Friday morning Travis’s Aunt lets us know that her cousin, Les, will be bunking with us tonight in the basement. He is from Detroit, he’s 18 and has just graduated from high school. He’s coming to Chicago to look for work. She says he’s only five and a half feet tall so he is short enough to sl**p on the couch. She’ll put towels and bedding out for him tonight after work.
It is late Friday night when we get home. We go out for dinner and have a few beers afterwards. When we get home, Travis’s Uncle and Aunt and Len are visiting in the living room. We are introduced. Len is not a big guy, 5’ 6” is being generous I’d say and he weighs maybe a 100 pounds. He’s a cute guy with longish blonde hair. We visit for awhile and then the 3 of us retire to the basement.
Travis and I take turns showering and as usual just wear our bath towels around our waists upon exiting the bathroom. We change into shorts while Len is showering and sort of sit/lay on the hide-a-bed. When Len comes out of the shower he is buck naked. A semi-hard dick is swinging between his legs. His cock is uncut and it’s about 5 and a half inches long with a nice overhanging foreskin. For his weight and height, he is very well endowed, imo. He is nearly hairless, just a blonde patch of hair at his crotch. He goes to the couch, pulls back the sheet and blanket and crawls in. Travis turns off the table lamp and we’re out for the night.
A couple of hours later, I awaken with a full boner. I am lying on my left side and am being spooned by a naked body. A hard dick is pressed against my butt. An arm is wrapped around me and it’s hand is inside my shorts and it has a firm grip on my rock hard cock. I partially roll over and grasp the erection pressing into my backside. I realize that it is not Travis behind me as this body is hairless and smooth. From the light we keep on at night in the bathroom, I can see a blonde head of hair, it must be Les. He must have slipped into our bed and got between us. His cock feels awesome in my hand. It is rock hard, with good girth and length. I slowly jerk it and rub the tip against my side. Les lifts up my arm and snuggles against me. I lay on my back and Les kisses my nipple and his tongue licks under my arm and kisses my armpit. It tickles. Never had that happen and I sort of giggle. He kisses his way across to my other nipple and then lower to my belly button. This tickles too. His tongue is hot and moist. He pushes my shorts down and the blankets too as he makes his way south. His hand lifts up my cock and he kisses and licks my belly and groin. Then his tongue licks my cock, up and down and all around the shaft. He fondles my nuts and kisses my cockhead. He squishes my foreskin between his fingers and thumb and his lips tug on the overhang. His tongue slides into the opening and circles my glans. He slowly retracts my foreskin and kisses the glans as it’s exposed. Once my hood is pulled back entirely, he licks all around my cockhead and up and down the shaft. My cockhead is super sensitive and I shudder with his ministrations. Then he takes my cock in his mouth. He doesn’t just give me a blow job, he makes glorious love to my cock. He caresses it. He kisses it. He worships it. He bathes it with his tongue and mouth. This seems to be his life’s passion as he enjoys my rigid cock. He licks its full length and all around and up and down. My cock is the center of his universe at the moment. He sucks my whole dick into his mouth and my cock pulses against the back of his tongue and down into his throat. His hand massages the base of my cock and slowly pumps up and down. He works the hood over my cockhead and back again while he sucks and his mouth engulfs me again and I feel my cock throb and pulse. It feels great and nearly overwhelming.
Travis has awakened and become aware of what is going on and is sitting up in bed watching Les work miracles on my cock. I am breathing hard and my hips are writhing in tune with Les’s movements as he gives me head. Les feels that I am close and his mouth and lips move faster up and down my cock. My cock erupts and cum blasts down his throat in spurt after spurt. He swallows it all and licks the end of my cock and squeezes my cockhead until it is empty and my cock goes limp. Travis taps Les on the back and says &#034my turn.&#034
I can see by the light from the bathroom that Travis’s erection is pointing towards the ceiling. Les rolls away and gets a firm grip on Travis’s cock and engulfs it in one fell swoop. His head immediately starts bobbing up and down. Travis’s hips are slowly thrusting up and down in tune with Les’s movements. Les will soon find out like I did that Travis has a most suckable cock. It is just the correct size to fit in one’s mouth. It is just the right length and the right thickness. It is not big enough to choke or gag a guy but it still has substantial girth and length to rovide hours of pleasure. His cock is a most delectable suck. Since he is cut, he lacks the sweet foreskin nectar but his pre-cum is most tasty. Whether I gather it to taste with my finger or my tongue, its taste is delicious. And when he cums, his loads are tasty and huge and thick.
Remembering the awesome feel of Les’s hard cock, I crawl down to the end of the bed and wedge myself between them. I grab Les’s erection. It is hard and thick and its tip is wet with his secretions. I take his dick into my mouth, savoring the taste of his sweet nectar. My tongue inserts itself into his foreskin opening and swirls around his glans inside his hood. I pull his foreskin back and lick and suck all around his cockhead. He feels so hot inside my mouth. And thick. I greedily slurp away on his dick. I take it out for a moment and lick up and down
his shaft. Then my tongue licks his nut sack, then one nut and then the other. His nutsack is also smooth like his body with just a fine sprinkling of hair.
Engulfing him again, I suck in earnest as his groin thrusts forward and back towards me. As he cums, I hear him groan and gasp as well as he can with a mouthful of hard cock and with one final push into my mouth, his cum splashes out of his cock, into my mouth and down my throat. It is so hot and tastes so sweet. I relish his ejaculate on my tongue and swallow it all greedily.
Then I hear the familiar gasp of Travis cumming. We are all wet with sweat and other fluids and we are breathing hard as he finishes. Les keeps sucking Travis until his cock is limp.
I continue to play with Les’s cock and balls and lick off all the cum oozing from his diminishing cock. Gradually we all relax. Spent thoroughly and thoroughly sated.
I move back up on the bed, as does Les and Travis and I snuggle him between us. Les may have been a stranger 6 hours ago but we are completely comfortable with him already. All it takes is a blow job between friends 🙂
I am awakened later by the sound of Travis in the shower. He and his uncle are going fishing and they are leaving early. I was invited too but graciously declined. In my opinion, fishing is as exciting as watching paint dry! They are tenting overnight Saturday & will be back Sunday afternoon.

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