Rescued by a foreign spy


I was eating at a restaurant alone at the bar. A man came by to strike up a conversation with me. He seemed nice at first but then started to become pushy. He was very arrogant, which was a turn off for me. I had already finished my meal and was getting tired of his company. I was getting ready to leave but the man kept talking to me. Apparently, it must have showed in my face that the man was annoying me that another gentleman walked up from behind me, placed his hand on my back, said hi and wanted to know who was I talking to (as if he knew me). As he was giving the man a stern look, I smiled and introduced the man to him. The stranger who was tall, nice looking, had full lips, deep voice, and sounded like a foreign spy shook the man’s hand and introduced himself as my friend. After shaking the man’s hand, the stranger places his hand back on my lower back. The man looks at me and I just smile at him; not knowing what to say. He gets up and leaves. The stranger sits in the man’s chair and proceeds to talk to me. He tells me how he was watching me talk to the man and it looked as though I needed rescuing. I thank him for the rescue and inform him that he was correct. I WAS ready to leave the restaurant but now I wanted to stay.
After talking with this man who I will call T, it was getting late and the restaurant was about to close. How could time have gotten away so fast!?! We walk out of the restaurant together into the parking lot. He stops and I thank him for a wonderful evening. He tells me that he wants to show me a nice view. I hesitated but decide to agree to go with him to this place. I ask him where is it at but he says it will be a surprise. I laugh and agree to go to this place. I tell him that I will follow him in my truck. With a stern look and serious tone he says no and starts to open a car door…….the door of the car that we just “happen” to stop in front of. I didn’t know what to do since it caught me off guard. I decide to get into his car and leave my truck in the restaurants parking lot.
After what seemed to be a long drive, come to find out, we arrive at his place. His place was simple and homey. He shows me this view that he had talked about and man was he not lying. It was nice. It had a relaxing feel. You could see grasslands for miles and mountains in the background. The air was breezy and fresh. He shows me around his house with the last stop being his room. As I am walking out of his room, he presses me up against the wall. As he towers over me, he pauses and looks in my eyes with a piercing look. He kisses me with such passion and starts sliding his hands all over me and under my clothes. His hands starts climbing their way back to up my body and stops at my hair. He runs his hands through my curly fro-y hair. He grabs handfuls of it and was styling it in many different ways. Then all of a sudden, he grabs my shirt and rips it open. I thought I’d just about came right then and there. My pussy was now so wet that I was sure it was dripping down my thighs. He throws my shirt on the floor and started taking off my bra. Immediately, he started sucking on my big hard dark nipples. I didn’t know what to do; everything was happening so fast and it was feeling so good. Next, he started pulling my panties down but left my skirt on. I didn’t get a chance to look at my panties but I am sure they were soaked. He turned me around and had me face the wall. He started pulling up my skirt and I thought my knees were about to buckle. I am breathing heavily on the wall wondering what this man was about to do….as if I don’t know. He kneels down, spreads my ass apart and starts licking my pussy. My eyes roll to the back of my head while my mouth is wide open trying to get as much air as I could. My heart is racing. He stands up and places one hand on my shoulder and then the other on my tummy and pussy. He slides his cock in me and starts fucking me. This man did not disappoint. I close my eyes and start to moan while this man has me pressed against the wall. I’m using my hands on the wall to help me brace for the oncoming impacts. He then grabs my wrists, pulls them and me back and starts fucking me harder. I start to moan even louder. I am not on the wall any more but I am so close that I think my head might just hit it a little. I was thinking about stepping further back away from it, but I was enjoying it so much that I didn’t care. I could feel myself building. He was pumping me harder and I started panting. I tell him that I think I am going to faint. He says, “I’m holding you, you can’t faint.” After hearing that, I start to cum. I started screaming and what sounded like crying. As I am screaming, moaning, and “crying”, he starts to moan as well. He says, “Listening to you moan makes me hornier and harder.” After I came, I knew he was going to cum any time now, but he didn’t. I had never came like that before in my life and yet he wasn’t done! Man, was I wrong when I had thought my knees were going to buckle earlier, they for sure was going to now. With one hand he smacks my mocha colored ass and pulls my ethnic hair. Then places that hand on my other shoulder. With both hands on my shoulders, there is nowhere for me to go. He says to me, “You are my fuck toy now.” All I could say was yes I am. He then says, “I want to fill you up with all my cum deep inside you.” I don’t let any other man cum inside me unless they have a condom on but this man was an exception…..I was going to let him. I liked the thought of him cumming inside of me. I beg him to please come inside of me. He demands me to cum now. He says, “Cum with me babe…..let your pussy milk my cock while you cum.” He smacks me on my ass hard and with a commanding tone says, “Cum now!.” I yell out, “Yes, daddy.” He proceeds to smack me again and says, “I’m gonna cum…..cum with me!” He starts to groan and I then I moan. We are both cumming. I feel his hot sperm shooting up in me. My pussy is tight around his cock. He is not fucking me any longer but his hips are still moving towards me as if he is pushing his sperm deeper into me. I tell him to put it all in there. I reach down squeezing his white cock trying to get every drop in my dark brown waxed pussy.
He takes his cock out, smacks me on my ass and says to go to the couch. I question him about getting cleaned up first but he says no. I tell him that I don’t think I can move. He says with a smirk, “I am here to help.” Not thinking he was actually going to do it, he lifts my arm, places it around his neck, lifts me up and takes me to his bed instead. I am spent. I inform him that I am so tired that I think I am going to go to sl**p or take a nap right then and there. I also tell him that he was very good. His response was, “Nap after sex?…mmmmmm…..I love it. We can wake up and do it again.” With my eyes still closed, I smile. As I am lying on my side, he takes off my shoes and then cuddles me from behind. Before I fell asl**p, I thought to myself, I am hooked….I am his sex toy and I don’t care.
I laid next to him with nothing on but my skirt and his cum oozing out of me.

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