Revenge on a cunt girlfriend (true story)


I had been in a relationship with Maribel for about 2 years and we experimented with BDSM. She was a total control freak whom tried to be submissive and liked to think of herself as such but she was so out of touch with herself and no matter how hard she tried she was never a real submissive, Let me tell you after 2 years of living together I had developed a deep hate for her and couldn’t stand even having a conversation with this fucking cunt but the sex was great and she was one of the best looking girls I had ever dated
Well we had over time with other fetishes but she was really big on the BDSM but because of her controlling nature it always felt stupid and I never really enjoyed it. She did occasionally grant me some of my wishes but it was not often ( I have a love for exhibitionist women) and we would go out in public and she would flash guys for me.
Well that’s just to let you know what it was like being with her and now let me tell you what I did to her If you read some of my other stories you will know why I am like I am today and know I have crossed a few moral lines in my life and this was one of them
She was a total cunt to everyone she met even to her own f****y members. Her b*****r was a convict and d**ggie with a seriously fucked up life (he did jail time for a sex crime) and he lived in a halfway house while he was on his parole . He would sometimes get passes and spend weekends with us and he did so as often as he could . Maribel would treat him like crap and call him all sorts of names , pretty much she made him feel like a worse loser than he was. I thought he was kinda a good guy and he was gratefull that he could spend weekends with us from time to time.
One of his conditions of parole was he was not allowed to be on the internet because he used it to commit a sex crime so when his parole officer came to visit he told me I had to restrict him from using my computer so I put it into my bedroom . Maribel forbid him from ever going into our room anyway so it was a great place for it.
Maribel worked part time and when she went to work one day he had asked me if he could use my computer and I told him if he didn’t do anything stupid that he could and he said he just wanted to look at some porn ( xhamster to be exact).I took him in and put the password for him and set him up under a guest account but instructed him not to poke thru my folds because there were pictures of his s****r that I dint want him to see and left him to surf and jack off in private .
I didn’t think much of it then but after he went back to his halfway house I needed to send an email so I fired my computer up and when I did I decided to be nosey as to what he was watching and what kinda porn he liked but there was nothing in my browser history that would even suggest that he was even on the net. I then looked in my folder history and I was shocked he had looked at every picture and movie of his own s****r and that is what he was in there jacking off about.
The next weekend he came for a visit again and Maribel went to work and he asked me again to use the computer and I told him yes and went to log him into the computer . I told him that I know he looked at Maribel’s pictures and told him if she ever caught him doing that she would stop him from ever coming to our house .
He told me he never would in a 1000 years ever imagine his s****r would ever be doing anything as sexual as she did in those movies and as they were growing up she had a &#034prude&#034 reputation in school and with her friends. Knowing he was a pervert I asked him if he ever did anything with his s****r and he said no that he tried something and she wouldn’t do anything and told their parents .
I being a fellow pervert told him about my past sex life and told him what I use to do with my mom and we started going thru Maribel’s stuff together. The first time he watched the videos he did so with the sound off so when we played them he got to listen to her foul slutty mouth. I was actually getting turned on by how aroused he was becoming watching his s****r and I built up enough courage to ask him if he would fuck her if he had a chance and he said yes.
His reply made me so hot thinking about her and him together and I wanted to make it happen and I told him I would try and persuade her to do something and he told me he was all for it. So one night Maribel and I were having one of our sex talks while we fucked and while I was fucking her I told her I had a new fantasy and I told her that I was turned on by the idea of her b*****r fucking her . She pushed me off of her and called me a sick son of a bitch and told me that maybe I should fuck her b*****r because we were just alike. She said she would never do anything as perverted like that and told me if I said anything like that again she would break up with me.
I could not let the idea out of my mind it turned me on so much to think of her doing something like that and I started masturbating thinking about it all the time and I really wanted to see it but just could not think of anything that would get her to do something like that . Her b*****r suggested I get her d***k or d**g her but I told him no cause I didn’t wana go to jail . Well while we were watching her videos one day It struck me on how I could get this to happen ., She was into the BDSM thing and we made a movie one day and
one of her fantasy’s was to be fucked by someone we knew and not know who it was and afterwards we would play a little guessing game and she use to get turned on by doing this.
