Sodomized by my s****r part 2


I woke up the next morning with my s****r sl**ping in my arms and my stiff dick still inside of her. I cupped her right boob and pulled her a little tighter as I thrust my hips forward driving the head of my dick into her cervix as I shot my morning load into her. Patty woke up right then and turned her head to kiss me and said, &#034now this is how I like to wake up in the mornings.&#034 &#034I’m not done yet&#034, I said as I slid out of her and rolled her over as I moved down to her pussy. She raised her legs to allow me more access and I buried my face into her licking every drop of my cum from her, sliding my fingers into her pussy to retrieve every last drop and sucking her clit to bring her to another explosive orgasm.

&#034Oh fuck, Oh God, shit, fuck, fuck, fuck, Oh God tear that pussy up, that’s it eat my fucking cunt!&#034 Now how could any man refuse such a request. I worked her pussy as hard as I could until she filled my mouth with her cum. I didn’t stop swallowing until she ran dry, and then I moved up and gave her a cum cocktail kiss just to say &#034Good Morning!&#034

It was time for us both to get ready for work so we cleaned up and headed out the door. Needless to say neither one of us could keep our minds on work all day. As soon as it was quitting time I hauled ass home to get a shower and hopefully pickup where we left off.

Patty got home about an hour after I did with a couple of shopping bags and headed into her room. As she went by she ask me to call and order Chinese take out for dinner so I did. About the time it got delivered she came out of her room in her robe fresh from her shower, so we sat and ate and caught up on our day at work.

We cleaned up our mess from dinner and Patty heads toward the bedroom dropping her on the way, looking over her shoulder she smiles and says, &#034are you ready for round 2, or was it 3 or 4?&#034 I peel off my shirt and shorts and say, &#034who is counting!&#034

When we get to the bedroom Patty jumps on the bed spread eagle and says, &#034I want you to fuck me and fill me with your cum, don’t tease me, please me or seduce me, just stick your dick in me and fuck my brains out!&#034 I get on the bed and slide my dick into her wet pussy and slam it into her as hard as I can. My balls are slapping against her asshole and I am massaging her tits and tweaking her nipples. Patty has her legs wrapped around me pulling me into her and meeting my thrust with her pelvis. She is telling me thru her clenched teeth, &#034Fuck me, cum for me baby, fill momma’s cunt with your hot cum, yeah baby fill my hot cunt with your sticky cum, make momma pregnant with your baby!&#034 That’s it! If that didn’t make your dick go soft it would damn sure make it blast off. I was slamming my dick into her cervix filling her with my baby makers, I kept pumping and pumping until I was done. I pulled out of her fresh fucked pussy and was going to eat her out but she stopped me, &#034lay down, lay face down for me.&#034

I laid down and Patty sat down on my butt spreading my butt cheeks apart and spreading her pussy lips apart and then squeezing my cum out of herself and onto my butt hole. Patty is using her fingers to push my own cum into my butt and getting me nice and lubricated. Patty reached under the pillows and pulls out an 18&#034 long double headed dildo and starts to push it into my ass. She eased the dildo further and further into my ass until it bottomed out. &#034There, there, now its my turn,&#034 Patty climbed onto the remaining dildo and just went crazy bouncing up and down on my ass, fucking me harder and faster until she starts cumming. Slamming her pussy against my butt hole she starts to squirt, slamming harder and harder, squirting more and more filling my ass with her cum. Exhausted she finally laid down against my back, rubbing her 34 DD’s up and down my back from my neck to my ass.

I had seen that scene in a movie and always thought it was so erotic that I damn near came on the sheets when her nipples moved up and down on my ass. &#034I have got to cum again,&#034 I said as I rolled over and kissed her passionately. &#034My pussy is too sore so will a blow job work?&#034 &#034Oh yeah&#034 and with that she starts to suck me like it is the best thing in the world. Swirling her tongue around the hole licking my pre-cum, then taking me as deep as she can, up, down, faster, slower, stroking it, sucking it, sticking 3 fingers in my ass I begin shooting my cum into her mouth, she sucks me harder if that’s even possible, I cum so hard I literally have tears rolling down my cheeks and my nuts feel completely drained. When she is done, she looks at me and smiles and shoes me her mouth full of my cum. I pull her to me and we kiss, swapping my cum back and forth as we both swallow my seed.

As she lays there in my arms we drift off to sl**p and I am thinking, man I can’t wait to see what is next.

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