for girls which catered to the wealthy class. At age 45, she wanted to see how the rest of the world lived. She taught high school in a village next to Evelyn’s but the two women did not know each other. Nelly took advantage of the school holidays to go shopping, and brought one of her girl servants to help her with the language. All four women would meet in an unconventional way on the rickety ship which would take them to Singapore.
They boarded the ship late in the evening since they would travel when the sea was calmest. The women and the men were kept apart. The men and the crew slept on deck while the women slept on rows and rows of bamboo panels covered by a thin layer of cotton. As usual it was very hot and humid. The trip was not the most comfortable. The women wore little and that was one of the reasons to keep the men at a distance.
Evelyn wore a beige cotton dress with buttons all the way down the front. As was the custom, that was the only piece of garment covering her nudity. Her small breasts were barely visible through the fabric but her loose buttocks moved like two globes as she walked onto the ship. Evelyn was a red head and, even after spending most of the day in the sun, her face and arms were quite white. Her red hair still fascinated the native population. Farah, her 19 year-old house maid, was short and skinny as were most women in that country. Her face was bony and her wide mouth showed surprisingly white teeth.
Farah chose a spot on the matting and lay on her side, preparing to sl**p. Evelyn lay just behind her and would have put her arm around her if the temperature wasn’t so hot. Both women were already sweating in this hull where there wasn’t much air. Evelyn’s red hair was clinging to her face and neck and she was constantly brushing it away. Despite the heat, Farah backed up a few inches so her body touched her mistress’s and Evelyn kissed her neck. The women continued to come into the sl**ping quarters and lined up in rows on the matting. A Malay woman, about the same age as Farah lay down beside her, facing in the same direction and then her mistress took the next space. Nelly was blonde and her white cotton dress, finer and thinner than Evelyn’s, showed more round forms, mainly her large breasts and her round buttocks. She had already undone most of the buttons which were on the side of her dress as she lay down, her back against Najwa’s chest. The two couples, set up like a row of sardines, did not know each other and did not speak.
The women felt the movement of the ship as it left harbour. It was dark in the sl**ping quarters but at times a beam of light penetrated from the opening of a door or deck trap. Evelyn felt Farah inching away from her towards Najwa, the other servant girl. From the movement of the silhouettes and the noise of linen rubbing against linen, Evelyn was sure Farah was touching the other girl or maybe it was Najwa who had initiated the contact. Evelyn knew that Farah’s “emotions” sometimes had the better over her judgement. She took Farah by the shoulders and whispered in her hear. Farah turned her head sideways and said:
“No worry”.
The two native girls were moving against each other and Farah’s had slipped one hand under Najwa’s short skirt. Evelyn had noticed that during previous trips on this ship, there had been a number of lesbian couples who were openly having sex. Since she had previously been alone, she had been happy to just watch. Farah and Evelyn had regular sex at the house. Two reasons made the red-head hesitate: this was a public place and the girl servant Farah was fingering was with a British woman she didn’t know. Events were moving quickly. At first it was Farah who was the one stroking Najwa from behind and kissing her on the neck, but then Nelly’s girl rolled over and faced Farah. Evelyn watched as the two young girls lifted each other’s skirt and unbuttoned their blouse. They began sucking their little tits and fingering their hairy cunts. “Oh my”, thought Evelyn, “it’s too late now to stop them from fucking”. The movement has awaked Nelly who had rolled over to see what her servant was up to. Nelly’s first reaction was to put her hand over her mouth, to stifle a cry. Her short curly blonde hair stuck to her forehead as her mouth opened in a mixture of surprise, embarrassment and lust. Nelly attempted to pull Najwa back to separate the two young women. Evelyn looked at her and hissed:
“Let them”.
Evelyn lifted her dress until her mound rubbed against Farah’s ass. She could feel Farah humping against Najwa’s fingers and then it happened. Evelyn felt the tip of Najwa’s fingers touch her cunt lips. Rubbing Farah’s cunt with her wrist, Najwa had extended her hand to reach Evelyn’s cunt. The British woman bit her lips not to scream and hid her face behind Farah’s back. She whispered something in her servant’s ear. Nelly immediately saw what was happening.
“I want some”, she told Farah
Farah pushed her hand through Najwa’s thighs and her fingers began to go up Nelly’s love canal. Both British women were being masturbated by the other’s servant girl. Reluctant at first, Nelly jumped into the fray and made room for the two little lesbians. For Nelly it brought back memories of her duties as dormitory supervisor at the all-girls private school in the English countryside. She had set up a bed which could quickly be surrounded by d****s and which received any lesbian couple who got too noisy.
Evelyn realized that Farah was not going to settle for some simple fingering and that she and Najwa wanted to suck each other. The plantation owner got on her knees to help her servant girl get head to toe with Najwa while still resting on her side. Since the two girls were about the same height, they quickly began to lap at each other. Both girls bent one leg to give easier access to their lover.
Evelyn unbuttoned her dress completely but kept it on. She lay down against Farah, her hairy naked cunt touching the girl’s ass. Nelly watched her compatriot, lifted her dress to expose her cunt and decided to assume the same position with Najwa. Both women were getting some satisfaction from having their clit rub against their servant’s ass. Evelyn knew there was more opportunity in this position than simply masturbating against a fleshy asscheek. As soon as she began to hump Najwa’s asscheek, Nelly understood what Evelyn was up to. The servant girls were eating each other’s cunt but they were also facing her mistress’s cunt. Evelyn began to feel Najwa’s breath on her cunt hair and Nelly could swear she felt the tip of Farah’s tongue touch her clit. Since the two servants were head to toe and the two older women, by lying head to head with their servant, were actually head to toe with each other. At first, Evelyn urged Farah to extend her neck, bypass Najwa’s patch and go for Nelly cunt. Nelly began to moan and pushed Najwa’s head with her hand so she could reach Evelyn’s cunt lips. Evelyn, who was getting tremendously horny, finally felt Najwa’s lips lick up the juices flowing from her love crack. Finally the two British lesbians could not wait any longer. Since they were much taller than the two servant girls, they extended their bodies as much as they could and, while their servants could still lick each other, stretched their neck as much as they could and buried their mouth in each other’s wet cunt. The four women continued their sucking for a few more minutes before the two servants whimpered during their orgasm and the two British women screamed theirs in unison.
Everyone around them pretended to sl**p. Farah and Najwa huddled and fell asl**p in each other’s arms. The two British women, nearly naked and covered in sweat and cunt juices, sat inches from each other.
“You started it”, Nelly said
“I did ?”, protested Evelyn
“You got the two girls to finger”, Nelly answered
“Farah always need a partner”, explained Evelyn
“Regrets ?”, added Evelyn
“Not fucking with you”, answered Nelly
“Let’s wait until tomorrow in Singapore”, answered Evelyn
“We’ll lick ass also”, added Nelly blushing
“We will”, laughed Evelyn, lying down on the sticky mat, hoping to get some sl**p.


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