Patricia and her Son


Patricia and her son (complete story)

Patricia Jackson looked at the clock on the kitchen wall, it was after
10.30 am, and her son, Andy had still not gotten out of bed, Patricia was
becoming increasingly concerned about her s*******n year old son’s
laziness since he returned from college over two weeks ago, he spent most
of the day in bed and most of the night sitting up watching television,
no doubt watching some dirty movie she thought to herself angrily, he
should have got a summer job like the rest of his friends, and done
something positive with his time.

Patricia knocked on Andy’s bedroom door, it was now after 11.00 and he
still had’t shown his face, when she got no response from knocking she
entered his room, the curtains were drawn shut and the room was in total
darkness, she crossed to the curtains and opened them to reveal bright
sunlight, she turned towards her son’s bed to give him a quick shake to
wake him and stopped dead in her tracks, her son was fast asl**p on the
bed,his back facing her, his bed sheets were kicked to the bottom of the
bed in a heap and he was totally naked!

Patricia turned away embarrased at what she had seen but she could’t help
herself and again she turned to look down upon her son’s lightly tanned
muscled back and tight white buttocks, her heart started to race slightly
and she felt a little excited, she had’t seen another man naked in the
flesh since she married her husband fifteen year’s ago and his body was
nothing brilliant with
his flabby stomach and hairy back, Patricia was curious, she felt like
more of her son and started to lean over his sl**ping body, trying to get a
look at his cock, but suddenly Andy started to turn over.

Patricia panicked she turned away from him and quickly gathered some dirty
washing from the floor, she hoped he would believe her excuse, she could’t
imagine what her son would say if he caught her spying on him like this but
Andy did’t wake up, he just mumbled something to himself and fell back into
what seemed like a deep sl**p, Patricia waited a few seconds before turning
back around.

She let out an audible moan, her son had shifted onto his back and Patricia
instantly saw he had a full morning erection! The foreskin was pulled right
back to reveal a big bulbous purple cockhead. Patricia swallowed hard, her
imagination started to go into overdrive with lewd thoughts, her son’s cock
was huge, she could’t believe it he was a least 11 inches long at it was
very thick,
she thought of her husband’s small, thin penis and how it had never
really satisfied or fulfilled her, it been maybe ten years since she last
saw her son’s cock, when she used to bath him and my how he’s grown she

She felt like taking her son’s big cock and giving him a good
blow job, let her tongue tease him into getting rid of that big sac of
cum he must have. Then she felt the wave of guilt sweep over her again,
this was her son her inner voice said, Patricia felt a slight sickness at
having such thoughts about her own son, she decided to leave, pausing at
the door for a moment for one last look at her son’s fine body and big,
hard cock, then she shut the door quietly.

Andy heard the door shut, he burst into a fit of quiet laughter, far from
being asl**p he’d being awake the entire time, his little plan had worked,
had confirmed what he had already thought – his mom was gagging for it.

Andy had decided to try and seduce his mother about a week after he got
back from college, he was getting bored and horny and needed a challenge,
his friends worked most of the day and nights at the holiday resort up
the road and he did’t see them at all, his father spent nearly all day at
work, so he did’t spend any time with him but his mother was home nearly
all day, doing the house work and chores.

Andy had always been very confident and outgoing, especially with women,
he had a natural charm around them, his friends reckoned he could charm the
birds out the trees, of course his toned, muscled body did’t do him no harm
either, neither did the size of his dick, he knew he was much larger than
the average guy, this made him even more confident around women, one of his
girls he had dated even refused to let him fuck her becuase she feared he
hurt her with his huge tool. Andy had just split with his latest
girlfriend before the holidays when she had moved away, he did’t even
care there was always someone else to hit on, and his next target he had
decided was going to be his mother.

His mom was certainly looking damn sexy at the moment, she had dyed her
hair light blonde and she now looked younger than her 41 years, especially
with her fanatastic body, she worked out regulary and had a good diet, her
breasts looked big, firm and round, she did’t usually wear a bra and Andy
had often seen her big pink nipples pushing through some thin t-shirt but
Andy liked her ass the most, his mom wore tight denim jeans alot becuase
she knew she had a great ass. She had what was called a peach shaped
bottom, very round and full but also well toned, Andy’s erection returned
just thinking about his mom’s lucious ass, he started to tug on his dick
imagining himself ramming his
dick up between them shapely ass cheeks.

&#034Andy&#034. It was his mom calling him from downstairs.

&#034Yes mom&#034. He replied

&#034Your Breakfast’s ready&#034

Andy gave a wicked smile and replied &#034Just Cumming&#034

Andy stepped into the kitchen, his mother was bending over the sink
washing some dishes, she wore a pair of tight blue jeans and a Gap
t-shirt, Andy eyed her ass cheeks as he sat at the kitchen table, his mom
leaned over the sink slightly more, the tight denim stretching over every
curve of her shapely bottom.

