The Art Club


My wife Julie’s friend Jenny was other for an afternoon chat. They were both sat on the sofa, while I carried out some paperwork on the dining table at the other end of our living room.
‘I’ve got a problem’ said Jenny to my wife. ‘My female model for my adult art club has pulled out at the last minute, and I can’t find anyone else to take her place at such short notice. The club meets tomorrow night!’
Jenny ran an Adult Art Club. They met up once a month. It was a small mixed group, usually about 10 people. The subjects were usually a sexy couple, posing nude in various erotic positions, although no actual penetration took place. Julie had mentioned going a few times but we never seemed to have the time.
‘Hey, I don’t suppose you would pose Julie?’ Jenny enquired. My ears immediately pricked up! ‘You’ve got a beautiful trim feminine body and a perfect English rose complexion.’
‘Wow!’ Julie uttered, ‘I’m not sure…’
‘You’ll love the male model, he’s name is Tony, he’s tall, handsome and very dark, and very professional. The combination of your two skin tones will be stunning. Please, will you do it for me?! I’ll owe you big time if you do!!’
‘What do you think Dave?’ my wife asked me.
‘I think you would be amazing babe’ I replied. ‘Would I be able to attend the class Jenny?’
‘Of course you can. Although I prefer my models to appear single. I think It adds to the sexual tension between the models. Julie, you will have to remove your wedding ring, and neither of you will be able to acknowledge each other, other than artist/model. Is that ok.’
Julie and I looked at each other and both nodded. Julie looked excited at the idea!
‘Brilliant,’ Jenny said, ‘We meet at 8pm tomorrow. Julie, if you could arrive 15 minutes early, so you can get ready?’ She nodded.

The following evening, Julie had a long soak in the bath. She had already removed her wedding ring, to give her skin a chance to lose its mark. She had fully shaved her sweet pussy too, and after her bath I helped her apply lotion all over her body. She was looking stunning tonight! A brief description for those of you unfamiliar with Julie, she’s 27, 5ft6 tall, weighs about 8.5 stone with a size 8/10 dress size figure. She has dark brunette hair down to just below her shoulders. Her 34B breasts are beautifully shaped and pert, topped off with perfectly sized and shaped sensative nipples. She has beautiful smooth flawless pale skin with a dusting of freckles across her delicate cheekbones. She has long shapely legs, a perfect arse, and a sexy trim slender waist. I have a particular fetish for her slender delicate hands and wrists, so feminine, so sensual.
‘Are you ready Julie?’ I called to her.
‘Yeah, Just coming’ she replied.
I drive her to Jenny’s house. She gave me a quick kiss and hopped out. I drove around for another 15 minutes before arriving back at Jenny’s place. As I walked in, a couple came in behind me. We were ushered through into a living room. Easel’s had been set up all around the edge of the room. Jenny showed me to one. A chaise was in the middle of the room, with some good bright light all aimed into the middle of the room. Once we were all settled, Jenny addressed us all.
‘Welcome to the Adult Art Club. For those of you who are new, and as a reminder to others, this is an erotic art club. We have a male and female model who will be assuming various close, erotic, sensual poses. however there will be no penetration. I will change their positions every 20 minutes. I suggest you sketch their poses, work on any detail you want to capture, and if you wish to finish your drawing at a later date, you may take a few reference photo’s. There will be 5 different positons, and the last 20 minutes of our meeting we will be taking requests. All understood?’
We all noddded. I looked around the group. There were nine of us in total, 3 of them women.
‘Ok, lets welcome our models for tonight.’ and Jenny turned to the door. In stepped Julie, wearing a short white Kimono. Behind her followed Tony. He must of been 6ft4, big broad shoulders, well toned muscles, not an ounce fat on him anywhere. He’s charcoal dark skin had a sheen to it, and contrasted with he’s tight white boxers. We all gave them a polite round of applause.
‘Ok’ Jenny said excited, ‘If you two could lose your clothing, i’ll position you for the first pose. Julie didn’t hesitate, simply pulling the belt at the front of her kimono and shrugging it off her shoulders. The silk material fell to the floor around her feet. I heard a couple of the guys take a deep breath as they were suddenly exposed to my wife’s naked body. she looked stunning!! Tony, stood beside Julie, also shrugged hes boxers off. Although soft, he was already an impressive size. Jenny positioned Tony behind Julie. The top of her head barely came up to he’s shoulders. Jenny nudged Julie back so she was leaning up against him. She positioned one of Tony’s big arms across Julies breasts, the other wrapped around and covering her smooth pussy.

‘Ok, let’s sketch’ Jenny announced. We all turned to our easels, as Jenny slowly made her way around the room, chatting to the club members, answering any queries, and offering advice. I looked back at my wife. She was trying to look serious, but I could tell she was excited by the closeness of Tony. I noticed he’s fingers had slightly parted over her right breast, her nipple peeking out between he’s thick dark fingers. He was gently pinching it, and her nipple had responded, stiffening up. Towards the end of the first 20 mintues, most of the members got up and started taking some photo’s, both long shots and close ups. I joined them, getting a lovely close up of her aroused nipple poking out between he’s fingers.

