Swimsuit fantasy sex #2


Swimsuit fantasy sex 2
This one builds more slowly than my last story, hope it is just as hot at the end! My fantasy sex stories are unconnected to each other, are completely made up and are not a series. Maybe some of them might turn into series, but for now each one is a standalone story. This one was inspired by a sexy pic in my favorites, he’s not hard to find 🙂 Enjoy

I was about 22 when I decided to go camping at a campground far from my home. I wanted to try sunbathing in a tiny yellow bikini bottom that I thought could pass for a guys speedo. My (then) girlfriend had recently confided in me that she thought tan lines on a guy were really sexy and I wanted to show her some tan lines she had never seen on a guy. That weekend I loaded some beer, two days worth of food and a bag of ice into a cooler, packed the cooler, my tent, some clothes (including that tight yellow bikini bottom) and some other camping necessities into my old rustbucket of a car and took off for a three hour car ride to glorious sun, good sand, great surf and gay sex (although I had no expectation of that last one). I signed in at the gate and paid for a one night pass at a site near the beach.

After I parked my car, set up my tent and put my things inside the tent (except the cooler full of food, NEVER put that in your tent unless you want racoons to tear your tent apart and probably your cooler too) I put my bikini bottom in my pocket, grabbed a towel and walked to the beach. There were change rooms at the beach and I wanted to change in one of the private changeroom/showers there rather than my tiny tent. Entering the stall farthest from the outside door, I stripped naked and pulled my tiny yellow bikini bottom from the pocket of my jeans…The moment of truth, was I really brave enough to wear nothing but this tiny piece of spandex in front of the whole world? I stepped into the bikini, sliding it up my legs and hoping like hell nobody would really notice me in this…

The door to the changing stall banged open and a muscular black guy about my age sidestepped into the stall, laughing to someone outside. I stood frozen as he locked the door (how had it opened after I had locked it!?!?) and turned around.

&#034OH SHIT!&#034 he said and backed into the door he had just locked. He was about six feet three inches tall and muscled like a part time bodybuilder. And he was wearing a yellow bikini bottom that was a mirror image of my own. I could only stare it his taught six pack stomach, his bikini, his huge biceps and forearms, his bulging bikini clad crotch, his massive pecs and broad shoulders, his sexy spandex covered equipment, those iron hard legs that looked like they could run for miles and his cock… the balls under his large but soft cock creating an impressive bulge. out for all the world (or at that moment just me) to see. Something small, underfed and long suppressed awoke in my mind then and murmured {ohhhhhhhh…yessssssss} While his crotch was wrapped in a yellow bikini though, my bikini was still around my knees…

&#034I’m sorry man!&#034 He hesitated for just a second then turned around and fumbled with the latch, giving me a good view of his ass. Our bikinis were not quite the same, mine was full coverage across the butt, but his was a Rio cut, barely wider than a thong and showing off his tightly muscled butt cheeks. He wrestled the door open and ducked outside. There were some questioning male voices then a gale of laughter. I heard the voice of the guy who had entered the stall talking on his way out of the changeroom:

&#034It’s not fucking funny! I just kicked in the door on some dude! He was getting dressed in there… that is NOT funny! I’m not gay and you know it, you couldn’t pick up a chick half as hot as her! She loves my speedo, you only wish you look good in one! Yeah I’ll walk back in this, she’ll love it and so will every chick that sees me. Bullshit, you can try that but…&#034 The banter cut off as the outside door closed with a bang. Far too late I closed the broken door, hitched up my yellow bikini to my crotch, then pulled my clothes on over it and fled back to my campsite.

Part of me wanted to pack my stuff in my car and run for the hills…But the more logical (and heterosexually horny) part of me held me back. So what if some guy had seen me naked? I had planned to show the world almost as much anyway while sunbathing. My GF had told me about her lust for tan lines in great detail while tipsy at a recent party. Tan lines that only covered my crotch were surely the key to all the pussy I could want. All I had to do was hide out here for a bit and go to the beach tomorrow. The sun was getting low anyways, no point in trying to get a tan now. I stayed at my campsite, I still had a full day ahead of me to get a good tan on and who cared if this guy recognized me at the beach tomorrow. Like he said, he kicked in the door on me, I didn’t ask him to. The tiny voice whispered {But you liked it anyways.} I built a fire in the fire pit and settled down in my lawn chair to roast some hot dogs and drink a few beers.