Andy was already getting another erection. &#034What you going to do today
honey?&#034. Patricia asked, she had’t looked at her son yet. fearing he
would see through her and realise she’s spyed on him this morning, the
image of her son’s huge cock sprang into her mind, the cup she was washing
slipped from her hands, landing back in the bowl and large splash of water
covered the front of her t-shirt.

&#034Goddamit&#034 she muttered.

Andy looked over at his mom, he knew what she was thinking about.

&#034You O.k. mom? &#034 he asked innocently.

&#034Yea I’m great&#034 Patricia replied trying to concentrate on the washing up
and not her son’s cock.

Andy finished his breakfast and he took the bowl over to the sink, he
stood directly behind his mother, and bent over to place his bowl in the
sink, pushing his groin just a little into his mothers firm behind.
Patricia took by surprise by her son’s actions gasped slightly as she
felt his throbbing erection push it’s way slightly inbetween her
denim-clad ass cheeks as he leaned over her.

&#034I’ll wash this mom &#034 Andy said into her ear. Andy took hold of the
dish-cloth from his mom and started to wash the dish, Patricia was
pined between her son and the kitchen counter, she felt his erection
grow even more and push into her even more, her pulse quickened, she
wondered if he knew what he was doing to her? she doubted if he did.

Andy did know what he was doing and he cleaned the dish slowly, savouring
the moment, a satisfied smile spread over his face, he looked down to see
his pants fully stretched with his erection pushing into his moms tight
behind, I bet she feels that alright he thought to himself. Andy finished
the dish and placed it on the drainer.

&#034That’s it all done, think | might go out back and sunbathe for awhile&#034

Andy turned and went out the back door. Patricia stood there, she felt
slightly light headed and her pussy felt hot and moist, she could still
feel her son’s big, hot cock pressed againest her, she felt like going
upstairs and giving herself a good finger-fucking, imagining what her son
could do to her but her concious told her that would be wrong, she’d never
resort to fucking her own son….would she?

Patricia needed some air to clear her head of these dirty thoughts, she
decided to go to the supermarket, to get something for the f****y meal that
evening, she opened the back door to tell her son she was going out, Andy
had stripped down to his swimming trunks and was just about to jump in the
swimming pool, Patricia admired his body again, his long thick legs and big
arms glistened in the sunlight, Patricia felt her pussy get even hotter and
without thinking started to rub her hand across her pussy through her denim
jeans as she watched him dive into the pool his back to her, she heard the
front door open

&#034Hi Honey&#034

It was her husband Karl, Patricia broke out of her lustful gaze and stopped
rubbing her pussy and stepped back into the kitchen to greet her husband
as he came through the door, Karl was 55, 13 years older than her, and he
looked it with a considerable pot belly and thinning grey hair, lately
Patricia had noticed more and more the age gap between them particulary in
the sex department, she could’t remember the last time they had sex.

&#034You O.k?&#034 Karl asked as he kissed his wife on the cheek.

&#034You Look kinda excited about something&#034 he said with a look of concern on
his face.

The image of their son’s cock flashed through her mind.

&#034Fine, just a little hot today&#034 she replied.

&#034Sure is, Where’s Andy?&#034. He asked

&#034He’s swimming I think&#034

&#034Well at least he’s out of bed&#034 he said sarcastically, he looked at his
watch. &#034Jesus I’m late for my next meeting, just came by to pick up some
paperwork, I’ll be back around four o.k. hon.&#034

He kissed her on the cheek again and left going into the study as he did.

Patricia opened the back door again to tell Andy she was also going, he had
just stepped from the pool after his swim, his swimming trunks were soaking
wet and clung to his body, Patricia could clearly see her son’s cock
throught the thin wet material, she stood silently in the darkened doorway
and watched has Andy picked up his towel from the bench next to the pool
and started to towel himself dry, he dropped the towel back onto the bench
and pulled off his wet trunks, his long penis hung down between his legs.

Patricia had started to rub on her pussy again, pressing againest her pussy
lips with her fingers through her denim jeans Andy walked over to the
washing line and hung his trunks on it. He turned and saw his mother
standing in the doorway watching him.

Patricia stopped fondling her pussy and dropped her hand to her side, she
diverted her eyes away from her son’s body and towards the ground, she
started to panic, Andy had obviously seen her watching him, what would he

Andy walked towards the doorway where his mom stood, he was still totally
naked, his penis bounced along, brushing the top of his hairy thigh,he
carried his towel in one hand. Patricia did’t know what to do with herself,
she kept her eyes on the ground as Andy came up to her, she felt her face
start to flush bright red.

&#034Mom, you should come out here it’s beautiful&#034 Andy said as he wrapped the
towel around his waist, he seemed oblivious that he’d just seen her spying
on him

&#034Errr, not just now Andy, I’m just going to the supermarket to get
something for dinner tonight&#034. Patricia could still see the obscene bulge
of his penis even through the towel, she felt her face burn bright red now,
her heart was beating hard.

&#034Want Anything?&#034 she asked trying to sound calm and casual, and trying to
avoid staring at her son’s crotch.

