Outdoor fun with my girlfriend.


If you read my previous story you will be aware of the relationship me and my now ex-girlfriend had. This is a quick story of one of the few times we got horny on the way home from town and couldn’t wait until we were home before we got the fun started.

I can’t actually remember what we had been doing in town; it might have been date night, we might just have both been in uni all day or just gone to do some shopping but we were getting home pretty late it was already dark and having spent more than a few hours with each other we had been pretty horny for a while. Now there is something about enclosed or small public spaces that really turned me on and she always knew that so our train rides home were always quite intimate. At night on a virtually empty train with both of us really horny we wanted to get a little more than intimate. Now we knew the train journey was never really long enough to do anything, if we ever found a bathroom with nobody near it to see us go in it would only really leave us with 2 minutes of fun so we always decided to stay in our seats and see how far we could push the boundaries. This time was not our most revealing journey on this short train ride but what happened after it was the most fun we have had in public. On this train ride all we did was kiss a bit, she stroked my cock through my jeans and I rubbed her pussy through her tights but my fingers weren’t wet just yet.

As you come to the end of the path exiting the train station there is a small road that leads back up to some flats and houses that overlook the train station with only a relatively small wall between the road and the station. Although it was a typical winter night, freezing cold with a bit of rain coming down, for some reason we thought it would be a good idea to go down this road and make-out behind the back of the last house on the road. All of 30 seconds later I had her pushed up against the wall as her bag fell to the ground and she wrapped her arms around me and we were making out like it was the first time we had ever done it. Her cold nipples were trying to f***e their way out of her dress and before she knew it they were out and my mouth and hands were all over them. She looked over me as my face was buried in her chest and noticed that two people who work at the train station could see us from over the wall and were watching intently but she was far enough gone by now to not care as she felt my right hand search its way inside her tights and her panties to find her soaking wet pussy.

Without hesitation two of my fingers penetrated her deeply and the wetness surrounded my hand and the pleasure surrounded her body as she writhed and moaned in pleasure. At this point a car came around the corner and startled us a bit but we were so turned on it was never going to stop us. He parked up and walked straight past us and around the corner into the building. We kind of wanted a larger audience at this point but we decided asking him to stay was a little too weird. My fingers never left my girlfriend through all of this and with one hand finger fucking her the other grabbed her neck and pinned her up against the wall as I was kissing up her chest to her shoulder and neck, biting her ear as she quickly began to cum on my fingers. With her legs shaking she rested down to her knees and undid my jeans as my hard cock was trying to f***e its way out. She pulled my jeans down to my ankles and saw a massive wet spot on my underwear where my cock had been leaking precum. She lowered my underwear down and my cock sprung out, visibly shining with coats of precum and she took it straight down her throat. She grabbed me by the balls with her nails and f***ed me to turn around so I was now leaning against the wall, helpless to her mouth. I saw the two men inside their booth working at the train station, both of them now much less interested in watching me receive a blowjob but nevertheless enjoying the show, but another thing I noticed was bus after bus leaving the train station, every single passenger high enough to see over the wall and watch as my girlfriend continued to suck on my cock. Before long she wanted to feel me inside of her but she didn’t quite know what to do. Every few seconds she would take a break and tell me how much she wanted to feel my cock inside her so eventually I just stood her up and bent her over.

I pulled her tights and panties down around her ankles and hiked her skirt up so I could slide my saliva coated cock straight into her still dripping wet pussy. I slid deep into her with ease as her body resigned to me and her hands pressed against the wall to keep her stood up. After a couple of minutes of constant pounding I thought that we might as well continue with our performance and give the two workers a better view than my ass. Without my cock leaving her pussy I turned her around to face them and instead of fucking her I told her to do the work, to bounce her ass off my hips and get my cock as deep inside her as she could. While she got into a good rhythm I released her tits from her dress again, grabbed her by the shoulders and arched her back up to give the two workers an amazing view of her big tits bouncing up and down as she used my dick to get herself off. I used my left hand and completely wrapped my arm around the front of her neck as my other hand grabbed onto the right side of her hips and I started pounding her even harder than before. I asked her to try and keep her eyes open as much as she could as one of the men now had his phone out, trying to video what was happening in front of him as surely nobody would believe him. With the coming orgasm though my girlfriend could barely stand never mind keep her eyes open so I turned her back around to use the wall for support. At this point a second car came but we couldn’t stop now. Whether it was because she saw us or not I don’t know but she only turned around and went again, slightly disappointing both of us because we would have liked a female member in our little audience. There was very little time for lasting disappointment though as my cock pumped load after load of cum into my girlfriend’s pussy as she came to a screeching and leg shaking climax. As became tradition with any time I came inside her I got down on my knees and kissed and licked her sore pussy better and cleaned out both of our cum from inside of her as she regained her balance and strength to walk again. As we re-dressed I looked over towards the two men but they had already gone without so much as a thank you, a little rude for the service we provided them but it still wasn’t the last show we gave them.

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