Every Witch has a Familiar, A black cat. Pyewacket is her name.

Part 1 of 5

Pyewacket jumped up onto Regina’s bed & lay down facing Regina’s bureau. She was all alone as everyone had left for The Country Club.
Pye watched them come home the night before all excited about something & when she jumped up on the back of the couch & into Regina’s lap she saw the plastic containers sitting on the couch between Rebecca & Regina & the shadows of movement from inside. Both tupperware containers had several holes punched into the cover so the little Ex Cons could breathe.
The two boys, Mitch & Tom were quickly on their knees between their spread legs.
Pye eased herself slowly down between the girl’s. Her purring became louder, she could smell them. When she began hitting one of the containers with her paw Regina slapped a hand down ready to move them out of her reach but Mitch’s tongue was playing with her hard clit.
‘Oh! Pye’ Regina moaned. Instead of removing the containers she lifted up a corner high enough as she tried to pick one of the little men out.
Pye pounced, tipping the top container causing three of the little men to topple out onto the couch.
Regina, caught up in her own pleasure moved both her hands onto Mitch’s head holding his open mouth tightly on her cunny as she came into his mouth.
The shrinkie’s were the furthest thing from Regina’s mind & Rebecca was lost enjoying Tom’s long tongue.
Two of the three naked men feel to the rug thick below unharmed. They looked to to see their friend trying to climb down. They yelled at him to jump but when Pye looked down she swiped a paw at the hanging man. The men below heard the horrible screams as the giant cat dragged the man back up.
Pye hissed, showing her sharp teeth to the men below as her claw speared the screaming man in one of his arms & dragged him back up.
The two men ran. They knew their friend was gone. Hiding under the coffee table they hid behind one of the thick legs furthest from the couch trying to catch their breath.
The tall muscular Black Man peeked out & when he didn’t see the giant cat he moved enough to see back up.
Looking up he gestured to the other man to join him but the man, still shaking, grabbed the table’s leg trying not to scream.
Pye hissed loudly at the little white man hanging from her paw. He was screaming in pain & fear that he could never have imagined even from his years in Prison.
He kicked & screamed as Pye caught one of his legs & ripped it from his body. The Black man below watched it all & when Pye’s jaws closed around the man’s body he fell to his knees in horror.
Pye jumped from the couch with the man hanging from her jaws. She saw the black man begin running. She lay down, both paws holding the man as she watched two more run away.
Pye bit down tearing into the sweet meat. A final faint scream from her tasty snack as she ate.


Pye licked her lips & both paws. Purring loudly she began following the trail of the other little treats. She had watched them run under the front of the entertainment center but before she could sniff them out Regina & Rebecca & the boys were up.
‘That little dickens’ Regina said to Rebecca seeing the container turned over with one corner barely open. The others inside had tried frantically to escape but with the container tipped over there wasn’t enough room to squeeze out. For the moment they were the lucky ones not knowing what was happening to the three that had escaped.
With their backs pressed against the wall the two men huddled together. Stripped of their once tough guy persona’s, wishing they were back in Prison where compared to this was heaven.
‘What did you see?’ the white guy asked his friend. The man swallowed hard, forcing himself to relate what he wanted more than anything else to forget.
‘It tore him apart and…..and ate him. I think he was still alive’
Pye’s hissing brought them back, adding to the fear that covered them like a dark cloud.
They could see Pye’s claws as she extended her paws under the front of the cabinet. They both hugged the wall behind them. There was no place to go.
Shadows were everywhere now. A loud hissing as someone picked up the cat. The cabinet they were under began to move as a sliver of light flooded in becoming wider.

Regina picked up Pye holding her. Her hissing became a soft purr as the Girl’s watched Mitch & Tom ease the back of the heavy cabinet away from the wall.
The two naked men were frozen in fear as the huge hand reached toward them. Afraid to run out from under, fear the giant cat was out there they didn’t try to run.
‘I got two here’ Tom said.
‘Well judging by the red stains on Pye’s paws & whiskers there must of been at least one more’
The two men were quickly back in the plastic container. The other gathered around them not believing the horror story the two men told them.

Mitch & Tom were already heading for the beach. Rebecca was in her room sliping into a bright canary yellow two piece with one of the containers in her hands.
Regina changed into a matching two piece after setting her container on her dresser next to her large dollhouse that she’s had since c***dhood.

‘Pye you behave yourself now’ Regina told her as she put her onto her cat bed outside her bedroom.
‘I wonder how many she got’ Rebecca said to Regina.
‘We’ll never know. She is a crafty one. A Witch in her own right’ Rebecca said as they walked between the dunes to the beach below.



Part 2

The tiny men in the plastic prison were fighting over the crumbled up cookie Regina had dropped in before going down to the beach with the others. In her hurry to join the others she didn’t snap the tupperware cover down all the way. The cookie crumbs were the only food they were given since their terrorfing ordeal.
It wasn’t until the fighting was over & things had calmed down did one of them see the light coming in from above where the cover was slightly raised.
Some men were still like crouched a****ls stuffing crumbs into their mouths, eyes darting left & right ready to defend the last remaining bits of food.
Some believed the story the two men told, others didn’t, still holding onto a glimmer of hope that this was all a bad dream. Not everyone had seen what had happened to their injured comrades after the prison they were all in just seemed to disapear. The blinding white light then the pain & then waking up to this new nightmare.
Men gathered under the light & as five men braced themselves against the wall others climed up onto their shoulders bracing themselves the same way. When more of them saw what was happening they abondoned their cache of crumbs & began to help others climb the human ladder.

