We are pretty busy for the next couple of weeks but the three of us do manage to get in a threesome once in a while. One night though, I awaken and find Les and Travis 69ing. For some reason, jealousy perhaps, my eyes start to tear and I have to bury my face in the pillow because I am bawling like a babe. When I stop, I feign sl**p so they are none the wiser. I think about that often in the classroom that day, suddenly I realize, jeez get over it, get a grip, grow up for chrissakes.
At supper Friday night, Lucy regales us with a 10 year old story of how she and her s****r dressed Les up as a girl and took him shopping with them. They got quite a hoot out of the reaction they got from the dress shops they visited that day. That put an idea in my head and I say &#034hey Travis, you want to do that Saturday night. We’ll go dancing with &#034Leslie&#034 as our date.&#034
Lucy is all for it, so is Les. Lucy gets Leslie’s attire ready from her own closet and even curls his hair and applies her own lipstick and mascara, etc. Les does not need a close shave as he has no beard, only some peach fuzz.
Lucy and Travis’s uncle Tom, are considering coming too but at the last moment, Tom chickens-out so they go to a movie instead. When we are all dressed up, the three of us make a cute attractive 3sum. Leslie looks damm cute and hot. Lucy has given him wedgies to wear instead of high heels so he won’t trip while dancing.
We walk to the Firemen’s Hall, about 3 blocks away. Along the route, lots of people stop and look at the three of us and wave and two guys in a passing car, even whistle.
I happen to think that I am a pretty good dancer. Travis proves quite capable too. Leslie however is one bl**dy terrific dancer. First I dance with him and then Travis does. When Bill Haley’s record &#034Rock Around the Clock&#034 is played, the three of us dance together and we go wild. Shit, we are good enough for American Bandstand. Well, Leslie is anyway. The whole crowd is in awe and are clapping and cheering him/her on. After that song, when we are on the floor with Leslie individually, we get cut in on all the time. All the guys want to dance with Leslie. Anyway we have a lot of fun. When we get home Les tells Lucy and Tom about what a good time we’ve all had and he’s sure nobody suspected a thing.
Then when we get downstairs and are getting out of our duds, Les tells us about a couple of encounters he had. Seems that one guy he danced with, kept rubbing himself up against him/her and soon he had a bl**dy big boner in his pants. As they danced, he asked Les if he wanted to go to the park across the street and get some fresh air. So they did. Of course the guy wanted to put his hands all over Leslie. Leslie told him no touching but if he behaved, he’d relieve him by hand. The guy reluctantly said ok. He unzipped and pulled out his cock. Les said damm it was big, long and fat and hard. He was uncut and had a fat fleshy long foreskin. Leslie proceeded to jerk him off, sliding his foreskin back and forth over his glans. Leslie told him to announce his cumming, so it wouldn’t spoil his/her dress. It took both hands but soon the guy was gasping and thrusting into the sheath formed by Leslie’s hands. Les got over to the side just in time as the guy’s cock shot his joyjuice out onto the ground. Les said this got him all excited and gave him an incredibly painful erection. Painful because he was wearing 3 pairs of tight panties under one of Lucy’s nylon girdles. This way if he got a boner nobody would see the bulge.
Another guy followed Leslie downstairs to the washroom and tried to go in with him/her. He was quite insistent. d***k too. So Leslie took him into a storage closets down there. No touching Leslie tells him and proceeds to jerk him off. Leslie stands sort of at the guy’s side and he cups and fondles the guy’s ass with one hand while jerking him off with the other. The guy’s cock is cut, short, fairly thick and he’s got a huge bulbous knob. The guy shoots a huge load all over the floor. Leslie keeps jerking and the guy’s cock doesn’t go soft. So Leslie keeps jerking and sure enough, the guy shoots another big load. This time his cock deflates and they leave the storage closet. Leslie is then able to go the bathroom, alone and sit down to piss, a first he says, lol.
We three are all hooting and laughing and having a good time.
Lucy hollers down &#034Les, do you want to come to church with us tomorrow as Leslie&#034
&#034No thanks&#034 he replies and we all laugh some more.
A week later, Travis gets into a heated argument with one of our instructors. A couple of our instructors are doing a good job and a couple are doing a bl**dy piss-poor job. Travis and I are in different groups but I hear all about it at our morning coffee break. This is not the first time that this instructor and Travis have had a difference of opinion. Travis is pretty lazy in the classroom anyway and his attention wanders a lot. This day however he walks out of the classroom in a big huff.
When I get home Lucy tells me that Travis has packed up and left. He phoned his immediate supervisor back in Denver and blew up at him and quit. He caught the bus back to Denver right after lunch. Not knowing where this puts me at Lucy’s place and there are 2 weeks left of the seminar, I ask her if she would prefer it if I moved out. She says I can stay but I can tell that she isn’t exactly too thrilled. So I thank her anyway and tell her that I’ll get a room at the hotel if they have one available. They do, so after supper, I pack up, settle up with Lucy, say my goodbyes to Tom amd Lucy and Les and leave for my new temporary residence.

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