Ok, first of all, thanks for reading my story but please don’t think that I’m weird or anything because of what I’m about to tell you. PLEASE, I know

it’s different but it’s all true and it really happened like this.

I lived in a nice home with my parents and I had one s****r. She was older than me but very pretty and I loved her a lot! She and I shared a large

bedroom together and mom and dad had of course the master bedroom down the hall. We were a normal f****y in the suburbs and we even went

to church every Sunday! My s*s and I were both in high school and she was a cheerleader and I was on the gym team.

One Saturday night, s*s and I were hanging out at the house while mom and dad were out at a party or something and while they were gone, she

decided to purchase on of those xxx movies that you get on cable TV. I knew that we might get caught but she did it anyway and said she would

blame it on &#034accidentally&#034 purchasing it when mom saw the cable bill.

The movie came on and honestly, it sucked at first but then it showed these three people all fucking and having sex. It was my first time EVER

seeing porn and I was mesmerized by it. There were two guys and this girl and when the part came where one of the guys shot a load of cum

down this girls throat, I got a little wet in my panties and wondered what it must take like! I was covered with a blanket and I reached down into

my panties and started rubbing my little clit, hoping my s****r wouldn’t notice but when I glanced over at her, she had her own hand under her

blanket and I think she was doing the same thing I was. I saw her start to shudder a little bit later and I thought at first she was having some sort

of seizure but she settled down after a bit. I think back on it now and she must have had an orgasm or something.

We finished the movie and went to bed and I could hardly sl**p at all I was so horny from thinking about that movie. I secretly wanted to try that

soon but I didn’t even have any friends that had ever had sex before as far as I knew and I for sure was still a virgin!

Around 1 in the morning, I heard my parents come in the house and my dad opened our bedroom door to check on us. I pretended to be asl**p

and I heard him shut the door and tell my mom that the k**s were fine and we were asl**p. They went into their bedroom and shut the door

behind them. About 20 minutes later, I heard noises coming from their room and I got up and stepped down the hall and got close to their closed

door. I could hear mom moaning a little and I knew that they must be fucking each other because it sounded just like the movie! I listened for

about 5 minutes and then I decided to go back to bed. I played with my little clit some more, thinking about what they were doing and if mom was

maybe going to let daddy cum in her mouth like the woman in the movie!

The next morning, everybody except me went to church and I had told mom I wasn’t feeling good so I wanted to stay home that time. After they

all left, I went into their room to poke around a little when I discovered a big thing that looked like a cock in the night stand. I know now it was a

dildo but then, at that time, I didn’t know what it was. I put it back in the drawer and then I went into their bath room which was right by the bed.

In a trash can, I saw a condom and I knew what that was from sex ed at school. I gently picked it up and noticed it was full of what must have

been daddy’s cum! I nervously put my finger in it and felt the slippery feeling of the cream and the strange pearly white color of it. I pulled my fingers

out and rubbed them together to feel it more and then I thought that I could taste it to see what it was like. I placed the tip of my finger in my

mouth and did it! It was a little fishy tasting but sweet at the same time and it made me start getting wet from the excitement of it. I knew it was

wrong but I felt really naughty doing it and I decided to see what it would feel like on my clit. I took the condom into my room and pulled my

panties off and spread my legs. I squeezed some from the opening of the condom onto my clit and then swirled it around with my fingers. It felt

really slippery and made me get as horny as I had ever been before! I kept doing that swirling motion and felt myself start getting hot and I began

shaking all over and I must have had an orgasm but I didn’t know at the time what one really was or would feel like.

I got off the bed and put the condom back where I found it and just spent the next couple of hours playing with myself until my parents and s*s

got home. When they arrived, daddy took us all out to lunch but all I could think of was daddy’s white cum that was now in my mouth and between

my legs. We came back home and that was it for the day…just regular f****y stuff!