Pyewacket, still on Regina’s bed, inched her way closer to the edge of the bed as she saw the moving shadows thru the plastic container.
Finally one man had made it to the top. The men under him straining with the weight on their shoulders trying not to topple their make shift ladder.
Sweating & fighting to keep his balance the top man reached thru the opening & quickly grasped the side & slowly pulled himself up.

Pyewacket sat up on the edge of the bed as the little man poked thru the opening. Once out, the man helped others climb thru. One by one they dropped to the top of Regina’s dresser & froze after seeing the huge tiger cat on the bed below.

Pyewacket pumped her hind legs as she looked up at the little treats above. Her rear paws pushing into the springy matress as she prepared to leap.

‘The doll house….Quick’ one of the men yelled. The men scrambled, their bare feet slippery on the polished dresser top. Men were pulling on the two wooden doors fighting to get them open. The man still sitting at the opening of the container began yelling hearing the cat’s loud hissing seconds before Pyewacket sprang from the bed.
Two men slide off the dresser tumbling to the rug below. The others fought eachother to cram themselves thru the one door the men had f***ed open.
Pyewacket swiped a paw at the two men slidding off the dresser missing one of them by a hair. Pye looked down, hissing as the men slammed into the rug. Their awkward tumbling leap was followed by screams & the snap of bones that went unheard above where panicked men fought to get into the doll house.
Pye looked up at the man sitting atop the container & going up onto her back legs she swiped at the man. The Black man kicked trying to dislodge the two men at the top of the Human ladder. Try as he might the men below were crowded so tighty that there was no room for him to come back down. Two men under his kicking legs grabbed on as the men below them began to sway. Screams filled the container as the human ladder crumbled sending men to the hard plastic floor below. Screams of pain from below as more of the men sustained injuries.
Pyewacket’s sharp claw caught the black man under his arm tearing him from his perch atop the container along with the two men who were hanging onto his legs. The screaming black man’s leg snapped as Pyewacket pulled her prey down. The other two men broke free, slidding down to the dresser top. They scrambled trying not to slide to the floor below. Screaming, they managed to keep from falling. Looking up they saw the black man, he was screaming & kicking one leg as Pyewacket caught him in her jaws.
Pyewacket tasted bl**d as she brought the chocolate treat to her mouth. The man’s bl**d had sprayed onto her tongue & now as she bit into him, dragging him deeper into her mouth. With each bite she tasted his sweet meat.
One twitching leg hung from Pye’s mouth when her gaze fell onto the two other tasty treats frozen in terror just inches away.
Pyewacket ate the black man, sucking his remaining leg in & eating the sweet dark meat. When she opened her jaws hissing at the two shaking men they saw bits of flesh & bl**d coating the cats needle sharp teeth.
The two men, screaming looked to the doll house where the others had found refuge but the giant cat blocked the way. Running down the dresser top on slippery sweaty bare feet, they ducked around the side of the container pressing their backs against it as they fought to breathe, their sweat covered bodies shaking in abject terror.

The men in the doll house tried to hide. At four inches they were actually to big & had to duck. The irony was lost on most of them but a few sat in corners laughing histerically which didn’t help the others.
Pyewacket moved in front of the doll house. She remembered it from when Rebecca was younger. Rebecca had given it to Regina when she was a little girl. Regina once asked her mother how old Pye was. Rebecca just smiled & told Regina to pick a number. That’s what her mother had told her to do when she had the same question.

Screams were heard all thru the doll house when someone saw the cats huge face pressed against a plastic window. Moving away, Pye went back up on her hind legs dropping her front paws around the opening in the container.
She looked down at all the little treats as they ran for cover. Pye tried to wedge a paw into the narrow opening, hissing loudly when she could only manage a short way in. Her hopes of reaching in & snagging another treat foiled at the moment. Dropping down to all fours she butted her head against the side of the box trying to push it.
It moved, but only a few inches. The two men hiding found themselves being pushed closer to the edge & in a panic began trying to push back. Pye pushed again & again. The two men hung on as their bare feet slide on the polished surface. With their backs against the plastic wall & their heels sliding they began screaming as the edge came nearer & nearer. The two men jumped seconds before the container slide off the edge hoping to jump free of the falling box.
Landing, both made out better than the first two. One of them just spraining an ankle as they tumbled away clearing the crash of the large tupperware container by mere inches.
Pyewacket, perched on the edge of the dresser hissed down at the two naked men as they ran under the bed.
The thin oriental man tried helping his friend who was wincing with every step. Both men heard the cat as it landed on the bed above. Paniced, they looked for a place to hide but it was dark.
Pyewacket jumped down onto the carpet just as a loud snap followed by a gut wrenching scream that filled the dark void.
Pye got low & went under the bed easily seeing the two men. One was trying to free the other from the trap.
Pye charged, pouncing on the oriental man frozen in fear. His hands still trying to free his friend from the mouse trap.
Pyewacket caught the screaming man under a paw & as the trapped man watched she dropped her other paw down as she hissed. Pye’s eyes glowed like a demon’s as she held the screaming man between both paws. The trapped man watched as the giant cat licked the terrorfied man before biting, ripping of an arm & eating it. The second bite caught the bleeding man above the waist & as Pye bit again & again her huge paws fed the man into her jaws. The man in the trap was trying to drag himself away when Pye tore him nearly in half as she clawed his bl**dy body ending his screams mercifully as she crunched his head, slicing it like it was a soft g****. Pye sucked the bl**dy remains into her mouth & purred as she ate her favorite meal.

