Part 5 Back to the Cabin for Clean up


Chapter 5, Back to the Cabin for Clean up

When Karen passed out from the pain of the piercing and cauterization, it didn’t take long before a little of the piss and shit mixture that was flowing through the tube to trickle down her wind pipe. As soon as the acid hit the sensitive lining of the bronchial tube, the burn caused her to quickly wake up in a coughing fit. This caused the shit and piss mixture to be sprayed through her nose out over her mouth, chin and tits. Because she was strapped into the chair, she could not move to help ease her coughing spasm. She continued to cough so hard that she threw up. Most of the vomit went down the big tube connected to her ass. But some sprayed all down her front through her nose. Because she was strapped into the chair, she could not move to help ease her coughing spasm. When everyone heard the coughing, they all looked over at Karen and started laughing at the sight of her.

They went back to discussing the plans for widening the rift between Karen and her parents. This would effectively smash any hope that Karen might have of help. They also wanted to humiliate her in front of her high school class mates and with the help of some key selected and trusted adults and community leaders, smash any hope she might have of getting rescued. John turned to Darrell and said, “I know that you have decided to start Karen’s training earlier than we discussed, but I think you should take it easy on her until the party Saturday so she can heal from the piercings. You don’t want her to get an infection or do anything that could threaten her health and cause her to loose the baby.”

Darrell got a big grin on his face and answered, “Don’t worry dad. I hadn’t planned on anything that would jeopardize the baby, but there is still a lot that can be done to make her a good and proper little submissive.”

John then asked Joey, “Have you gotten my special order in?”

Karen had caught some of the conversation and began to panic at what they were saying. How could they do this to her? All she ever wanted to do was to go to college and maybe meet someone she could love and marry. Now she finds herself in the hands of a perverted f****y who find joy in torturing young women. Oh god she wanted to go home to her mom and dad. She wondered why she didn’t listen to them in the first place. If she had, none of this would be happening. Now she had no future. No chance to even decide what to do with her own body. She couldn’t live life like this, no, there had to be a way to get away from these monsters. Tears were streaming down her cheeks and her eyes were bl**d shot from her crying. The taste in her mouth was awful as well. It was all she could do to keep from throwing up again.

Joey had gone to his storage room and returned with a package that he gave to John. John presented the package to Darrell and said, “Here’s a little wedding gift for you. Your mother and I thought that you might get some good use out of these.”

Darrell immediately opened the box and found 5 metal cylinders that looked like silver vibrators of varying sizes ranging from one inch to three inches wide by half inch increments and all about 8 inches in length. Darrell picked up one of them and found it to be fairly slick. He asked his dad what they were for.

John explained, “These are training dildos. They are designed so that when they get a little moisture on them, they are very slick and almost impossible to grasp. They are also pressure sensitive. The trainee must maintain a certain level of pressure on the dildo or it will send a shock into the trainee. There are 5 levels of shock that you can set by remote. Finally, there is a temperature sensitive gauge at the bottom end. If the dildo starts to slip out of her cunt, it senses the temperature change. If it drops between 3 to 5 degrees, it has some spring loaded pins that will be released and will spring out into the flesh of the cunt. Not only is this painful, but it will start shocking the trainee every 5 minutes with the highest setting shock until the slut’s master comes in and resets everything. Your mom and I thought you might need some help in getting some basic equipment, so we ordered you these to get you started with your dear little wife. We didn’t expect that you would get started training her so soon. And especially to arrange for her to be used in order to get some of tools and equipment you need. We are very proud of you for what you are doing. You are going to be a fine master some day.”

Karen heard what Darrell’s dad had said and screamed and shook her head no. Her face was a mask of fear and desperation. She tried to pull herself free of the chair and it rocked back and forth. The others looked over at her when they heard the noise and just as they looked, Karen had rocked the chair too far one way and it toppled over to the left. When the chair finally came to a stop, Karen was sobbing and crying so uncontrollably that her whole body shook in spasms.”

Darrell thanked his dad and then looked at Joey and asked, “Do you have a tarp to put in my trunk so that Karen doesn’t get crap and urine all over the inside of my car?”