&#034Mom, you can go to the supermarket later, you need some sun&#034

Andy came right upto his mother, his bare muscular chest rippled in front
of her.

&#034Get your bikini and sit out here for a bit&#034. Andy rubbed his hand along
her bare arm, sending sparks around Patricia’s body. She looked at her
watch, it was only 3.15 she could sunbathe for an hour or so and then go

&#034I guess so, I’ll just go and get changed&#034. Andy’s mom disappeared inside.
Andy smiled his evil smile again….

Andy watched as his mother emerged ten minutes later and walked over to the
sun loungers, she wore a white two peice bikini, Andy immediatly started to
get an erection as he looked at her through his sunglasses, her tits looked
bigger than ever, the tight white bikini top was cut low and her breasts
were swelling out the top, her large red nipples could clearly be seen
through the thin material, he lowered his gaze to her pussy, her bushy
mound was which was pushing out the thin lycra material of the bikini, her
long legs were slightly tanned and well toned through her regular exercise.
Patricia lied down on the lounger next to her son turning over onto her
chest, Andy looked over at his mom’s pert bottom, the bikini barely covered
her firm ass cheeks, and it looked just as Andy thought with a
destinctive peach shape to them.

&#034God, it’s hot today&#034 his mom muttered, she had her eyes closed, the warm
sun beating down on her back.

Andy picked up the suncream from beside his lounger and stood up, he
kneeled down beside his mom’s lounger.

&#034Mom, I think you’ll need a bit of cream on your back there&#034

Before Patricia could say anything Andy was rubbing the lotion into her
shoulders using his fingers in a circular motion, working the sun lotion
into her bare skin. Her’s son’s touch cuased her to tense up, she gripped
the sides of the lounger as she felt him work his way down her back, slowly
rubbing the oily cream over her.

&#034You feel tense mom, you o.k.?&#034 Andy asked innocently, he moved his hands
to either side of his mother’s body and rubbed the skin by her ribcage.

&#034I’m just tired a bit I guess, your dad kept me awake last night with his
snoring&#034. Patricia answered not wanting to reveal what she was really
getting uptight about.

&#034Yea, I can even hear him in my room&#034 Andy replied as moved down to the
small of his mothers back, he pressed his fingers into the base of her
spine quite hard, his mom’s hips lifted slightly off the lounger, pushing
round ass towards him, Andy smiled at this and made his next move,he slid
his hand between her slender thighs, and rubbed his mom’s pussy mound
through her latex costume.

Patricia felt her son move between her thighs, he had pressed his hand
againest her pussy, she felt shocked at what he was doing, but something
had been triggered in her brain, some basic instinct inside her.

&#034Andy stop that, now&#034. She tried to make herself sound angry, and part of
her was, this was very wrong, she should have stood up and left but the
urge was growing stronger within herself.

&#034Mom, you want me do to this don’t you, tell me you don’t like it&#034. Andy
pressed harder through the material, he rubbed his fingers againest her
pussy more, making Patricia grip the sides of the sun lounger tighter, she
squirmed under his touch her body starting to respond.

&#034Andy, please you’ve got to stop that now&#034. Patricia was now pleading with
her son, she knew she could’t make herself stop, not now.

Andy said nothing, but her moved his hand away from her pussy, Patricia
sighed, she had mixed emotions going through her head, she was kinda glad
he’s stopped, what he done was very naughty, but her body and particulary
her pussy was throbbing with desire.

But Andy was just getting started, before he’d given his mom time to gather
her thoughts, he moved in again, he took hold of the sides of his mom’s
bikini bottom and pulled it down, exposing her white ass, he kept pulling
till they were round the bottom of her thighs, his mom’s thighs were open
slightly and he could just see her hairy pussy. he reached between her
thighs again now unhindered he pushed his mom’s wet pussy lips apart with
one hand, while pushing two of his oily fingers into his moms tight pussy.

&#034Ohhhh, mmmmm&#034

Patricia taken by surprise by her son’s renewed effort, let out a deep moan
as his fingers started to push in and out of her eager pussy, her body
started to respond to his stimulation and she pushed her hips up again to
meet his thrusting fingers, she told herself she should’t be enjoying this,
but her body was more than willing to let her son do this to her.

&#034Please Andy I’m your moooommmm, oh god&#034. Patricia voice trailed off, her
body out of control, she needed to be sexually fulfilled now. she lifted
her ass higher and tucked her knees into her chest, almost into the doggy

Andy knew from previous experience how to manipulate a woman’s pussy with
just his fingers, he located her small clit easily and started to rub it.

&#034Ohhhhh, thats it baby, thats ittttt, harder, yeeessss!&#034 his mom shreiked
as he manipulated her clit, her pussy muscles tightened around his fingers,
she rocked her body back and forth on the lounger.

Andy looked down at her ass, as she rocked herself back and forth, just
like a peach, he thought, think I’ll have a taste, he bent his head and
lightly bit her left ass cheek, his mom squealed at the pleasure/pain of
his bite.