The dust covered trap now spotted red with bl**d had never caught a mouse, not with Pyewacket around.
The Two other men, hiding under the bed had heard the terrifying screams from their hiding place behind a box of Christmas decorations.
Both badly injured with broken legs, they fought down the need to scream.
Holding their breath till nearly passing out they listened for the cat. Not being able to see in the dark was even more frightening as the cat noisly devoured their two comrades. Pyewacket licked her paws. Her hunger sated for the moment she turned, knowing there were two more tasty treats hiding under here but first it was time to check on the large box she had toppeled from the Bureau.


Pyewacket – Part 3


Down on the beach below their Beach House, Rebecca & Regina were enjoying the warm Sun & the cool water in their private Cove. The coral reef that stretched out beyond the jetty created a peaceful inlet cove. Two paddle boats sat tethered to rock outcropings perfect for going out to the reef for some snorkeling. On a huge blanket up on the warm sand the boys had brought down a cooler with soft drinks & next to it was a plastic container with an assortment of three inch naked shrinkie’s. A delightful assortment of Whites, blacks, orientals & other ethnic groups. Just a small sampling of the many thousands being sorted thru at ‘The Farm’
A special room within the Hotel & Spa where Rebecca & Regina’s mystical display of magical powers were used to solve the depleting supply of the popular treats only found on the Femina Islands.
The large bowl of salsa for shrinkie dipping sat within the cooler on a bed of ice along with chopsticks, the most popular way of Shrinkie dipping. Stabbing them with forks sometimes proved fatal taking all the fun out of playing with the before eating them alive.
Even Pyewacket up at the Beach House knew that.
The girl’s were enjoying the cove, working up an appetite while their lunch sat huddled in the plastic container. Thou shaded by the large cooler & out of direct Sunlight the temperature inside the container was steadily rising as was the fear. Groups of men sat huddled together shaking as if it were 10 below, wishing they were back in their old world, prisoners trying to survive the harsh realities of prison life.
Murders, r****t, thieves along with gang members from Neo Nazi’s to Motorcycle Clubs sat shaking in abject terror after seeing what had happened to friends & foe alike after being thrown into the new Hell that made prison life seem like a Vacation.

Walking back to their blanket Regina saw a Woman approaching. The Man walking beside her with his head lowered kept a proper distance so as not to cause her to pull on his leash. His frail thin body was that of a broken Male. His longer than normal hair gave him an effeminate
appearance by the way it hung to his bare shoulders but he was definately a weak male lost in slavery to his Mistress.

The tall Woman walked thru the tiny waves that kissed the shore while her Slave’s feet were only cooled by the hardpack. The Man wore only shorts if you didn’t count the dog collar around his neck that the leash was attached to.
The tall Brunette in a bright yellow bikini tugged on her Slave’s leash leading him to the small outcropping of black rocks that studded the many tide pools. If she saw Regina in the distance she didn’t show it but she in turn was well aware of her old friend watching.

The Young Woman leaned back against the tall rocks as Regina watched curious who was the Woman was. She pointed to the ground at her feet & when the badly sun burned man seemed to hesitate she pulled down on the leash with authority, forcing the man to his knees. Lifting one leg & placing it on a flat rock by her feet the Woman tugged on the leash bringing the man in tight between her tanned thighs.
Nearer now, Regina saw it was her c***dhood friend Michelle. It had been years but their was no mistaking her strong command of the submissive male at her feet. Her, Michelle & others, like her good friend Darla had spent many summers enjoying their time on the Island. Regina remembered when Michelle had moved away & now, by the looks of it she was back with a vengeance.
Rumors of Witchcraft were tossed back & forth around the Island & thou none of Regina’s friends pressed Regina about some of the things they had seen Rebecca do they never forgot them either.

Michelle shook out her long auburn hair after acknowledging Regina with a smile. The kneeling man with the angry red welts crisscrossing his back reached up with shaking hands as his fingers fumbled with the tie on Michelle’s bikini. The Slave handed them to his Mistress,
his pleading eyes begging as Michelle pulled him by an ear into her cunny.
The man threaded his arms between the Woman’s legs & with shaking hands he cupped her ass cheeks as he brought his mouth under, forming a seal around her cunny.
The Slave gagged at first but under Michelle’s firm hand his mouth never left her cunny. Regina moved closer marveling at how her friend controlled her Slave trying hard not to let a drop of her warm salty pee leak away.
The Slave’s throat worked to swallow & from the looks of it she had been saving it for awhile.
Finally thru, the Slave licked in & around Michelle’s cunny even licking up some stray drops that had trickled down her inner thighs.
His fear rose as losing as much as a drop of her nectar in the past had brought her whip down cutting those red welts across his back.

