Summer Holiday


This is what happened to me on my holidays last year .
My husband and I bought a villa with friends of ours in Spain about 15 years ago we have spent many a happy time there but what happened last year will stay with me forever .
What usually has happened over the years is my friend and I take the c***dren out with us and our husbands catch up a week or two later when they finish work .The same happened this year although the k**s are all grown up and go off and do there own thing now .
It was one night when the k**s had all gone off to a local club for a big party night my friend and I had settled down with a few bottles of wine in the garden. Earlier in the day we had met two lads staying next door we had established that the Belgian couple who own the villa had let their nephew and his friend use it for a couple of weeks as we kicked back with our wine we could here them in their garden chatting and drinking when suddenly one of them popped his head up over the wall and asked us what our plans were for the night so we explained about us being left alone and just relaxing with our wine he then told us they were just lighting up the BBQ and would we like to join them for some company .I was just about to decline when my friend answered yes that would be lovely so we both went over and to be honest it was a fun night both of them were very witty and funny .
After a few hours we were all getting quite tipsy and some of the chat got quite flirty they explained to us that a lot of young guys now like older sexy women although i don’t consider myself sexy I did like the compliment .
At this point my friend needed the toilet and Cedric the nephew went with her to get some more drinks I stayed chatting to Axel after what seemed like ages I said where the hell are they both and got up to see It was when I went into the kitchen I can honestly say I was totally gobsmacked the two of them embraced in a passionate kiss it took a couple of seconds before I saw she had his cock in her hands and he had his down hers shorts at this point they noticed me and finally stopped kissing we all stood there saying nothing before Axel asked me if I liked what I saw before I could answer Cedric was behind me and placed his hand on my bum and said it is fun yes we try it and as I turned I could see he had already undone his shorts and was stood there inviting me to touch him I told him no not at all when suddenly before I could move my friend had walked across and had taken hold of him herself and told me I should relax and have some fun Axel now came behind me spun me around and leaned in to kiss me I could feel his now hard cock pressing into my thighs as he pulled me in closer I did try to pull away from him but then something came over me and I did something I never dream’t I would do and I stated to kiss him back his hands were all over me and all the time I could feel how hard he was I couldn’t hold out much longer and finally took him in my hand it did feel wonderful .I glanced at Cedric and my friend and saw her now bending over giving him a blowjob I had never seen such a horny sight in my life before and felt myself getting more and more turned on by the second so when Axel undone my shorts and in one quick movement had them and my knickers around my ankles I didn’t complain I felt his fingers exploring me I could feel how wet I was and it wasn’t long before my legs started to tremble I had to sit down on the sofa Axel now approached me holding himself in his hands and and pushing himself into my mouth he held my head and rocked his hips back and forth I sensed him speeding up and knew it won’t be long but before I had time to react he pulled me onto him and tensed up and I felt him pulsating in my mouth as wave after wave of spunk came in my mouth I choked and spluttered and then he finally finished so I could catch my breath he stood there with a huge grin on his face looking really pleased with himself .
My friend was now on her back with Cedric performing oral on her Axel pulled me up and got me to lie next to her and he then knelt down and did the same to me after a few minutes they both got up and swapped over I then felt Cedric crawl up and slowly he entered into me I could see Axel doing the same to my friend again after a few minutes they swapped over I heard Cedric moan I looked across and I could see him pulling out and his spunk splattering over my friends belly and boobs this was to much for Axel and now he pulled out and did the same over me we all lay there for awhile giggling like c***dren before cleaning ourselves up .
The k**s never did know the reason why after that night we were so keen for them all to go out together again .

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