&#034Uggghhhh, no biting mommy&#034 she managed to gasp, but she was to far gone to
care, his rubbing her pussy and particulary her clit had set her on fire,
she was near having an orgasm, her breasts jiggled in the confines of her
bikini top, the nipples hard and erect, her chest was covered in a red rash
from the excitement, she could feeling the orgasm building inside her, she
gripped harder on the sides of the sun lounger, her knuckles white with the

&#034That’s it harder baby, rub, ooohhhhh, it harder&#034

Andy did as his mother said and rubbed even harder, teasing her clit with
his two fingers, his mother rocked her body faster, her ass pushing back
and forth towards him.

&#034Just a bit more, ugghhhhh! that’s it, rub mommy’s clit, Ohhhhh!&#034

Andy felt his mom was near orgasm now, the sweat was dripping off her round
ass cheeks under the hot sun, he could smell a slight musky smell coming
from her pores, he slowed down the rubbing on her clit, drawing out his
mom’s build up, with his free hand he took hold of the back of his mom’s
bikini top and ripped it away. freeing her tits from their confine, they
jiggled for a moment as he began to tweak her hard nipple with his thumb
and forefinger.

The waves of intense pleasure ripped through patricia every second now, her
son tweaked her nipple roughly forcing her to moan out.

&#034Ohhhhh! Please baby, put your fucking dick in me now honey&#034. His mom was
begging him to do it.

&#034Mommy wants it so………Uuughhhh!…so bad now honey&#034

&#034You liked what you saw this morning then mom?&#034 Andy asked cheekily.

My god! Patricia thought, he was awake the whole time she was in his room,
he set me up for this. The thought of this shocked her slightly, she
realised he had known what he was doing all the time.

&#034Yooouuuu fucking devious bastard&#034 she moaned out, she had nearly reached
the point of no return, her orgasm was about to be unleashed.

In the background Patricia heard a car coming up their gravel drive, she
opened her eyes to look over an her watch, it was 4.15, christ it was Karl
her husband!

&#034Andy, your fathers home&#034. patricia began to panick, she forgot all about
her impending orgasm, thinking of what might happen if her husband caught
in this position, his wife getting finger fucked by their son! Andy pulled
his fingers from his mom’s pussy, her cunt juices covering his hand, he
stood up licking his fingers. he mom also got up, she pulled her bikini
bottoms up over her exposed pussy and turned to face her son. A sudden
realisation flooded over her – her own son, jesus what was she thinking
about? she felt angry at herself for letting him manipulate her like that,
and angry at her son for doing it. Andy was still licking her pussy juices
from his fingers.

&#034You taste real good mom&#034 Andy said with his evil smile spreading across
his face.

Patricia flipped, she raised her hand to slap him across the face but Andy
saw it, caught her hand and pulled his mom towards him, Patricia heard the
front door shut in the distance.
Andy put his hand onto his mom’s ass and pulled her close, he kissed his
mom full on the lips, she tried to resist, his hand moved under the fabric
of her bikini at the back and he grabbed hold of her ass cheek, pulling her
even closer he f***ed his tongue into her mouth, Patricia’s urges flooded
back, her husband forgotten about as she met her son’s tongue with her own.

&#034Anybody Around&#034 She heard her husband shout out from the house.

Patricia reached down and grabbed her son’s erect cock through his towel,
wrapping her hands around his thick shaft she squeezed lightly, the desire
in her pussy engulfed her again, making her lightheaded.

&#034Anybody out here&#034 her husband karl was stood at the back door, the sun
loungers sat just round the corner of the house, in an annex and he could’t
see them from where he was stood.

The panic hit Patricia again she broke off the embrace with her son, he let
go of her ass, smiling he slapped it lightly, and brushed his other hand
over her hard right nipple.

&#034Yes honey we’re out her&#034 Patricia replied shakily

&#034Just making a drink, you want anything?&#034 her husband shouted back.

&#034Yeah, a Martini would be….&#034. Andy had bent down and started to lick and
tease her right nipple, Patricia had to stop herself from moaning out, her
nipples were very sensitive now and she felt a wave of pleasure flood
through her, the fact that her husband stood barely 20 feet away and the
danger of been caught made her feel even more horny.

&#034….Martini would be great&#034 she managed to say as she held Andy’s head
down, pushing him down onto her red, hard nipple, he cupped her breast
underneath, pushing it up towards his waiting mouth, he moved his other
hand down to her pussy mound and again started to rub on it, lightly this

&#034Oooohhh god&#034 Patricia moaned.

&#034Coming right up&#034 Her husband said going back into the kitchen.

&#034Stop Andy, you father…….oh….your faa…uggh&#034 she could’t get the
words out probably, her head dizzy with her lustful feelings.

Andy broke off their embrace, leaving his mom trying to catch her breath.