‘Welcome Home’ Regina said as both girl’s hugged. Michelle had kicked the man away. With his head down, the man knelt in the warm tide pool.
‘Come’ Regina said. ‘Join Mom & I for a little snack while we catch up’
‘KYLE’ Michelle called down to her Slave as she tugged on his leash. The man slowly got to his feet & walked a few paces behind the girl’s as they began catching up.

Kyle watched the two Women just steps ahead of him. Both sans bikini bottoms. The tanned, bronzed globes with their dark crease so beautiful still caused his cock to jump in his shorts. Even when remembering fighting for a breath of clean air as his tongue licked between them never knowing what it would gather & bring back to his mouth.
Since arriving on the Island his cleaning duties had reached a new level as well as his whipping’s if he didn’t perform well.
There apartment back in Miami wasn’t very conducive to his screams as her whip reopened old wounds as well as the new ones. But here, like in Space where nobody would hear his screams nobody cared.

Rebecca & the boys had continued on to the blanket while Regina slowly walked done the shore toward the familiar looking young Woman.
Recognizing Michelle, Rebecca went to her with open arms.
‘You’re all grown up!’ Rebecca said as she looked at the strikingly beautiful woman Michelle had become. Rebecca gave the shaking male a quick glance before she & Regina led her back to the blanket.
Mitch & Tom had already set things up & moved behind Regina & Rebecca after which they kissed each ass cheek before laying face up on the blanket.
Michelle’s eyes bore into Kyle’s eyes until he pressed his lips against Michelle’s tanned ass cheeks. Like Mitch & Tom, he lay between them on the blanket.
The Girl’s straddled the boys & slowly came down on the faces of the boys. Kyle watched his Mistress’s thighs come down as he heard faint high shrill sounds coming from behind his head, but when Michelle settled her soaked cunny onto his mouth he began licking, drinking the sweet juices oozing into his mouth.

Michelle had turned the love sick Kyle into her oral slave. It had been so easy to do as was teaching him his duties at her Toilet.
How he had struggled early on, first tasting her as she made him suck her pee covered fingers as she sat on her toilet with him on his knees between her legs. A few weeks of this along with hours of cunnilingus & tongue baths. How he had cried when she told him to tongue bathe her ass that first time. Her cold stare, his breaking eye contact & dropping to his knees.
Then watching him cringe when she would reach for the toilet paper only to find an empty cardboard tube. The pleading, tear filled eyes as he bent down with his tongue at the ready to lick her clean.
How he had made sure after that to have a roll there only to have her ignore it & open her thighs wide as she waited for his soft tongue.
Then that beautiful morning when she led him into her bathroom & presented him with the small yellow funnel. On his knees, sitting back on his heels, hands on the floor in back of him, she eased the funnel between his lips & straddled his face. His eyes bulging as the dark yellow morning piss circled the sides of the funnel, foaming up as it traveled down & into her Toilet slave’s mouth.
How he gagged, almost tipping the funnel. The loud hiss, his Adam’s apple bobbing as he swallowed. The surge of power flowing thru every nerve of her body & after watching the last of her nectar go down his toilet throat she removed the funnel & in pressing her cunny to his open mouth she f***ed him to the cold bathroom floor where she sat on his mouth as he lapped her clean before sucking her girl cum into his mouth where he swallowed one more time.
The funnel was always close by as whenever she needed to pee he was there to attend her but the mornings were always her favorite.
Full Mistress aroma & flavor that lasted so very long.
Serve me well Slave she had told him that first day as she turned, spreading her ass cheeks, showing him where a true toilet slave got his nourishment. She knew she wouldn’t ask that of him but fear was such a very useful tool.


Pyewacket – Part 4


If Michelle was confused by what she saw before her it didn’t show. She took the chopsticks Regina handed her & watched her & Rebecca use them to poke around the little men trapped in the container.

‘So this is what was happening to all those missing men in the news this past year’ Michelle thought, finding it to be so very fitting a result. She had followed the stories when she read it was the Island off the Mainland where she had lived prior to her f****y moving onto the Island itself. She began looking for more stories & when she read about the disastrous raid by air from neighboring Bimini Island she was sure Rebecca & even her c***dhood friend Regina had to be at the root of the mysterious disappearances.

