On My Knees at the stag party


NOTE this is a story forwarded to me a few years ago I thought you might enjoy.

I’ve always been lucky in having a big circle of interesting friends and
acquaintances, with many sub-groups with whom I spent afternoons and
evenings playing around. One such sub-group
was, for all intents and purposes, a bunch of guys. I was about 19 at
the time of this story, fresh out of high school the year before. I was
between boyfriends (luckily, for me).

I was one of two women in a group of eight who liked to get together
and do the role-playing game thing, back when AD&D was all the rage. The
other woman was married to one of the guys, and I used to date one of
the guys in high school, and we were still really good friends…that’s
how I got involved in the group of guys in the first place.

So, the youngest member of that circle of friends, Dave, was getting
married. Dave’s best friend, Mike, was also in that gaming group, and
Mike wanted to give Dave a stag party, complete
with movies. My ex-boyfriend (Tom) thought it was a good idea.
Personally, *I* was all for it. The other woman, Stacy, thought it was a
bad idea and she wouldn’t go to the stag party even if they invited her.
She and her husband, Paul, bowed out. Of course, I saw that Paul was
kind of disappointed. Out of all the guys, it figures that Paul was the
first to get married…he was the best looking, and I always had a
secret crush on him (though he married his high-school sweetheart, and
you’d never see me let on that I had a crush on him…I had pride). 🙂

One of the other guys, Jack, said he had a collection of Swedish Erotica
kind of 8-mm films, and a projector. We ended up scheduling the stag
party just within our group, to be a good excuse to get Dave d***k/high
and watch porn and eat food. I mean, who needs much of an excuse for
that? 🙂 We had the party at Jack’s apartment (since he was the movie
man). I had never watched
porn movies before, but it sounded really interesting. 🙂

The evening was incredibly fun. We each had bought or made Dave a joke
gift, and we were in tears because we were laughing so hard at some of
them. The silent 8-mm movies were appropriately appreciated. We were
high off our gourds, and at this point, I didn’t care that I was the
only woman there.

Well, we all drank quite a bit, myself included. I drank enough that I
had to go lie down around 1am, because I wanted to get home sometime
that night. Around 3am I managed to haul myself out of bed and wander
out into the living room, where Jack was cleaning up. Paul, the married
guy, was actually there in the living room. He had snuck out later that
evening just to get here for the stag party, and had arrived while
people were still around, and I was asl**p.

Jack said, &#034How are you feeling?&#034 to me. I said, &#034Pretty good, but it’s
a shame I missed a couple of hours of the party.&#034

Jack said, &#034Oh, don’t worry about that. All you missed was some of the
most incredible Seka movies ever made.&#034

I sighed. &#034Well, I’ll just have to watch them some other time.&#034

Jack said, &#034Oh! No, no, have a seat. You’re still wobbly. I’ll put on
the movies again, not like I can ever get enough of blondes.&#034 He winked
at me and put the film in. He was right, I was still kind of wobbly.
Paul, meanwhile, grinned, and sat back on the couch. We all started
watching the movies. This is where it got weird.

Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever seen Seka give a blowjob, but this orgy
movie from the 60s/70s era was something else. It opened with many girls
getting screwed by many guys, and there was one scene of a brunette on
her knees in front of this guy who ended up fucking into her mouth. I
was getting soaked at this point, and when a long, drawn-out scene of
Seka blowing a guy came on, I was well into the *screaming* hornies. I
was absolutely fascinated by how well she was bobbing up and down on a
cock, and when the guy shot his load all over her face and mouth, I let
out a small moan. I didn’t even really realize I had made a noise, until
I glanced over at Jack and saw him staring at me. Both he *and* Paul had
their cocks out, and were stroking them. I looked at Jack, then I looked
down at his delicious looking cock…and then Jack just stared at me. He
said, &#034Don’t worry if you want to get off, too. We won’t mind.&#034 I
glanced at Paul, and he was just watching the movie, stroking his cock,
not taking his eyes off it or looking at me.

I was shy, but after Jack changed the movie into another incredible orgy
scene, I found myself wanting to reach down my jeans and finger my (very
swollen!) clit. I didn’t, though. I was too shy. Paul didn’t even *look*
at me, but Jack was watching me more than the movie, or at least I
thought so. I was too busy watching women suck and fuck guys. The
combination of the familiar surroundings, and the alcohol, was making it
pretty hard for me to say ‘no’.

By the third movie, I would have fucked a yak. I gave up trying to fight
it, and had put my hand down the front of my unzipped jeans. I was a
puddle of hot, velvety wetness. All those movies and the sight of these
two guys stroking off nearby had gotten me incredibly wet. My thighs
spread apart immediately, and I sagged back against the couchback,
fingering myself, fast and furious. I just wanted to cum at that point.
But I couldn’t latch onto that fast dive into orgasm. It seemed that no
matter how good it felt, I just wasn’t getting near to cumming. I think
it was because I felt Jack watching me, intently. I was still kind of
shy at 19.

I closed my eyes briefly and tried to concentrate. That’s when I felt
something brush against my cheek. I opened my eyes and the first thing I
saw was my married friend Paul staring at me, mouth slightly open. In
fact, he was staring at me and Jack, because Jack had come over and his
cock was brushing against my cheek, and leaving wet, sticky trails of
pre-cum. Jack said, &#034How about we have a little fun…I bet we both come
harder this way.&#034

I didn’t think twice. My head turned, my mouth opened, and Jack gasped
as my mouth wrapped around the salty, tangy head of his cock. He took my
head in his hands and started to hump a bit between my lips. Paul just
watched (he was very much married), but I saw him still stroking his
cock. I sucked Jack for all I was worth. I had inspiration from Seka. 🙂

Jack’s cock began twitching and throbbing almost immediately…he had,
of course, been stroking his cock now for about twenty minutes, and I
was blowing him very enthusiastically. His hips started thrusting
towards my mouth, and I felt my own orgasm start to creep up on me with
the thought that this man would cum all over my face and mouth. Just
before he came, the big showoff pulled his cock out of my mouth and
began shooting it on my lips and face. I opened my mouth to catch it,
because I was very near to cumming myself, and I was getting a thrill
knowing Paul was going to watch this. Jack started spurting thick,
syrupy ropes of warm cum that landed on my lips, my hair, in my mouth,
down my neck. I was well-spattered. It was at this moment that I started
orgasming myself, and I *swear* the muscles in my abdomen cramped into
one long contraction, I came so hard. I licked and sucked on Jack’s cock
frantically as I was cumming.

I looked over at Paul and he was pumping his cock furiously. I moved
away from Jack and kneeled at Paul’s feet, with my face near his
cock…but I didn’t touch him. I didn’t say a word but I turned my
cum-splattered face up towards him. Paul groaned, &#034God, you look so
beautiful&#034 (which made my heart skip a beat) and then after a moment, he
aimed his cock at my face and let go with a *huge* load of cum, right at
my mouth. I licked at the cum as it landed on my lips, and while Jack
was acrid and salty, Paul’s cum was mild and sweet. Paul finished with a
long moan, by squeezing out the last few drops to slip out on my tongue.
I still hadn’t laid a finger on him, and it seemed to be better that

I gingerly licked my face clean, then rubbed the rest of it into my
face. I ended up sl**ping over, and giving Jack another blowjob later
that evening. And, the funny thing is…Jack and I ended up living
together for a couple of years as lovers. He liked getting blowjobs, and
at the time, I was starting to learn that I loved giving them.

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