Public Bathroom Sex With Stranger


My name is Swathi aged 23 and am from ONGOLE in ANDHRA PRADESH. I finished my engineering and I was doing a masters course in a reputed college.

Well coming to my body I have nice big boobs of 34 size and a waist of 30 and a big ass of 35. All this happened when I was travelling from ONGOLE to another place in a bus. Usually the journey takes 8 hours to travel so I was in ONGOLE on a holiday as my college was declared holidays for 4 days… after four days I reserved a ticket for night and got ready to go.

My dad dropped me in the bus stand and the bus was ready to leave. I got into the bus and waved bye to my dad and got into the bus. To my bad luck I got a last seat. The bus was filled with all men am the only girl in the bus. I got a last row window seat. I went and sat there. I always wear salwar kameez. So as I did that night also. I sat in my seat and looked to my next as it was a last row consisting of six seats. To my next was a man of age 35 looking ugly and he is chewing some dirty things in his mouth and smelling bad.

The bus started to move and the conductor was checking the tickets of the passengers. I asked the ticket collector to change my seat. The conductor said that no seat is vacant and said sorry. I disgraced and sat in the last row corner window seat only seeing outside of the window. The man next to me was staring at my body. I wore a salwar kamees skin tight top and a legging. So my boobs are stiff in and my dress s was stuck to my body.

The man next to me introduced himself to me and said that his name is SALMAN and he said he works as a labour in dumping yard . he said he came to ONGOLE for his friends marriage and asked my name. I replied him my name is NIKITHA . He smiled and kept on talking something or the other. After some time we stopped the chat. It was night 8:30 pm the bus was dark as the lights were switched off… I was seeing out and enjoying the nature in the dark with sparkling lights… I saw my next man SALMAN sl**ping.. I too closed my eyes sat .

After 10 minutes I felt a hand on my lap… I opened my eyes and saw… it was the hand of SALMAN . I saw him but he was sl**ping so I thought he might have put his hand on me in sl**p so I removed his hand on me. The bus was moving in the dark roads with no light in the bus. Many people were sl**ping except few… I was just closing my eyes the time was 9 and the bus was stopped for dinner at a dhaba on the high way side. All went to have their dinner.

SALMAN asked if I want anything to eat. I said no thank you. I also got down the bus and took some light food and went into the bus again… all passengers came and the bus started to move… Salman started to ask some questions to me and I simply answered to him about my college and all. After some time I felt sl**py due to the cool breeze on the night highway road and closed my eyes and slept for some time… but I woke up again as I felt a hand on my lap again..

I slightly opened my eyes and saw Salman rubbing his hand on my lap over my dress. I opened my eyes and saw him . he with drew his hand and kept quite. I looked very angrily at him. Salman didn’t say w word but silently closed his eyes and kept quite… after 5 minutes I too took the matter light and again closed my eyes and pretended as I slept.

Then SALMAN again kept his hand on my lap and started to rub again and he came near to me and said NIKITHA your are hot; I like you. I opened my eyes and held his hand and was about to shout and call all the passengers but meanwhile SALMAN said in my ear that he will not do it again and said sorry. I angrily looked at him. He said he is unmarried and said that he loves me and wants to marry me. I said no to him angrily. He kept on speaking and trying to impress me and finally he kept his hand on my hand. I asked why he was behaving like this and pushed his hand away. He said he loves me nothing else and I said am sorry.

Then SALMAN took the courage and asked me that he won’t disturb me if I do as he says. I asked him what to do. Then SALMAN asked that he wants to hold my hand till we reach our place as we both are going to same place. I first said no but he pleaded me and begged me. I accepted for that he then grabbed my hand and held it and touching my fingers and seeing my palm and rubbing my palm… I felt a bit nervous with his acts.

I gave my hand to him and I closed my eyes but he is still playing.. suddenly he kept another hand on my lap again. I opened my eyes and again asked him why he was doing it again he said that he won’t do anything except keeping his hand on my lap. But the hand was on my thigh.

He was rubbing my thigh I am becoming week… SALMAN observed my condition and came to me and said I love you. I didn’t reply I was just closing my eyes and wetting my lips. Then SALMAN put his hand on my belly and started to massage my belly over my dress. I was getting week and week and I was breathing heavily slowly he moved to his hand upwards and reached my boobs over the dress.. and he kept his hand on my left boob as he was towards my left side.