The little naked men ran away from the snapping sticks crying out in horror. Michelle smiled watching the tiny men running around, falling over one another trying to escape. It was like a game as she tried catching one. Regina & Rebecca caught one each & Michelle paused to watch as they dipped the men into the ice water in the cooler, swishing them around before dragging them thru the thick salsa.
Michelle felt a tingle run thru her body & down to her dripping cunny as Regina & Rebecca licked the salsa from the screaming shrinkie’s before dipping them again. This time they dropped the little men into their mouths & looking at Michelle they slowly began chewing.
Michelle was close to cumming as she watched them lick their lips & swallow. She lifted slightly off Kyle’s mouth wanting her pending orgasm build. Kyle’s gasping for air went unheard as she thought about what she was about to do….what she wanted to do. Her mouth was watering as she thought about eating one of them alive.
‘Try one’ Rebecca told her as her & Regina brought their chop sticks back for more.
‘Everyone says the black ones are the sweetest’ Regina added.
Michelle chased a chubby Black boy, giggling as he tried to escape. Tripping over his own feet Michelle pinned him into a corner & caught him around the waist. She brought the man up to her face. He was screaming & pushing on the chop sticks trying to free himself.
Michelle snapped her teeth at the screaming man before running him thru the cold Ice water to clean him off. Pushing him deeply thru the salsa, she brought him back up close & dabbed her red tongue at him & showing him her sharp white teeth. Dropping her cunny back onto Kyle’s mouth she popped her sweet black man into her mouth. Swishing him around in her mouth she face fucked Kyle, forcing his nose thru her cunny & over her sticky Rosette & as her orgasm exploded she trapped the tasty salsa covered man between her molars. The sweet taste & the crunch of tiny bones sent her orgasm to another level & as she ate she didn’t realize that Kyle had passed out under her only seeing so when she moved back onto his still moving chest.
Michelle slapped her Slave’s face several times until he awoke. His eyes opened to see his Mistress’s angry face, her eyes burning into his. She moved back onto his mouth only this time it was her ass she wanted licked. Beads of sweat had run down her spine disappearing into the top of her ass crack.
With another struggling treat caught in her chop sticks she wiggled on her Slave’s face until she felt his tongue lapping between her cheeks.
‘Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm’ she sighed as she chewed up the man ending his screams abruptly as her sharp teeth tore him to shreds.
Kyle licked the sweat, old & new from between Michelle’s ass cheeks. He breathed in the fetid air afraid of what his tongue would capture.
Michelle wiggled a little more when she felt her Slave’s tongue licking her Rose. Kyle began rimming her just as she had taught him too.
Was it seven or eight? She lost count as she caught another treat. A muscular white man covered with tattoo’s. He struggled as she held him close to her face. Covered in bl**d red salsa she snapped her teeth at him but unlike the others he didn’t scream. Thrusting his tiny arm out he gave her the finger. Michelle pouted as she brought him closer. Her open mouth & warm breath covered the man & when Michelle bit the man’s arm off he finally lost his bravado as he watched her chew. Michelle tore the other arm off then a leg. When she dropped his broken body into her mouth she didn’t know or care if he was still alive. She chewed, relishing the wonderful taste as her chop sticks snapped as they chased another shrinkie from the almost depleted box.
Kyle was sucking on Michelle’s Rosette as she came. Her scent filling his lungs, Her assholes earthy taste was on his tongue as he swallowed.

Alas the little men were all gone. Regina popped the empty container back into the cooler. Michelle rubbed her full tummy thinking what it must be like in there. Regina had talked about having them in smaller sizes that some Girl’s preferred.
‘Swallowing them alive I bet’ Michelle guessed & she was right.
Rebecca jumped up ready to go back in the water before the high tide rolled in.
‘I’ll leave you two to catch up’ she said calling Tom to join her.
Rebecca & Michelle laid back down on their tummies & watched Rebecca & Tom wade out into the water. Soon Tom had Rebecca on his shoulder’s trying to ride over the swells without them both falling into the waves. The girl’s laughed seeing them crash. It looked like fun.
Without being told, Mitch moved up between Regina’s legs & began planting soft kisses on ass cheeks.
Regina looked back & smiled.
‘I knew he was an ass man when I chose him. He knows I love it. He’ll wake me most mornings just like this….Well, its really a little game. If he finds me on my tummy its morning ass worship & if I’m on my back or side he’ll lick my cunny slowly waking me although I must confess most time I’m already awake & waiting for him.
Michelle gazed back. Poor Kyle must of heard it all & he was twitching like he didn’t know what to do.
‘WELL’ Michelle said.
‘Y-y-e-s-ssss Mistress’ he stammered as he moved between her thighs.
‘He’s a little skittish isn’t he’ Regina whispered to Michelle as Kyle began kissing the Luscious globes.
‘Well he’s no ass man but he will be soon enough’
‘I saw you use his mouth back there on the beach Regina said. Is he your personal toilet servant?’ Regina added.
‘Well..yes & no’ Michelle told her.
‘He drinks every drop from me but I haven’t gone any further. Frankly I don’t think he’d survive & I’m fine with that.
‘You could always trade up If you know what I mean but, I understand. Mom & I feel the same with Mitch & Tom’
Plus we have a well trained Full Toilet Slave back up at the Beach House. When we go back up you can use him if you want to.
Michelle thought about it as Kyle’s tongue was licking her Rosette. She moved to her side & looked down at Kyle’s wet face. She knew he must of heard most of their conversation.
‘Trade up?’ she said to Regina while her eyes held Kyle’s. Regina had picked up on Michelle’s little game of trying to scare the frail boy. She found it delicious.
‘Where would ‘THIS THING’ go if I did’ she asked still holding Kyle’s gaze.
‘Well, there’s a large Ladies Room at the spa at the hotel & a full service Cabana by the olympic size pool outside near the Tennis courts.
Moving back onto her tummy Michelle told Regina she’d think about it & let her know. They both tried their best not to breakout laughing. Mitch had heard the whole thing too, determined to stay out of it.
Kyle dove back into Michelle’s ass & gave her the best rimming he’d ever had. He licked & sucked on her asshole & when Michelle’s silent ‘PUFFFFFFTTTT’ filled his mouth he dared not move away like he always did in the past. That usually earned him a beating. This time He only broke the Kiss so he could swallow.