&#034Your right mom, but we’ll finish this real soon&#034. he smiled his wicked
smile and walked towards the house, going round the back so he could avoid
his father in the kitchen. patricia stood their for a moment watching her
son go, her pussy was incredibly wet and was throbbing wildly, her son had
turned her into some kind of sex thing. her whole body felt hot and sweaty,
she pushed her matted hair back from her forehead and picked her bikini top
off the lounger, quickly putting it on. she sat down on the lounger just as
her husband came round the corner carrying a drinks tray, he smiled at her,
not noticing anything wrong.

&#034So anything happen while I’ve been out?&#034 He asked

Patricia could’t look him in the eye, she felt guilty about what had
happened, her son had seduced her almost to the point of no return, if here
husband had’t come back who know’s what might have happened……

Patricia did’t see her wicked son again that evening, she kept herself
busy, doing the chores around the house and cooking the dinner but she
could’t stop herself from thinking about what happened earlier, she could
still feel her son’s fingers manipulating her pussy, he’d driven her into a
sexual frenzy but he had’t finished the job and she was getting more horny
as the evening wore on.

She had a quiet dinner with her husband Karl, they made small talk as usual
across the table, Patricia asked him the same questions about how his day
had gone, he was a computer salesman in town, not something Patricia was
interested in at all.

After washing up and finishing the small chores around the house, she went
to bed early, she felt pretty tired after her erotic encounter with her son
and she always tryed to be asl**p before karl came up, his snoring had kept
her awake on many ocassions over the years and was getting worse the older
he got, the doctor told him it was due to his weight,sometimes over the
year’s she’d been f***ed to take refuge in the spare bedroom with it’s
cramped, uncomfortable bed.

She tryed not to think to much about what she would say to her son when she
saw him tomorrow, but she was’t going to let anything like what he’d done
to her this afternoon happen again, she still felt slightly angry that he’d
manipulated her in such a way and she fell asl**p telling herself she
would’t let it happen ever again.

Andy looked at his bedside clock, it was 2.00 am. He’d kept out of his
parents way for the rest of the day, not becuase he was embarrased or
ashamed about what he’d done to his mother, but becuase he’d already
planned out the next stage of his seduction.

Andy opened his bedroom door quietly, his parent’s room was down the other
end of the hall and he crept down the corridor quietly, avoiding that
squeaky floorboard, he could clearly hear his father snoring, long deep
intake of breath followed by a loud exhale through his mouth, fat bastard
should lose some weight, he thought.

He opened his parent’s bedroom door carefully, and stepped inside their
room, it was almost pitch black, he could just see his fathers bulky shape
on the far side of the bed, he was facing towards the far wall, his snoring
sounding incredibly loud now. Andy’s mom lay nearest him, he could see she
was lying on her back, the bed sheets covering her face partly, he felt his
cock start to grow in anticipation of what he was about to do, he stepped
over to the bottom of his mothers side of the bed and kneeled on the floor,
he lifted the sheets up enought to get his head and shoulders under, his
lip brushed one of his mom’s feet and he opened his mouth and sucked on her
big toe for a moment before moving himself up her body.

Patricia thought she was having an erotic dream brought on by her
experiance with her son earlier in the day, she could feel hands on her
then a tongue licking her skin, she sighed lightly knowing it would’t last.

Andy ran his tongue up his mom’s leg, stopping now and then to bite her
skin lightly, he felt her shift her body slightly and sigh as her body
started to respond to his kisses, she had’t woken up probably yet, Andy
moved his hands upto her waist, he felt the outline of some panties and
placing his fingers under the elasticated waistband he began to pull them

Patricia felt her knickers been pulled down and lifted he ass off the bed
to help, this was’t a dream, Karl had never tried this approach before she
thought, she was half awake now, coming out of her deep sl**p, but then she
heard her husband snoring loudly beside her, It can’t have been Karl then,
she felt lips kissing the inside of her thigh, then a hot, wet tongue
started working it’s way towards her pussy.

&#034Oohhhh!&#034. she could’t help letting out a little moan, If it’s was’t Karl
then who…..

&#034Andy!, please Andy stop that&#034 she whispered, aware her husband was right
next to her, she tryed to roll over onto her side, away from the hot,
pressing tongue, but her son, feeling she was trying to escape put his
hands on both her thighs, pining her down.

&#034Andy, don’t do this, not again&#034 his mom pleaded.

Andy was’t listening he pulled his mom’s thighs apart slightly and moved
his head up over her cunt, he took in the musky smell of her aroused pussy
as he pushed his tongue between her moist pussy lips.

&#034Uuuuuhhhhh!&#034 Patricia threw her head back and moaned loudly as her son
started to swirl his tongue up and down her pussy slit, she wriggled her
ass uncontrolably, lifting it off the bed, grinding her cunt into her son’s
face, the horny feeling that had been growing inside her all evening
unleashed itself as the waves of pleasure pulsed through her, she managed
to twist her head to look over at her husband, he was turned away from her
but his constant snoring assured her he was still asl**p.

&#034No Andy, I’m your motheeeeee….Ooohhhh!&#034. she could’t finish the
sentance, but she did’t want to, all thoughts of who was doing these
wonderful things to her body vanished.