Darkness settled over the campground, full of hot dogs and beer I was tired but happy. Ready to hit the beach tomorrow for some swimming, reading a good book on the sand and above all…sunbathing in a skimpy bikini bottom for the whole world to see! Tiny little tan lines like those were sure to drive my girlfriend wild. I was nodding a bit, fantasizing about my GF blowing my tanlined self, watching the flames of the fire die down and the occasional flashlight carrying person walk by when one of those flashlights shone at me for a second, then began walking off the path onto my campsite. I figured this was the park ranger come to give me shit about leaving my empties laying about and was opening my mouth to say I would clean them up when I heard a familiar voice:

&#034I’m sorry about earlier, I didn’t mean to bust in on you like that. My name’s Marcus, nice to meet you.&#034 The guy who had walked in on me naked…Marcus… held out his hand and I shook it without even thinking. He had a strong grip, not surprising in a guy built like him. He was wearing a loose pair of blue jeans and a tight red tshirt that showed off his impressive pecs and six pack stomach. Not to mention leaving his huge arms bare. {I want to see his bulge again} Every line of him said that this was not a guy you wanted to piss off. Marcus had shaved his head and face, not a trace of stubble any where. He set down a small cooler and sat on the edge of a large log some other camper had placed there as a stool and said:

&#034Didn’t think I could find you this late, I brought a few beers along as a bit of an apology but you’ve gotten into the sauce already.&#034 He eyed the two empty bottles of cheap beer under my lawn chair, then pulled out two bottles of a pricey european beer handing me one and said:

&#034Have some of the good stuff on me.&#034 We both took a drink (It didn’t taste much different from the cheap beer I had been drinking before) and Marcus asked

&#034Why do you wanna wear a skimpy bikini like that? I know that’s no speedo. I wear a bikini because I wear them at semi-pro exhibitions.&#034 I asked what he meant by exhibitions

&#034Bodybuilding, I’m only in amateur and a few semi-pro contests, to go pro you gotta juice or spend WAY too much time in the gym for me. The judges love tiny swimsuits to show off all the muscle you can. But why you? Wearing something like that without a good reason can land you in big trouble. Even if some asshole doesn’t decide you’re threatening his sexuality, you could find your ass all over the internet… literally.&#034 I explained about my girlfriend and how she loved tan lines…

&#034THAT is a good reason, I tan a lot too. Kinda goes with the whole bodybuilder image. What? Didn’t know black guys could tan? Not the first white guy who didn’t know that. You wanna hit the beach with me tomorrow? I’m alone here now and it’d be nice to have someone to talk with.&#034

This puzzled me, where were all the friends he had been talking to earlier, or his implied girlfriend? I asked him about this and he said

&#034They are mostly going to a wedding of some friend of a friend of theirs, I didn’t get an invite so I’m staying here to have &#034a little fun&#034 in the sun. They took the damn RV with them though so I’m sl**ping in my car tonight. Well, I’ll see you tomorrow…&#034 Marcus dropped his empty beer bottle in his cooler and got up to leave. That tiny something…a feeling, even a desire I had long suppressed rose in me stronger than before {NO! don’t leave…} Maybe part of it was the beer, but mostly it was the slight emphasis he put on the words &#034a little fun&#034 and the insistence of that suppressed longing. Marcus was really hot in a muscle man way, huge pecs and arms with toned washboard abs. I also remembered that tight muscled ass of his. {tight and hard but such a good shape…}

I asked if he would rather sl**p in my tent than his car. This should have been a stupid question, the average car has more room than my tiny tent, but he smiled and agreed right away. What the hell was I doing? Why could I not put his tightly muscled butt out on my mind? {Why do you want to?} I was straight! I had never even seen another guys dick. {But you want to…} Now I had just asked a guy I had known for ten or fifteen minutes, a guy who I thought had made a subtle pass at me, to sl**p in my tent with me.