Pyewacket – Part 5

The box full of tiny men lay on the rug next to Regina’s bed. bl**d curdling cries of pain & anguish from inside the tipped over box had driven these men to the breaking point. Men with broken limbs after their human ladder Collapsed. More injuries were sustained when Pyewacket pushed the box off Regina’s bureau. It was a miracle none were killed.
The corner of the box that wasn’t closed down tight was still open but with the box laying cover down the slit wasn’t any easier to slip thru. There was no need to climb this time but no one was trying to escape. The cat was out there somewhere as men tried & failed to suppress the memory of the carnage they had witnessed.
They had heard faint screams coming from under the bed where they knew four of their comrades had escaped to but there was no mistaking the frightful hissing from the cat. The men feared their friends had met a horrible end.
A thin Oriental, who had been sitting with a group of his gang members stood & approached the open slit. Everyone’s eyes followed the man waiting to see what he was going to do.
They hadn’t heard anything from the cat or their friends for quite some time now. The man moved cautiously, then lay inching his way closer to the opening. All eyes followed his every move. Others from his group had began following him until several of them were behind their friend, thou at a safer distance.

Pyewacket lay just under the bed licking her paws & watching the shadows moving in the semi transparent plastic. She was away from the opening, off to one side as she saw the tiny hand reach thru the slit & try to grab a handhold.
Pye could hear the moans coming from inside & waited patiently for her chance. This was much better than tossing those catnip filled cloth mice that Regina brought home for her to play with……Boring, she thought as she lay her head on her paws watching the little treat pull himself part way thru the opening.


Back down on the beach the tide was beginning to roll in. Regina had Mitch cleaning up. Putting everything back into the cooler.
They watched Rebecca walking back up with Tom. They looked like a normal couple coming back from a dip in the ocean but with one little twist. They were Mistress & slave. Tom’s blue Slave collar making the distinction.
Michelle looked back at Kyle remembering the little game her & Regina had played & how the threat of being replaced made him so much more attentive to worshiping her ass to the point of not gagging & pulling his mouth away when she ‘Fluffed’ several times into his mouth.
She smiled thinking about her Mom telling her that Women don’t fart dear…they fluff & how her Mom thought that word was much more Lady like.
Kyle sat there quiet as the mouse but he was her Mouse & she knew if she ever traded him in she’d miss him. He had given himself to her freely & as hard as she was with him she did like owning him just the way he was.
Packed up, they all walked back up thru the tall dunes. Kyle carried the closed up umbrella while Mitch & Tom both handled the cooler.
The beach blanket folded neatly on top.


Pye pounced, her sharp talons dragging the screaming man from the box. His friends below heard his horrible screams & ran as far as they could away from the small opening.
Pye lay on the cover. The screaming man’s body streaked red with slashes from Pye’s claws as she played with her food.
The men huddled inside the box heard the screams & hisses as they followed the shadows of the cats savage attack thru the semi transparent cover.

&#034Pyewacket’ Regina called out as she saw the box of shrinkies laying on her bedroom floor. Pye hissed loudly at Regina before grabbing the bl**dy man in her jaws & running from the room, going to her cat bed outside Regina’s bedroom.
Rebecca just smiled as she watched Pyewacket run past her.
Regina picked up the box & placed it back on her bureau, snapping the open corner closed. In the dollhouse the six tiny men sat shaking in fear hearing the giant blond woman moving the box back onto her bureau.

Kyle stood frozen outside the bedroom. He had seen the cat with the tiny man’s bl**dy body in its mouth. The man was alive, kicking, his arms flailing as the cat ran by him.
Mitch & Tom both blocked his view of Pyewacket devouring the tiny man as she lay in her cat bed. They led the shocked man away taking him into the huge living area in The Beach House.

Michelle had admired the beautiful view from the rear deck & patio that they had come thru after leaving the Beach below. She couldn’t help notice the odd looking chairs around the patio table shaded by the colorful umbrella. The large holes in the seat of each chair resembled a toilet seat & it took little imagination to see there purpose.
Inside Rebecca showed Michelle around the richly decorated living area. She had never seen a couch so long. The huge widescreen TV mounted high above the entertainment center below filled one corner of the room.
Michelle saw Pyewacket lying in her cat bed licking her paws having missed the excitement earlier.
‘OH! what a beautiful cat’ Michelle said.
‘You like cats?’ Rebecca asked.
‘OH! Yes. I love cats. My own cat, Storm is back at my Beach House. I brought her back with me. We’ve become so close I couldn’t leave her behind’
‘Pye’ Rebecca called out. This is Michelle’
Michelle went to one knee & began petting the cat who began purring under her soft gentle touch.
‘Pye?’ Michelle asked.
‘Pyewacket’ She’s been a member of our little f****y for many many years.
‘Would it be OK if I brought Storm to meet Pyewacket sometime’ Michelle asked looking up at Rebecca as she continued petting the purring cat.
‘Yes of course. I think her & Pye will get along just fine’ Rebecca said.
Michelle was about to ask Rebecca how she knew Storm was female but thought better of it. It’s all true she thought to herself.
Somehow she knew that if Storm was male Rebecca wouldn’t be inviting them to meet….& if even a male cat would survive for long among in this new Femdom Reality.
After touring the rest of the Beach house Rebecca led Michelle into the huge bathroom. Michelle stopped just inside. She needed a few moments to take in all that she saw.
The naked man lying next to the vanity with his head resting inside the bright red padded box wasn’t the strangest part of the bathroom.
‘The Throne’ as Michelle learned it was called, sat atop a long coffin like box. The toilet itself sitting on top was unusual as it was made of a clear Plexiglass where you could see the head of the Toilet Slave within. The two narrow slits on each side provided the only fresh air, that would be limited with someone seated above.
Rebecca led Michelle up onto the coffin like box that held the body of the Toilet Slave.