About a week later, I heard them at it again in the bedroom and I knew that I would like to taste more of that stuff if I could. I imagined what he

was doing to mom in there and if he was cumming in her mouth or pussy. My mind went wild and as usual, I put my fingers on my clit and started

rubbing it as fast as I could. My s*s was out on a date and I had the room by myself! I heard them finish fucking and then the bedroom door

opened and it was my s*s, home from her date. We talked a little bit about her date and I then told her that I could hear mom and dad having sex

in their room. My s*s just laughed and said she has been hearing them fuck for a long time and she was use to it by now. I asked her if daddy

came in mom’s mouth like the girl on the movie. My s*s told me I was gross for even thinking about that and it was my parents business, not mine.
I was ashamed of myself now but I did ask her if she had ever tasted that stuff before. She grinned and told me yes, that her boyfriend and her

had done some &#034fun&#034 stuff as she put it and that she liked cum a lot!

The week passed with me just playing with myself when I could but no cum was found that week so I figured they hadn’t been fucking. Finally,

one night on a Friday, I heard them doing it and I couldn’t wait to grab that stuff and taste it some more. They finally finished up and I very quietly

went in their master bedroom while they slept and looked in the trash. There it was laying right there so I took it and left the room without them

waking. I took it in my bed and with my s****r sl**ping right across the room, I got under the covers and in the dark and opened the thing up and

stuck my tongue inside. This time I was so afraid and I got my tongue way in it until it was soaked in daddy’s cum. This time it was warm and even

slipperier than before and I pulled my tongue back in my mouth and really got a bunch of it to taste. I swished some around and then swallowed

it. I then took my fingers and covered them to. I reached down between my legs and rubbed it all over my little clit and I even pushed some inside

of me the best I could!

Suddenly, disaster struck when my s*s yanked my blanket off of me. There I was CAUGHT and with my panties off, my nightie pulled up over my

little nipples and my cum covered fingers on my clit! I nearly dies of shame right there and my s*s asked me what the hell I was doing! I turned red

as a beet and didn’t know what to say except telling her I wasn’t doing anything. She reached over and there beside me was daddy’s filled condom

in the bed with cum leaking out onto the sheets! She picked it up and then acting like it was a tooth paste tube, squeezed it all out and over my

tummy! She then rubbed it all over me and told me that I was acting like a pig and that I should be ashamed of myself and for me to never do that

again! She said that now that I was covered in it, maybe I wouldn’t do that any more ever again! I started to cry and she sat down next to me and

told me that if I wanted to, she would maybe let me watch her and her boyfriend fuck next time he came over when mom and dad were away for

the day or night. I nodded ok and she threw me a towel and told me to clean myself up. I did and fell asl**p with still the taste of daddy’s cum in

my mouth! She hadn’t seen me eat it…LOL!

A few weeks passed and FINALLY our parents left for two days. My s*s was in charge and she was to take care of everything till they got home. The

first night, her boyfriend came over and after what seemed like forever, the two of them said they were staying in mom and dads room. I pulled s*s

to the side and reminded her of the promise she had made. She told me it was ok and for me to hide in the master bedroom and leave the door

cracked open so I could se, She told me that she would keep the lights on in the room so it wouldn’t be dark and I would be able to see everything

they did that way! I was so excited about it and I couldn’t wait to see what they were going to do!

I went upstairs and acted lick I was going to bed but instead, followed our plan and did as she had instructed! After a couple of minutes, they

came in and he tried to turn off the lights but she told him to leave them on so she could see him naked. She laughed a little and he hugged her

and she glanced over toward me and winked! I watched as he pulled her top off and then her bra. She had nice tits and her nipples were really

pinker than mine too. She pulled his shirt off and as they kissed, she unbuckled his belt and pulled his pants down. He got on his knee’s and did

the same to her and they were both now totally naked. They got on the bed and I watched as s*s put her mouth over his cock while he lay on his

back! I reached down under my little cotton panties and started playing with my clit which was really getting wet by now. s*s sucked him and licked

his cock and even his balls and I watched him grow and get really hard and still. He then got up and put her on her back and put his mouth over

her pussy! I couldn’t see what he was doing but she was enjoying it I assume. She rolled her face in my direction and smiled, knowing I was

watching her.