As I was putting out the fire I saw him unzip my tent then take off his tshirt. {mmm…} Marcus was ripped all right, the black skin on his bulging muscles shining in the light of the dying fire. Then he dropped his pants revealing the same yellow bikini he had been wearing earlier! {Mmm…} Stepping out of his pants he looked around at me and smiled a look of sly amusment at me. {MMM…} Then he entered the tent leaving the flap open and unzipped behind him and his clothes laying on the ground outside. If his pass at me had been fairly subtle, THIS was the exact opposite of subtle. {What are you waiting for?} The little whisper had become an insistent murmur. {You want him and he wants you, why not have some fun with him?}

I walked to the tent, feeling confused and wishing to be away from here. {go inside, it’s your tent} but stripped off as Marcus had done. Wearing only my yellow bikini bottom I picked up both of our clothes (didn’t need somebody seeing those laying outside my tent) and went inside. As I dropped our clothes on the floor of the tent my eyes tried to pick out Marcus… the best I could make out was a faint yellow stripe on the far side of the tent that must be the Rio cut butt of his bikini… Marcus had unzipped my sl**ping bag and laid it out on the floor of the tent, him laying on his stomach on the far side. I lay on my back next to him and tried to fall asl**p… {touch him, touch him where it matters} I was drowsing when I heard

&#034I like your cock…&#034 that sat me up straight in more ways than one. {I love yours} Before I could say anything he continued

&#034When I broke in on you today, I didn’t mean to. But the way you acted made me sure you liked me…Most guys would shout at someone bustin in on them or be afraid a guy like me was there to kick their ass. You couldn’t stop lookin at my cock… and I couldn’t stop lookin at yours. If this in’t what you want, I’ll go…but I want it so bad…&#034 I was floored. Marcus, after seeking me out because he glimpsed me nude, hitting on me and going to my tent (or my bed in the biblical sense) was now nerving himself up to leave. {NOOOOO!!} The quiet little desire in me fanned into flame and as Marcus rolled onto his back and began to get up I pressed an arm across his broad chest. {Don’t let him leave, I need him} Marcus froze when I touched him and wordlessly I slid on top of him and we began kissing.

I am a pretty big guy and every girl I have been with has been smaller than me. Marcus weighed more than me and was larger and stronger in EVERY dimension but he lay back and let me kiss him deeply as I centered myself on him and began rubbing our bikini covered cocks together. {MMMMM…} Missionary is sort of instinctive to men, it’s how I had sex for the first time with a girl and was now how I wanted to have sex for the first time with a man. Marcus was already hard when I mounted him and popped out of his bikini soon after. Humping on his member soon had me pop out of my bikini as well. With my cock sliding across his, I began to feel every inch of Marcus I could reach. He was all hard muscle but his skin was soft and smooth, like steel wrapped in black satin. I ran my hands over his broad hairless chest, across the rippling washboard of his stomach which flexed as he and I rhythmically humped each others cocks. Marcus had one thick arm wrapped around my back pressing me to him gently but firmly, the other reached down my back and was stroking my ass running over (and sometimes under) the seat of my bikini. I reached lower, past his stomach and gripped both of our cocks in one hand. Both Marcus and I were dripping precum and rubbing this between our cocks we began sliding over each other more easily, our balls still in our bikinis bumping over each other. Marcus’s hard body tensed even more under me and then he was pulling me to him so tightly my ribs creaked. Silent up to now Marcus let out a low growl, the sound of a man fighting not to shout in ecstasy as his cock began flooding our stomachs in cum. Jet after jet of hot semen poured out of his cock. I had not cum yet, but I teetered on the edge, a few more thrusts against his now very well lubed cock would put me over. As Marcus’s grip on my body relaxed I began slowly sliding across him again. He sighed in contentment as I did so and murmured

&#034On my chest, I want it on my chest…&#034 Sitting up I slid my butt over his six pack stomach, wiping some more of his cum into my bikini bottom and as I straddled his stomach, he wrapped a large hand around my cock and began to stroke. The touch of that hand was electric and it took only a few pulls to have me shooting my cum all over Marcus ribs, pecs and neck. Sliding off him, I lay on the open sl**ping bag next to him. The warm afterglow of orgasm and the lingering tipsiness from the beer had me beginning to fall asl**p even as Marcus wrapped his arms around me pulling me to his broad spermy chest.

