Suck Hole by loyalsock


18 year old Shannon was having the time of her life. Dancing at the party in a club had erased all the stress from her mind away. She didn’t mind when men casually touched her bum or her 32b breasts. In fact, she even liked the attention.

After dancing her troubles away, Shannon realized that she needed to answer nature’s call quite urgently. She went to the washroom. There were no guy or girls washroom. It was just a room with 5 cubicles. Shannon quickly chose a cubicle and closed the door. She undid her belt and jeans and slides them down to her ankles. Next was her red thong. While relieving herself, she was quite curious to why there was a hole at each side of her cubicle. She looked inside one and it showed the next empty cubicle.

Instinctively, Shannon closed the holes with her palms so that people could not see her relieving herself.

Shannon was done. She flushed the toilet and reached for her thong below. While wearing her thong, Shannon felt something poking her cute ass. Shannon looked behind her. She gave a short yelp of shock when she saw someone’s manhood poking through the hole.

The guy must have heard Shannon yelping because he said, “Hey, do it for me eh I’m having a bad day. Love to have it from you.”

Still shocked that a 6 inch penis was sticking through the hole, Shannon replied,” Do what for you I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“Blow me of course,” the man replied simply.

Shannon was in awe. A very handsome dick had appeared wanting to be blowed.

She was very horny so she grabbed the dick in both hands. The man gave a moan of pleasure. He complimented on how soft Shannon’s hands were. Shannon kissed the tip lovingly. After a few kiss, she swallowed the penis whole. The man gave another moan.

Shannon grazed her teeth on the staff while she moved up and down. Her tongue licking the underside of the penis’s tip. She let go of her hands and pushed both her covered breasts up so that it were sandwiching the penis.

“That your tits honey Very soft. My, can you give a guy a blowjob,” the man said.

In a matter of minutes, the penis started ejaculating. It gave 4 rounds of sperms to Shannon’s oesophagus. The man gave a big sigh of relief. Shannon stopped blowing him and asked, “Now what”

The man said, “Bend over and place your pussy on my cock.”

Shannon did what she was told fairly quickly. She removed her thong, t-shirt and bra. To be short, she was butt-naked. She bended down and placed her juicy vagina on top of the penis. She motioned herself while saying ‘uh, uh, uh’.

The man was pleased hearing Shannon. He tried to push his penis even further. Shannon was really enjoying herself. Finally, the man ejaculated inside Shannon. He removed his penis from the hold. Shannon could hear a zipping sound and the cubicle door opening. She sat on the toilet bowl, not quite believing that she was just fucked by a total stranger.

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