Andy grabbed hold of his mom’s ass cheeks, pulling her cunt nearer to his
waiting tongue, he found her swollen clit, brushing his tongue across it.

&#034Ohhhhhh, Uuuggh..Yes!, Oh Yes!, Yessssss&#034. Patricia was trying hard to be
quiet but her son was eagerly teasing her clit bud, sending her into
spasm’s, she reached down under the sheets and pushed his head down hard
towards her pussy, she was now humping her body wildly off the bed, the bed
springs creaked under the strain and the headboard was banging lightly
againest the wall, still her husband snored on, unaware of the cunt lickin
his son was giving to his own mother right next to him.

Patricia threw her legs over her son’s shoulders, digging her heels into
his back, she brushed a hand across her sweaty forehead, wiping her blonde
hair away from her face, she then wrapped her hand around the headboard,
arching her back as another wave of uncontrolled desire went through her
like an electricity bolt.

&#034Andy…..OH! I need your cock…Uuuuuuhhh!…need it in Meeee&#034. Patricia
heard herself beg.

&#034Not till I’ve finished down here&#034 Andy replied, his tongue lapped at her
clit some more, swallowing his mom’s pussy juices, he moved his hands off
her thighs and ran them up her body, grabbing at her round, firm breasts he
took hold of a nipple and squeezed it, rubbing it between his fingers.

&#034Uggh!, Uggghh!, Ohhhhhhh!&#034. Patricia’s whole body felt like it was on
fire, she could’t stop herself from crying out,her loud moans mixing with
her husband’s snoring next to her, she bit down onto one of the sheets to
stiffle her crys, her grip tightened on her headboard, as it banged harder
againest the wall as Patricia rocked her body off the bed,

The bed springs creaked louder, as Patricia started to reach the end, she
could’t hold out any longer, her pussy felt like it was about to explode.

&#034Ohhh I’m Cumming, I’mmmm CUUUMMMINNNG!&#034.

Patricia spat the bed sheet out of her mouth as she hit her peak, she
forgot all about being quiet as her pussy spasmed uncontrollably, she
her back as the ripples of pleasure rode through her whole body, lifting
lower body right off the bed, the springs groaning loudly as she did, still
Andy licked his mom’s cunt, taking in her pussy juices as they flooded out,
Patricia’s could’t control her herself, she thrashed her legs about, she
was having another orgasm, then another shot through her, she’d never
experience anything like it in her life, the fact that what was happening
was so wrong had made her even more horny.

&#034Uggggggg…YES!……..Ohhh…Guuuhhhh!&#034 Her cries of passion echoed round
the room as at last the pulses of sexual electricity stopped, Patricia just
lay there trying to catch her breath, she again brushed her long blonde
hair away from her face, her whole body was dripping with sweat, Andy was
still lapping at her cunt with his tongue, teasing her clit, he’s knew his
mom had had more than one orgasm and felt pleased he’d cuased it, he
already felt his mom’s pussy responding yet again to his prolonged attack.

&#034Honey, are you o.k?&#034. It was Karl, Patricia’s loud moaning at her peak had
obviously woken him. she felt panick course through her body, but still she
held down Andy’s head to her pussy, his long hot tongue working it’s magic
on her again already.

&#034Sorry, I must have had a bad dream or something, I woke up sweating&#034.
Patricia could’t help smiling at her reply.

&#034You wanna curl up next to me?&#034 Karl asked.

Andy knew it was time to leave, he took his tongue from her pussy and slid
very carefully out the bottom of the bed running his tongue down his mom’s
inner leg as he did, Patricia felt her son slide off her sweaty, hot body,
she turned towards her husband and rolled over to him putting an arm over
his chest as she did.

&#034Nobody’s going to touch you while I’m here honey, trust me&#034 Her husband
said sl**pily.

Andy crept out the room closing the door quietly behind him, again the
wicked lookin smile spread over his face.

Patricia’s body still throbbed, her son’s tongue had gone some way to
getting rid of the naughty feelings she felt, but his long, thick cock
would have been much better she thought as she closed her eyes…..

Patricia woke the next morning feeling slightly disgusted with herself
again, what kinda mom lets her son to this to them she thought, it was so
wrong, Patricia did’t particulary believe in god but she thought she’d go
straight to hell for letting her son do what he’d done to her, it was a
very bad thing, she prepared her husband’s breakfast, he obviously had’t
realised what had happened last night not two feet away from him.

&#034So what was that bad dream about?&#034 he asked over the breakfast table.

&#034Errrr, can’t remember exactly&#034 she lied.

Patricia was having guilty feelings again, Andy must just be misguided she
thought, maybe he just did’t understand how wrong it was to do what he’d
done to her, she felt herself gettin angry again, she would have some stern
words with him after her husband had left.

