Spending the afternoon with Helena


Spending the afternoon with Helena

I was alone at home that Saturday afternoon; Victor was visiting some friends out of town. I was feeling really horny and I had touched myself many, many times since morning. I called my girlfriend Helena and explained her how my fucking crazy state of mind was…

Helena laughed and invited me to visit her, because she was also alone at home. When I arrived her home, she kissed me deeply and said that I needed a shower, because I smelled like nasty sex…

When I got out of the shower, I found my clothes had been gone.
I came back to Helena`s bedroom wrapped in a towel and asked her about my clothing. She just pointed to the bed, telling my clothes also smelled dirty sex and she had thrown them into the wash machine.

So I lay on the bed and Helena grabbed my hands and tied them with ropes over my head to the bed’s headboard. Then she tied my feet, making me spread wide my legs…

Then Helena leant over me. She lowered her head and kissed my neck and ear, she reached down and started to rub my cunt and she whispered in my ear: “Ana, I have a nice surprise for you, babe…”

By this time I was hot and getting wet, as she kissed my neck, she slipped a big rubber cock into my pussy, telling me that a friend of hers was going to fuck me hard and fill me with his cum…

Suddenly she got off the bed and called Jeremy, a huge black guy that we both had met in a bar and Helena had kept him as her lover.

Fifteen minutes later Jeremy was there inside the bedroom. He kissed Helena and fondled her naked pussy, as he stared at me.
My girlfriend moaned, feeling those thick black fingers deep inside her cunt. Jeremy took off his fingers and put them in Helena’s mouth. She licked them and then fell to her knees, struggling with the black man’s belt and unzipping his trousers. Soon she had his huge black dick buried in her throat, making him moan like crazy, as she sucked him.
Helena looked at me, then at him and announced:
“My slutty friend is ready for your huge black cock now…”

Jeremy walked to the bed and Helena guided his cock into my open mouth. I sucked hard that huge piece until it was hard as a steel bar.
Helena then told him to fuck me like he would fuck a cheap whore.

Jeremy mounted over my mound and soon I felt his big cock slipping between my pussy lips and entering my wet cunt real easy…

He fucked me like crazy, with long strokes. His dark body smelled like a dirty bear, but it also aroused me and made me feel like a whore…

He pumped my cunt during ten minutes, when I felt him ram his dick deep in me as he shot his load inside my stretched wet cunt.
After unloading her last drop of warm semen in my womb, Jeremy lay on top of me for a few seconds and kissed my neck saying I was the hottest married white slut he had ever fucked.

Helena heard his last words and she got angry, slapping Jeremy’s buttocks with his own leather belt: “Who is the horniest slut wife?”
She yelled at her back, as she slapped his dark buttocks.

Jeremy just laughed; he slipped out from my drenched cunt and grabbed Helena´s hand, twisting it until she dropped off the belt.

Then the black man made her fall on her hands and knees onto the floor and furiously rammed his still hard huge dick in Helena’s asshole.

My girlfriend screamed and grunted feeling the sudden intrusion, but few seconds later she was laughing and asking Jeremy to fuck her ass even harder and faster.
After five minutes pumping, Helena screamed as she felt the black man’s seed filling her anus. Then he took his dick from her asshole and fell onto the floor, looking completely spent…

Helena smiled to me and then laughed, as she came to the bed. She climbed between my spread legs and sucked my pussy lips, cleaning my own juices and her lover cum from my vagina.

She made me cum again on her expert tongue and lips. I thought she was done; but then she shoved three fingers deep inside my cunt and started moving and twisting them inside me.
Two minutes later I experienced a wild intense orgasm; it shocked me from my head to my toes. I screamed like crazy, feeling my squirting.

While I was trying to recover my breath, Helena untied me.

Her black friend was standing at the edge of the bed, stroking his huge dick; that now was grown hard again. He looked at me and asked:

“Anita, would you like to try my dick in your ass…?

I did not even answer at him. I just bent over my knees and elbows, grabbing my ass cheeks with my hands. I buried my face on a pillow and waited for the black dick assault on my tight asshole…
Helena warned him that my asshole could feel tight; so Jeremy said he would be gentle and asked her for some lube.

Then I felt my girlfriend’s fingers applying lube deep inside my asshole.
Jeremy climbed up behind me and then I felt his thick head trying to get inside my rear entrance. He pushed slowly, until he passed my sphincter ring. He withdrew for a second, but then pushed forward up to the hilt. I screamed in pain, because his dick was really huge.

I started moaning softly, as the black guy grabbed a hand full of my hair and pulled my head up. He smiled and whispered in my ear:

“That’s the way I love to fuck a tight married white ass…”

He filled my ass completely with his huge black cock and started to sodomize me hard; slapping my ass cheeks and grunting what a good whore I was. Finally Jeremy arched his back and he shot another load of warm seed deep inside my ass…
When Jeremy left; Helena came to me.
I was so sore and weak; I just lay on the bed, facing down; feeling the warm seed flooding out from my asshole.
Helena spread my ass cheeks and licked his lover’s cum.

I spent the night with her, just me and her in the king size bed; kissing and licking each other. In the morning Helena asked me if I was fine.

I just reached the phone and asked her to call J

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