He didn’t even press my boob he was just keeping his hand and he kept moving his fingers on my boob .then I opened my eyes and said to him that this is not good and asked him to leave me and I removed his hands over my body. But SALMAN again held my hand and came near to me and said nothing will happen and he said that the journey will be memorable. I was losing control over me.

SALMAN turned towards me and he held my waist with his tow hands I was just seeing the roof of the bus and he was pressing my waist. I was feeling worried as I may lose my virginity but the acts of SALMAN made me feel very good and I didn’t even object him anymore.

He is pressing my waits and he came close to my face and I saw his black dirty face but didn’t say anything he kissed my cheek and then licked it and then came to my lips and at first he kept his tongue out and licked my lips .. I felt very embarrassed as his dirty saliva was on my lips then he kissed my lips very hard for 10 minutes I can feel his breathing on my face.

I was in a difficult position I smell his bad fragrance. But am out of control the feeling of a lip kiss was very different and unique for me. Me boobs grew well and my nipples became harder he pressed both my boobs over my dress with his hand. Then he raise my arm and smelled my armpit and licked it over my dress. While licking my armpit his mobile rang and he left me armpit and became normal and answered his call and was talking in the phone.

I was still in the same position raising my right arm up. I smelled my armpit it smelled bad with my sweat and I thought how could he lick it. He finished speaking over the phone and came back to me and started to lick my armpit again. Then after licking he pressed my boobs with his both hands and kissed them over my dress. I was breathing heavily.
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He is pressing both my boobs and kissing my lips. Then he came to my shoulder and kept his hand inside my dress and touched my bra strip. He said to me it would be a problem for both of us if he removes my dress so he didn’t remove my dress and he kept on pressing my boobs and he rubbed my belly and navel too. After that he kept his hand on my pussy over my dress.

I was wet with his actions. He felt the wetness and came to my ear and said u have already got wet . I opened my eyes and smiled at him. He then started to rub my pussy over the wet cloth of my dress. I was feeling very horny and erotic. I asked him to finger in my pussy for what he said ok.

He lifted my salwar up to my belly and he tore my kameez and made a hole of his hand size and he entered inside my pant like kameez and he touched my bare thighs and then he touched my pussy over my panty and felt the wetness of my pussy he tried to tear my panty too. But he couldn’t get good position and support to tear my panty.

He is pulling my panty with his full energy as it may tore . the elastic strings of my panty are hurting me I said not to pull he adjusted my panty such that he can reach my haired pussy. Finally he reached my pussy and he started to rub my pussy. While he was rubbing I was moaning lightly. He closed my mouth with his lips and was rubbing my wet pussy heavily I was about to reach my orgasms.

The bus was moving with high speed and so as am very horny. After rubbing my hairy pussy he entered his middle finger in my pussy I moaned in pain. He then started to finger in and out my pussy slowly and I was moaning as am feeling pain. Salman was not comfortable as I was moaning so he said that he won’t do fingering as other passengers in the bus may be awake due to my moaning.
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Salman removed his hand from my kameez and started to press my boobs and kiss my lips and after some time we both slept . Salman slept by holding my hand with his hand as it became late night. I woke up at 3 :30 in the early morning as the bus stopped as some passengers are getting down as they reached their destination.

It was a 20 minutes more for me to reach the bus-stand where I should get down. I saw Salman he was still sl**ping. I slowly took my hand from his hand and adjusted my dress properly. Salman woke up and saw me and asked what happned. I replied him nothing. He asked me how the journey with him was. I said I liked the journey very much.

Then Salman came near my face and kissed on my lips. I too replied him with my lips. He then started to play with my boobs. After some time the bus stopped in the bus-stand and the driver said that it was the last stop and told all the passengers to get down. The time was 4:10 in the early morning .Salman helped me in taking my luggage and he asked me for my mobile number.

At first I said I don’t want to give but he begged and pleaded me so I gave him my mobile number. We both walked in the bus-stand. Salman said lets fresh up. I too said ok and we went to a sulabh complex. Salman paid the money and we both went into the sulabh complex .

It was a common one for both men and woman just separated by a small wall. I went into a bathroom but it was very dirty with shit everywhere and bad smell. I went into another bathroom and it was even dirtier than the first bathroom. I saw all the bathrooms all were dirty.

I went out and said to the person in charge that all bathrooms were very dirty and asked him to get a cleaned bathroom. He replied me that the cleaner has not yet come and said me to adjust. I went into a bathroom the bathroom smelt very dirty. It had a western toilet basin.