Joey got the tarp for Darrell and they went outside and lined Darrell’s trunk. While they were doing that, Joey told Darrell, “You know, your little slut in there made me 35 hundred dollars. I tell you what. Your mom and dad are good friends of mine. So I’m going to give you all of the equipment you selected for free as a wedding present. Also, you now have a 35 hundred dollar credit line that you can use to purchase additional equipment.”

They finished with the car and went back in the shop. John had released Karen’s cuffs and she was getting up from the chair as they entered. Darrell asked, “Joey, do you have a heavy gold or silver chain to connect to the Nipple and clit rings. I want it with a heavy ring that I can attach the leash to?”

Joey grabbed a gold chain from the counter display case that was just what Darrell wanted. He went up to Karen, looked at Darrell and asked, “May I”. Darrell shook his head yes and Joey connected the ends to the newly installed rings. He gave each one a tug individually causing Karen to scream in pain each time.

Darrell attached the leash to the chain where they joined and gave it a stiff tug. Karen again squealed in pain, but quickly followed out to the car. She looked a sight with a dildo in her cunt, a dildo with a large tube in her ass and a smaller tube from her cunt that went to her mouth and was attached to a gag. On top of all this, her hands were cuffed behind her back, her front looked like it was covered with shit and she was being led around on a leash connected to gold chains hooked to her tits and clit. It was Quite a sight in deed. When they got to the car, Darrell opened the trunk and ordered, “Get in the trunk and lie down on the tarp. I don’t want any of that filthy shit you’re covered in to get on my car.

Karen climbed in as best as she could, all trussed up the way she was. Once in the trunk, she curled up in a fetal position and just lay there in her misery crying. Darrell then went up to his parents and asked, “Are you going to make the arrangements for Saturday as we discussed?”

They assured him that they would have everything ready. They gave each other hugs and then parted their separate ways.

When they got to the cabin, it was almost dark. Darrell opened the trunk and ordered Karen to get out. After struggling for several minutes, she finally managed to get herself out of the trunk and stood looking at Darrell with fear and loathing in her eyes. He immediately slapped her tits hard and asked, “Is that the position that I told you to assume in my presence?”

She immediately went down on her knees facing Darrell with her head bowed down. After making her wait for a few minutes, he finally undid the cuffs on her wrist and asked, “Have you learned your place now?”

All Karen could do was shake her head in acknowledgment, keeping her head turned down. He finally ordered, “Karen, go out back to the well and clean your self off. You stink to high heaven. There is no way that anyone will ever have anything to do with you looking like that. You make me sick just looking at you. Go ahead and take everything off but the nipple and clit ring chain. You better hurry too, I’m going to take you out to dinner at a restaurant and I need enough time to make sure you’re properly dressed and ready for the trip. By the way, make sure you clean your self and the equipment well inside and out or she I’ll give you 10 swats for every time I find a spot.”

Karen started to get up to go to the well pump when Darrell put the flat of his foot on the side of her rump and pushed. Karen went flying and landed on her right side getting sc****d in the process. He asked, “Is that the way I told you to move around when we are here. Karen got down on all fours and began crawling on her hands and knees to the well pump. The first thing Karen did was to get up on her knees and removed the harness holding the gag. She yanked the gag out of her mouth and released the pressure from her cramping intestines and the liquefied shit sprayed all over her face as she removed the gag. She immediately fell back down to all fours and threw up the urine and shit mixture that she had been f***ed to swallow. She continued to wretch and dry heave for about 5 minutes before she was finally able to get control of herself.

Once she was finally able to stop throwing up, she began to carefully remove the catheter up her urethra. She grit her teeth and groaned from the pain as she pulled the catheter out. She finally grasped the dildo in her ass and removed it. She still had stomach cramps and felt like she had to shit. She looked around and saw a small building that was about a 100 feet from the cabin and thought that it was probably an out house. When she got there she found she was correct and went in, removed the dildo in her cunt and sat down on the seat to finish shitting out the gallon enema she received last night.