Later that week I told her I was going thru the old movies and that I liked when she did that for me and asked if she would do it again , being that it was her fantasy in the first place she said yes . So I told her I would set something up and got her hyped on doing this and we fucked all week and talked about doing just that. When her b*****r came over that next weekend and he and I got to talk I told him what I planned to set up and that he would get to fuck his s****r . I told him that when we did this he had to take off all his jewelry shave his mustache and not do say or have anything on that might give us away but she would be blind folded and as long as he didn’t do anything to give us away we would get away with it
So I tell Maribel I had found someone and we had to do it on a weekend because the guy was married and that was the only days he could get away long enough to have the time to do this. She agreed to do it and started playing her little guessing game trying to get some information out of me asking me if she knew or was ever around this person and I told her yes.
She called he b*****r and told him not to come this weekend because she and I needed some alone time and she couldn’t wait for Saturday to come because out of all the things we did sexually together this was her favorite thing.
So the night comes and she asks me what she should wear or how or what she would like me to do. I tell her I wanted her in heels and a thong but topless ( for some strange reason she puts on make up) . Now I wasn’t going to take the chance that she would
pull off the blind fold so I decided to use duct tape knowing it would be impossible for her to get it off and then wrapped a silk scarf around that and she waited in the bathroom until her guest showed up.
Her b*****r rings the bell and I let him in and almost drop to my knees laughing cause he went way overboard with his Disguise
( I am a proud redneck and so was he) He was dressed up as a hip hop gangster fake chains doo rag and everything . I tried to control my laughter and brought him into our bedroom and then went into the bathroom to get her . Being a control freak she started getting very specific on how she wants to do this and tells me to go in and tell him to lay on the bed naked I then went inside and told him and he does.
I go back into the bathroom and lead her out to the bed and get her to sit right beside him. He b*****r was so turned on that he was shaking and had an erect that was stiff as a board . I then take her hand and put it on his cock and ask her to suck it. My God seeing my girlfriends plump little lips wrapped around her b*****rs cock turned me on so much . She like to talk dirty while having sex and began to ask me how my friends cock looked in her mouth and asked me If I liked seeing her sucking another mans cock and I tell her Yes and continue talking to her and calling her slut and dirty little names and it turned her on even more
Her b*****r was in heaven from the blow job she was giving him but she sits up and says out loud I want him to eat me and finger fuck me. I tell him to get up off the bed and she lays down on her back and slides her panties off. The look on her b*****rs face is total shock but he zeroed in on her meaty pussy lips and began licking it all over while he was fingering her .She was so wet and was breathing heavy and she let out a&#034 Oh my God&#034 and squirted right in his face . She screams out fuck me and he mounts her missionary and slams his cock inside her she starts talking dirty to him asking him if he liked her slutty cunt and I motion to him not to answer (he almost did ) . She spread her legs wide as she could and started taunting him saying &#034 fuck my pig cunt &#034 and started to taunt me as well saying to me &#034this is how a real man fucks do you see him in my fucking cunt?&#034 Well her b*****r was pumping the shit out of her and motions to me that he is about to cum and I tell her and she says to him cum in my fucking pussy I want to feel your cum in my pussy and he squirts inside of her and lay on her for a second.I tell him that he has to go and take Maribel into the bathroom so he can get dressed and leave and when I hear the front door close I take her back out to the bedroom
I help her to get the duct tape off (it came off easier then I thought ) and she lay there naked and Immediately starts the guessing game . After I had seen what I just saw I wanted to fuck her so bad so I striped down and started to finger her while we were playing her little game . Her b*****r must have cum at least a quart of cum inside her and it leaked out into the palm of my hand and I brought it up to her face and told her to lick it all off and she did . Seeing her eating her b*****rs cum that I sc****d out of her pussy was more than I could handle and I came without even fucking her and had to wait a couple of hours before I could go again.
The next weekend her b*****r came for a visit and as usual she treated him like shit but did not figure out that it was him and when we got the chance to talk alone he told me he wanted to fuck her again and I was going to try but Sadly Maribel and I broke up 2 moths later….. still to this day she doesn’t know she fucked her own b*****r“

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