I sat on the basin and removed my legging like kameez and lowered my panty and urinated and again worked my panty and kameez. I took a comb and plated my hair neatly. Suddenly I heard someone knocking my bathroom door. I went and opened the door it was Salman. Salman asked me what the matter was . I said him that the bathroom was dirty.

Salman came inside my bathroom and saw the bathroom and said this bathroom is much better that to the bathroom I went and asked me to get ready . I said him to go out so that I can fresh up. He said that he want to see how I will get fresh up and he closed the door and kept the bolt. I simply washed my face and got ready. Salman was seeing me from behind.

Then Salman came from behind and hugged me tightly. I said please leave but he said plzz darling lets have another session like we had in the buss and he turned me and kissed my lips and I too responded to him . he is kissing my lips and pressing my boobs. He then raised both my arms and licked my armpits and then lifted my salwar and removed it from me.

I said to him not to throw my salwar any where down as there was shit every where so he hanged my salwar to the door. Now I was in my bra and kameez. Salman got man by seeing my boobs in my white bra and he licked my bra and bitten my bra. Then he loosed my kameez knot and my kameez slid over my legs and Salman bent down and licked my pussy over my panty.

My panty was smelly as I have cummed over it. Salman sat on the western toilet basin and he made me sit on him facing him. He kissed my lips hardly and started biting them and was pressing my boobs. Then he removed my bra and played with my beautiful boobs and sucked them and kissed them.

Then he got up from the western toilet and made me sit on the western toilet basin and he spread my legs and started licking my pussy over my panty then removed my panty and started to lick my hairy pussy. After licking some time Salman started to rub my pussy and kissed my lips and boobs and he pulled my public hair which made me moan a lot in excitement.

then he told me to stand up and he completely saw my nude body and started to jerk his dick. He asked me to suck his dick. But I refused to suck as I don’t like it. Then Salman showed me a place to lie down in the bathroom. I refused to lie down as the place was dirty with shit.

Then Salman removed his shirt and cleaned the place with his shirt and then he asked to sl**p as he made it clean I lied down on the bathroom floor and Salman fell on me and started to kiss my lips and played with my boobs. I was lightly moaning. then Salman removed his pant and he was not wearing any underwear.

His cook was fully raised up. then he took his cook and rubbed his cook on my pussy. The feeling of rubbing his cook on my pussy was very nice and he then slowly inserted hi cook into my juicy pussy and started to pump slowly only half of his cook went inside my pussy.

It was very difficult for me to take in his cook as it was the first time for me to take a cook inside my pussy. i was in pain and was moaning . but Salman was trying to insert his dick more in but couldn’t due to my tight pussy. he then used his full f***e and pushed his dick inside my pussy and entered completely inside my pussy. my virginity wall was broken and my pussy started to bleed bl**d and I was shouting out in pain.

Salman closed my mouth by a lip kiss and fucked me hard inside my pussy. I was crying . after a 20 minute fuck of my bleeding pussy he cummed inside my pussy and again kissed my lips and played with my boobs. After relaxing for some time Salman got up and tried to lift me up and I was still in pain so couldn’t stand properly. So Salman made me sit on the western toilet basin and let me relax.

After some time someone has knocked the door. Salman wore his pant and opened the door somewhat and peeped out . a man was there. He said that he has to clean the bathroom so asked Salman to come out.

But Salman said him to come after some time. That man said he has to clean so he argued with Salman to come out and he pushed the door in and came into the bathroom. That bathroom cleaning man was shocked by seeing me nude inside the bathroom.

Then he smiled at Salman and asked him whether I was a prostitute. Salman replied angrily to him that I’m his wife. The bathroom cleaner laughed at Salman’s words and asked him to tell the truth. Salman again said that I’m his wife. The bathroom cleaning man said he is going to complaint to the police if he don’t tell the truth. Then Salman kept quiet without answering to him.

The bathroom cleaner came near to me and looked into my eyes . I was feeling shy and covered my boobs with my hands and was looking down. The bathroom cleaner lifted my face up and asked who I was. I replied him that I and Salman are b*****r and s****r’s and also said that we are having an i****t relation for what that bathroom cleaner believed us. He turned to Salman and scolded Salman by saying bastard how can you fuck your own s****r and scolded some more.

Then he said to Salman to leave as quickly as possible. Salman said that I was in pain so asked him for some time and the bathroom cleaner agreed and he started to clean the bathroom in which we are in. he cleaned entire bathroom and placed all the shit to a corner and come to clean near me.

He took a broom and starter to collect all the shit which was beside me in a tray and he was frequently looking at my nude body. He said Salman that I have a great and sexy body. Salman smiled at him. The bathroom cleaner said my boobs were very nice and are good.

