Sir’s Angel The Weekend Part 1


It started out simple. It had been arranged for a weekend getaway. The affair had been going on for a long time, but always just quickies. She noticed he had a new padded bench there. He told her to get on it on her hands and knees with her knees together. He got beside her and tied her legs down with a strap at the top of her calves just behind the knees. She started thinking wow, he can’t get to my pussy like that. He moved her hands forward and put her down on her elbows.He tied them down the same way. Then he blindfolded her. Now she was starting to worry. With no k**s around, he knew he could make her scream. That scared her because they had always been f***ed to remain silent due to k**s in the house. Then SMACK! She felt a paddle of some kind smack her ass. It stung like hell. She started to protest but he smacked again and reminded her to address him as &#034Sir&#034. It hurt a little more than she expected but, kinda felt like she had no choice. She answered, :Yes Sir&#034. The she feel a ice cold wash cloth dripping of ice water start to rub her ass. He asked if that felt better and she answer &#034Yes Sir&#034. She realized she had tears on her cheeks from the paddle. Then she notice how hot and steamy her pussy just got. She wondered why it turned her on… as he smacked hard enough for real pain. Then she felt him pouring lube down the crack of her ass and start rubbing it in. He pushed her ankles apart with her knees still bound to the bench and start rubbing her pussy. Then he pulled open her wanting snatch pushed a ice cold metal ball inside. Heavy, about 1 inch diameter. She was confused; but totally drenched now, and scared. She felt him pushing something way to big against her bunghole. He told her just rub it with her asshole while pushing it open. Do not take it inside. She said &#034Yes Sir&#034 and start massaging her ass over it knowing it would not go in anyway. He had fucked her ass before but nothing ever this big. Then he turned it on and it started to vibrate. Her ass cheeks still burn from the swats so she continued to do as she was told. She pushed her ass open more and noticed it felt good against the rim and wonder if it was is going in. Her pussy was literally dripping now and she asked please sir will you fuck me? He told her he would not answer yet and she needed to push her ass against the toy harder or get another swat. She pushed her ass open and back and he push in at the same time. It pops through her anal opening. Way too big, it burned and stung as her ass stretched over it. It was only in about 2 inches, and started to pump it slowly, not enough to slide in and out, but just tugging on her clenched tight ass hole. Then finally, she felt him start to rub her clit. She had been dripping cum the whole time but still hadn’t had a orgasm. He started moving the viberator more and more as he hit the other switch to make it wiggle. He poured more lube on the toy as she felt the heavy metal ball in her pussy starting to move. It kept bumping her G spot and she was close to exploding. Her body started convulsing as she explode and the toy goes deeper in her ass from her orgasmic motions. Damn, never thought she would have anything that big or deep up her ass. He started massaging her clit again, but this time with a small viberator. It shakes her whole pussy it is vibeing so hard. The one in her ass is going wide open now and she wants a break. But she cant speak as she explodes again. She starts cumming so hard she is crying. She mutters, &#034Please sir, can we stop for a minute&#034. He stepped in front of her and stuck his dick in her mouth. Normally she would wrap her hands around the base to stroke it as she sucked, but cant this time because the way she is tied. He starts fucking her mouth deep to her throat and she tries not to gag. He keeps pumping her ass with the toy that has it stretched out completly now. It still hurt a little, but in a way that makes her keep cumming. She is gasping for breath from repeated orgasms and getting throat fucked hard. The ball is bouncing around her pussy like a pinball machine and tears roll off her face. She realized she was literly being fucked to tears. Shen then lose all control in a massive orgasm as he cums down her throat. She starts trying hard to swallow it all as she loses consciousness.
She wakes in a dark room. No lights, still naked. Her hair is wet. Was she bathed? She realizes her head is on his sholder, her still wet pussy is wrapped around his leg. Her ass is still throbbing from the hard fucking. His arm is around her and he is asl**p. She feels a wieght on her wrist and sees she is in a shackle with loose chains and cannot leave the bed. A television on the wall comes on. A message appears. It reads, wake me when you’re ready Baby, we haven’t started on your pussy yet! Then the video starts, and its four different angles of the fucking she had just received. She has to watch, because she passed out and still has no idea why her nipples are hurting.

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