Finally, I watched him raise up and put his cock between her legs and stick it inside. She moaned a little and they started kissing while he fucked

her. It wasn’t long before he started moving up and down even faster and I guess that’s when he came. They were both humping around every

where and he pulled out. I could see how wet his cock was and it glistened int eh light. He went up to her mouth and she let him put it in and I

watched her suck it some more and lick it all over. He got up and told her that he had fun and that they were going to have a great weekend

together! She was still in the bed and she asked him to go downstairs and make them something to drink and that she would be down in a few

minutes after she cleaned up. He left the room and went down stairs and once the coast was clear, she motioned for me to come over to the bed

which I did and she opened her legs and pulled them back and told me to watch where the cum is. I looked down and saw his cum seeping from

her hole and I realized that there was no condom used. She told me that she was on birth control and didn’t use them any more but that she

wanted me to see were it was inside of her. I wanted to touch it and I think she knew that so she told me to go ahead and touch her clit and see

how it felt after being fucked. I reached down and stuck my finger inside and pulled it out. It had cum all over it and without thinking I put my

figer in my mouth. She told me that I shouldn’t do that but that if I wanted to, I could lick her down there but not to tell any body about that EVER

for the REST of my LIFE! I said ok and I gently and nervously my little face down between her legs and licked along the slit just one time and I

raised back up. She asked how I liked it and I told her it was good and warm too! She laughed and told me to get out and she needed to clean up.

The night came and went and they must have fucked ten times it seemed like and all I could so was listen from my bedroom. I wore my little clit

out that night, wishing that it was me with that big cock stuck in me and feeling all that cum shoot inside of my little pussy. I hated being a virgin

and I wanted to fuck so bad I could taste it.

The next day, we were all just hanging out and I decided to tease the guy a little. I don’t know why I did but I wanted to do it. In my mind, maybe

he would take the bait and fuck me too! I started off by sitting across from him in the living room. I was wearing just my gym shorts and no

underwear. I had on a tank top that was too large and I figured that every time I leaned over, my little nipples would be exposed to him. I sat with

my legs apart just a little, knowing that he would be getting glimpses of my pussy when the shorts were open too far at the thigh. I could feel the

cool air blowing over my clit since it was exposed and no panties on so I knew he could see a clear view of it. I pumped my leg up and down while

it was hanging over the side of the chair and I noticed he kept staring in my direction every now and then while we watched this movie on tv.

It made me horny as hell, knowing that he could see it and was looking directly at my naked clit! Every now and then I would reach down and pull

my shorts even more part at the thigh, pretending to just be adjusting them but I knew he was really liking this because he never said anything,

but would just steal little glances at it. My s*s was next to him and didn’t have the exact same view he did and I didn’t see her looking at me at all

so I figured she didn’t know that I was doing it. About an hour passed and the movie ended and they got up and as usual, went upstairs to fuck

some more. I was left there to suffer and just frig myself some more and I was really bummed about her getting all this cum and I was left with

just my fingers!

Suddenly, I heard my s*s yell down to me to come upstairs to see her. She was in the hall and told me that she knew what I was doing in front of

her boyfriend and that I should try and be more subdued if I wanted to fuck! I told her I didn’t know what she meant but she knew better. She took

me by the hand and told me that she had talked to her guy and that if I wanted, I could sit on the bed and watch while he fucked her! I was

happy as hell and told her that I would like that if it was ok with them. She said it was and that she knew what I was going through. She led me to

the bedroom where he was already naked and on his back, playing with his cock. He said that I had better not ever tell anyone about this and that

all of us would be in serious trouble if anyone found out. I agreed and then my s*s told me to take my panties off if I liked and to just sit at the foot

of the bed. I did as she asked and it felt nice being naked and letting them see my pussy and little nipples without feeling weird or guilty.

