Sex Studio Secrets #30: Moms & Dods: Helena-3


Helena and I get a chance to experiment more with love at the end of that sexy summer’s hot holiday
Helena and I get our hours of privacy every working day of our memorable long school summer holiday

Helena comes from licking along her love lips and soon we discover fingering around her cute clitty
Helena comes from fingering and discovers like this how she can play her pussy now to please herself

Helena and I are at the brink of finding out by try and erotic error how the hell fucking would work?
Helena and I are both shy to take that step, which seems most forbidden for unclear secret reasons

Helena and I have another occasion for proper privacy at the end of that sexy Summer hot holiday
Helena and I attend the same secondary school which starts one week later than all other schools

Helena and I have already our sexy secret of our day together trying first steps at Starnberger See
Helena and I are excited by our possibility to discover more together, this time at home in my room

Helena takes off her blue bikini top first to show me her little titties with erected nipples already
Helena takes off her slip as well to offer me a peek at her beautiful blonde bush down at her belly!

Helena is fully nude, she lays down at my bed and spreads her long lovely looking legs at my request
Helena is fully open for my curious hot view of her furry fanny and the treasures covered by her hair

Helena spreads her love lips as I am so hot to take a peek at her hymen once more, as long as it lasts
Helena spreads her love lips, hopes for my kisses as she remembers well her first ever orgasm at me!

Helena begins the blow my mighty manhood, sweetly looking up to my eyes to read if she is doing well
Helena begins to become my sexy submissive tasty teen, who wants to please Peter as best as she can!

Helena and I make love all morning and most of the afternoon discovering new positions as sixty-nine
Helena and I make love in all possible places which offer us enough privacy and new interesting ideas

Helena and I are so close, both bodily and in eagerness for more erotic discoveries together as teens
Helena and I are so close to take together that teasing tasty threshold to our first foxy fornication

Helena asks if she can also kiss my manliness as she likes to return me the pretty pleasure I offer
Helena asks if she can take it in her mouth to taste it fully, I tell her she can suck it but not bite

Helena looks up at me all the time to read in my eyes if she is doing fine in her first blow-job ever?
Helena looks up so sweet and sexy at me, I long to grab her blonde hair and to bang her hot head hard

Helena sweetly swallows my semen to the last drop, she has tears in her eyes of almost suffocating
Helena sweetly spreads her legs again, after I put a pillow under her bums to lift her slit for more

Helena has soon another orgasm from my long tongue licking up and down her lovely looking love lips
Helena has some talent for submissiveness, as she seems open for every sexy suggestion from my side

Helena and I long to try to go all the way with it, although we both don’t know how it would work?
Helena and I long for more to try at the end of that Indian sexy Summer of erotic initiation for us

Helena and I like to see your thumbs up
Helena and I like to see your comments

Helena and I like to continue our tale
Helena and I will, if we get feedback!

Copyright by Poet Peter, May 26th 2015

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