Lifting the lid, Rebecca showed Michelle the young man who’s head was locked into the toilet bowl. The bald headed man who’s head rested in several inches water, had his eyebrows shaved off, somehow giving him the appearance not of a man, but more like a thing.
‘It’s a working toilet Dear’ Rebecca explained. his body lies within the box where he is hooked up to his own plumbing allowing him to serve here Indefinitely although his b*****r & him trade places every other day.
Rebecca pointed to the man who’s face protruded thru the thick padded red faceseat.
As you may of noticed there isn’t any toilet paper here. One needs only to sit & he will lick & suck you clean. He’s well trained & you may find it hard to lift off his warm face before enjoying a pleasant cum.
Michelle’s needing to use the toilet wasn’t lost on Rebecca. Her shuffling from foot to foot was an easy tell.
‘Come, don’t be shy’ Rebecca added as Michelle removed her bikini. Sitting on the Throne, Michelle heard the faint hum & next felt the man’s face as it was raised.
‘IT’S just a toilet Michelle….Not a Man anymore, just a thing for you comfort & enjoyment, like any other modern Convenience’
‘Sitting on the seat raises the Slave’s face, Rebecca told her. Rise up & it will lower him back down’ Rebecca added.
Looking down between her spread thighs she could see IT’S neck. The toilet seat was larger than normal & as IT’S warm tongue began licking her swollen pussy lips Michelle thought about what she was about to do.
Looking up she saw that Rebecca had gone & now Regina was leading Kyle in. Kyle had his blue dog collar around his neck as he knelt by the Throne.
‘I thought your Slave should see where he could end up if he displease his you’ Regina said as she left closing the door behind her.

Kyle could see the man thru the Plexiglass as he tongued HIS Mistress. He was shaking, fearful of his future if Michelle chose another.
The stream of warm pee first splattered, drops running down the glass before it began to flow smoothly into the slave’s mouth. The familiar hissing sound had him opening his mouth, a practice he knew so well from serving Mistress Michelle. He even mimicked swallowing before he realized it wasn’t him his Mistress was feeding.

Swallowing the last rich mouthful, the Slave’s tongue lapped noisily, cleaning Michelle.
The slave lifted his head when Michelle inched forward on the seat & Kyle swallowed the lump in his throat when the slave began licking, his tongue probing, waiting. He had tongued her beautiful ass too whenever she wished but this Slave was moaning as his tongue probed unlike himself, this man was eager her to…to………
Kyle knew what was coming. He stole a look at his Mistress sitting like royalty on her throne.
The bowl, still streaked, beads of yellow droplets skewing his vision, but he was still able to see the slave raise his head again, his tongue sliding under the long dark mass, guiding it to his open mouth. Michelle’s deep sighs filled the tiled room as it dropped.
Kyle cringed but he couldn’t take his eyes away, imagining he was the slave under her divine ass.
The slave wasn’t gagging…he was……was….just eating, swallowing, like it was a rich delicious chocolate log.
Kyle swallowed the thick lump in his throat & felt it was him swallowing his Mistress’ caviar.

Sweat broke out on his forehead as he saw the scene playing like a movie in his mind. Michelle forcing him to make a choice. Pointing to the toilet, then pointing to the door.
He watched the face in the bowl open his mouth again & then close around another offering as it broke free. He heard another, softer sigh from Michelle. Kyle looked away, he couldn’t watch anymore. When next His eyes met Michelle’s his bl**d ran cold afraid of what she was thinking.

Michelle rose & looked down at the Slave, watching him swallow as her offering sank deeper between his lips with each swallow. She closed the lid & flushed, giving the Toilet Slave a nice cold cleansing drink before stepping down. Her eyes still on her Slave as she squatted, spreading her cheeks for the face encased in the red chair. Sliding onto his face she settled her beautiful ass on the cleaning slave’s mouth. Kyle could hear the wet lapping & sucking sounds as once again Michelle sighed, her face a mask of pleasure as she licked her lips & moaned then smiled an evil smile at Kyle.