I woke slowly the next morning, rising out of a deep sl**p. I felt good as I shifted sl**pily real good, why did I feel so good…Marcus! My eyes flew open and looked with his. Marcus was cupping my balls in one hand and sucking the head of my cock. He released my cock

&#034I didn’t think you would mind, bed head is such a great way to wake up.&#034 For answer I lay my head back on the pillow and closed my eyes. Marcus stated sucking the head of my cock again, licking and kissing for a time then returning to sucking me. I began a slow writhing under his attentions, twisting my body and reached out to Marcus with one hand. He was almost curled into a ball to be able to suck my cock in that tiny tent. I felt up his calf as the sucking on my dickhead intensified. His thighs were tightly together, but opened for my exploring hand. I felt up one massive toned thigh to his crotch. Marcus was back in his bikini, but was fully hard under the spandex. I stroked that ebony cock feeling and seeing every line and vein through the yellow spandex. I raised my hips, needing more of him and his head lowered further down my shaft his tongue curling one way around my cock then the other. Marcus cock was not really in the crotch of his bikini but under the strap running over his left hip. Reaching under his bikini I pulled his member out through the leg hole and began jacking him off hard and fast. I was close to coming and told him so, he only sucked harder. I pulled his dick as fast as I could, precum running onto my fingers. I could only hold on a few more seconds and wanted Marcus to cum with me if he could. I came hard, Marcus held me in this mouth as one…two…three jets of cum entered his mouth…then he swallowed. Instantly after Marcus began to cum too, a flood of cum covering my arm, his legs, the sl**ping bag between us and even one jet that splashed across my chest. Marcus swallowed several more jets of cum and I felt him lick me clean before slowly releasing my cock from his lips. We both lay there panting for a few minutes, Marcus cum running down both our bodies and my cum running through his.

&#034That was intense! You feel great on my cock and you taste better. If you still want to spend the day sunbathing, we better get out there for a swim before too many people hit the beach.&#034 I unzipped the tent and looked around, nobody was in sight although I could hear other campers talking nearby and the sounds of breakfast being cooked. Getting out of the tent me and Marcus walked quickly to the beach in only our bikinis, the cum hard to spot on my body but plain to see against Marsus dark skin as he walked, swinging his cooler beside him. I carried a pair of towels and as we reached the beach unseen, we left our stuff and dove into the warm late summer water. There was a sandbar about 100 feet out from shore and we stood in water up to our chests, rubbing the semen off each others bodies and stroking each others cocks. We were both not really interested in more sex so soon after our last encounter though and swam back to the beach.

We had a great day. People seemed to be staring at our almost matching yellow bikinis, as if knowing what we had done. But I soon realized they were mostly looking at Marcus. We rubbed tanning oil on each other, I felt my cock getting hard rubbing my hands over his entire oiled body and wanted to lay on my stomach for a while to give me a chance to cool down. {but if you lay on your back, Marcus will see that erection…} The little voice/desire had been silent ever since I had given in to it’s demands last night, but was now back. Marcus rubbed oil on me in return and he saw my hard on all right. {his touch is so good, better if he touched there…} But he only smiled and lay on his stomach after he was done. Maybe he was hiding his own hard cock… {I hope so} Around noon we had lunch at a beachside cafe a ways down the beach from the park. As we sat on stools across from each other at a small table, I saw most of the passing women and several passing men checking out Marcus bikini clad ass. {they only wish they were getting some of that} I wondered if he saw half so many looking at me. We swam, wandered around and tanned for a few more hours until it was getting close to checkout time at the park. We left for the showers our bodies glistening with tanning oil and sweat. We entered the changing rooms that I had fled from not 24 hours before and Marcus entered the same change/shower stall he had broken in on me in. He closed the door behind him with a grin and I heard the lock rattle. The broken lock. I looked around, there were other men in the room, but none looking in my direction. I shook the door slightly, the latch held. I lifted up on the door handle and pushed forward, the latch grated over the guide it was supposed to slot into and the door opened. Marcus stood inside with his bikini around his knees much like how he had walked in on me. He had been waiting like that for me to enter I was sure. I had not been hard when he walked in on me though. I closed and latched the door then walked to Marcus and threw my arms around him and kissed him deeply for a long moment. We dropped our bikini bottoms on the changing bench (the only clothing we had worn all day) and stepped into the shower together closing the curtain behind us. Marcus reached for the valve to turn on the water but I held his arm back with one hand and he turned questioningly. My other hand held the bottle of tanning oil. I had thought all day how Marcus had swallowed my seed that morning and I wanted some of his cum inside me in return. I squirted a generous splash of oil into Marcus hand and placed his hand over my butt crack pressing his fingers between my cheeks. Eyes wide Marcus began stroking my asshole and said

&#034I never thought a guy would even want to try this on his first time. Have you ever put anything in your ass before?&#034 I shook my head but even as I did i squirted more oil onto his hard cock and began massaging it. Marcus meanwhile was pressing gently but firmly against my puckered asshole with one finger. I tried to relax, I really wanted this. Marcus’s finger slid smoothly into me and he tickled my prostate making my cock jump.