Just as she had a strong flow of diarrhea begin, the door opened and Darrell grabbed her by the hair and yanked her out of the out house on to the ground. The shit from her diarrhea just sprayed all over the seat and floor of the out house and on the ground in front of the out house. Darrel screamed, “You bitch. You are not good enough to use any of the facilities around here. If you have to piss or shit, you go into the woods on all fours. Then you piss or shit while you’re still on your hands and knees. Now get over to the well and get yourself cleaned up so we can go to dinner.” As he turned to go back into the house, he looked over his shoulder and in as stern a voice as possible told Karen, “When we get back from dinner, you are going to clean up the out house by licking up every bit of that shit up with your tongue.” Karen turned nauseous and almost threw up just from the thought.

Karen crawled over to the out house door and reached in and grabbed her dildo. As much as she would like to just throw it away, she knew that Darrell would punish her severely if she didn’t have it in when she went inside. It was at that moment that she realized that she had left her anal dildo in the trunk of the car. She immediately began to panic. She knew she would be punished if she didn’t have the dildo in when she went into the house. She decided that she would go ahead and get cleaned up and see if she could think of something in the mean time.

While she was cleaning, she noticed that Darrell stepped out the back door and put a plastic lined box down on the ground to the side of the door. He told Karen to put the cleaned equipment in the box when she was done. He also tossed a bar of lye soap to Karen and told her to use it to clean up with, including her ass and cunt. He reminded her that he would be checking to make sure she cleaned all of her nooks and crannies. Karen was initially very glad that he had given her soap to clean with. That is until she began to feel the burn that lye soap causes, especially if left on for very long. This soap had a very high concentration of lye and really caused her skin to burn painfully, even when left on very briefly. She knew it was going to be excruciating to use it on her tender abused vaginal lips and anus. She also knew that if she didn’t, Darrell would really punish her severely so she decided to do the best she could and just bear with the pain.

When she finished cleaning herself, her skin was a very pink glow from the harshness of the lye. Her ass and cunt were on fire as she knew they would be, but she went ahead and ignored the burn and began to clean the equipment. She began by taking everything apart and then washing each item individually. When she got an item cleaned, she would put it in her mouth and crawl over to the box and put it in. The hoses she wrapped around her neck and crawled over and put in the box. While she was doing all this, she realized that she might be able to get her ass dildo without Darrell ever finding out.

She thought back to her night at Mistress Lynn’s and how slut had made requests and she decided to try that. She crawled up to the back door and assumed a kneeling position and knocked on the door. She immediately sat back on her heels and bowed her head with her hands behind her back. Darrell opened the door and looked at Karen with a smile on his face and asked, “What is it slut?”

Karen immediately shook her head no while saying, “Master, this worthless slut has remembered that she lay on a tarp in the trunk of master’s car and got it dirty. This worthless slut can’t finish cleaning until slut goes and gets it and brings it back for cleaning. If master could please bother to spare a brief moment of his time to use his remote to open the trunk, this worthless slut will retrieve the tarp and bring it back here to clean properly.”

Karen stayed in the kneeling position praying that Darrell would not suspect that she had an ulterior motive in asking. Darrell after a long pause told slut to go ahead and get the tarp from the trunk. He would make sure it was opened for her. Karen felt a brief surge of excitement that her plan might just be working and quickly got on all fours and started crawling to the car in front of the house as Darrell closed the door.

When Karen reached the car the trunk was opened. She quickly kneeled up over the open trunk and looked for her dildo. She didn’t see it anywhere at first and began to feel a little panic set in as she searched every nook and cranny of the trunk. She finally found that it had rolled into the well for the spare tire. She tried to pick it up, but it wouldn’t come loose. No matter how hard she tried, it wouldn’t budge. She finally realized that if she loosened the spare, that it would likely come out very easily. She unscrewed the large wing nut holding the spare several turns and then tried picking up the spare with one hand while picking up the dildo with the other. She finally got the dildo loose and sighed in relief that her plan was working. She placed the dildo in the center of the tarp and grabbed the corners of the tarp and began folding them up over to the center. When she had the corners and edges folded over so that the shit wouldn’t leak onto the trunk of the car, she carefully lifted it up and out of the car. She closed the trunk and took the four corners of the tarp and put them flat side together and bit down on them and started crawling back to the well pump at the back of the house. She thoroughly cleaned the tarp and neatly folded it and took it to the box with the other equipment. She went back to the well and cleaned the dildos. She slowly reinserted them into her cunt and then her ass. Then she crawled to the door, knocked on it, and assumed the same kneeling position as before.

