Our First FFM



Sue and I have been partners for three years now and have a very active sex life. Recently, while watching some girl on girl porn, I asked her if she had tried it and she admitted she had, just once, with her best girlfriend in her middle teens. On delving further she disclosed that it was only the once because, although they enjoyed it, they were embarrassed. Pushing her a bit further she admitted she would like to try it again but with me in on the action too!

Since that I have encouraged her to the extent that we are now actively looking and are both very exited at the possibilities although we haven’t found a suitable lady so far.

We chat about it a lot when we’re in bed or wherever screwing our brains out and find the whole idea a hell of a turn on.

So this is how we think it may go – our fantasy which may one day happen. Enjoy!

‘We go down to the hotel bar a little early and quickly down a large glass of Sauvignon Blanc to steady our nerves. We had been mailing and then chatting to Vicki for a couple of weeks, exchanged pics and felt we were ready to meet and go from there.

When Vicki arrives we take deep breaths, nerves jangling as she walks towards us.

She was wearing a summer frock covering her ‘average’ build and sporting, as we do, a nice tan. I look at Sue as she smiles at Vicki and kisses her demurely. A tentative start which I follow up with a brief hug and kiss.

The girls sit together on a sofa as I go to the bar to get the wines in. The conversation starts a little uncertainly but soon settles down and after a couple of drinks we relax. We are all ‘newbies’ and really didn’t know how to kick it off until Sue takes the lead and puts a hand on Vicki’s thigh. We were tucked in a corner with the high back of the sofa between the girls and prying eyes.

As we chat Sue starts to gently caress Vicki, her hand creeping slowly upwards. I can feel my cock stirring as Vicki reciprocates. In unison their thighs part and I have the gloriously sexy sight of Sue’s bare pussy and Vicki’s very damp and transparent g-string panties. Sue reaches her target first, her hand brushing over Vicki’s silk clad pussy lips making her gasp. Vicki quickly reciprocates and gasps again as her fingers find my partners hot, juicy sex.

They lean towards each other and kiss. A gentle, tender kiss, mouths open and tongues exploring while their hands continue their intimate caressing.

My cock is now rock hard and my head is spinning as I watch them make out. Sue has pulled Vicki’s g-string to one side and they are both gently rubbing each other from pussy to clitty and back.

I can almost smell the sexual ambiance and quickly suggest we go to our room while we can stand. The girls break apart and laugh, all tension released as we realise this is going to work.

&#034Mark do you mind if Vicki and I have, say, ten minutes start? Please? Oh and can you bring the wine from the car too.&#034

I mockingly tug my forelock. &#034Yes your ladyships, anything to oblige I’m sure!&#034

They both laugh. rise a little unsteadily and make for the lift as I check my watch.

Sitting back I slurp the rest of my (and their) wine, hand shaking with the sexuality of it all, my mind in a whirl at what is to come.

It was fifteen minutes before I am at the door with bottle in hand and as I quietly let myself in I am met by the beautiful sight of two lovely girlies, semi-clad in a passionate embrace on the bed. Not wanting to break up this sexy scene I plonk myself in an armchair to watch.

They are side by side, their dresses around their waists as they feverishly french kiss, knead each others tits and pull on nipples with one hand while the other explores each hot, juicy cunt. Oh my God this is so fucking erotic and way beyond my wildest dreams just so short a time ago.

Sue pushes Vicki on her back and as she raises her bum pulls her dress off and quickly removes her own. Now they are naked and what a sexy sight they are. Two gorgeous, highly sexed nymphos ready to fuck.

Sue quickly dives between Vicki’s thighs and with her sexy arse in the air buries her face in her sex and starts to eat her. Vicki groans loudly. &#034Oh fuck, ooh fuck!!&#034 as she dr(a)pes her legs over Sue’s shoulders and with a hand on her head f***es her down hard while she plucks at her nipple.

My cock is harder than ever before and I quickly strip off and slumping back in the chair start to wank it as I become more and more aroused. It feels so good stroking my pole as I soak up the wild, sexy scene.

Sue moans into Vicki’s squishy cunt, flicking and licking her fuck hole and clit making her labia quiver as she rides her to a climax.

Both girls are panting and moaning hard and with a muffled grunt Sue reaches back and starts fingering herself.

By now Vicki is fast approaching an orgasm, eyes wide, mouth open, panting and sighing. She glances across at me, points to Sue’s arse and mouths &#034Fuck her cunt!!&#034

I quietly move behind Sue, my eager cock hard and dripping pre-cum.

Vicki calls out &#034Frig my fucking clit babe, frig it and suck my dirty girlie fuck hole you cunt fucker!&#034

Sue groans and comply, unaware I’m about to shaft her dripping cunt.

With one lunge I slam my cock deep into her until my balls hit her mound. She cries out but Vicki holds her head firmly between her thighs as I pull on her legs over Sue’s back. Sue is trapped, buried up Vicki’s cunt, a fuck sandwich.

I do her hard, first slowly, then fast, then slowly, savouring every plunge into her delicious fuck hole which hold my cock in its hot velvety, pulsing grip.

We’re all close. Vicki is writhing and calling out as Sue eats and sucks her delicious sex and I in turn bang her faster and harder, mashing her mouth into Vicki’s steamy cunt with every thrust.

As Vicki cums I rim Sue’s arse with my finger and soon she cums too. Hard. A hot flood of cunt juice floods out over my cock as her tunnel walls pulsate and milk me.

I feel a surge of juice rush through my cock as I let go and pump my white hot stream deep into her. She slumps onto Vicki’s tummy as we slow down, my strokes subsiding as the last drops ooze out, dribbling over her arse as I slip out.

Totally spent we all collapse. Cum everywhere, the room filled with a hot sexy aroma.

Vicki and I sandwich Sue and we all doze off in a sexually satisfied stupor.

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