‘Times up, next pose’ Jenny called out. She switched their positions, and turned then side on to most of us. Julie was pressed up behind Tony, her left breast spilling out between them. Her beautiful face was turned sideways to the left and pressed up against he’s dark skin. Jenny took her right hand, wrapping it around Tonys waist and place it around he’s cock. He was now sporting a semi, and as Julie wrapped her delicate fingers around he’s shaft, he’s cock twitched a little and slowly started to stiffen. There was a hushed moan from the woman sat next to me. We started to draw again. After a few minutes he’s cock had fully risen. He was very impressive, at least 10 inches and think! Julie’s slender fingers barely seemed to stretch around he’s girth. He’s balls, the size of plums, hung low. I glanced across at the woman next to me, her sketch was purely of he’s cock, with Julie’s hand grasping it. I got up and took some more photo’s. Her areola was just visable where her left breast was bulging out against he’s back. She briefly give me a knowing look.
Towards to end of the pose, Tony’s cock had begun to soften a little. ‘Julie’, Jenny called out, ‘for artistic reasons, we what Tonys cock to be atr its full potential. If he is struggling a little, just give him a little rub, ok.’ I watched as Julie started to slowly stroke him, he’s cock responding immediately to her movements.

‘Ok, new position!’ Jenny announced. She left Tony where he was, he’s cock jutting out and moved Julie back around to in front of him, making her kneel down. She turned Julies head to the right, facing us, and placed her left hand around the base of he’s cock, he’s swollen head against her left cheek. Finally, Jenny pushed Julie’s shoulders up, thrusting her pert breasts out, both her nipples hard.
‘And Sketch!’ Jenny said aloud.
After a few minutes, i noticed Julie gently stroking he’s big veiny cock against her cheek, the tip just millimeters from her pouty lips. It was a very sensual, erotic pose, and my own cock was hard in my trousers. I looked again to the woman next to me. She was nonchalantly rubbing her nipple through her top. Tony’s cock had started to ooze precum. A thin thread started to dangle from he’s tip. It hung there for a while, before falling off, landing on Julie’s left nipple. There was a sharp intake of breath from the woman.

‘Ok, a quick break for our models, then we’ll start again!’ Jenny handed Julie and Tony a glass of water each. Julie turned to Tony smiling and made small talk, with a few giggles, probably talking about the surrealness of their situation. I noticed over the whole break, Julies hand never left he’s cock, gently squeezing it.

After the break, Jenny re-positioned the models. This time, she had Tony lay down on the chaise and then had Julie lay on top in a 69 position. Tony’s face was partly obscured by Julie’s shapely thighs and arse. Julie was propped up on her elbows, her right hand grasped around the base of he’s cock, He’s swollen and pre-cum covered helmet pressed up against her pouting lips. A look of lust in her eyes, she looked as though she wanted nothing more than to take him into her mouth! Over the next 20 minutes I noticed Julie slowly moving her lips up and down slightly, rubbing them over the edge of he’s crown. Her left hand also lightly fondled he’s dangling balls.

For the final pose, Jenny positioned Julie on her back on the chaise, her pussy at the edge with her feet on the floor, legs spread, exposed to us all. I could see she was incredibly wet. Jenny then position Tony on he’s knee’s between her legs, he’s 10 inch cock resting on top of Julies pussy. Finally she positioned Julie’s right hand on Tony’s cock, holding it against her soaking pussy, and her left hand clasping her left breast. Again as we sketched away, I couldn’t help noticing my wife slowly rubbing the big think cock against her entrance, sometimes he’s head being swallowed in her soaked labia.

For the last 20 minutes we all suggested different poses that hadn’t been done, some that were tricky and could only be held for a short period. Rather than sketching we all just took reference photo’s. For one pose, Tony picked up Julie, he’s face in her breasts, her legs around he’s waist, He’s cock nudging her arse. Another quick pose had Julie kneeling in front of Tony, her back to him, but looking straight up as he’s thick cock rested across her forehead. She even posed with her mouth wide open, he’s helmet inside her mouth but not actually touching any part of her mouth. In a final pose, Tony stood while holding Julie up side down in another 69 position.

Jenny finally called an end to proceedings, and my wife and Tony left the room to get dressed. The rest of us pack up our drawings and camera’s, and headed for the door saying good bye to one another.

Half an hour after I got in, Jenny dropped off my wife. No sooner had I closed the door than she was all over me. She was seriously horny and we had sex right there, in the hallway, up against the wall. Later, cuddling up naked in bed, we were talking about the evening. I told Julie about the woman next to me rubbing her nipples. And then Julie said, ‘You know when we were laying down on the chaise in that 69 position?’
‘Yeah’ I replied.
‘Well Tony started to lick my pussy! It was a bit naughty, but it felt so good, I was so turned on!’
‘Naughty Tony!’ I said, as I started to rub her smooth pussy again.
‘And when we left the room at the end’, Julie continued, ‘He asked me to fuck him!’
‘Really?! I am not surprised! after two hours of basically edging him, he must of been desperate to cum!’
‘Well…’ Julie paused. I looked at her.
‘Well I said &#034not on a first date&#034 with a cheeky wink, But I offered him a handjob. He readily accepted!’
‘I bet he did!!’ I replied.
‘I knelt in front of him, the tip of he’s beautiful cock no more than an inch from my face, and gave him a teasing, slow hand job, like the ones you like Dave. I even paused occasionally to kiss the’s helmet, and suck on he’s balls. He’s cock tasted so good! He eventually exploded all over my breasts!! I need two towels to clean up all he’s cum afterwards!’
‘Wow, thats so hot babe!’
‘mmm… I still want to suck a cock… ‘
And with that, she slipped down my body, and gave me her most intense blow job yet!

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