When Darrell opened the door and saw Karen in the proper position with her dildos in place, he smiled and said, “Very good bitch, I see you finally finished. It sure took you long enough and I see that you remembered to put your dildos back in like a good little whore. Come on in and assume the proper position in front of the fire place.” After Karen crawled in the door, Darrell picked up the box of equipment that Karen had cleaned and brought it inside with him. He took it with him to the main living area of the cabin and sat down on a recliner. He sat the box down in front of him on the floor and started going over each one carefully to ensure that each was properly cleaned. When he was done, he put the items back in the box and congratulated Karen. “Well it looks like you have avoided any additional punishment. Everything was very clean, just like it’s supposed to be.” When Karen heard him say that she hadn’t earned any additional punishment, she started to panic trying to figure out if he had caught her without the anal dildo or what other infraction she may have done other than the mess in the out house. Darrell continued, “Let’s just add up your punishment. I think it’s only fair that you receive 10 swats for each infraction, don’t you.” Looking at Karen and waiting for an answer. Karen, without raising her head and continuing to look at the floor knew that she was already in for a rough time and wanted to desperately try and get Darrell to ease off a little so she answered softly, “This worthless whore defers the determination of how much punishment this slut deserves to her Master. This slut hopes master will be merciful.” Darrell got a big grin on his face and started counting up the infractions. “Your first offense was to leave your dildo for your ass in the trunk of the car.” Karen gasped at the revelation that he knew about her leaving the dildo behind and also at that moment knew that she was in deep trouble for attempting to deceive of him.

Darrell continued, “That will earn you 10 swats. The unauthorized use of the facilities is another 10. The trip to the car to get the tarp and your missing dildo will earn you 10 for the missing dildo in your cunt and 10 for the one missing from your ass. Then it’s 10 more for each one missing on your trip back to the well pump. And finally, there are 30 for trying to deceive me about forgetting your anal dildo. Now if I am not mistaken, that is a total of 90 swats. I am going to round it up to a full 100 for taking so long getting cleaned up.”

Karen started sobbing completely out of control, but did somehow manage to stay in a kneeling position. He stood up and walked up to Karen and ordered her to open her mouth. He unzipped his jeans and pulled his cock out and inserted it in her mouth. “Drink up bitch and don’t spill a drop. When your done, start giving me a blow job and I’ll tell you how you can work off some of your swats.”

Karen struggled a little trying to drink all of his piss while still crying. But she resolved herself to listen and hoped that what Darrell wanted her to do to work off all of her swats would not be too hard. When he stopped pissing in her mouth she immediately started sucking him as if her life depended on it.

He continued telling her, “If you are a good girl tonight, and do everything I tell you without any complaints, I will take off swats as I feel are appropriate for your cooperation.”

Karen resolved at that moment that she would do whatever she had to, to avoid being spanked again. Her ass was still very sore from the first spanking that he had given her two nights previously.

Darrell stood there thinking how lucky he was to have landed such a submissive slut. He thought about all of the fun he was having with her and how much more fun he was going to have in the future.

Karen quickly got into a good rhythm and started twirling her tongue around the head of his dick and taking him in as far and as deep as she could. When she felt the head of his dick hit the back of her throat, she closed her eyes and swallowed while trying to push it farther in. She knew that this would please him and she so desperately wanted to please him. Finally after a bit of effort, her nose hit his pubic hair. She continued swallowing repeatedly until she was about out of breath. She started to pull off to get some air but Darrell was so close that he grabbed the back of her head and held her in place. She began struggling desperately to get a breath of air and the added stimulation brought Darrell off. He started pumping his come straight down her throat. When he was done, he pulled out and tucked his dick in his pants. Karen fell forward onto her hands and knees gasping to get air into her lungs. Darrell got to his chair and as he sat down told Karen that she had done a better job. When Karen finally got her breath, she resumed the correct kneeling position and waited for Darrell to tell her what to do.

