Panty theif part 3


Threes an old saying….&#034once a cheat, always a cheat&#034. ….Always bear that in mind, when you marry a woman who has had your cock when she actually ‘belongs’ to someone else.

Sheila was one of the best lovers I had. She was up for nearly anything, and she wore underwear to turn me on, which to a man of my sexually scrambled brains, was certainly welcomed.

What she didn’t realise, was, that I don’t take fools gladly. As I stated in part 2 I loved to fuck Sheila with her panties on and catch the cum in the gusset. I would then check them out after discarded. Now I was very careful with this. She could never know or understand what my fetish was to me. I never discussed it with anyone, so sobody except me knew how it worked. I just assumed that I was the only person in the world who sniffed and licked females knickers. With me it wasn’t a case of going to a supermarket and buying a nice pair of panties to wear, it was about who the owner was, and how special that person was to me. If i fancied or liked a person, whether accessible as a partner or not, she was a target. If I knew someone who was a slut, she was a target. If I found a pair of the sexiest thong panty in the world but I didn’t know the owners history….I’d kick them into the bin. It’s all about the owners. So when I placed the crotch of her underwear onto her cunt after I’ve deposited my cum…i fucking well know, when to check and smell them.

I remember the day vividly. It was a Saturday at the end of June. I’d been working away in Scotland and the Friday was the first time in three days that my cock had been in her cunt. I’d fucked her at 1100 at night, then did her again at 0400 and finally 0800. I was looking forward to those pants, with the amount of semen in that gusset it would be a feast.

She had her shower and I’d gone for a paper and she’d gone shopping when I returned. Perfect. I’d have an hour to luxuriate in there filth.

I found the pair easy enough, sitting fairly near the top and still warm and still soggy. I noticed a pink pair of pants I’d never seen before. They were a satiny brief and very new to my eyes. Now, when your a pervert like me, you know every pair on knickers your wife owns. When she buys new ones I check them out. So, imagine my shock, to see crusty cum stains in a pair of knickers I’d never seen before, in my wife’s laundry basket.

Over the next month I watched foe evidence. There was no private dicks or surveillance cameras or voice recorders…no…I just watched. It was easy really. She had cheated on her last partner with me, so I just retraced my steps and ‘voila’. There she was lying over the pool table getting done doggy style. Pity really, coz I really liked Teddy the guy who was slamming his cock into my wife’s cunt.

By the time she was home I had 3 bin liners filled with her clothes. She never contested the divorce and I cleaned her out in the financial agreement.

I never let onto anybody how gutted I was. Being made a cuckold was not on my agenda, and I had to put a big brave face on for the world. I new what I had to do. ……start my collection again.

I had two bosses. They had a wife each. One had two daughters. Four women. All would be A1 prizes.

One of them was easy. Sarah. I had a key. I knew when the house was empty….she worked for the company. She had two boys and I knew they would be at school, Kevin her husband was also at work. Easy. I spent many times going threw her drawers. Taking my pick, clean or dirty. Unfortunately none with lovely cum in them. My bonus there was I found some holiday snaps of her topless and a couple of her nude. She had really black hair and had the blackest thickest forest of pubic thatch I’d ever seen. I never stole any of them but more than once had a quick wank using a pair of her pants to wrap my cock with. She didnt really have nice underwear but I still checked them out purely because of the ‘association’.

My other boss was tricky. I only had one opportunity and the ‘window’ opened unexpectedly. They had a house cleaner who once a week came to our offices to clean up. She was going on holiday and she was cleaning our office when I noticed her work keys had fallen out of her bag in the cloakroom. Perfect. She would never miss them until she came back from holiday.

I let myself into there house on the next Saturday when the f****y were all at the races. Sylvia, the mother was a petite woman in her mid 40’s. I’d wanted to be in her knickers a long time. Haha. She was a real posh bitch, and I knew she liked cock because my boss told me a few times that she was always after his pecker. The two daughters were Kim and Jo. Kim was twenty and a stuck up cunt. Jo was eighteen and lovely. Jo was probably the only person that I felt really guilty of doing what I do. Didn’t stop me though. I spent two hours going through there drawers. Sylvia the mother had really expensive underwear and preferred silk and satin. No cotton. There were very few soiled pairs so I only took one pair…black of course, I love black. I searched for anything sexual and found out that they used condoms. There was a bottle of baby oil in her bra drawer which led me to believe she was a dry old stick, or she liked it up the arse. I chose to believe the latter. Her bedroom also had a really big walk in closet attached. In one of the drawers I found a collection of uniforms…..nurses, bunny girl…policewoman…..puts a different slant on your opinion of people believe me.

Jo’s taste in underwear got me hard. All virginal white and all slut sexy. Suspenders and stockings very brief panties and bra and some of them nearly transparent. I also found a few sex toys and to crown it all …..a card of contraception pills. Eighteen and a little slut. What’s more, an eighteen year old ‘nice’ slut. I guiltily relieved of three pairs of her panties, two soiled and one clean. I also had a really good smell of one of her dildos.

Kim I’ll pass on, not worth the typing time.

I returned the keys to the area where I’d ‘found’ them and let someone else hand them in. She got a right bollicking. Tough shit.