She got naked too and I watched her take his big cock in her mouth and start licking all over it. I wanted to touch it so bad but I didn’t want to get

in trouble. I moved a little closer to see better and she pulled the cock from her mouth and asked if I wanted to touch it! I nodded yes and she took

my hand and placed it around the shaft. It was really hot feeling and hard too! I stroked it a little and then felt his hand move up to my pussy. I

waited for s*s to say something about it but she just told him that it was ok to touch me but that I was a virgin and for him NOT to stick his finger

inside. His touch was awesome and feeling his finger rub my clit was incredible too! His cock was fun to play with but my s*s pushed my hand aside

and put his cock back in her mouth and kept sucking him while I watched. I could only imagine what it would be like to have it in my mouth but at

least, I was getting my pussy played with!

After a few minutes of her sucking and him rubbing my pussy, I was wet as hell and wanted to feel his cock again. Finally my s*s asked if I would

like to kiss it! I nodded a fast yes and at first, I just touched it with my tongue but I soon parted my lips and let them go over the head. It was fun

and I really liked feeling it in my mouth too. I think he liked it because he jumped a little when I closed my lips around it. It had a strange feeling,

hard yet soft in feel and I wondered and hoped that maybe I could see him cum and taste it too! My s*s told me that I had had enough and she

got on top of him! I watched as she slowly let his big cock enter her pussy and when she was all the way on it, she started moving up and down.

I got behind them so I could see better and I watched as his cock slip in and out of her. Her cute ass was exposed too and I could see her tight

asshole at the same time. I wanted to just lick them both but I was afraid she would get mad so I just played with my pussy and

moved a little closer so I could hopefully see his cum spurt out. They both started moving up and down really fast and then I noticed that his cock

was covered in white stuff I knew to be sperm! It was all slippery and shiny looking and when she raised up, a bunch of it leaked out and was all

over his cock and balls and it was still dripping from her wet hole. She rolled off of him and she told me that I could go ahead and taste some from

him. I leaned over and licked his balls at first and it was as sweet as my daddy’s was! I licked sveral more times and then got brave and grabbed

the shaft and squeezed it, causing some more to leak from his pee hole. I licked that too and then looked over at s*s and saw her with her legs

apart and all that sweet cum leaking out. She motioned for me to come over to her and she took her fingers and scooped some from herself and

stuck them in my mouth! It tasted just as good and I actually wanted to put my mouth on her pussy but was afraid to ask. She kissed me on the

cheek and told me that when I get old enough, she would help me if I wanted her to with my very first fuck! I smiled and told her yes.

We all got up and washed our faces off and went back downstairs. I was horny as hell now but knew I wasn’t going to get fucked any time soon.

Later that night, we all were in the living room watching TV and we were all naked! I was having fun watching them feel each other up and my s*s

then put on another one of those porn movies on cable. We watched that for a while and it showed a man jerk off on this girls asshole! She rubbed

it in all over her butt crack and I instantly started playing with my pussy right in front of my s*s and her guy. My s*s then asked me if I would like to

do that sometimes and I of course said yes! She whispered to her boyfriend and then she told me to bend over right there on the sofa. I did as

asked and the boy came over to me and started jerking off. I felt him come all over my little butt hole and it was warm too! My s*s laughed and said

that now, I had my own cum to rub in so I reached back and rubbed it all around and I then stuck my finger in my butt! I think I came too and

after he moved back over next to my s*s, I went upstairs to lick my fingers and to finger my ass. My s*s came into my room and told me that I

should never tell but that maybe next time, she would let him stick his cock in my butt if I wanted him too. I told her that I would like that!

He left the next day and ever since, she and I talk about all sorts of naughty and nasty things and she has even let me kiss her pussy a few times

but that’s another story that I will tell you sometimes and maybe, just maybe, I can get my daddy to fuck me one of these days!

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