Darrell told Karen, “Look at the couch.”

When Karen looked at the couch she saw that there were about a half a dozen outfits there. All of which were fairly disgusting as far as she was concerned. As she was looking at them, Darrell told her, “I want you to go over and try on each and every one of them.”

She crawled over to the couch and looked at the outfits. There was a pair of cut off Daisy Duke Shorts with a cropped off tank top, a green plaid skirt that was ridiculously short and a white opaque blouse, and a black skirt that was just as short as the plaid one with a loose fish net sweater top that covered nothing. There was also a long black skirt that was split up the side to the waist band and a white slinky Cami with thin spaghetti straps. There was a pair of tan Capri pants with an extremely low waist band with a pale yellow stretch tube top that couldn’t be more than 6 inches wide. The final outfit was a red mini dress with a deep plunge in the front and tied behind the neck leaving her back totally exposed.

She picked up the first outfit and kneeled toward Darrell and waited for him to acknowledge her. He had been watching her reaction as she looked at each outfit and when he saw her kneel submissively toward him, he asked, “Do you want to say something bitch?”

She immediately asked, “May this worthless slut stand up to change clothes please master?”

Darrell knew that he would enjoy the show of her dressing and undressing immensely so he gave her permission to try them on standing.

She stood up and picked up the shorts and pulled them on. They were very tight and she had to really struggle to get them up and fastened. The crotch of the shorts was very thin and when the shorts were all the way up, the strip pinched deep between the folds of her cunt lips. This caused them to be easily visible to any one looking. It also f***ed the dildo farther in to her cunt. The waist band was cut so low that you could actually see her pubic hair sticking up out of the top of the shorts. When she pulled the tank top on, the top showed a good portion of the top of her tits to just above the aureoles and hung just a couple of inches below the bottom of her tits.

When she had the outfit on, Darrell ordered, “I want you to walk back and forth so I could fully appreciate how the outfit fits you. Keep walking until I tell you to stop.”

As she walked back and forth her tits bounced and almost bounced out of the top. It also crept up the more she walked. She started to reach up to pull it down when Darrell ordered, “Don’t you dare touch that. Any clothes I give you to wear will be worn just like they are. You will not attempt to change how they ride on you no matter what. I don’t care if you’re in the middle of the town square. If your clothes fall or start to ride up you leave them alone.”

Karen continued to walk back and forth. Her cunt lips rubbed back and forth on the stiff material in the crotch of the shorts. Initially it was quite stimulating but it soon started to rub her lower lips raw. She knew that if she had to wear them too long, she would be in a lot of pain. Darrell finally told her to stop when she was in front of the couch and told her to try on the next outfit.

She took the shorts and tank top off and put the plaid skirt and see through blouse on. The skirts waist band, like the shorts was so low that the top of her pubic hair was visible. The skirt was so short that it only went a couple of inches below her cunt lips. He had her unbutton the blouse and tie it off under her tits. Again he ordered her to walk back and forth. She was the epitome of the walking wet dream. As she walked, the back of the skirt flipped up a little exposing the lower globes of her ass. Her tits were easy to see and bounced beautifully as she walked.

Darrell was getting hard again from the tantalizing view and he ordered Karen to stop and bend over. He went up behind her, flipped the skirt up, took the dildo out, rammed his dick in her ass hole and started fucking her with all of his strength. It took him a good 20 minutes until he was pumping his semen up her ass. When he was done he pulled out while giving her ass a hard slap and ordered Karen to clean him off.

Karen turned around, tears flowing down her cheeks from the coldness of it all. It was all she could do to keep from throwing up at the thought of sucking his cock which was covered in her shit. She finally closed her eyes, opened her mouth and took his deflating cock in her mouth and sucked him clean.

When Darrell felt she had done a good enough job, he told her, “You can try the other outfits on latter. It’s getting late and if we want to make it to the restaurant on time then we have to leave soon.” With that he picked up a pair of 4 inch healed pumps and through them at her and told her to put them on and put the dildos back in so they could get going.

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