Every time I saw Sylvia after that I imagined her bouncing up and down on the bosses condom covered cock wearing a nurses uniform. When I saw Jo I saw her lieing on her back wearing all her sexiest white virginal underwear smashing her dildo into teenage cunt. I didn’t think of Kim. Having said that I did see her topless once while sunbathing by there pool. Nice tits.

I was still very anti marriage. The slut and my ex friend put paid to that. I sort of targeted married women to fuck, and i must say I was more than successful. I had a neighbour who was a bit of a no all, Timmy he was called. Successful in business but still a grade A dick. His wife was 6 years older than me at 39 and was then what is known as a milf. He annoyed me one day about parking. Then kept winding me up about really trivial things. So, I decided to fuck his wife. Over six months I really worked a number on her. I kept going round when I knew he was away on business and by Christmas that year I had her as my personal fuck buddy. When Timmy was away, me and Sara fucked like rabbits. I even did her on Christmas Day. It made me smile, knowing that my spunk was seaping into panties that he bought for her. Class. By the end of January I had her taking it up the arse and swallowing cum without asking. I was buying underwear for her as well. To me that’s the ultimate crime. Buying underwear for your married slut. A real insult. I occasionally picked her up and fucked her forma few days at a hotel when hubby was away. She always paid and I had her giving me blow jobs while I was driving. We cooled it when I got her pregnant deciding to let Timmy take the blame. They are still together but we meet once a year and she shows me photos of my son. She insists we spend the night together. And still likes me tapping her arse. I set a savings fund up for him years ago, which Sylvia discreetly gave him a few years ago. He doesn’t know about me. She always gives me her underwear, once a year, after our night together.

Approaching 40 and still living alone. Still sucessfully seducing married women and relieving them of there pants. The arrival of the thong panty was a memorable time in my life. I loved them. Most men do. The eroticism of seeing a sexy lady bend at the waist and see the string disappearing into her arse is mind blowing.

I met another woman when I was 40 who was a nurse. Her name was Maggie and I fell in love. Problem was she was married. Unhappily she told me. Three months later she left him. I was still wary because of the slut Sheila. When she asked if we could move in together I made an excuse and managed to put it off for six months. Maggie was one sexy lady. She was the first woman I knew that shaved her cunt regularly. She had wonderful dress sense and bought only the best silk underwear. My only problem from my kink side was that she liked to go commando. No knickers. What goods that? Some men would find that fantastic. Not me. It took a long time to get her to wear pants all the time. I had to say things like. &#034I can smell yooouuu&#034 I couldn’t but it worked. She loved cock. She fucking loved cock. The only thing she loved more than cock was more cock. And that was a worry. My history with this scenario wasn’t good. She hadn’t really explained fully what had happened with her marriage. All I knew was that she was keen enough to suck my cock on the first date. Should have been a warning. We moved in together and married the next year.

She Was insatiable. I think she was a sex addict and we talked about it often. She was very flippant about it but I just couldn’t get it up 5/6 times a day. I was knackered. We bought her all the sex toys imaginable. Just made her worse. It was a problem.

Six moths later I sat her down and just told her straight that she was wearing me out. I then asked if this was why her first marriage failed and eventually she admitted to having had numerous affairs. I had been the last one but she really liked me and thought I was the one who would be able to keep her happy. She said she really did love me. We took advise and went through our f****y doctor to get her treatment. They thought the problem stemmed from her c***dhood. Two years later and lots of counselling under the bridge, she was discharged from her treatment. Supposedly cured. She insisted on sex morning and night. Ok I could go with that. I like sex more than most men so twice a day was a nobrainer. She came to me six months later asking if she could take a lover. WHATTTT. It wasn’t working for her and as she loved so much would rather put her cards on the table than start a load of affairs which would destroy me. I left for a month to sort my head out. What a predicament.

I learned about 10 years later that during that month she could have made a small fortune if she had charged for what she gave away for free. I heard of gangbangs threesomes foursomes one night stands. You name it she allegedly did it. My problem in that month was infucking really loved her. Maggie was in my head 24/7. I arranged to meet her.

We met in a bar in town and I just asked her to the point how she thought something like that would work. She had obviously thought of all the answers….how it was just sex….no involvement…no more than 5 times with the same person…I could meet them (yea right)… Take the pressure off me… our marriage?????….I initially thought she was delusional. Thing is though she really did think this would work. I Was very very unsure, with justification However love is a strange d**g and it really fucks your head. I agreed to give it a two month trial. If it didn’t work all I would lose would be two months. I had been an unwilling cuckold before,so let’s try being a willing one. In my warped mind I thought of all the cum stained thongs she would bring back to me. Sick I know, but hell, i am sick. I decided to go for it.

I suggested she get more counselling but after going to the doctor with her I realised we were on our own. The report from the counsellor suggested that a sibling problem might have been the root of the problem but there was no sign of abuse. The doctor suggested taking up a hobby. (Not cocksucking). Somthing to distract…..waste of time.

She was really worried I was going to throw her out and I probably should, but as i said love makes you do crazy things.

Now we had to sort out how the fuck we sort it. We decided to go away for a weeks holiday and talk it through. Strangely we went to Benidorm where I’d went for my honeymoone with Sheila the slut. It was cheap and we still had the debts to sort.

Maggie and I flew out on a Monday afternoon…the goal….to plan her sex life.

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