&#034OK, I’ll go slow. Anal should not hurt but if you have never tried before you might not be able to relax enough.&#034 I was gently playing with Marcus cock, but he moved from in front of me, pressing his cock against my left butt cheek and sliding a second finger into my ass. It hurt slighty and he must have noticed because he stopped fingering. The sensation passed and he slowly went to work on me with two fingers. He fingered me for what felt like hours with the sensation of stretching and the brushes over my prostate driving me wild. Finally he pulled out his fingers and my ass felt odd…sort of loose. Then I felt a finger run over my hole, my open, gaping hole. Marcus pressed the head of his oiled cock to my asshole and said

&#034Now push out on me like you’re trying to take a shit, but not too hard.&#034 This advice seemed odd to me, I wanted him inside me not to push him out but I tried. Half of his dickhead entered my ass and I tensed a little, I tried to relax, relax more, I pushed out a bit more and Marcus slid in. Only about two inches at first, pushing in a little then back then a little more until his ebony cock was balls deep in my ass. I slid my balls back until they rubbed on his and Marcus began kissing my neck. I turned my head and kissed him as he began fucking my ass in earnest. If was uncomfortable at first until Marcus broke off our kiss and bent me forward, hands on either side of my ribs and rubbing my nipples. Things felt better after that and Marcus’s pace picked up. His balls began smacking mine every time our hips came together and Marcus turned on the water to cover the sound. I leaned against the wall hands splayed and Marcus moved his hands from my chest to my hips, pulling me into him as he thrust into me. This was wonderful, I felt no pain from Marcus’s big black cock just a fully stretched feeling. Every thrust felt like it was filling my ass completely and when he pulled back his dickhead rubbed my prostate edging me towards cumming. Then he gripped my hips even tighter, breathing raggedly Marcus slammed his hips into mine and arched his back groaning. I could feel his penis throbbing, pulsing as he shot his load into me and a sensation of being filled even more than just with his cock. I exploded all over the tiled wall of the shower, jets of cum being washed away by the shower only to be replaced with more. I felt tired again and tried to step away from Marcus, but he pulled me back against him in the middle of the shower. Warm water running down our bodies as his cock softened and eventually slipped out of me. My asshole felt loose and a bit sore, but a few clenches and a quick check showed I was no longer gaping and all his seed was safe inside me.

We showered together for nearly an hour, talking, making plans exchanging numbers and addresses and exploring each others bodies some more. Eventually we turned off the water and Marcus left the shower alone to avoid us coming out together and looking like what we were, gay lovers. I got out of the shower into the stall after he left and relatched the door. As I was pulling on the yellow bikini that was left I smiled, this just got better and better. I went to the park office and extended my stay one more day then called in sick for work tomorrow. I spent that extra day tanning in the yellow bikini and dreaming of the next time me and Marcus could meet.

I stopped at a roadside diner on the way back home that night and I recieved two emails with picture attachments on my phone during dinner. The first was from my GF and read: &#034OMG you have double tan lines on your ass!!! xoxo so hot! Can’t wait to see them in person friday&#034 The attachment was of her topless, her nipples looked very hard. I smiled, my body was quite tanned now except my crotch and ass where the full bikini bottom left a distinct line. Not as distinct as the smaller tan line Marcus rio cut bikini had left a few inches inside of the first. The other message was from Marcus: &#034We seem to have swapped swimsuits, cum over Saturday and we can swap back. Don’t just bring that bikini, wear it&#034 the attached picture was only minutes old and showed Marcus on the second place podium at a local semi pro body building meet. He was wearing my full bottom yellow bikini. I thought it likely he would have won if he had his own. {yes he would have, and I want him} I mentally told the gay side of my sexuality to calm down for a while. I would see Marcus on Saturday and maybe we wouldn’t have to keep our ecstatic grunts and moans quiet this time. {mmm…} But my GF was waiting on friday and she seemed hotter than ever for great sex. Guess I’m bi after all and have another great weekend lined (tan lined?) up to follow the one on the beach with Marcus.

The end

This is my second fantasy sex story, I intend to write more but don’t expect them to cum out rapidly. I only write when in the mood to and the process is slow.

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