Karl left for work at 8.00, he kissed his wife on the cheek and jumped in
his car, Patricia watched him go, then shut the door, she went upstairs
determined to sort out her son and make sure he was aware he’d made a
terrible mistake. She stormed into his room not even knocking, again the
curtains were closed, the room in darkness, she pulled open the curtains
angrily, the light streaming in, she turned to her son’s bed, this time he
was fully covered by his bed sheets, his dark hair just sticking out the
top, he had’t awoken so Patricia shook his shoulder roughly.

&#034Wake up Andy, I want to talk to you about last night&#034. she was almost
shouting at him now.

Andy opened his eyes as his mom kept shaking him.

&#034O.k., o.k I’m awake, jesus&#034 he said, disgusted he’d been awoken from his

&#034Andy we need to talk about what you did last night&#034

&#034I’m listening&#034. Andy just lay there in bed, he looked up at his mom
standing over him, she wore her pastel pink nightrobe, tied round the
middle with a sash, she had it tied tight and her full breasts pushed out
againest the material.

&#034Andy, you know it was a bad thing you did last night don’t you?&#034

Andy smiled

&#034I did’t hear you complaining to much mom, when I was lickin you out&#034

&#034Andy please, I’m trying to explain why it’s so-&#034

&#034How many orgasms did you have Mom?&#034

&#034ANDY!&#034. Patricia shouted, she was getting pissed off.

&#034I think all you really came in here for this morning was to see if you
could see my cock again, ain’t that right mom?&#034

&#034No Andy, I want to tell you……&#034

Her words trailed off as Andy pulled back his bed sheets and swung himself
out of bed and stood up, he was naked and his huge cock was rock hard
pointing towards his mother, Patricia backed off slightly, she was’t really
expecting this and her son had surprised her, she looked down at his
glorious cock, the big purple head was slick with pre-cum, it was dancing
around slightly in front of her, like the snake charmer and the snake, she
could’t tear her eyes away.

&#034You want this mom&#034. Andy put his hand on his cock and tugged on it, the
foreskin running back and forth across the cockhead, Patricia was amazed,
her son’s cock actually got even bigger! It stood up, almost vertical, she
felt like taking it in her hands and sucking him dry.

&#034No Andy, stop that, I really only want to talk,&#034 she said the words,
trying to convince herself that’s what she wanted, but now she’d seen her
son’s massive cock again she was’t very sure that’s all she wanted.

&#034Then talk mom, tell me what a bad boy I’ve been, tell me it was very
wrong&#034. Andy moved towards his mom, but she backed away some more,he
stepped forward again and moved his hands up to the sash on her robe, again
she backed away but Andy had a firm grasp on the sash and as his mother
backed away the bow came undone, her robe opened up to reveal her
nearly-naked body.

Patricia gasped as her robe opened, Andy stepped forward again and before
she had time to move, he took hold of the back of the robe and pulled it to
the ground, she was only wearing some white panties which clashed againest
the light brown of her skin, she backed away once more but felt her lower
back hit something behind her stopping her from going any further, she
turned around to see what had stopped her and saw Andy’s study desk.

Andy stepped forward again studying his mom’s body, her round, firm breasts
showed no signs of sagging, the nipples were large and round, they were
deep red in colour and were fully erect at the moment, he lowered his
glance further down, taking in her wide hips, which tapered down into full,
toned thighs. he could see she was could’t go any further back now, the
front of the desk stopping her.

&#034Andy what are you doing&#034

Patricia watched her son, look over her body, and something about his look
made her pussy twinge slightly, he looked like he was going to eat her
alive, she still felt naked and vunerable though and she crossed her arms
over her breasts to cover herself, she looked down again at her son’s
throbbing cock which was barely inches away from her belly button, her
pulse quickened and she felt another, much stronger twinge run through her

Andy reached out and rubbed the back of his hand across her stomach,
Patricia threw her shoulders back as this sudden touch cuased a nice
sensation to run through her body, he then moved his hands to her
shoulders, and lightly ran his fingers down her arms, he took hold of her
hands and pulled them away from her breasts, he pulled them down to her
sides then reached behind her grabbing her ass he lifted off the ground, he
bent his head and took her right nipple in his mouth, biting on it

&#034Ohhhhhhhhh!&#034 Patricia groaned, she knew then her son was going to fuck
her, and as she thought about that her whole body shook delightfully, if
she was going to hell for this she was going to enjoy the ride.

Andy lifted his mom onto his study desk, pulling her knickers off as he
dropped her onto the wooden surface, he pulled her panties down to her
knees then pushed them down the rest of the way with his foot, leaving them
wrapped round her ankles, he took hold of the back of her neck and pulled
her towards him, she met his lips eagerly, Patricia f***ed her tongue into
her son’s mouth, where he met it, he run his hand through her flowing
blonde hair, pushing it back away from her head, their tongues clashed,
Patricia took hold of her son’s muscled ass cheeks, pulling him closer to
her, she felt his enormous cock rub againest the inside of her thigh, the
pre-cum leaving it’s trail on her skin as he moved towards her.

