Peeping Ed by loyalsock


Ed stood in the lobby of his apartment building slowly going through his mail. He flipped through the stack slowly, looking up between each piece to see if she was coming. She was 5F; at least that was her apartment number. He stalled with his mail to see if she would come in according to schedule. That she lived in 5F was perfect; it was perfect because her apartment was directly across the courtyard from his.

Ed looked up one last time and in she strolled. The setting sun streamed through door giving her full figured, perfect size 18 body a complete halo. In her starched white nurses’ uniform, her luxurious auburn hair flowing over her shoulders, Ms. 5F looked like an angel. u*********sly, Ed licked his lips. He pretended to look at his mail as he waited for her to stand close. As she opened her box, he inhaled deeply to catch a whiff of her intoxicating perfume.

She retrieved her mail, turned, and smiled.

Ed smiled back. &#034Good evening.&#034

He walked to the elevator and held the door. &#034Going up&#034

&#034Why thank you.&#034 She had a faint but distinct southern accent. &#034You’re such a gentleman.&#034

Ed grinned, &#034You’re too kind,&#034 he replied. Too kind, he thought because in ten minutes when you unzip that tight uniform, peel off those thick, tight stockings and unfasten that heavy underwear, I’m going to be watching you. I’m going to be watching as you follow your daily ritual of walking around the apartment naked for five minutes before you turn on the TV in your bedroom and lie naked in the bed. By the time you start playing with yourself, Ed thought, I’ll be watching and stroking the salami. His imagination had his cockhead damp and straining against his jeans before the door even closed.

In the close quarters of the elevator, Ed’s inhaled her fragrance again. This evening was going to be great, he thought, maybe even a two-fer. Seeing her, being close to her has me in the mood already.

Suddenly she turned and looked at him. &#034I’m sorry to be so bold,&#034 she said flashing a bashful smile, &#034but do I know you from somewhere You seem familiar, but I can’t place your face.&#034


&#034Excuse me&#034

&#034I live in apartment 5A. I think that your apartment may be across the courtyard from mine.&#034

&#034Why, so it is. Perhaps that’s it.&#034

The elevator stopped.

&#034Have a wonderful evening,&#034 she said as she exited the elevator.

&#034You too,&#034 he called after her.

Ed raced to his apartment, as much as his hard on would let him. He went inside, locked the door and quickly changed into his gym shorts and tee shirt. In the living room of his apartment, he had an excellent view of 5F’s window.

He quickly set up a small telescope on a tripod to get a better view. He watched, stared, and practically drooled as she took off her clothes. She stood close to the window and slowly unzipped her uniform, making him think she knew he was watching. She zipped it half way down so that her overflowing bosom was clearly visible. She placed both hands on the windowsill and leaned over giving Ed a perfect view. With the telescope, he could see the very tips of her aureole peaking over the edge of her cups.

Ed dropped his shorts, stepped out of them, and began slowly but firmly stroking his cock. Oh, he thought, is she ever gorgeous. He continued to watch through her bedroom window as she finally took off her uniform. Standing in her one-piece body shaper and white stockings, she peeled the stockings off slowly and surely.

Ed was rock hard now. As he stroked his cock, he let the crook of his index finger go right around the very tip of his cock and back, making him shudder a little every time. She slipped the straps of her body briefer off her shoulders and pulled down the front freeing her large, pear-shaped breasts. He was ready to cum. He felt the shift in his balls, the building of cum in the base of his cock. Hot, thick ejaculate rose inside his cock. Now his strokes were firm and quick. He stared slack-jawed as she stripped naked and stretched in full view of the window. Her heavy breasts swung against her midriff; her thick, curly red pubes were like a target in the center of her hips.

The sight of 5A stretching nude in all her glory was too much for him to hold back. He stroked faster until he started to cum. Ed came hard, cum dropped on the floor and dribbled on his knuckles and between his fingers. He didn’t care. Most times he stopped when he came, but Ed continued milking his dick from base to tip until there was no cum left. He was still semi-hard, and still very horny; 5A hadn’t even gotten to the best part yet.

Ed refocused his telescope on her bed where she now lay. He slowly and gently stroked his cock as he watched her reach into the nightstand. He knew what was coming, and the anticipation made him hard again.

5A got on her hands and knees on her bed. She lowered her shoulders, thrusting her ass in the air. Today, Ed had an even better view of her wide round butt. He watched, getting harder, as she reached between his legs and fingered her pussy. She parted her thick pussy lips and dipped her finger in. She wiggled her big ass working her finger deeper into her pussy, and then pulled it out. From his angle, he couldn’t see that she was playing with her clit, but the rocking motion of her hips gave it away.

With the telescope, Ed zoomed in on her ass. From front to back her crack was overgrown with curly orange hair. He stroked slowly and firmly; his breathing quickened.

5F stopped; it was show time. She drizzled thick, clear lube on a life-like silicon dildo like putting hot fudge on a sundae. The unit she favored was over a foot long and tinted blue. She swirled her finger around the fat head of the dildo, spreading the lube evenly. With lube on her fingers, she rubbed her pussy. The blue monster in hand, she rubbed the head against her pussy lips three or four times before it disappeared into her cunt.

Ed was harder than selling ice to Eskimos. He stroked and gawked and stroked as she eased the dildo inch by inch into now sopping wet pussy. He watched her pump her dildo and hips in rhythm to get a good fuck going. Ed fantasized about being behind her and not that dong. Oh how he would be gentle with her. The feel of her wet pubic hair rubbing against his, the full contact of her fleshy ass against his thighs and groin would be enough to almost make him cum. She rocked her hips up and down. She plunged down until the blue monster impaled her cunt and her ass almost rested on her heels. Ed imagined how hard her nipples must be from hanging low and rubbing against the bedspread.

5F’s expansive flesh rippled with the excitement of impending orgasm. The bed bounced under her as she pumped harder and faster. Every excess ounce of flesh jiggled and wiggled. She suddenly stopped. Holding the blue monster in her pussy she rolled on her back to finish the job.

Ed sat and looked through his telescope. The view was spectacular! Her thighs were spread wide; her knees were up in the air; her heels almost touched her ass. The blue monster handle stood at attention as it stuck out of her crotch. She pushed her fingers into her dense orange bush and massaged her clit. With her other hand she slid the blue monster in and out of her pussy. Ed’s close up view showed the liquefied lube mixed with her natural juices running down her ass crack.

She pumped the blue monster faster and kept rubbing her bush. With both hands in her crotch, her arms f***ed her large, loose tits together, making them appear even bigger. Ed watched as she tossed her head back and forth. He stroked his cock faster, sensing her impending orgasm. For a second time he felt his balls constrict and hot cum rise in his prick.

5F slowed her pace with which she fucked the blue monster and quickened her clitoral rub. Her body shuttered then quivered. She put her feet flat on the bed, the monster still hanging out of her pussy.

The sight of her laying quietly on the bed, spent, dildo half inside her, pushed Ed over the edge. Sticky cum spewed from his cock as he felt the sweet release of orgasm rush through his body.

Ed couldn’t wait until tomorrow. Tomorrow would be Saturday, and 5F would be good for at least two shows.

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