Roxy’s job interview with new Boss………..


This is for an Admirer.

So I planned a meet with a hung Admirer called Andy whom I met online, nice guy to chat to and been chatting online for ages.
I finally went to visit him in his discreet apartment after a long journey filled with anticipation and excitement of meeting my new friend, and guess he was eagerly awaiting my arrival.
Once I arrived we had a cuppa and a long chat, where I made a point that I would love to perform role play sex with him being my new Boss and me his sexy tranny secretary applying for the role of Personal Assistant, he agreed it would be lots of wild fun.
So off I went into bathroom to quickly shower, do my makeup and nails, get into my sexy lingerie, fishnets’, panties, heels, very revealing red micro-dress and long brunette hair and secretary specs.
I must say I looked rather cock hungry and was very horny by now , so we rendezvoused in his mock office with desk .
He was in trousers, shirt and tie looking very formal indeed sat there , so I sat on corner of his desk for interview to commence.
I was sat there cross legged showing off my stocking tops , thigh and a cheeky glimpse of my cute bum which he kept glancing upon, he asked me to get pen and paper to take down his dictation short-hand style , only problem was I’m useless at it and kept messing up badly, I felt like being sacked there and then.
He said my paperwork was bad but to succeed in getting the job would I take down another form of DICKtation which I reluctantly agreed to, so he stood up and made me kneel down, he said to qualify I would have to suck his big hard cock which I could see was bulging in his trousers, I agreed .
I knelt down in front of him, undid his fly’s and released his 9&#034 thick cock, OMG it was massive, I stroked it in my hands till it grew some then I l applied more red lip gloss and off I went to work on his shaft, licking it up and down , licking the swollen head before slowly sucking it , I was very horny, he fed me poppers and my god it just made me lose control, by now I was deep throating a fully hard monster cock, like a greedy little slut x.
After about ten mins of cock sucking he made me stand up, turn around, and was ordered to bend over his desk, and pull my dress up over my cute ass.
He then said to me proper Personal Assistants should be made into Anal fuck sluts whose purpose was to take deep balls fucking bareback and let the Boss breed her granny cunt, I whimpered but agreed.
So there I was bent over showing my cute hungry ass to him, he pushed his big cock against my bumhole and said I better take some more poppers which I did and lots of it, meanwhile he pulled my knickers down around my high heels and lubed his cock.
He stood close behind me and pushed his helmet against my tight little bum and slowly slid his length up me, telling me how tight I was and that he loved fucking tight tranny ass.
Slowly he went deeper and deeper u till I was impaled on his hard ducking cock , I loved it, being fucked by my new boss I wanted to impress him so I started bucking my hips , pushing back onto him, this made him build up a faster rhythm, now thrusting and pounding away at my fuck hole, calling me a good little fuck whore which I was.
He fucked me hard and then some u till he was ready to cum and told me to push back as he wanted his cock deep up my fuck hole, his cock swelled and with one last thrust he pumped my granny ass full of his thick spunk, I was in heaven being his slut .
We spent the whole night me servicing him by mouth and ass until I was a true fuck slut dripping cum down my thighs and down my chin.

To be continued………………………….

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