Andy dropped his hand to his mom’s bottom again, he moved his cock so the
big, bulbous cockhead tip was rubbing againest her pussy lips, he then
lifted his mom back off the desk and lowered her onto his giant dick, inch
by inch.

&#034Ooooohhhhhhhh, my gooddddd!&#034 Patricia moaned loudly as she felt her son’s
cock push inside her, impaling her body, his cock f***ed it way in, her
pussy started to stretch becuase of the sheer width of her son’s invading

&#034Ohhhh, Your so big baby, Uuuuhhh!&#034. Patricia squealed as Andy’s cock
started to disappear inside her, she wrapped her legs round his waist,
pushing herself onto his meat. Andy felt his cock push right into her
tight, wet cunt hole, he let out a moan as he finally pushed the last of
his dick inside, right upto the hilt.

&#034Mmmmmmmm&#034 his mom sighed, she closed her eyes tight as her son’s hot, meat
filled her cunt, her pussy muscles tightened their grip on his cock.

The stayed in that position for a few moments, Patricia was breathing
heavily from the excitement, her chest was flushed bright red in colour,
her breasts rubbed againest her son’s chest, his hands gripping her ass,
taking her weight, she held onto the back of his thick, hairy thighs
pulling herself againest him, Andy moved his head to the side of his mom’s
face, and took one of her ear lobes into his mouth, biting on it slightly,
Patricia liked this and she moved her hips forward, making her son’s cock
push forward inside her even more, rubbing on her clit as it went.

&#034Fuck me! C’mon fuck me&#034 she screamed as her pussy throbbed from the
contact her clit had with his cock, Andy pulled his ass back, his dick
sliding out his mom’s pussy almost to the tip, before he rammed it firmly
back into her , he dropped his mom’s body back on top of the desk, but
still held onto her ass firmly as again he pulled his dick back and then
rammed it back in, his thrusts were met by his moms as she pushed herself
forward using her hips.

&#034Yes….Uuuughhhh!…..YES!……Oooohhhhh!….Y Y YE YES!&#034

Patricia was shouting at the top of her voice, her pussy burned and itched,
her son was hammering his cock in and out of her sucking pussy.

&#034Fasterrrr…..Ugh…….Fasttttteeeeeerrrr&#034 she moaned.

Andy sped up his thrusts pushing his hips towards his mom, his mom’s tits
pushed againest his chest, her nipples squashed, her ass was sliding across
the desk with every thrust, her body almost out of control, Andy moved his
hands onto her wide hips, gripping firmly.

&#034Tell me how wrong it is now mom&#034 Andy said as he again thrust his rock
hard meat into his mom’s awaiting pussy.

&#034Ooohhhh!…..Good…..Sssooooo….Goo..Ughhh!&#034 Patricia replied, she was
going crazy with lust.

&#034I’m gonna cum!&#034 Patricia squealed, her body started to shudder

&#034Harder! Oh&#034 Fuck me harder&#034 she insisted, her tight, juicy pussy squished
around her son’s massive cock as he thrust himself harder into her.

Suddenly Patricia arched her spine, pushing herself fully on her son’s meat
as she started to cum, her pussy spasmed hard, her cunt-juice flowed out
onto Andy’s thrusting cock, she dug her nails into her the backs of her
son’s thighs.

&#034I’m Cummming!….Yes!….Yes!….Fuck Yes!&#034 she screamed, her hips moved
wildly around, rocking her whole body back and forth along her son’s long
cock, she bit down on her lip as wave after wave of erotic esctacy swept
through her.

His mom’s spasming pussy rippled, Andy could’t hold out any longer and he
started to cum also, he pushed hard into his mother pushing her back
across the desk, as he unloaded his sac full of white, sticky, hot cum into
his mom’s tight pussy.

&#034Oooooohhhhhhh&#034 Patricia and her son moaned together.

Patricia continued to ride her son’s dick until he stopped thrusting, his
sac empty, his cock started to deflate slightly, she held him close to her,
the last powerful waves of her orgasm spreading through her, they were both
breathing heavily, both spent after such an erotic experience, Patricia ran
her hand over her son’s tight bottom.

&#034Don’t tell me you did’t enjoy that mom&#034. Andy whispered into her ear, he
ran a hand across her left breast, reaching for the nipple it immediatly
hardened under his touch.

&#034It was very intense&#034 she admitted. Patricia reached her hand down and
pulled her son’s half deflated cock from her pussy, she looked down as she
gripped his dick and started to tug on it, pushing the foreskin back and
forth, she felt his cock already start to get hard again under her touch.

&#034Well&#034 She smiled a very wicked smile, watching as her son’s cock started
to become fully erect again as she tugged on it. &#034Looks like you wanna go

Patricia took her hand from his cock and pushed him backwards onto the bed,
he looked up at her, he to was smiling as his mom began to lower herself
onto his now rigid dick.

&#034Come to mommy&#034 she squealed as his cock pushed up into her.

The End

Look out for more stuff real soon, and if anybody has any comments, story
ideas etc they would be most welcome.

R.wood 18/1/98

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