Kyle watched Michelle as she rocked slowly on the chair Slaves face. He knew that look, she was cumming again.
How many times had it been his wet face she had rocked on, his tongue that slid between those soft cheeks & like now as she moved her swollen pussy lips onto the Slaves mouth filling it with her cum.
So many things he didn’t understand. So many questions without answers.
Back in Miami, their life together seemed like a distant memory now. He couldn’t stay away. God knows he had tried but like a stray dog he kept showing up until he finally gave in.
She set the rules. He had to give up everything for her. How many times had he tried & failed but then came back begging for another try.
The nights he had spent at her feet making promises he would eventually break causing him to be banished from her sight only to come crawling back.
How she had trained him to do her bidding. Always taking him one step further than the time before. Her cat, watching me, purring as if agreeing with my submission to her Mistress.

Then her decision to leave Miami….and him if he didn’t agree to come with her.
The Island. The one she had talked about & how she longed to go back home.
He had seen the same stories, heard the same rumors hoping that her Island wasn’t the same one in the news stories.
She had talked about growing up there many times as he knelt between her silky thighs licking her for hours it seemed.
She never mentioned the name of the Island thou he had asked many times. She just called it her Home.
Then the last time he had failed her. She demanded he lick her ass. He knew she wasn’t clean. He had spent over an hour licking her pussy. Sweaty & gamey after the long day. He licked, swallowing it all until it was just her sweet cunny juices.
But that. He pulled his face away as she began to lower it.
‘OUT…LEAVE & NEVER COME BACK’ she had screamed.
How he had cried & begged. Banished once again he began to call, leaving messages. Saying he was sorry & then the last call when he promised to obey her every command. He offered himself to her telling her if she took him back he would never refuse her anything.

Days later She called him telling him to come over. He had waited on the steps patiently counting the minutes till 6PM.
If he rang the bell a minute earlier or God forbid he was late she wouldn’t let him in.
Even when it began to rain he stood there waiting.
He rang the bell precisely at six. When she opened the door she didn’t say a word, he followed her in.
She was barefoot & wearing her Miami Dolphins jersey he had bought her with her name on the back. The jersey came down just below her ass cheeks.
In the living room she turned & faced him. Her hair shorter back then. He always told her how beautiful she was & how much she looked like Demi Moore but it was much longer now. Island Girl long she had told him.

He knelt at her feet while she watched TV. More stories about this Mysterious Island. He massaged her legs, kissed her feet & sucked her toes just like she had taught him to. Then she handed him the thing that looked like a wooden pencil with a flexible tip used for cleaning under her toenails.
After sucking her sweaty toes, licking between each one he would use the tool to remove dirt from under her nails.
She would watch him lick the dirt off, making sure he swallowed it.
Long strings of spit dropping into his mouth as he sat back on his heels with his mouth open like a puppy.
Then she would pull her jersey up, open her legs for his mouth.
He would lick & suck & this time when she sat on his face wanting her ass kissed & licked he didn’t pull away.
This was his last chance.
He sniffed, licked, cleaning her sweaty crack with his tongue. The bitter nutty taste as she demanded he lick then suck her Rosette until she came again.
That’s when she had him kneel before her as she put the dog collar on him. It was bright blue & tingled against his skin.
He could still taste her ass in his mouth when she showed him the yellow funnel. He had been about to ask her about the collar but the strange tingling had stopped.
Michelle looked down at him as she pushed the nipple of the funnel into his mouth. He wanted to run. The funnel could only mean one thing. He stared up at her as her thighs straddled the funnel.
He could still run…he couldn’t do this.
Michelle used her fingers to wipe away his tears as Michelle’s cunny pressed the funnel’s nipple into his mouth.
He could still push her away & run, but he did none of those things. Closing his wet eyes he let his mouth fill & when he heard Michelle call him her Slave for the very first time he swallowed forever sealing his bondage to her.


The flight from Miami to the Island’s Mainland was little more than an Hour. Her Mother had arranged to have her realtor meet her at the Mainland Airport to take her across to the Island & her Beach House.
The private jet, a Lear, again arranged by Michelle’s Mother. Michelle sitting with Storm in her lap, her constant purring grating on my nerves, her cats eyes staring at me.


The Realtor, whose name was Arlene, slowed as they approached the drawbridge about to ask Michelle to put Kyle’s blue collar on when she saw her doing just that.
‘I see you got the package’ the woman ask Michelle.
‘Yes thank you it came several days ago’
Kyle listened, not understanding any of it, sure that Michelle didn’t either.
Just after crossing the drawbridge Kyle felt the collar tingling around his neck as Michelle attached the leather leash.
‘It wouldn’t due to have him shrink out of his cloths so soon’ Arlene said.
Kyle was sweating, his whole body was feeling strange sensation from the collar.
Kyle saw other Women walking, leading Males on leashes. They waved as the car passed. the further down Shore Road they went the less there was of the strange sensation until it was gone altogether.
Michelle’s face was glowing. Like the collar was keeping Kyle from shrinking the Island was welcoming Michelle back where she belonged.
Kyle had never seen her looking so beautiful & he had never been so scared.

High up on Shore Road Rebecca stood overlooking the blue ocean. Pyewacket sat on her shoulder purring.
Another has come home Pye she whispered as Pyewacket slipped into Rebecca’s arms. Her purring deeper with each stroke of Rebecca’s hand.



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