The bathroom cleaner saw my pussy dripping with bl**d and cum and he said Salman to clean my pussy. then Salman got a mug full of water and poured the water on my pussy and cleaned my pussy by inserting his fingers and all. I moaned while he was cleaning and by hearing my moans the bathroom cleaner had a hard on under his lungi.

The bathroom cleaner collected my clothes which were lying beside me and gave them to Salman. And he started to clean the rest of the bathroom. The bathroom cleaner saw a shirt which was with shit and was about to throw that dirty shirt in to the waste bin but Salman said that shirt was his shirt.

The bathroom cleaner said what could he do with his shirt as it was fully dirty. Salman said that he don’t have any shirt now to wear so he asked the cleaner to hand over his shirt as he will wash that shirt and wear now. The bathroom cleaner handed over that shirt to Salman and gave him soap and said to go to gents bathroom side and get the shirt washed there.

Salman took the soap and went to the gents toilet side leaving me there itself. After Salman leaving the bathroom cleaner closed the door and locked up. He started to clean the bathroom by collecting the shit to a corner fastly and then after cleaning the floor he came to me . I was opening my eyes slightly and he asked my name. I replied him my name was NIKITHA and asked his name . he said his name was VEERA.

Veera (the bathroom cleaner) asked me since when I was having sex with Salman. I replied him since 1 year. He said to me that I was a bitch for having sex with own b*****r and he touched my boobs and was pressing them. I said to leave my boobs. He slapped on my face and shouted u bitch u will fuck your own b*****r but not others.

I started crying as I don’t have enough power now to resist him. He pulled me down and started licking my pussy and he removed his lungi and kept his cook inside my pussy and was ramping my pussy very hard. I was crying and shouting and my pussy was bleeding with bl**d.

Veera fucked me for 10 minutes and cummed inside my pussy and got relaxed I was lying on the bathroom floor nude. Salman came and knocked the door. Veera opened the door and Salman was shocked by seeing Veera in a shirt and nothing down and me lying on the floor.

Salman shouted at Veera and Veera too said look lets both enjoy with this fucking chick now and Salman said no to him angrily. Before Salman Veera came and kissed my lips and was pressing my boobs. Salman came near me and said to Veera that he has no problem to share me with him. So both of them are ready to fuck me again. Salman came to me and asked me if I have any vaselain or oil in my bag.

I said I have an oil bottle in my bag. Salman took my bag and searched for the oil bottle. Salman found the oil bottle and in the mean while Veera was licking my lips and tongue as I was also licking his tongue. Salman told Veera to lift me up and make me stand.

Veera lifted me and made me stand but I was not able to stand so Veera held me Salman come near me and said Veera to make me bent. Salman went towards my back and he poured oil on my ass hole and rubbed my ass hole well with the oil and he also poured some oil on his cook and rubbed his cook.

Salman said to Veera to hold me tightly as he wants to enter into my ass hole with his dick. Salman kept his dick inside my ass hole. At first only a few centimetres deep went his cook. Then he took oil bottle and started pouring the oil and started to pump his cook in and out I was screaming like hell then Salman entered his cook completely in my ass and then he along with me lied on the floor with me above him.

Then Veera came on me with his dick and he inserted his dick in my pussy and fucked me both of them fucked my ass and pussy holes by changing positions and I was sandwiched. I was in hell of pain that morning. My ass hole was bleeding with bl**d.

They both fucked me till 6 in the morning. And left me free and Veera went off. I and Salman were still in the bathroom. Salman dressed up in his shirt and pant and he got my clothes and he first took my bra and wored it on my breast and then my panty and then my salwar and kameez.

Finally I got into good sense by 7 and we started to walk out of the bathroom. Salman and I got into an auto and he dropped me at the hostel and he told to take rest and Salman went away. I went into the hostel and I took rest for the whole day lying on bed. So got well by that day evening and I went to take bath.

In the bathroom I removed my clothes and became nude and I saw my boobs became red due to heavy pressing and biting. My pussy hole was a bit paining so as my ass hole. I had a long bath by leaning my pussy and ass hole and re collecting all the incidents happened to me.

That night I couldn’t sl**p as I was still remembering all the incidents which happened to me. I slept very late that night. The next day I went to college as my day was as usual. I saw an advertisement on the road side about a tablet regarding pregnancy removing. I got to my sense and went to a medical shop and took a pill to get rid of pregnancy.

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