I mentioned in Part 7that that wasn’t the last I’d see of Les. Sweet adorable Les.

A year later, I am lying on the couch watching golf on a Saturday afternoon when the doorbell rings. Standing there with a huge grin on his cute face is Les. Beside him is a cute girl with blonde curly hair. Two suitcases are also on my doorstep.
&#034Well hello Bobbie&#034 he says.
And I answer &#034Well hello Les&#034.
We shake hands and he introduces me to Sherry and vice versa. They are on their way to California. Can they spend the night?
&#034Of course you can, I only have the one bed and the couch. We’ll manage somehow.&#034
So we go out to dinner, my treat. Back at my place, we have each showered and are yakking and having a beer before bed. The talk gets mighty sexy and Les comes out with &#034so Bobbie, here’s the deal. Sherry has a fantasy about doing two guys at once. I thought of you immediately and have waited weeks to indulge her.&#034
Sherry at least is blushing.
I ask her &#034Is that true, I wouldn’t want Les to put one over on old Bobbie here?&#034
She says as demurely as possible &#034yes, I think it would be so erotic, right out of a &#034True Story&#034 magazine.&#034 People today have likely never heard of that publication but many of us old guys sure have. I enjoyed reading all about &#034making love&#034 as magazines called it back then. Nobody fucked!! Or sucked, heaven forbid!! I do recall a story where a girl was poked by 2 cocks, one before and one aft, and another one where a wife came home and found her hubby on the floor &#034making love&#034 with a neighbor of theirs. A male neighbor of course. No explicit details were supplied.
&#034Ok, what did you have in mind, double penetration or oral/vaginal with both of us or oral with one and vaginal the other?&#034
Les pipes in with &#034No anal, Bobbie, I think what we should try is Sherry going down on you while her and I have intercourse. We are thinking of getting married and Sherry does not like using condoms so if she gets pregnant, it will be, without a doubt, my baby.&#034
Well that sounds good to me and I get up to go into the bedroom. Sherry notices the boner in my pj’s pointing the way.
&#034Les, look at Bobbie’s pj’s&#034 she says.
Les does and he too stands up. His boner is also sticking out in front of him.
&#034Let’s get into the bedroom people.&#034
Sherry grabs onto each boner and leads the way.
I should say here that Sherry is very very cute. They make a really cute couple.
She is about 100 pounds of dynamite packed into her 5′ 6&#034 body. Nice ass and tits that push her t-shirt to the extreme. She is aroused too as those nipples of hers are poking holes in the fabric.
She sits on the bed and pulls Les’s pj’s down and he steps out of them. Then she pulls mine down and I step out of them. She latches onto both cocks and slowly starts pumping our shafts. She licks the end of Les’s cock like an ice cream cone and retracting his foreskin, she licks all around his knob.
I enjoy the sight of his cock again. After all, it has been a whole year. A year of treasured memories. Only it was me relishing the taste of his cock. How I enjoyed playing, jerking, sucking Les’s cock, remember guys and gals?
Then she goes for my cock. She licks the tip and asks Les &#034is this ok Les, you’re ok with this, you won’t regret that I did this later?&#034
&#034No babe, go for it. Bobbie is the only one that I’d want to share you with.&#034
She now engulfs my entire cock. Right down to the pubic hair. I can feel my cockhead against the back of her throat and her tongue works its magic on the underside of my cock. Clearly she has done this before. I moan loudly and say to Les &#034You have trained her well good buddy.&#034
He has a big shit-eating grin on his face and is actually blushing! What a guy!
Sherry is getting a good rhythm going on my cock. Sucking, licking, deep-throating.
Les lifts up her t-shirt so she breaks contact so he can get it over her head. She stands up and he lowers her pj bottoms. Her tits are fantastic. They are pert and tipped with strawberry colored nips and darker areola’s. She has a shaved bush.
She’s hot! She’s a goddess! She’s venus!
Les positions her on the bed, gets between her legs and goes down on her. He laps her groove up and down and teases her clit with his tongue. Meanwhile, I go to town on her boobies. I fondle each breast in turn, cupping, shaping, caressing them with my hands. My lips nourish each nipple, I tug gently on each and savor the sweet sweat that forms on her skin. My tongue relishes the feel and texture of her breasts and nips. She is so hot! And getting hotter by the minute. She is breathing hard and her hips are doing a dance on the bed with Les’s mouth and lips and tongue ravishing her mightily. Then he stands up and says &#034Bobbie, please face-fuck her while I fuck her?&#034
I straddle her chest and point my erect cock at her face. She grabs my cock and once again starts by licking my cockhead. Then she deep throats me and I am in heaven. She greedily sucks my cock down into her mouth and throat and then out and back again. Jeez, this feels so damn good, I don’t want to cum too quickly. I can feel my cock throbbing inside her mouth. Her tongue senses it too and she licks its underside with fervor.
I look behind me and Les is standing straight up and steadily thrusting in and out of her slick pussy. Sherry’s hips are squirming and her pelvis is thrusting up and down. I think she is close to cumming and Les has quickened his thrusts too. Damn, they are both close and I want to enjoy this longer.
I begin to slow fuck her mouth. I can sense her cumming and then I hear Les’s familiar moans and grunts and groans. He has cum too.
Then Les kisses my ass. First one cheek, then the other. Damn, the sudden shock and surprise does it for me. I go off with wild abandon. Thrusting quickly in and out of Sherry’s mouth, I shoot gobs of cum down her throat. Sherry swallows it all greedily. Damn, she is a good little cocksucker. She licks my cock and slides her tongue all over and up and down until it’s limp and cum-cleaned.
Afterwards, we snuggle and cuddle naked with Sherry in the middle. We are all sated and sweaty.
&#034You two are so hot and so absolutely amazing. I have never ever done this before. I’ve always wanted too of course. Thank you so much for furthering my sexual adventures and experiences and making a dream come true&#034.
Sherry purrs &#034You’re welcum Bobbie, you’re pretty hot your own damn self.&#034
Les pipes in with &#034Well I liked it too. Maybe we can do it again……………… about 30 minutes or so?&#034
Les and Sherry only get as far as their next stop, Vegas. They fall in luv with the place. They get jobs, buy a house, get married, have 3 k**s and now they are grandparents of 4. Like I said they made a lovely couple then and they still do. I have seen them a few times over the years. Just short visits when I pass through Vegas. We exchange cards and emails all the time. There have been no sexual encounters between us since and no discussions either. They are both born-again-Christians and the subject is never brought up. Not even when Les and I have a few moments alone. I am not sad about this. Les really attracted me then and he still does. Hell, I luv the guy. I`d never do anything to fuck up his life. See even us old perverts have morals and eth

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